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Jennifer Garner Talks Paparazzi Bill's Impact on Kids' Daily Life

Jennifer Garner Talks Paparazzi Bill's Impact on Kids' Daily Life

Jennifer Garner carries her baby boy Samuel while making a trip to the Make Meaning store on Saturday (October 5) in New York City.

The 41-year-old actress was joined on the trip by older daughters – Violet and Seraphina, 4.

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The day before, Jennifer was spotted pushing Seraphina on a swing-set in Central Park.

“What we’re hoping is that our kids’ day-to-day experience will not be of really aggressive men yelling and screaming 5 feet from their faces,” Jennifer recently shared on the Today Show after a bill was passed in California to protect celebrities’ kids from the paparazzi. Watch the video below!

Jennifer Garner – Today Show

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  • Ally

    Celebs who live in LA and complain about paparazzis are just full of shit. If you care about your kids, move somewhere where they won’t be stalked that crazy. Oh, wait… that means you won’t be photographed too and that means no promo. Aw :/

  • herb

    What is she wearing………………….

  • Li

    They had no problem with them during award’s season.
    Ben was bringing them everyday to that country mart where all the paps hang out.
    Now he is hardly ever seen with them. MIA again.
    He could easily bring them to pap free areas of LA.

  • belgium woman

    @Ally: you can find many LA stars with kids who often aren’t photographed contrary to Affleck-Garner kids: Julia Roberts’ kids,Matt Damon’s kids,Christian Bale’s kids,Vin Diesel’s kids or even Brangelina ‘s kids for example

  • Janna

    If she doesn’t want to expose her children to the paparazzi, I suggest she move away from Hollywood. Shouldn’t that be obvious. Duh!

  • belgium woman

    @Li: he’s working on the next David Fincher’s movie in Missouri

  • Li

    @belgium woman:

    Well he was hardly seen with them before going there! Jen seems to do all the parades for the paps now.

    It went from daily during award’s season (smiling at them. dressing up), to weekly, now a few times a month.

  • JoAnne

    She only does staged photo ops, because the pics need to look like happy family/mom/kids pics. If paps were randomly take pics of her and the kids they would look very different. She is such a phoney, There should be laws protecting kids from fame whoring parents instead.

  • AHB

    The paparazzi are going crazy on the board today.

  • Let me go

    Whiney celebs….. I wish the paparazzi’s would stop following those has-beens. And then, we’ll see if they really don’t want them to do so! ugh…. UNGRATEFUL b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s

  • April

    These children are so happy carefree and wholesome and the paps love them. So do I. What beautiful down to earth mom and kids. Thanks JJ! People need to get a life and stop comparing this family to other famous familys.

  • April

    Love that pic with Sera and Sam holding hands (big smile on Sam’s face) while he is chilling in the stroller. These pics are priceless! Thanks again JJ.

  • JoAnne


    I think it’s you who needs to get a life, invading others peoples privacy (esp when kids are involved) is sick and an indication of immaturity.

  • April

    @Janna: These pics were taken in NYC, try again. Why should anybody move to please you. You don’t wanna see the pics, look away. Problem solved.

  • April

    @JoAnne: You are the one who is trying to decide for others how they should conduct their lives. Who is immature now Genius? Grow up or shut up.

  • JoAnne

    April = Jennifer Garner getting mad behind her computer that people finally seeing through her cheap PR shtick, LOL!

  • Janna


    April=Jen’s apologist: I was addressing her statements in the video.

  • jemma

    I don’t have anything against Jen & Ben personally as I think that they seem like a nice couple & great parents but I do agree with most of the comments here.

    I don’t understand celebrities that move to certain neighbourhoods in Los Angeles & complain about the paparazzi. Like moving next door to Jack Nicholson or down the road from Paris Hilton or round the corner from Prince isn’t going to get you unwarranted attention?!

  • lemonhead

    Jennifer can get away with wearing jeans that fit like that if she were pregnant, but if not, she should trash them. Slim leg jeans give a saggy bottom appearance if they dont fit well in the waist and upper thigh.

  • Savannah

    Does anyone else find the irony in JJ posting this when he also publishes all of the photos paps send him of Jennifer, Ben and fam??!??!

  • April

    Cutest kids in Hollywood. I have really missed seeing them as they have been in NYC all week. I wonder what Jen is doing there. She is so beautiful and her kids are all so adorable. Perfect mix of her and their dad. Gorgeous family! Btw so many silly user names on this post, makes you think some idiot is going crazy with the name changes. LOL Why no pick a name and stay with it? Don’t answer that, that would make too much sense, something you seem to be lacking.

  • April

    @jemma: jemma, she actually did not complain about the paps but the way in which they go about getting pics, like shouting and pushing and scaring her kids in order to do so. She is very brave and in spite of the madness in which they obtain the pics, she pushes on and still manages to keep her kids happy while she goes about her motherly duties.

    She deserves kudos for that. The kids seems to be enjoying the times spent with her and will thank her for them when they are older. In the meantime, the paps will always do what they feel is necessary and at least now, she has the necessary means to protect her children if and when they become too aggressive. After all that is what she finds offensive. I wish people could read and understand what it is they are reading and/or listening to.

    I think my work here is done. Good day to all.

  • April

    Check it out….I won this thread B I TC H E S.

  • Mkhay

    I totally agree, their kids don’t choose that life. They shouldn’t be apart of it.

  • Athena

    It’s hypocritical of her. While I disagree with kid’s pictures being taken, the reality is that if you live within walking distance from Hollywood, your kids picture will be taken, as well as yours. So, please, spear me the teary talk and move away, like other celebs do, if you truly desire privacy.

  • eve

    Well, she has a Chanel bag… That’s good enough. Otherwise she is wearing casual clothes, practical to go out with her kids.

  • Lena

    59832″>Athena: @<a href="/2013/10/06/jennifer-garner-talks-paparazzi-bill-impact-on-kids-daily-life/comment-page-1/#comment-281 Doesnt matter if its hypocritical or not, she got it passed so that by January 1st you won't be seeing pictures of her kids anymore because she and Halle Berry are the ones who got it passed that you won't be seeing pics of kids anymore! I bet all you who omplian about seeing pictures of her kids will be the ones boohooing that you dont get your fix of celeb kids pictures! Hypocritical are YOU.

  • just sayin

    What cracks me up is why would the paparazzi take pictures of kids going to Karate class and stalk them at their home. They are not an interesting family. She is a terrible actress her husband is an okay Director and terrible actor. Ben’s movie Runner Runner had really bad reviews..Jennifer paraded her kids for a long time now they are big and notice that these men are not their family or friends. Jennifer had trained her kids to smile at the paparazzi, you reap what you sow. And what’s with the baby voice Jennifer???not cute for a middle age woman.

  • anonymous

    They should be able to live where they want not have to move because of invasive paps. If they move, that means the paps have won. The new law will probably be tested by aggressive paps. After a few are fined or thrown in jail, they will quit following the Garner-Afflecks to their karate classes.

  • April

    @anonymous: Finally a voice of reason and not another jerk blaming the victims of the aggressive paps.

    Bottom line, its the paps job to take photos and now maybe they will be less desperate and remain a safe distance from the kids. That’s all she and Halle were hoping for. Only hyprocites are the ones who claim that the Afflecks want the attention are the ones who are jealous that their favorite celeb family is not being photographed.

  • JoAnne

    Oh please, no pap would take pics of somebody as irrelevant as Garner.
    Tons of way more famous celebs go by their daily life’s with their kids in LA without being pursued by paps on a daily bases. She calls them and does arranged shots for her own PR purposes or for Afflecks Oscar campaign. Her kids are her career investment!

  • April

    @JoAnne: Why do we see so many pics of her the Ms Genius? Explain that while you are at it? Paps don’t take pics unless they benefit from them regardless as to how relevant YOU think they are. Not too bright are you///Maybe you are so consumed with hate and jealousy that you can’t think clearly. Poor little ole you.

    Oh, she had a career long before she ever had kids. FYI.

  • 55vineyard

    Are you kiddingme? I always see pics of her with her children, it is like she is trying out for mother of the year award.

  • sally

    Like she is so interesting that the paps are hiding in the bushes just to see her walk or drive her kids to karate class lmao! if that is true the paparazzi should really find fun celebrities not dull sloppy dressed Jennifer Garner. Not only that she always looks like she doesn’t bathe. When is she going to tell people she is pregnant. Ben lets her do a couple of movies in-between pregnancies so she will feel relevant.

  • Henry

    20 years from now her kids are just another wasted celebrity kids. Drugs drugs drugs.