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Justin Bieber's 'Heartbreaker' Full Song & Lyrics - LISTEN NOW!

Justin Bieber's 'Heartbreaker' Full Song & Lyrics - LISTEN NOW!

Check out this first listen of Justin Bieber‘s brand new song “Heartbreaker,” which he just released as part of his Music Mondays, where he will release a new song every week for 10 weeks.

“Less than 24 hours. Midnight est #MusicMondays #10weeks #heartbreaker r u ready??!!” the 19-year-old singer tweeted about the song before releasing the tune. “These songs are different. These are my #journals.”

Be sure to check back every Monday just after midnight to check out Justin‘s new songs for the next ten weeks! We can’t wait to hear them all.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin Bieber’s new song “Heartbreaker”???

Click inside for the “Heartbreaker” lyrics…

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  • Alliana

    Pretty awful.

  • Nicole

    It’s not God awful, but I don’t see why we have to pretend his music is relevant now that Justin Timberlake is back?

  • Hernan

    So R&B , I see someone’s trying to win over a black audience.
    Another Miley lol
    I was expecting something better than this, but I have to say it is not awful, it’s a cute song. His voice sounds sexy;)

  • Asdfg

    Thanks to his break up with Selena he’s got a new image to play on. Anyone notice how since they’ve broken up he’s been out of trouble? Hmmm… Now he’s a good boy? Hahahahaha!!!!

  • Christine

    Reminds me of N Sync “Gone”

  • Patricia

    @Nicole: Do you know how dumb you sound comparing them just because they share a first name?

  • Salma

    IT’ BEAUTIFUL <3 Heartbreaker will be #1 promise me

  • Missy

    I’m in love with this song. It gives me butterlies:). It’s raw and honest. Love him or hate him at least respect him. He’s really talented. People need to stop bashing him about nonsense. He has a huge heart and he’s also very talented so give credit where is credit is due.

  • leelee

    wow the cover art is such a rip off of Kanye’s 808 and Heartbreak album cover

  • valerie

    its so perfect

  • rb

    Great song. Its all about LOVE!

  • wow

    @Asdfg: last time i checked his bad behavior was because of the break up get ur fact street but song wise i love it kill it bieber

  • Corky

    I think Bieber Fever is over.

  • Kelly

    Guys. It’s a good song. obviously he’s going through some hard things with his break up with selena. Give him a break. It’s a really good song

  • Deziree

    Very good song !
    love you Justin and what an amazing song <3 (:

  • Asdfg

    @wow My facts are street.

  • Deziree


  • http://Nope OmgJustinHottie29

    There’s a lyrics video that just release here :

  • selena watkins

    This is so beautiful and you can really here his emotions in this incredible song I love him soo much
    Belieber always <3

  • Fay Colah

    i love it !!!!!!!! its justin bieber at his best !!!!!! soooo proud of him!!!!! music journals is gonna be awesome and legend –wait for it — dary !!!!!!

  • nyk14

    @Asdfg: sarcasm? lol

  • Emily

    I feel pretty sorry for beliebers who have waited ages for this, its kind of disappointing

  • Emily

    @Corky: I hope so lmao

  • Asdfg

    @nyk14 Yes. LOL. :)

  • wow

    @Asdfg: i meant straight i was rushing

  • billg


    I totally that the same thing. listen to this and then listen to gone the vocal pastern are almost identical and even the beat is really close. i like the song though. i like it when nsync did it as well.

  • Amy

    It’s no “Cry Me a River”. He needs to hire new songwriters.

  • anno

    are you kidding? hes been out of control ALL ALONG AFTER THEY BROKE UP. HAVE YOU REALIZED HOW MUCH JUSTIN CHANGED? @Asdfg:

  • pika

    hate this kid. like this song. i think its the beat that i like the most. very r’n'b and at least he does it better than miley. u guys are harsh at least i can hold my hands up and say he did ok.
    on the side note, this situation resembles justin and britney. two young kids in love until britney (selena) wanted to break out her disney image and became this sex symbol and left justin t (bieber) in the dust causing him to make a love song that resembles r’n'b. this leads to the top r’n'b singers and rappers to become intrigued by him (jay z, kanye, miguel, drake, french montana etc are all friends with both justins) and wanna work with him the end. ifu disagree holla at me and we can debate :)

  • Suzanne Smith

    This is a beautiful song! I didn’t think he would get so personal with it, but he did! Anyone going through a breakup can relate to this. He is such a talented artist and songwriter! Great job Justin!

  • jason

    Is he singing about a boyfriend?

  • Not you

    @Corky: have you seen the itunes chart lately?

  • Danielle

    Honestly, His voice has changed so much since One Time. Listen to One Time then come back and listen to Heartbreaker. I love the song, it’s honest and his falsetto is amazing. With time I think he can really give more artists a run for their money. If only people would take him more seriously, but really if you don’t like him, more for me.

  • Danielle

    @Amy: Sorry he writes his own music. That’s the point of this album. It’s his own “journals”

  • Mia

    @leelee: I thought the same thing!

  • Me


    Listen to “Nothing Like Us” By Justin Bieber. It’s also a song about Selena.

  • sara

    it’s shit .

  • Lauren

    I’m thinking he says “baby” for every illegitimate baby he’s fathered.

  • Yvo
  • Christopher Wolff

    Still better than any of the bullshit One Doucherection spew onto the world.

  • liz

    what an annoying song. every other word is “girl” or “baby”. like, what the f*ck? are you just learning English or something?

  • dinshsalenabieber

    very beautiful song but why missed selena gomez?

  • Urooj

    Its adorable i love him he got the talent its on repeat cant stop listening and all to the haters that its his life let him do what he want stop judging him because you dont WHAT HE HAS BEEN THROUGH
    no matter what I LOVE HIM

  • T.A. Bright

    This song is supposed to stop the haters? Nothing is going to stop the people who don’t like him. I still think his music as a kid was better than this. This sounds like everything else out there. *sigh* Too bad – maybe he’ll come up with more original sounding stuff someday. But, I do like him so there’s always hope. :)

  • http://@wajudahmuheeb Wajudah

    It’s like incredible..actually incredible listening to this song.i was never a bieleber even though i use to like his songs but this…omg!it’s terrific!i love it when singers potray their feelings through their’s how the message cuts across.this is awsome justin bieber.people should stop all this criticisms cause the truth is this song is worth 50 grammy’s, one night.i love it.