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Miley Cyrus: 'Saturday Night Live' Ratings Even with Last Week

Miley Cyrus: 'Saturday Night Live' Ratings Even with Last Week

Miley Cyrus‘ episode of Saturday Night Live last night delivered ratings on par with the show’s last couple episodes.

The 20-year-old entertainer had a disadvantage because the episode started nearly thirty minutes late due to a delay in the football game that aired beforehand.

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Miley‘s episode drew a 4.5 rating in the metered-market households and a 2.7 in the adults 18-49, according to Deadline. That is on par with both last week’s episode with Tina Fey and last season’s finale with Ben Affleck and musical guest Kanye West.

DID YOU WATCH Miley Cyrus host Saturday Night Live?

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  • roundbird

    She is a beautiful woman and all performances are top notch.

  • Pork my Beans

    Her voice is sooooo annoying i turned it off !

  • caro

    please JustJared, stop with miley !!! enough is enough.

  • Edison

    Love her!

    She is a modern day Marilyn Monroe.

    Beautiful blonde with a great body.

  • amika

    she was at a disadvantage because of a football game? oh please if people wanted to watch they’d wait a half hour. people are just not amused and over her disgustingly trashy ass so they didn’t watch – plain and simple.

  • denise

    @Edison: LOL please go away miley Trashy monroe !

  • Lovely

    I hope this is the last post of this child… Everyone is sick of Miley and her tongue hanging out looking like road kill!

  • sighnomore

    @amika: That’s exactly what I was going to say! Check the snl facebook page, no one wanted to watch it!

  • rashiqua

    it was not pretty cool – it was pretty boring (even though there were a couple of really funny things without miley).

  • NYC

    I thought she did a great job.
    Why the hate?

  • Joey

    No. She’s cheap! Her fans are watching it on their 2003 Dell’s. :)

  • Brazilian girl

    enough with Miley Cyrus!


    @Edison: I think Miley Vyrus fans are on CRACK. You must be joking when you said Miley rat face buck tooth Cyrus looks like the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. This has gone too far now. Marilyn Monroe would be turning over in her grave to know that she was compared to this no talent trash box. You must be a little girl or boy and have no clue who Monroe is or was. Go read a book or google Ms. Monroe and you will find that the trailer park trash queen, Miley Cyrus is no Marilyn Monroe. If parents are reading this, on October 8th, DO NOT GIVE YOUR KIDS MONEY TO BUY MILEY CYRUS’S ALBUM. JUST SAY NO. LET’S SEND THIS TRASH BACK TO THE TRASH BIN PLEASE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


    @Edison: Marilyn Monroe was a buxom beauty who had meat on her bones. She was full all over from her breast to her thighs and her behind. She had the face of a GODDESS. Miley Cyrus looks like a chipmunk in the face with buck front teeth and she looks like peter pan. Miley Vyrus as I call her has a FLAT PANCAKE AZZ. She is disgusting to watch. My eyes burned out of my head while watching that VMA performance. Her body is GROSS. She is the last one who needs to be taking off her cloths. She would give Skeletor a run for his money.

  • Icon

    Miley is a nice talented lady with lots of class. I don’t see why this hate is being spewed.
    I will buy her new CD and so will many people I know.

  • Jolie

    Where are the voices of those organizations that call anyone out for their public statements that mock mental illness? It was incredibly cruel, mean, self centered, ignorant, arrogant and immature for Ms Cyrus to say the things she did about about fellow human being who is struggling with mental illness and to meanly reference another human being for her descent into schizophrenia. Ms Cyrus may think she is on top of the world and the sh;)*t but her heart she says she is following is one cold, hateful source of greed and perversion right now. She’s a bully.


    @Icon: You have the right and freedom to buy Miley’s Trash box CD. We are hoping not to many of you buy it so she will go away like Ashley Simpson did. The ratings for Snl were not good which is a great sign she’s trending down. Everyone is talking about how her skits sucked and was boring. This may help sway people away from buying her dirtbag cd. EVERYBODY LETS STOP MILEY CYRUS DOLLARS FROM COMING IN. DON’T BUY HER NEW ALBUM. LETS STOP THOSE CHECKS FROM COMING END. SEND A MESSAGE THAT WE DON’T LIKE WOMEN WHO DISREPECT THEMSELVES AND WHO SET WOMEN BACK 100 YEARS. DON’T BUY HER MUSIC, MAGAZINES OR ANYTHING RELATED TO MILEY VYRUS. I am sick and tired of seeing her. No more tongue out the mouth, no more shaking for flat pancake azz. Let’s put a end to her story.

  • Let me go

    @Edison: Oh PLEASE. “Modern day Marilyn Monroe”, are you serious!? Are you on crack or something? Jeez. What an abomination you’re saying right there. Miley is so far from that. Monroe was beautiful and unique. She had something mysterious about her. Cyrus is just a freak. I hope not many people are stupid enough to DARE compare her to an real icon like Miss Monroe!

  • Let me go

    I think it is SO funny that they’re trying to make it look like the poor had oh “a disadvantage because the episode started nearly thirty minutes late due to a delay in the football game that aired beforehand” haaaaaaaaaaa…. YEAH RIGHT. Let me tell you the truth : nobody, NOBODY wanted to watch this because people are OVER HER. Get over it already!!

  • Poopy

    @Let me go:

    NOBODY??? Really? I watched it (and liked it), and so did alot of other people, because the ratings were good…sorry to burst your bubble.

  • Doody

    @Let me go:

    Stop trying to speak for everyone else, know it all.

  • http://yes!!! ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!

    They can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!!
    Asians hide their mind reading abilities by completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things that are as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

  • Karen

    Whatever makes them feel good.The only disadvantage was that miley cyrus was on .Maybe she is learning the world isn’t hers and people are sick of her disrespectful ,no talent ,ways.The sad thing is if she starts realizing there are people among us of class and demand to have our requirements met and not hers,she will put on clothes and keep that dog lickin tongue in her mouth just long enough to suck people back In and those whom among us that are desperate for a miley fix will fall back into her disrespectful trap only to be laughed at and be the center of her jokes.But if your that easily fooled to believe someone who cared nothing about your wants before she needed you she won’t at any time

  • aquarius64

    So….Miley’s Ratchet-palooza didn’t run up the ratings numbers for SNL? And blaming the football game for the delay of the broadcast? Can we say damage control? Apparently people are sick of her nonsense and decided not to tune in or change the channel. This doesn’t bode well for Bangerz’ drop on 10/8, nor for any potential success for selling concert tickets in 20,000 – 30,000 seat arenas. Too bad Team Cyrus decided to promote her as a trash box. (And Miley signed off on that.) Her image is so damaged no one with sense wants to support her.

  • Monae

    I’m sorry no thats when I stop you there. Miley is far from Marilyn Monroe. I hate when people compare others to Marilyn so fast. Miley wish she was even close to Rih & Madonna so how is she even close to Marilyn? I’m tired of this site giving all it’s attention to Miley. There are other celebs!

  • lemonhead

    I didn’t watch, but I have caught the most talked about clips on the web that I wanted to skim through. I’m sort of glad I did, because Mileys voice bothers me and often SNL gets a bit too political (LIBERALLY). I think the video parody of her song “WE CANT STOP” was in bad taste.. too bad it wasn’t Pelosi and Reid… Now that would have been hilarious!

  • Corky

    @lemonhead: SNL= Saturday Night LIberal.

  • FameComeEasy

    CDAN – For the past 72 hours all I have been hearing about and reading and seeing is Miley Cyrus and her MTV performance. The singer didn’t sing and took the opportunity of a worldwide audience to generate as much buzz as she could because her record sales are not doing that great. If you don;t think it was intended to shock and awe, then you must not have realized that Miley had 5 people on payroll that night specifically tracking Twitter and other social media and knew within 30 minutes of her performance that she accomplished what she wanted.

    The past few days have just been more of a boon to her and she is going to keep on doing it and doing it until she is the most famous name in the world. She wants to be back where she was in the past but wants to be able to do it her way which means out there in every sense of the word. If you told her she could sell a million albums a minute if she would have sex with a pony, she would already in a car driving to a farm.

  • FameComeEasy

    Miley is doing the same thing Madonna does. Using shock and manipulation to promote her average album and sell tickets when she tours. Average singer and song writer. She will do well because ignorant fans buy tickets to watch spectacle just like past Romans watched slaughter and gladiators in the Coliseum. They know it is not good but they have to watch. They are both business women with big egos and no value system except to themselves. Not musical artists. They could be but they are selfish. Does Miley have talent? Yes. Did she short change herself with her antics? Yes. Another selfish entertainer that envious and insecure people have to watch. These business women feed on those types.

  • Let me go

    @Poopy: @Doody: Oh… BITE ME. I see her cray cray loony fans are here =) or oh maybe, Miley is tha

  • Let me go

    @Poopy: @Doody: Poopy and Doody HA. I bet it’s probably the same person trying to defend this trash bag lmao

  • Jason

    Guess that tongue does double duty. Wonder how many flying insects it takes for her to survive.

  • ew

    she was very bland. worst snl episode ever… she wasnt funny on hanna montana and she wasnt funny on snl. hell I only watched hanna montana because of jackson! but she sings well tho. I’ll give her that…