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Miley Cyrus: 'We Did Stop' SNL Parody - LYRICS & VIDEO!

Miley Cyrus: 'We Did Stop' SNL Parody - LYRICS & VIDEO!

Miley Cyrus does an amazing spoof of her hit song “We Can’t Stop” to make light of the government shutdown situation during her Saturday Night Live appearance!

The 20-year-old entertainer played Michele Bachmann in the sketch while Taran Killam played the role of John Boehner.

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“This is our house/ This is our rules/ And we did stop (the government)/ Yeah, we did stop (shut it down),” Miley sings in the spoof. “Can’t you see it’s we/ Who are right?/ Can’t you see it’s we/ Who ’bout that life?”

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Miley Cyrus: ‘We Did Stop’ SNL Parody

Click inside to read the full lyrics to Miley Cyrus‘ “We Did Stop” spoof…

WE DID STOP — Lyrics

It’s our party
We can do what we want
It’s our party
We can say what we want
It’s our party
We can stop what we want
We can vote how we want
Defund what we want

Red states and sweaty bodies everywhere
Bill’s in the house like we don’t care
’cause we came to shut it all down now
No government around now
If you’re not ready for health care
Can I get a “HELL, NO!”
‘Cause we’re gonna keep it out shut down a closed town all-round

So la da di da di
Republican Party
Repping G.O.P.
Doing whatever we want
This is our house
This is our rules

And we did stop (the government)
Yeah, we did stop (shut it down)
Can’t you see it’s we
Who are right?
Can’t you see it’s we
Who ’bout that life?

To my government workers on the furlough
Even though you’re already paid low
Remember only God can judge us
Forget the haters ’cause somebody elected us
And everyone in line for early childcare
Anyone who planned to see a grizzly bear
We are all shut down here
Getting so shut down, yeah, yeah

So la da di da di
Republican Party
Repping G.O.P.
Doing whatever we want
This is our house
This is our rules

And we did stop
Yeah, we did stop
Can’t you see it’s we
Who are the right?
Can’t you see it’s we
Who ’bout that life?

It’s our party
We can do what we want
It’s our party
We can say what we want
It’s our party
We can stop what we want
We can vote how we want
Defund what we want
Shut it down.

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  • Asdfg

    The Government shutting down is obviously a joke to these people. Thousands of people have lost their job. How is that funny? SNL BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asdfg

    Once again going for shock value. I hope it backfires on them.

  • pathetic

    how PATHETIC

  • malida

    its a joke. get a sense of humor.

  • jane

    @pathetic: The reasons Republicans shut down the government is even more “pathetic” than this skit. Perfect satire.

  • Teddy

    She looks so good. lol. Normal.

  • judy

    @Asdfg: I agree, The liberal left wing nuts (SNL) HAVE NO CLUE. THIS COUNTRY HAS TANKED SINCE THE DEMS TOOK OVER. I turned the obnoxious Miley and liberal idiots off. When people are being forced on welfare because they’ve lost a job, can’t find a job, or have been reduced to part time work because of the economy and Obamacare, its not comical in the least. IT TAKES A FRICKIN HOUR of work TO PAY FOR 2 GALLONS OF GAS, when you’re making minimum wage… that’s right, it takes an entire days work to pay for a tank of gas. Too bad many can’t find work to receive more than 29 hrs a wk. Welcome to the USSA, United Socialized States of America.. Credit downgrade, 17T debt, illegals getting free handouts with a welcome sign, Obamacare thats not free and lowers standard medical care/ enslaving everyone to the IRS.

  • Drake

    Perfect skit.

  • Domino

    Stop talking to yourself #1, #2 and #7. LOL!


    @Domino: You are the fool. How would you like it if you were out of work and not getting paid, CLOWN. This is no joke and not funny. People are struggling and losing money. Miley the trailer park trash queen is rich and have money so she does not care about people. She is like the public jester and is all about making that dollar no matter how STUPID she looks doing it. I wish the people she’s making fun of would whoop for flat skinny pancake azz. She looks like a boy peter pan. Oh, peter pan is a boy, hahahahaha



  • nick

    THIS IS THE UGLIEST girl EVER. damn she is really ugly. seriously.

  • nick


  • sdf

    This was a hilarious skit! I bet if a republican made this video as a joke, those above complaining would be saying how funny the video is.

  • Wurry

    TOO many Cyrus posts.


    @sdf: You stupid IDIOT, its not funny no matter who jokes about it. People are out of JOBS and losing money. That’s no laughing matter you MORON. Miley Cyrus is a millionaire, so she does not care about people, shes about making that dollar.. When you lose your job, home, car and life, lets all joke about it and say its a HILARIOUS SKIT.

  • paola

    When you are a bad actress you always seem a clown like Cyrus who even looks like one.

  • http://verytrue ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!

    Asians can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!!
    Asians hide their mind reading abilities by completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.

    All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYONE to know they can read minds!!! They are trying as hard as they can to hide it!
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things that are as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

  • poop

    cant stop twerk…

  • Denise

    @judy: You must be one of those delusional morons that think struggles didn’t happen under Republicans in house. Now Obama is cleaning up their mess! Maybe you should review history before coming on here and spouting your ignorance. And last I checked the government was shutdown by right wing nuts that think the answer is to not do their job, but to throw a tantrum because things aren’t exactly the way they want! Get over yourself. They plan on back paying all those out work due to shutdown now how is that smart paying people essentially for not working then Tea Party Shutdown is bitchin about money. Brilliant to shut down the government instead of working out a solution. Right wings have the right idea yeah man!

  • traycee

    The writers of SNL should go suck a dick. This Obama Care is the one of the worse things that can happen to this country.

  • idiots

    there’s a big difference in people losing their jobs and people being on unpaid vacation for a few weeks…oh wait, thats right, now its paid vacation…800,000 workers are now getting paid time off…sounds so horrible. god forbid we joke about that. you know what the best joke of all is going to be? when Obama care doesn’t bring about the apocalypse like many of you think it will. if you have health insurance already it doesnt apply to you. if you dont have health insurance guess what? now you can get it for a decent price. SURELY THIS IS THE SIGN! CHEAP HEALTH CARE FOR EVERYBODY?!?!?!? THE WORLD IS GOING TO END!!! morons.

  • judy

    @idiots: People who have to pay for Obamacare can’t afford the deductables. Oh and to have the IRS step in if you can’t pay, or don’t have health insurance. Congress & Obama have cooked up OBAMACARE, YET MUSLIMS AND THE PEOPLE THAT COOKED UP DEALS W/ OBAMA ARE WAIVERED & WONT HAVE TO EAT IT. LAW OF THE LAND MY AZZZ. KING OBAMA GRANTING WAIVERS… THIS ISNT CONSTITUTIONAL. DOES THE GOV GRANT WAIVERS FOR GET OUT OF A TICKET IF YOU DONT BUY OR DONT HAVE CAR INSURANCE?

  • Sweetness

    best parody..very funny

  • Shazzer

    She looks better in wigs than in real life

  • idiots


    the second you mentioned Muslims your argument became invalid. you need to stop watching fox news for two seconds and actually use your brain. oh and it is constitutional since the people who decide if things are constitutional went ahead and decided it was constitutional.

  • Colby Stearns

    SNL stopped being funny a while ago, they’re just going for bottom of the barrel shock humor now. -_-

  • webstuff

    Who played the shirtless guy on the couch?

  • Sparhawk817

    @Asdfg: @Asdfg:
    the whole reason they did this was just to point out how ridiculous the republican representatives are being right now. the video is a bit scandalous…. but it’s simply to point out hipocrisy. yes they’re going for shock factor, but shock factor is something used as a tool, just as common sense is. however, closeminded people are closeminded. shock factor justifies their arguments in their opinion, and the other person’s calm collected speach is just simply invalid. this goes for both liberal and conservative closeminded peoples.

  • ladyd

    I am a furlough gov’t employee and I found it to be funny b/c it has some truth to it. And far as the commit goes for paid vacation, we did not ask to for this….that decision could have gone one way or the other. OHHHHHHHHH let me tell you, we will probably have to wait a while for that pay.

  • dumbass elephants


    people are so stupid! if your insurance premiums are going up, be pissed at the greedy ass health insurance carrier you are apart of… it’s not obamacare that is causing the premium hike. It is GREED. PURE AND SIMPLE.

  • Lampooning

    This parody is lampooning the whole situation. It is hilarious and I am an affected person. The People can’t do anything but they can at least laugh at the silliness and stupidity of Congress as a whole.
    Once elections come around next year, fire whomever you want, but today laugh a little bit cause tomorrow you won’t have internet to view and comment on this.

  • BEN

    Yes, @sdf: no, it would still be wildly offensive.

    *warning: mild sarcasm ahead*

    Because it is completely, totally, and exclusively Republicans’ fault that the both parties could not agree on a budget.

    *end sarcasm*

    That’s absolutely ignorant thinking. The Democrats had as much to do with it as the Republicans. Would you like to know what actually is the case? Here it is: The Republicans finally decided to stop funding things that they fundamentally disagree with. So quit complaining and blaming them, because it’s Obama’s fault as well as theirs.