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Gerard Butler Enjoys Fred Segal Lunch with Friends!

Gerard Butler Enjoys Fred Segal Lunch with Friends!

Gerard Butler dons a cool pair of shades while heading out for lunch with friends at Fred Segal on Monday (October 7) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 43-year-old actor was seen kissing model Alexandra Durlene on the cheek before saying goodbye.

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The day before, Gerard rocked a plaid shirt while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport in L.A.

It was recently announced that Brenton Thwaites is joining the cast of Gerard‘s upcoming film Gods of Egypt.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler enjoying lunch with a few friends at Fred Segal…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 01
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 02
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 03
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 04
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 05
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 06
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 07
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 08
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 09
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 10
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 11
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 12
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 13
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 14
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 15
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 16
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 17
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 18
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 19
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 20
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 21
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 22

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • say what?

    @say what? = GFW:
    So please post a link to a Facebook photo of one Gerry’s friends who tagged gerry from a photo off a GOSSIP site.
    Not from an event, a charity game, personal holiday pictures etc. But from a known GOSSIP website.
    Don’t worry. I’ll wait…
    I’ll accept the criticism that my words are harsh because deep down I’m sure she’s not malicious, she’s just young and stupid.
    But when you claim a celebrity is your friend and you have lunch with them, and then a couple of hours later, you link photos of you guys getting papped to a GOSSIP site and then tag your friend’s face on your Facebook from that gossip site, it just reeks of cheap and nasty.

  • saoirse

    @say what?:
    “Mmmm, Gerry must feel super special to have such great “friends.”"

    I’d wager that Gerry doesn’t care in the slightest that his 20-yr-old friend posted the JJ piccie on her FB. He appears the type who probably loves any attention he gets however he gets it.

  • say what?

    @say what? = GFW:
    “I can’t think of many people who wouldn’t have done the same in under the same circumstances”.
    Okay, but just because you don’t know decent and trustworthy people, it doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t. Don’t project your issues babe.

  • say what?

    I don’t agree with your whole post, but I do agree that she probably doesn’t register in his focus beyond the actual lunch. I still think what she did was gross. JJ added her name to this thread after her Facebook post….gross.

  • LOL

    Don’t any of you miserable old hags have anything better to do than spend every day on these threads fighting and trying to prove each other wrong? Menopause su/cks.

  • say what?

    @LOL: Don’t you have anything better to do than stalk us??

  • @say what?

    @say what?: Are you for real? Friends post pictures of friends, regardless of their origin. Are you saying celebs are somehow greater beings and therefore all friendships should be hidden?

  • say what?

    @@say what?: Are you illiterate?
    If not then read my post again.
    Of course friends post photos of friends all the time.
    How many celebrities have “friends” who tag them from photos off a GOSSIP site?
    You can’t see the distinction?
    Maybe you’re just as cheap as her, willing to use your “friend” to get your own name on JJ.
    Oh well.

  • say what?

    …..still waiting for all you experts to post links to these celebrities who have been tagged by their friends from gossip sites.
    It truly doesn’t matter. Young and stupid with a trigger finger on Facebook = bad news for Gerry.
    You’d think he would have learned his lesson with MG.
    Gerry needs to get on the internetz/

  • Sunshiny Day

    @say what?: Are you insane? It would be weirder if she DIDN’T share the picture on her FB.

  • Garbage

    Butler showed up at Fred’s because he’s an attention wh:ore. He’s been out of the spotlight for weeks and can’t stand it so he parades with his friends at lunch, praying someone catches them. Alan probably phoned JJ ahead of time so that they’d get good clear shots.

    Everything this man does is staged for effect.

  • LOL

    @say what?: You might want to try out those hormone patches. I’ve heard they help with anger issues and make you less argumentative.

  • say what?

    @Sunshiny Day: To be honest, I think I actually agree with you. I mean she’s 20, and having lunch with a movie star. She’s also an aspiring model so the coat tail riding probably comes naturally.
    I guess she’s too young to understand how tacky it is.
    I’ll give her a pass for her age. But she should learn how to be respectful of her famous friends. Just sayin.

  • say what?

    @LOL: Oh god! why are you so obsessed with me? Stalk Gerry like I do. He’s waaaaay hotter than me.

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Gerryfan

    it’s one thing to say on FB that you had lunch with a celebrity but totally wrong to put up a picture from a gossip site.

  • what?

    @say what?:
    what was your “name” yesterday when you ‘got into it’ with the poster people are trying to flush out now?
    why do you change it all the time? why does anyone?

  • Monicker Stealer
  • Sunshiny Day

    @Gerryfan: I can’t think of anytime it is wrong to post a picture OF YOURSELF unless there is a NDA in effect.

  • @Gerryfan

    @Gerryfan: Why’s that? So people on said gossip site can attempt to harass you into proving you had lunch with said celeb?

  • Giver her a break

    @say what?

    She’s only 19 so she can be a bit silly and not realize what she was doing.

    She was wise though in addressing straight up the rumors by saying it was just lunch between friends.

    From her pictures, she seems to be a real model and she looks quite pretty in the one with the white dress. She’s posing with 2 cute guys on that page and I think one of the 2 is the BF. That’s on the link Nicole posted.

    As for that tinypic picture, Gerry is a guy and he has a pretty young girl hugging him back so of course he’s happy about it, lol! Lots of guys would be. If he noticed somebody looking at them while he was hugging her, he’d be showing it off even more he’s happy! Probably thinking: “Look at me! I got this young pretty girl in my arms!”

    She’s a bit young for him though as she was born on August 16, 1994. She could be his daughter. That’s the only problem I have with her, her age but she herself told her friends on FB they’re just friend and that her love is Alexander Latham.

  • Aqualung

    What happen with him and Modelina is that she turn 25 or 26, the kiss of death as far as he concern. She now a senior citizen to him. He like young tail, as young as he can get. You old women give it a break, he not interested in you age.

  • LookWhosTalking:TheRealHag


  • WhenYouDateAFamewhore


    You eventually act the same way they do!

  • You’re Old Enough to need them


  • She was one already
  • Rosa
  • Rosa

    Meant to type there. Um, why do you say he’s on steroids? He looks fine to me.

  • Rosa

    @PR BS:
    I agree with you that Ariel deserves the accolades along with GB. He is a very talented director IMO.

  • nightwish

    wow popular guy

  • dargabriel

    Greetings To All Of You. I Hope Gerard Has The Best Life Has To Offer. This Guy Is So Powerful, Angelic Like. Not Too Sure He LikeS How Ppl Operate In This Life. He Uses His Power In Pos/Neg, Always. I Hope He Loves Being In Cali, However, Hollywood Is Not A Pretty Place. Gerard Check Out Mt Shasta, Very Powerful, Get In Touch With Nature. Gerard Holds Onto Wealth Like Its His Life, In The Big Picture, Not Really Important, Spiritual Power Is Way More Valuble And Sacred. Butler Loves To Protect In Spirit, Especially When His Other Half Is Being Mistreated, Gossiped About, Or Wrongdoing Of Any Kind. Also doesn’t Allow His Other Half To Get Big Headed Knowing This,Lol, Does Little Things As A Reminder, Always Be Grateful And Never Take Things For Granted, Especially, Special Power, Respect It And Ppl, This Is easy. Have A Beautiful Tuesday. Love,dargabriel

  • well well

    the model at the table with Gerry and Ariel looks like Ariel’s 20 year old squeeze model Olga Beneson unless all these guys look for clones

  • well well

    @Rosa: Ridley Scott deserve accolades. Stephen Spielberg deserve accolades. Vromen not quite there yet. He at least needs one box office hit.

  • I don’t like Mondays

    @well well: Seriously these broads need to wear nametags if they are all going to look alike.

  • I don’t like Mondays

    @say what?: This is simply he asked her to stage this little kissy poo thing for whatever his agenda is, prove I’m not gay, prove I am over the other one, prove I am desperate to get attention. If she has a boyfriend I hope he is understanding, In return she gets some PR out of it because hey who ever heard of this one of the thousands look alike models. She is with an agency I’ve never heard of either. Even the other one can top that.

    Really he needs to change the way he operates. It all makes him look like a loser willing to be used or a phoney who stages all his PR. As if this any of this is going to lead to any work.

    Maybe someone should write a show about a Peter Pan actor who spends his days playing games all day long as his career seems headed for the tiolet. It’s working for Matthew LeBlanc.

  • Hollywood cliche

    Has he got any work yet? Any real confirmation on that GOE movie? Start date? Anything?

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • @well well

    @well well: Obviously you did not see The Iceman. Reviewers compared him to Martin Scorcese.

  • @I don’t like Mondays

    @I don’t like Mondays: This is simply three friends who got together for lunch and got snapped by the razzis. When friends greet friends, especially after they’ve been away traveling, they more than not, do it with a hug, and sometimes a kiss. Ariel probably got the same. Gerry’s MO is usually a hug and cheek kiss.

  • Life’s Train

    The guy is being normal. He had lunch. He had lunch with friends. As normal, a young lady appeared starstruck….you can tell how she is staring at him. She posted it. Starstruck. I give her a lot for not being immature in the fact that she “added” clarifications as mentioned.

    You know they could be working with her to have her in an upcoming movie. The point is who knows. It also could be it is what it is…..lunch.

    Really love Gerard in the norm, at maturity, normalcy that gives him respect and love as a man and great actor. Here is so much respect to you and for you Gerard. Own the power bro….you are loved.

  • Life’s Train

    ….btw celebrities get papped at doing many things. Look at Liam Payne…they got him in his underwear “at a LOW moment” ……lol lol lol

  • @Life’s Train

    Why do you bother, GFW? Your socks are so easy to spot. I thought you said you own what you say and don’t need to sock? Bull.

  • Cheeky

    @@I don’t like Mondays: oh yeah. Gerry can kiss my cheeks anytime. both sets! Yeah, that scot is just too hot!

  • @ GFW

    @Life’s Train: Note to Life’s train/GFW: no matter how many socks you create, we will out you.

  • Life’s Train

    You are a little way too paranoid. We are Gerard fans- the similarity. btw, probably old enough to be your parent… off with the “out you” language ok.No disrespect to you and your outburst but GFW and i are two different people.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @Life’s Train: Always enjoy your posts and don’t let some deter you from posting. Loved your #141 post btw. Ducky

  • Jolie

    @Life’s Train: you can’t reason with the @ troll. It spends its entire time accusing other posters of being GFW. This is exactly why GFW thinks she has fans…if she’s got a stalker then….

  • Blaming others

    Blaming others is a flushing technique.
    They want her back!

  • OH NO

    @Blaming others: Now that post I can believe is gfw. Nobody in their right mind would wish that.