Gerard Butler Enjoys Fred Segal Lunch with Friends!

Gerard Butler Enjoys Fred Segal Lunch with Friends!

Gerard Butler dons a cool pair of shades while heading out for lunch with friends at Fred Segal on Monday (October 7) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 43-year-old actor was seen kissing model Alexandra Durlene on the cheek before saying goodbye.

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The day before, Gerard rocked a plaid shirt while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport in L.A.

It was recently announced that Brenton Thwaites is joining the cast of Gerard‘s upcoming film Gods of Egypt.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler enjoying lunch with a few friends at Fred Segal…

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gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 01
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 02
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 03
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 04
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 05
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 06
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 07
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 08
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 09
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 10
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 11
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 12
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 13
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 14
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 15
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 16
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 17
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 18
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 19
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 20
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 21
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 22

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  • Susie Queue

    @Not so: OMG you must live in a flower covered world with rainbows every 4 hours. Sad. Your little idol is a REALLY bad boy in real life. Get it?

  • FU

    @Susie Queue:
    get that

  • News Alert
  • Susie Queue

    @Troll Defense League (TDL): A RECOVERING alcoholic. There is a BIG difference.

  • A life sentence

    @Susie Queue: A recovering alcoholic is still an alcoholic. The name never goes away, whether someone is drinking anymore or not.

  • Susie Queue

    Good God Woman! PLEASE go back to your Mothership Fan Site. Your excuses are pathetic. He would say so himself.

  • Susie Queue

    @lol: There are LOTS of reports, sweetheart. They’re just not on YOUR radar.

  • FU

    @Susie Queue:
    You are being addressed.

  • Susie Queue

    @FU: Oh my! I’m being addressed? How so? (Giggle, giggle….reminds me of junior high)….

  • Liz

    Here’s the link at TMZ saying Gerard was treated for COCAINE when he was in rehab.
    “Butler also developed issues with cocaine, but the root problem appears to be the injuries and pain management.”
    You silly, militant phannies. Don’t you realize when you try to censor people at JJ, we’re just going to talk about it all the more?

  • Susie Queue

    Look it up for yourselves. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was the most recent celeb to disclose that they all drank together. But more importantly, Gerard is not a drunk, miss thang. He has a diversion to cocaine and pain killers. He has said so himself. Flag the posts all you want. PHANNIE. It will get you nowhere. The truth is there and will never be extinguished. Doesn’t mean you have to love him less. Just love him the same way you have been. It’s not like this is new news or anything.

  • Susie Queue

    @Liz: And a big AMEN to you!

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Troll Defense League (TDL)

    Yes, I think he probably still drinks now and then. He’s not been caught in a bad way (yet) but there have been reports that he was drunk in the past. Someone here said they saw him at TIFF hammered. Whether or not it’s true remains to be seen. He’s not lilywhite, pure and virginal. He’s hardcore and he’s said himself that he’s a slave to his addictions and has to fight them all the time. He’s still an alcoholic, whether recovering or not. He already crossed that line and filled that square.

  • Lyla J.

    Wow. I’m almost scared to join in this conversation. I will honestly say that last year when the interview came out from Jeffrey Dean Morgan about them all drinking together, I was so pis/sed at Gerard. I felt lied to and that really pis/sed me off. So, now, in retrospect….I would rather have him drink a few Guiness now and then as opposed to doing lines of coke which I fear is one of his monsters and I believe it. I love him to death and I hope he slays that monster once and for all but it’s silly to believe that it isn’t there. Face it, our hot mess has issues galore. Doesn’t make me love him less, actually more. (But I am hormonal and due to give birth in about 4 weeks). LOL! I’ve been loving this hot mess of a man for many years now.

  • Dianne

    I thought he dated older women. Now he’s free to go after Kris Jenner, Padma Lakshmi, CZJ, and Katie Holmes. Why not date Roseanne? He claims to love all women, doesn’t he? What about his man-dates? LOL

  • Huh.

    “Australian actor Brenton Thwaites has been cast in Gods of Egypt.

    The 24-year-old actor has joined the fantasy film alongside renowned thespians Gerard Butler and Geoffrey Rush after landing the role of Bek, a human thief who fails to care for Gods, but finds himself experiencing a change of heart when he discovers a woman named Zaya has been cursed, according to Deadline.

    Butler will play the god of the desert, Set, who, according to Egyptian mythology, murders his own brother, Osiris. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has signed up for the part of Horus, the son of Osiris, who seeks revenge against his uncle.

    Meanwhile, Rush will play the sun god, Ra, who is father to Butler’s Set and the murdered Osiris. Thwaites is a rising star who has been waiting for the right role to kick off his film career.

    He was originally in the pipeline for the male lead in Transformers: Age of Extinction before Jack Reynor scored the part and was in the running for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie before its production was pushed back.

    Filming for Gods of Egypt will begin next year Down Under.”

  • Susie Queue

    @Lyla J.:
    At least you have a handle on the truth. Good luck with your baby.

  • Lyla J.

    Good to know about Brenton. Now, the question is has Gerard really signed? Is it for sure? I’m banking on it. As any good fan would.

  • Lyla J.

    @Susie Queue:
    Thank you! That is kind of you. I am actually due 11/12/13; however, my doc told me today it could happen much earlier. Who knows….he’ll come when he’s ready to enter this world. Thanks for asking, Susie Q. I will say that I am done being pregnant now and I cannot wait for him to join us. But with keeping with the thread… Carry on, Gerard! We love you!

  • Huh.

    @Lyla J.:

    No prob. And cheers to you and your special delivery! ;^)


    {TB EXCLUSIVE} Nick Cassavetes Is Leading A “Manhunt”
    October 8, 2013

    By: Sid Perriwinkle

    “I just got word that writer, actor and director Nick Cassavetes has joined New Regency Productions’ MANHUNT as helmer. Breck Eisner (The Crazies, Sahara) was originally attached to direct, but there’s no word on why he left the project.

    The story follows a skilled bear hunter who is enlisted by the FBI to help track down a domestic terrorist hiding in North Carolina’s mountains. The tables are quickly turned though as the bear hunter discovers his target possesses uncanny survival abilities. As far as I know, Gerard Butler is still in talks to star in the film, but the role he would play is unknown. It’s really up in the air as to who he could play, as Butler has done a wonderful job portraying ultimate-badasses of both good and nasty variety…”

  • Lyla J.

    Thanks for your kindness.
    So, Manhunt might still be a go? Ya know, it doesn’t surprise me. Any and all of these flicks could be a go or a scrapped film any day of the week. Hopefully it’s true. Role upon role. That’s the way we like it. From your post to God’s ear, honey. Lol! So is this the script where he (or anyone else) barely utters a word?

  • Trina

    @Lyla J.: I think “Motor City” was the script where his character barely spoke.

  • hee… hee

    Ha, click to enlarge and see the ear! One and the same girl! lol

  • @News Alert

    @News Alert: This is great news! Love Nick Cassavetes.

  • Heres a thought

    Though I agree with some of what you are saying I have to point out that none of us know if Gerry was or wasn’t an alcoholic. Just because someone doesn’t like the way they act when drinking alcohol doesn’t make them an alcoholic.

    Definition per Wikipedia:

    Alcoholism is a broad term for problems with alcohol, and is generally used to mean compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages, usually to the detriment of the drinker’s health, personal relationships, and social standing. It is medically considered a disease, specifically an addictive illness, and in psychiatry several other terms are used, specifically “alcohol abuse” and “alcohol dependence,” which have slightly different definitions

  • hahaha

    @hee… hee: I have that many holes in my ears, so does that make me both of those gals? The Ali from the lunch date is in a serious relationship for quite some time now, and calls her boyfriend her Love.

  • SeeSawSally

    According to Alexandra Durlene’s FB page, she was born in August of 1994 which means that she just turned 19 a couple of months ago. She graduated from high school in 2012.

  • Dianne

    @SeeSawSally: Then she’s perfect for Grandaddy and dirty old man Gerry.

  • She’s in a relationship


    She’s dating this guy whos her own age:

  • Nicole
  • Dianne

    Still can’t wrap my head around a 19 year old meeting two older middleaged men for lunch. Did they have 3way after? Is she auditioning for a role? What’s the dynamic behind two older men meeting someone fresh out of high school? Hard to fathom how this even happened.

    What’s her role in meeting them? It’s just off somehow. What could they possibly be talking about? *Shrugs*

  • Jolie

    @Dianne: Not only agree with you but the way she greets him makes it look like they were already familiar, maybe she already slept with him?

  • @Dianne

    @Dianne: She and her boyfriend are friends of Ariel Vromen. Maybe they were discussing one of Ariel’s projects coming up as she is also an actress.

    Also, she was in San Diego the day the pic was taken of Gerry and “mystery brunette”.

  • JS

    It’s still creepy no matter how you look at it. Unless she’s the daughter of a friend of theirs, this is creepy weird. Even in Scotland, where our men marry 15 year olds, this is creepy.

  • Gutter snipes

    : Get your filthy minds out of the gutter. You know nothing but sure tells alot about yourselves. What sick and useless lives you live.

  • dont be so gullible

    @JS: marrying a 15yr old isn’t possible anywhere in the uk. having s*x with a 15 yr old here would put you in prison. Scotland is part of the uk. At the moment.

  • young wife GB (VIRGIN).
  • Ditto

    @Dianne: That was my first impression.
    What the hell is she doing there? Unless she was working in the area and popped by, seeing as how she knows Ariel but still it’s weird.
    There is a familiarity between her and Gerry, so I’m sure she knows him from many parties and dinners.
    This is Hollywood I guess. But I’ve never known two middle aged men to willingly have lunch with a 20 year old unless it was work related or they wanted to bang her.

  • Kristina Hoksa

    I hate her. She better back off of the Butler!

  • Ditto

    @Kristina Hoksa:
    Are you mental?
    You can’t hate someone for knowing Gerry.

  • Kristina Hoksa

    He belongs to me! Not you or her.

  • young wife GB (VIRGIN).
  • young wife GB (VIRGIN).
  • young wife GB (VIRGIN).
  • city lights

    @Dianne: She just turned 19 a couple of months ago??? So that means a couple of months ago she was only 18. She’s a teenager! The ick factor just keeps growing.

  • young wife GB (VIRGIN).
  • JS

    @Susie Queue: “Jeffrey Dean Morgan was the most recent celeb to disclose that they all drank together.”

    The important thing is what he drank. He can go out for a drink with someone but it doesn’t mean he’s drinking alcohol. When he was in Edinburgh earlier this year there were a few tweets about him being in the Newsroom pub and a couple of them, including one from the bartender,mentioned he was drinking soft drinks. This has also happened in other places he’s been. Because you go or a drink doesn’t mean you are “drinking.”

  • JS

    @Dianne: Why she met them for lunch and what they were talking about has nothing at all to do with anyone but themselves.