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Gerard Butler Enjoys Fred Segal Lunch with Friends!

Gerard Butler Enjoys Fred Segal Lunch with Friends!

Gerard Butler dons a cool pair of shades while heading out for lunch with friends at Fred Segal on Monday (October 7) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 43-year-old actor was seen kissing model Alexandra Durlene on the cheek before saying goodbye.

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The day before, Gerard rocked a plaid shirt while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport in L.A.

It was recently announced that Brenton Thwaites is joining the cast of Gerard‘s upcoming film Gods of Egypt.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler enjoying lunch with a few friends at Fred Segal…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 01
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 02
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 03
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 04
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 05
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 06
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 07
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 08
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 09
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 10
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 11
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 12
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 13
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 14
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 15
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 16
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 17
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 18
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 19
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 20
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 21
gerard butler enjoys fred segal lunch with friends 22

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  • no

    @De-Nile: Well I think she is a devious person and probably had him fooled. He is a very kind person who only seems to see good in people and I think that’s one of the problems he has with some of those he has surrounded himself with. Some of them seem to be out for themselves and are using him but because he’s a nice person he doesn’t realize he’s being used. I think that his family may have put him right regarding MG and when she started telling stories about his mom I think that was when he finally saw her true self. I know that a lot of what is said here can’t be proved but I do believe that some who post here know what they are talking about. I have to go now but it has been real nice talking to you even if we don’t agree on everything. Enjoy your day.

  • De-Nile

    @no: Nice talking with you too. I agree with much of your post. I do think that he gets taken advantage of and i would put some of mg’s behavior on that list.
    but my whole point from the beginning of this relationship, was that no one should embellish or make up stories about mg because this girl will eventually hang herself.
    trust in that.
    even the 100% provable hard evidence shows her to be in the very least, riding his coat tails.

  • Nicole

    Maybe a new project for Gerry.

    …” writer, actor and director Nick Cassavetes has joined New Regency Productions’ MANHUNT’ as helmer.
    The story follows a skilled bear hunter who is enlisted by the FBI to help track down a domestic terrorist hiding in North Carolina’s mountains. The tables are quickly turned though as the bear hunter discovers his target possesses uncanny survival abilities. As far as I know, Gerard Butler is still in talks to star in the film, but the role he would play is unknown. It’s really up in the air as to who he could play, as Butler has done a wonderful job portraying ultimate-badasses of both good and nasty variety.

  • You Tube

    there is a video of MG walking out the pub and GB rushing after her. type in gerry’s drover party.

  • hump day

    Today’s new thread – Gerry takes Lolita for a walk in the Canyon and reenacts his NY squat for her, Lolita is not amused.

  • logic

    @lol: There have been so many reports over the years that you’d have to pay me to go back and find them all.

    If you were following along with JJ regarding Butler you would know. The regulars knows this., The standard phannie response over the years they are mistaken or lying. Just Google and you’ll get up all the gossip sites or blogs alleging he was drunk or drinking or on something, a few from the infamous Coachella festival after his rehab stint. The rest were Facebook and Twitter posts that are chronicled in various JJ threads and difficult to impossible to search out now otherwise. That”s the downside to social media. But many of them are captured for posterity on JJ, many discussions and arguments about it as well.

  • rehabber

    @FU: If that is a slanderous statement why didn’t Butler sue TMZ?

  • hee… hee

    Madalina Ghenea is history !
    Look who they Giurgiulesti the bushes GERARD BUTLER !

    While Madalina Ghenea is busy promoting her new film, ” Dom Hemingway ” occurs alongside Jude Law , one of the media still thinks he is loved , actor Gerard Butler is Giurgiulesti the bushes with another lady .Gerard Butler has slipped and heart goblin eyes . It seems that all suits that Madalina Ghenea has no time for him , being busy promoting her new film, ” Dom Hemingway ,” a production that appears alongside Jude Law . So he seeks comfort in the arms of another beauty in Hollywood.The actor was seen having lunch with Alexandra Durlene a youngster than Madalina model , but equally beautiful. The two had a great time and the end of the meeting, Gerard led her brunette behind a bush and kissed her with fire. True, on the cheek , but it could do in the sight of all , if you had nothing to hide.

  • rehabber

    @The Blarney stone: Non alcoholic Guiness I am sure pubs have that in stock everywhere NOT.

  • hump day

    @Nicole: Not new an old project he was already attached to.

  • hump day

    Well it seems to have gone on the backburner but Gerry was attached to it at least.

    I believe that non- alcoholic beers still have some alcohol content, usually 0.5 per cent. Not sure that AA would recommend even drinking those beers. Well in fact the proper term is low alcohol not non alcohol.

  • ha ha

    @Jane: By herself stalking Gerry then?

  • JS = no

    JS, if you’re going to sock, don’t write word for word what you’ve already written in other posts.

  • ha ha

    @De-Nile: You miss the more obvious explanation, the relationship was an arrangement so the poor git had to put up with her longer than he normally would have. He probably thought it was a great idea at the beginning which is why you never judge a book by its cover ONLY and you do your due diligence before agreeing to arrangements like this. All he had to do was give Leo Brody and Haggis a phone call. Incompetence thy name is Team Butler.

  • hump day

    And as someone who enjoys finer beers on occasion, I love red ales, low alcohol beers taste like Crrrrrrrrrap – I hear Mike Myers saying that in a Scottish accent.

  • Comrie Insider

    @no: Except we all saw the pics of her with his two nieces taken in the cool morning hours in June or July when it was only in the 40 degrees F range. She was there in SCT in the summer with her boyfriend Gerard.

  • ppp

    Comrie Insider = Madalina

  • Dayna

    @no: You make him sound like a complete mo/ron, incapable of thought. Actually, I agree that he’s not too bright considering he’s graduated from law school. I guess anyone can do that without much effort.

    In case you’re wondering, I’m being facetious. He chose Madalina, he likes her and you can bet they have more than just what they do between the sheets. I don’t think he’s the smartest tool in the shed but they probably don’t sit around and talk about stupid fake po/rn blogs, either.

  • @Dayna

    You’re right. They don’t. They don’t sit around together and do anything, because it’s OVER and has been for a long time now. You are either intentionally trolling, or you are very low in the IQ department. But carry on trolling…it won’t change anything.

  • ha ha

    @Dayna: Yeah that is why the almost lawyer and his former lawyer manager couldn’t even find a name for their production company without being sued.

    In Scotland law is an undergraduate program. In the US it is a post graduate program. Even then, I can tell you just because you graduated law school does not necessarily make you clever or mature. Just a bit smarter than the average person.

    After all look who runs our governments [into the ground oops], mostly former lawyers.

    Yeehaw give me an expense account, a fat pension and other people’s money to spend. “We’re going to have a good time, we’re going to have a good good time”. Maybe GB should go into politics.

  • Smart enough

    He was smart enough to finally shut her up.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.” – (Romans 5:8

  • Troll Alert

    @Kristina Hoksa:

    Fake Kristina Holska = Suzanne from IMDB

  • Troll Alert

    @Barbara Galle:

    The real BG hates MG too much for that to be the real BG. The real BG is probably celebrating these days because he seems to be playing the field with younger prettier women than MG.

  • Fake JS Alert


  • 4 months is too long


    When they would be seen together, only a couple of weeks had passed.

    Now it has been nearly 4 months since they saw each other. Work was not the excuse for it as he wasn’t working and she barely worked on The Borgias. I think this dog is dead. Time to bury it. If she shows up, she’s stalking him. She should have some dignity and go after somebody who wants her.

  • @You Tube

    @You Tube:

    It says it was published on Jan/23/12. He didn’t know her then.

    This is the link to that video:

  • Skeletons in her closet

    @Smart enough:

    He probably found all of them and threatened to expose her if she didn’t shut up.

  • @YouTube

    My mistake. Published on Jun/23/12 so he did know her but it has nothing to do with his birthday which was on Nov /13 so that wouldn’t be the video in which he would go after her as she storms out of the pub.

    In June, they were closer than thieves. In Nov/12, people hardly saw pics of her but she was there with her short hair with the streaks in it for DH. In the video above he has his beard from May/Jun/2012 and in November, he was clean shaven.

  • Wrong

    @Troll Alert: There is no indication he is playing the field and MG has been completely quiet on her FB since TIFF which usually means they are being stealthy.

  • Wrong

    @@YouTube: There is no storming out. The place is packed and several people are walking, one of which was another older woman who Gerry probably let ahead of him.

  • Smart enough

    To Writ gag her–skeletons or not.
    Too bad ppl here stop talking about it, which has to make it hard for her.
    Why do that?

  • Agreed

    @Wrong: until Gerry is seen with another woman on a regular basis, not just another one night stand, i’m going to keep assuming that they are at least fwb.
    they have a habit of showing up together every few months. at this stage, i doubt either mg or gerry see anything permanent but do have feelings for each other.

  • Rehash

    @@YouTube: Can I ask why you are bringing all this past stuff up. Is there a point you are trying to make? If you are trying to figure out time-line you might want to go to w/o. Otherwise I see no sense in you posting old stuff that isn’t even relevant.

  • Helen

    @Wrong: That’s what I think, too. She’s gone quiet and he’s not hitting the clubs. There’s no reports of him chasing women or hitting on them anywhere. Of course he’s photograffed with some but so what. He’s not dating them. He’s not being Gerry as the big flirt and skirtchaser he normally is.

  • Smart enough

    that is –can’t stop talking about it

  • Troll Talking 2 Troll Alert


  • Agreed

    @Helen: her going quiet on social media could also be an indication that she’s got nothing to gloat about.
    remember this is the woman who posted a photo of her friend and gerry in london. if she’s with him, she’ll make sure everyone knows it.
    not saying they aren’t going to meet up soon, just that her going quiet doesn’t mean they are together.

  • Agreed

    @Troll Talking 2 Troll Alert: wow! if gerry turns up dead….they should start with you first. obsessed much?

  • Trolls Talking 2 Trolls Galore

    All wrong.
    Find something else to talk about.
    Why make it hard for her?
    What’s the point?
    To flush her out? That’s mean.
    If you like her, leave her alone!
    Not being seen to keep her calm.
    Stop, just stop.

  • Agreed

    @Trolls Talking 2 Trolls Galore: there should be rules against trolls who post incoherent ramblings. just sayin’

  • You wish
  • Sickest post of the day award
  • St. Tropez was the dealbreaker

    That’s when she blew it. That’s when Butler figured out her ulterior motives. When he went there for that little rendevous, I believe he was still falling for her big time. He was quite obviously smitten with her then…..until the photos showed up on Getty images or one of those sites, yanked down immediately and my guess is he figured out her MO. That’s when the LOVE turned to DEEP LIKE, IMHO.

  • Wrong

    @Agreed: That was just wishful interpretation from posters on this site. I doubt anyone would have known they were seeing each other if these people hadn’t gone completely stalkerish on his and her every movement.

  • Wrong
  • Agreed

    @St. Tropez was the dealbreaker:
    “That’s when the LOVE turned to DEEP LIKE, IMHO.”.
    That’s a very interesting point of view and something that i would agree with. There’s clearly something about her that keeps bringing him back, but imo it’s not love. he cares for her and i’m not sure he’s aware of every single thing she posts on fb, but he’s probably got her figured out enough.

  • CeliaD

    You people are still so completely wrong about Madalina.

  • Trolls Talking 2 Trolls Galore

    No discussion here.
    One troll wearing many socks.