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Liam Payne Wears Underwear Super Low on Hotel Balcony

Liam Payne Wears Underwear Super Low on Hotel Balcony

Liam Payne goes shirtless and wears his sweatpants as long underwear, letting them hang low on his hips while taking in the sights from his hotel balcony on Sunday (October 6) at Whale Beach in Sydney, Australia.

The 20-year-old One Direction singer was later seen hitting the waves to do some surfing with his groupmate Louis Tomlinson.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Liam Payne

The guys have a few days off before having their next concert in Christchurch, New Zealand. They will be touring around Australia until October 30.

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    that is gross

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  • Kia


  • rochelle

    He must have came in his underwear and then had to wash them in the bathroom sink. That is why they were drying on the balcony.

  • Frame


  • Nguyễn Trần Gia Linh

    I think he’s bottom gay :-)

  • jokeishere

    what a joke!!!!!

  • Paulie


  • not american (thank god)

    Only americans freak out when they see nipple or pubes. Get a life people!

  • Alaia

    “…wears underwear super low on hotel balcony.”

    Groundbreaking journalism right here.

  • Diedre

    @not american (thank god): We don’t freak out. We just have enough common sense to know that nobody else wants to see our hairy undercarriage. Keep your nasty foreign crab home to yourself.


    @not american (thank god) Not all Americans are like that #Jerk!!

  • .

    If this was miley shed be getting called a whore.

  • emy


  • Sophie

    OMFHGJD, i think people should steals his boxers more often haha ;)

  • Megan

    @.: someone literally stole his boxers after he let them out to dry haha :P (which he tweeted about to his fans this morning :) ) So he just took some sweatpants on so he could go out and take them but they obviously weren’t there (that’s why he got no underwear)…And as fast as he noticed the sweatpants were hanging low he picked them up, as you can see on the rest of the don’t even try to make this seem like something it’s clearly not ;)

  • Jess

    OMG *__* Just a bit lower please ;)

  • Liz

    What a piece of euro trash mess he looks.

  • lu

    he´s attractive, the only one attractive in this group and i he really can sing. In my opinion.

  • Hernan

    In my opinion I think he’s the hottest of the group. Than it would be Harry ;)

  • Dexter

    Is it the same hotel where they yook pictures of Zac Efron half naked?

  • Ann

    @stacy: Jeez! It’s his PRIVATE live!! He can walk naked on his balcony if he wants to!

  • Tina Vera

    I agree he is the best looking and most talented guy in the band. Also seems the most humble and mature.

  • mg1

    That’s hot. And it’s refreshing to know that not all young men shave their pubes. Good for him.

  • AnnaStern

    I don’t get the reaction… Does pubes really gross ppl out? Is hair gross? Are we living in a hairless “hairphobic” society that I’m unaware of? Take a chill pill everybody…

  • John Loewe

    there is something wrong with this guy…seriously

  • Stacy Is A Dyke

    @stacy: Dike

  • Jess

    @John Loewe: hahah wait wait why? what has he done wrong???? what the hell

  • Saba`

    Must have been a rough night haha

  • Kate


  • Saba`


    I am not judging just cracking a joke because I been there before and this looks tame in comparison

  • Amanda

    I’m kind of ashamed to say this, but this pic is kind of hot.

  • Nikanoo from Oz

    Jeez I am way too old to be thrilled by Liam Payne’s hotness! He’s definitely the most attractive of them all.

  • terri

    Easily the hottest guy in One Direction as well as the best singer. Time for the Media to catch up. Refreshing to see that he doesn’t shave below.

  • http://@Polux_geminae Anton

    He’s so hot!

  • Jessica

    @not american (thank god): why you got to be racist for not all Americans are thank god I not you race then I got to share the same nation as you

  • mitchell wilson

    love liams bush aswesome yummy pubes thanks sooo much liam