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Nicole Kidman: Huading Awards Opening Ceremony 2013!

Nicole Kidman: Huading Awards Opening Ceremony 2013!

Nicole Kidman hits the red carpet at the 2013 Huading Awards Opening Ceremony on Monday evening (October 7) in Macao, China.

The 46-year-old actress was joined on the red carpet by Jackie Chan, who was representing the Chinese film industry at the event.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

The Huading Awards is getting a star-studded boost this year in its attempt to establish itself as China’s answer to the Oscars, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

FYI: Nicole is wearing a Prada dress and a Bottega Veneta bag.

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Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Angel

    The Goddess is stunning as always! Love!

  • woohoo

    The dress and hair are outstanding! Nicole rocks.

    Love Jackie Chan in the Shanghai Nights series. He’s a funny guy.

  • justcheckingin

    Classy timeless beauty! Luv Nicole!!

  • bouquet

    I love when Nicole visits Asia. She always does classic with a little edge on the red carpet. What a delight!

  • bl

    She looks amazingly beautiful !!!!

  • dan

    plastic face

  • Mondani

    @dan: You have a plastic brain. Nicole looks effervescent!


    Beautiful dress and beautiful lady! I wish you people would stop with the comments on Nicole’s face. If she did nothing you would call her an old hag. If she uses fillers you call her plastic. She looks great! Who cares.

  • fake

    Nice white spray tan. Another trip for Weinstein?

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    It’s nice to see Nicole in China again, she might just as well take up residence there. Her bff, Wendy Deng. is extremely influential in the China film market. Keith doesn’t care, he has his own career and the little girls. Who knows, she may even call in occasionally to see how everyone’s doing. Yes, these are flattering photos. Although Kidman used to be a style setter, and this dress has been worn by everyone.

  • Carolyn

    Nicole looks gorgeous. I think it’s great how she and Keith co-ordinate their schedules. While he’s been involved with American Idol and concerts, she’s been with the girls. His next concert isn’t until mid-October, so he’s in charge now as she’s in Macau for a few days. I’m sure they’ll be together again soon. Love this family!

  • Davidson

    If Nicole is getting attacked by the Keith Urban Stalker Brigade you know she’s doing something right. She looks absolutely lovely.

  • red carpet crit

    unflattering dress
    frumpy hair
    lumpy lips

    she/they could have done so much better

  • Cate

    Nicole looks stunning.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    @Carolyn: Carolyn, I don’t mean to be argumentative; however, Nicole is 46 y/o, and an established actress. Why is she traveling all over the world selling movies in which she isn’t starring? This is something you’d expect of an actress who’s career is behind her or a young actress just starting out. Time flies, and she’ll be looking at two teenage girls and wondering what happened to Sunday and Faith. I think they’re adorable and would take them in a minute (of course, I’d take their daddy too!)

  • Congrats!

    The Huading Awards are China’s People’s Choice Awards. Nicole was voted Best Global Actress in Motion Pictures.

  • Macy

    Yes, she was there to receive an award. It would have been very rude of her not to have been there to receive it. Congratulations, Nicole!

  • walden

    What the haters don’t get is the movie business is no longer just Hollywood. It’s a global industry. It’s global box office that matters because it is now the biggest profit-maker. Closed minds post close-minded comments. Kidman will be honored, do what is required for her job, and go back to her husband and their children. It’s what working mothers do every day of the week.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    Walden, if you’re correct, then great. However, why does it always seem it’s Nicole flying all over the world? Is it simply because she’s one of those famous “A-listers”, or the media loves her.

  • Louise

    Absolutely gorgeous. Nicole flies all over the world because she is an international actress; extremely popular in Europe and Asia. It is hard for some Americans to understand, but there is a world out there that is not America. The Urban family has their life well under control and does not need comments from john q public. They time their schedules so their children are well cared for and they are so loved. You, go, Nicole and Keith. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  • walden

    @Lizzie: It doesn’t matter what the truth is to you. The fact is you only care what Nicole Kidman does and ONLY because she’s married to your fantasy. You wouldn’t care one iota otherwise. Don’t insult anyone’s intelligence and try to pretend any differently. And it’s also even more ridiculous because you don’t care how much Keith travels for work.

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    just amazing

  • ?

    The Queen of Box Office Poison Nicole Kidman received an Award for Best Global Actress in Motion Pictures!!! bahahahaha

  • On dear

    Nicole is not extremely popular ANYWHERE in the world. Weinstein has got her these Chinese gigs as compensation for the humiliating reshuffle of DisGrace of Monaco.

  • skeptics are really stupid

    Selling it hard dummy, aren’t we. LMAO!

  • Too old Granny

    Granny working it hard for the Chinese.

  • x

    WARNING – Vampire spotted in Macao dressed in black with blood red lips. Intends to suck the life out of the Chinese film industry.

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie


    I apologize to you, to the Urban family and to their fans. There’ll be no more of this foolishness; without realizing it, I’ve turned into an over-zealous monster (I promise you, I don’t fanaticize over Keith, I’m more the mother hen who doesn’t want to see her chick hurt). Thanks to bringing all this to my attention. I needed it.

  • curious

    Don’t apologize to anyone Lizzie. You are right on the mark with your observations.

  • Nikki

    WOW! Stunning!

  • Randy

    She’s beautiful she looks like a Geisha!


    Communist blacklisted actor acrobat Jackie Chan, and now communist blacklisted actor model Nicole Kidman, attend Communist Empire Illegal Enemy Media Appreciation Awards. Jobs have been getting steadily scarce for Nicole in NYLA after dumping Tom a decade ago. Such an embarrassment for her to have to rely on the planets and historys most autocratic dictatorial horror of an empire to earn a little illegal pocket cash under the table. Stupidity and greed are a corrosive mix. If she really wants fast easy money she needs to try Capitalism. It really works.

  • the point

    Vogue Germany editor Christiane Arp (17 July 2013) probably hit the nail on the head in terms of why Kidman does not seem to prefer spending the larger part of her time with her family, engaging in the daily routine things that family life and generational history is built upon:

    “Success has not satisfied Nicole Kidman. On the contrary – her hunger for new experiences is undiminished. … she gave us so much of her time”

    Recently Kidman was asked what she does when she gets home after her gruelling work schedules. She replied: “I go home and straight to bed to sleep.”

    One day she will wake up and realise the precious and valuable time she could have had with her children and husband will be a lost thing of the past.

    Yes, many many married women with children go out to work every day. Mostly they have to for financial reasons; or they need stimulation beyond that which children and home provide. Clearly Kidman is either cash-strapped or her experiences with her family are simply not enough to keep her satiated. What Arp describes sounds very much like runaway unfettered addiction.

  • Hodge

    @the point: You are a very sick person.

  • @ Hodge

    Obviously you are too dim to get the point:

    never satisfied; always wants more; at the cost of the family = addiction

  • http://Comcast Joni

    The Crazy One and all her names is back, which of course she is, it is an article about Nicole Kidman. The Crazy one left a bunch of her vile lies and crazy remarks on the article about Keith Urban. As I say KEITH
    URBAN and NICOLE KIDMAN stay happy and successful because it makes the Crazy One even crazier.

  • curious

    Stop ranting Joni. You had previously indicated, on more than one occasion, you are finished with JJ. How about you do everyone a favor and keep your promise.

  • Skeptics are morons

    The Crazy One is also The Dense One. Skeptics said Nicole did nothing for UN Women but get awards. Now she’s a charity “addict” ignoring her family. Foot in mouth skeptics. Your hate is making you more dumb every day. Bahahaha!

  • Skeptics Rule

    No SM. Kidman is a PR ‘awards addict’ and will travel all over the world (at the charities expense) to receive them.

  • Alie

    Any award ceremonies or awards given out for charity work are paid for by the sponsors of the events, NOT CHARITIES. Stop spouting off garbage.

  • http://Comcast Patricia

    Love the name Crazy One, how appropriate, it takes care of the other mega names she comes up with. Perfect couple KEITH and NICOLE and they are so crazy about each other, nice to see.

  • ^^^

    Nice try Joni.

  • http://Yahoo JoBeth

    Nicole’s now in Morocco with Robert Patterson. Hope she can make it back by the 18th, when Keith has a concert scheduled. Come on, Nicole, settle down a little. Getting dressed up in designer dresses and going to parties is a lot fun, but you’re a big girl now; people are getting tired of seeing you showing off how adorable you are in your new dress and hairdo.

  • x

    @JoBeth. There is still no word if Kidman has officially signed up to annihilate ‘Queen of the Desert’ with her inept acting skills. Funnily enough, Watts pulled out of the lead role to spend more time with her children but, as we know, spending time with her children is not a priority for Nicole.

  • the point

    @Skeptics are morons:

    Please reread my post: I did not say she was “a charity addict”. No where did I mention ‘charity’.

    As per the article, Nicole is insatiable and addicted to ‘new experiences’, and we see they are a never-ending gamut.

    Addicts always say they will ‘stop’ with their addictions. Kidman has said that many times, most notably going back to the release of Australia (the movie).

    The family always suffers as a result of a family member’s addiction. All of these ‘new experiences’, are keeping her away from her “quiet private life in Nashville”, with her children especially.

    At that age, children learn something new everyday, and parents relish these new experiences, but alas, it seems Nicole prefers the busy public life; that which she just can’t seem to say no to; despite her many public proclamations.

  • http://yahoo jobeth

    “Queen of the Desert” will take at least a year to shoot, and she’ll never pass this up. A chance for an adventurous shoot far away from home with no Skype or even twitter. Nirvana.

  • @Jobeth

    Your posts show how ill-informed you are. Read articles carefully before you jump to conclusions. Nicole didn’t just fly off to Morocco. Being an actress is more than ” playing dress-up.” That’s an insult to all actors, not just Nicole. And believe it or not, there is civilization in Morocco. They have modern conveniences and technology. It’s not the moon. Lol.

  • Skeptics are stupid hypocrites

    @x: So I see you’re unaware of the 3 movies Naomi has out this year. You should be bombarding her threads with how she abandoned her kids to work when she didn’t have to. But you won’t because you are a massive hypocrite.

  • Eve

    It’s actually 4 movies, 3 of which she’s the lead. Movie 43, Diana, Adore, Sunshine Jr. The Crazy One needs to tell the world that Naomi is a bad mother, a bad wife, and a horrible person. The Crazy One also needs to condemn Naomi for the content of her films. A baby out of wedlock, falling in love with your best friends son, and harrassing your child while you home school him isn’t proper lady-like behavior.

  • Eve

    @jobeth: The Crazy One wants to push women back to the 1850′s.