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Kate Bosworth Covers 'Lucky' November 2013

Kate Bosworth Covers 'Lucky' November 2013

Kate Bosworth shows off her style on the cover of Lucky magazine’s November 2013 issue, on newsstands October 15.

Here’s what the 30-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her wedding to Michael Polish: “I had never thought about my wedding dress before I got engaged. I never actually thought about what I wanted for my wedding. There are some women who know exactly, from the moment they can speak. But for me I needed to find the man in order to understand the bigger picture.”

On her mindset for her wedding day: “I supposed the best thing I’ve learned is to just be in the moment. It’s one of those clichés, but it’s true: if you try and control too much then you’ll really miss all the magic.”

On meeting designer Oscar de la Renta: “He’s just seen it all, and the fact that I’ll be able to share my most important moment to date with him is profound. I couldn’t control my reaction to sitting with him and talking with him about my wedding dress. I was trying not to cry, so I probably had a bizarre twisted face on.”

FYI: Kate will be speaking at Lucky Magazine‘s Fashion and Beauty Blog conference later this month.

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Credit: Sebastian Kim/Lucky
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  • pretty kitty

    how LUCKY her publicist can get someone so completely irrelevant on a magazine cover.
    what is she 70lbs?? I guess she has to promote the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED BIG SUR theaters soon ya’ll
    and by ” in theaters” we all mean to VOD where it will die like her menstrual cycle..
    nice try kate .. no one cares..

  • jen

    Seriously? This complete NOBODY is on the cover of a magazine to talk about her wedding? How f’n pathetic.

  • freya

    The coverpic somehow scares me. It’s a bad pic with a bad pose and a bad smile and bad airbrushing and photoshopping. And her hair looks greasy, thin and flat.
    I do think the second pic is nice though. She looks good (albeit very thin) there.

  • pretty kitty

    but no one cares. she’s beige, boring, oatmeal. why keep shoving her vanilla-ness down our throats??
    put someone relevant on the cover.. see how many issues this sells!!
    this is not 2005 when she was the soon to be mrs bloom… that would have moved a few HUNDRED issues at least!!
    the new mrs polish??? b- please .. go back to your cr*ck den in Montana and tweet your love where it belongs..

  • ladybug

    @pretty kitty: I’m impressed by Robin Baum’s ability to get her on magazine covers.

    As for Kate’s ‘style secrets’, wouldn’t that be having a stylist?

    And Kate, the more you say that you never, ever thought about your wedding before you and MP started planning it, the more I think you’re lying.

    This is a better cover pic than her last one three years ago:

  • Max

    She’s fug, old news and boring. Next.

  • pretty kitty

    she never thought about her wedding to orly? or askars? or how she would marry polish??
    b/c we all knew she had the first 2 PLANNED AND ON LOCK before she could “leak” her romance even existed.
    and yes, she has NO style. she is a paid spokesperson. she wears what cher tells her to wear or what she is being PAID to say is SO VERY FASHIONABLE AT THE MOMENT, YOU KNOW

  • yeh yeah

    is that her on the bike?

  • ladybug

    @pretty kitty: She never thought about any weddings at all, plus she’s a very private person!

    I note she only seems to do mags that don’t really anything but kiss her butt:

    “Unlike so many actresses who find success at a young age, she has avoided the starlet’s standard fame trappings, like party-girl antics and ill-advised iPhone selfies—at most, she may have committed the sin of a heavy eye at the same time as a heavy lip—and has been able to cultivate a career that spans several industries. This fall will see her launch a second clothing collaboration with Topshop, maintain her founder role with JewelMint (an online jewelry club),..”

    Hasn’t her partnership with JM been done with for a year?

    “She says they’re a low-key couple. “Like, truly, our most romantic evenings are cooking and dancing in the kitchen to Dwight Yoakam,” she says.” I guess they’re not counting the pap-walks?

    “She used to eat anything she wanted, but now that she’s 30, she’s more mindful. “Up until maybe age 28, I lived on pizza, pasta, comfort food,” she says. “Now it’s about sustaining energy.”” Uh huh.

    @yeh yeah, yes that’s her on the bike, it’s part of the pictorial. It’s just Photoshopped.

  • Jessie


  • Tanter

    These pics are photoshopped to the max. Woah :O

    Also she talks an awfull lot about her very private wedding to the press. How can she keep her face straight saying all that crap??

  • pretty kitty

    @ladybug.. I forget how private she is what w/ all the 72 hour media blitz that wasn’t 5 mins after she married the hobbit.
    I am surprised they didn’t tweet their way down the aisle, unless that might have been considered to GAUCHE for a FASHION ICON.
    I’m glad she has the restraint to wait 3 whole hours to shat out her
    ‘wedding of the year’ sponsored by Quaker oats new blend.
    how does she restrain herself
    she must think her “fans” are such idiots
    ” I used to eat everything”???

  • pretty kitty

    when I hear kate say the words “comfort food diet” what comes to mind
    for me is her on 8-ball, lines on a mirror, “mr. white!’
    BIT*CH please .. who do you think you are convincing that you eat anything???

  • Abernathy

    Dear Beige: You have a bizarre, twisted face on indeed. Just not for the reasons you think.

  • Jinkies

    I’m curious why a powerful publicist such as Robin Baum would actually work that hard to keep Kate relevant when she has other, more relevant clients. Back when I was in ad agency hell (before I saw the light and realized client side paid more and kept my sanity longer), the clients who paid more got the most resources. So is Kate ponying up more money than Skarsgard or any of Robin’s other clients?

  • pretty kitty

    maybe kate is still everyone’s dealer and is to’ ‘sniff ” valuable to not keep relevant. people w/ their habits will keep a dancing goat relevant to still get their gear.

  • What are you serious

    You never thought about you’r wedding liar liar , from the pics I have seen so your saying molish , decided on Montana , outdoor ceremony, flower girl , lavish guests rooms, expensive food & beverages, Oscar de la renta wedding dress including another dress that u changed in for reception, horse& carriage the list is endless

    So you never had any input or thought about it ???????

    Kate you are fraud, faux , attention seeker, just get pregnant and go away. No don’t get preggers you will probably sell out your Baby and said you never thought about it .

  • Kim

    I love that everyone already said all the really mean, clever things I was going to say about her. You go, everyone.

  • ladybug

    As for not thinking about marriage, well from her InStyle interview from a couple of months ago she mentioned all the quotes she wrote when she was younger about meeting her soul mate, so yeah, she probably thought about marriage:

    I guess she’s still trying to convince herself that she’s really low maintenance.
    Which is why she needs a stylist to dress for Coachella.

  • mforman

    First the creatures dealings with JM ended over a year ago. So I have no idea what they are talking about, don’t they do research.
    Yes, that is right all low key couples, continue to do the most ridiculous pap walks, and continue to call the paps at every turn.
    Her style secrets is having an amazing stylist. The creature cannot even dress herself to go to the grocery store and when the idiot has tried to dress herself we all have seen those disgusting results.
    Once again she says the same crap about food, when we all know the thing doesn’t eat, so she should stop already, I am surprised she didn’t throw up a nutrisonist again.
    The more interviews I read with her, the more I realize she truly is a moron, who really will believe about her never thinking about her wedding, when she has stated before she used to dream about a soul mate when she was young, she really should just stop talking.
    It makes people sick and they just how stupid she is.
    Little miss “honor roll” cannot speak, even after all these years how scary.
    I just wish the creature and hobbit would stop already.

  • Hayden

    I saw Lucky Magazine in my supermarket and the cover caught my eye. Kate has the most radiant smile! Such a gorgeous cover and the inside photos are beautiful as well. Love Kate. I’ve been a fan since Blue Crush.

  • Suze

    RB should probably advise her to read her old interviews. She contradicts herself constantly.

  • ladybug

    @Suze: She contradicted herself in the InStyle interview, talking about her childhood ideas of a soulmate and then saying how she really hadn’t thought about weddings and such.

    And if she’d really been eating better the last two years, wouldn’t that have started showing up in her hair? Which, when untouched by professionals and lots of product, looks terrible and pretty split-endy?

    @mforman, she’s mentioned nutritionists before, in the 2008 Vogue interview:

    “Thus, on losing all that weight, Bosworth went to a nutritionist (“I honestly thought something was wrong with me”) and, crucially, formed zero attachment to her undersize self. “I was concerned for my health and my fans, the public. I would have said, Please don’t look at this as the standard of some kind of beauty or health.”"

    And in a 2005 Cosmo interview:

    “C Do you watch what you eat?
    K: No. I hate to answer this because it sounds so horrible, but I’ve never had to. When I was doing Blue Crush, I ate more than ever…you can ask Michelle [Rodriguez], because we lived together. I would have three huge bowls of ice cream for dinner. But even though I don’t usually have to watch it, I feel better when I eat healthy. I just went to a nutritionist, and it was fascinating.”

    So apparently she’s been to nutritionists, but it was only with MP as her life partner that she started watching what she eats (perhaps literally, as she still doesn’t seem to eat). Ok then.

    And now she’s a ‘design consultant’? Isn’t that the same as a curator?

  • Fashionista

    @Ladybug: The picture of Kate at the topshop site is stunning! She has always said she works with the Topshop design team. Together they design some pieces for each season and Kate promotes those pieces. Is your definition of curator one who promotes a fashion line but isn’t involved in the design? If so, no she isn’t a curator. You could call her a designer/curator.

  • EJ

    Love her Lucky cover. What a smile!

  • ladybug

    @Fashionista: Stunning? Well, the eye makeup isn’t attractive, her lips look fake and there’s still too much Photoshopping going on. But at least the angle doesn’t give her alien-head look.
    As for whether she’s a designer or a curator? I think it’s still more like JM, in that she doesn’t actually design anything, though she’ll have input. But then you could sit me down with the same designers and I too could have input. ‘Design consultant’ is such a weasel word/phrase.

    And JJ has updated the post to let us know that Kate will speaking at Lucky’s blogger conference at the end of the month. Maybe she’ll be more coherent than she’s been in some of her last live interviews.

  • mforman

    I just cannot stand how she constantly contradicts herself over and over. Robin B should write out her answers for her or give her a list of standard answers, because it is starting to get embarrassing.
    10 years plus in this business and the creature cannot interview.
    The creature says, “Ask Michelle R”, is she kidding, they have been on more than one red carpet together or even at parties and they stay clear of each other.
    It is so obvious the only friend she has is the hobbit, oh sorry and Lake Bell at least for now, I am sure that will end very soon.
    KB is doing the same “designing” with TopSHop that she did with JM which is nothing. Sorry but going to a meeting or two and seeing photographs of things other people have designed, doesn’t make her a designer, it once again makes her nothing.
    The creature is one person who should be so grateful that photoshop was invented, I have never seen anyone who needs it more than her and to be honest it really doesn’t help her.

  • The hair

    The whole cover is and looks fake , the only thing that looks real is the mess she calls hair it’s still looks unbrushed dirty and greasy. Fire the hair stylist, no amount of photoshopping could it improve that hair I could use at as a mop to clean the kitchen floor

  • Rua

    I´m equally underwhelmed by her hair for the Lucky shoot and as for the new Topshop photo – the red makeup makes her eyes look sick red.
    I like the bike photo.

  • ladybug

    @Rua: The bike photo is cute, but it’s so overly Photoshopped it’s off putting.

    @the hair: her hair looks better her than when it’s natural:

  • Harlo

    Im a KB fan and I’m really looking forward to Big Sur and Homefront.

  • Rua

    @Ladybug: I agree, but I would still choose the over the cover photo. I don´t like that floral dress, but everything else has a vintage look to it that I appreciate. I just wish the hair styling had been better executed – it looks so straw-ish and unnatural. Her hair can look acceptable, like the Topshop LA opening party.

  • ladybug
  • Rua

    @Ladybug: I can´t use dailymail, that site always freeze on me – no idea why. However, I did see those pictures from the shoot on tumblr and either way it´s still a bad style choice. It´s okay on the bike because it flows in the wind, but the rest … no.

  • Cerrid

    I don’t even recognize her in the bike photo. It’s insane to pay someone to be in a magazine and then photoshop any resemblance of the person out of it!!

  • Rua

    @Cerrid – good point

  • asap

    @pretty kitty:
    but ‘prettyykitty’ YOU seem to care as much as evryone else here here…otherwise why are you posting?
    stop followwing kb around the internet and get a life before you die an old angry wench.

  • twats-r -fangirls

    Ladybug your obsession with askars and kb is eating away at your rotten soul.

  • lainey-luv-whitedick

    her net worth is more than triple than skarsfart. poor boy has to live off his daddy’s reputation……….whenhe’s not living off alicia paige theron winberg or any of the other ‘lady’s’ he’s been setting himself up to be ‘papped’ with .

  • asap

    @mforman: mforman is Baaaaaaxck…..crazedforman as i like to call him/her

  • mforman

    @asap——-That is right, I am back (her), and it amazes me that the ridiculous trolls not only never left, but haven’t changed their tunes in the least, not even a little.
    You trolls continue to bring up the one who I will not mention or her other exes, or say the same nonsense about how great and amazing she looks, when that is such a joke.
    The most ridiculous thing is that you still pick on the people who post and only are stating the obvious, but you trolls never, ever defend your point, because I believe that you truly know that we are stating the truth.
    I am not obsessed with her, I have disliked the creature for a really long time, because she is a selfish, vapid, void of a human being who is a waste of air and space and has famewhored herself more and more. KB’s desperation grows and grows and now she has the hobbit to assist in her stupid pap walks and with calling the paps, so they can find her pumping her gas or at airport.

  • ladybug

    Ah, the same AS obsessed KB fan who posts under different names snuck downstairs to its Mom’s basement and got 45 minutes on the computer.

  • Tulip

    @ladybug: I try not to be mean spirited but your defending mforman (if that’s what you’re doing) is way beneath you. You know she’s someone to be ignored which is why I don’t read or respond to her posts. It’s sad really, I think she has a serious problem.
    @pretty kitty: You’re not fooling anyone with all your aliases.

    Kate’s Lucky shoot is gorgeous. She photographs beautifully.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: You don’t respond to mforman, claim to ignore her and yet you mention her in your reply to me, which is apparently an attempt to guilt trip about something you think I did.

    The Lucky photoshoot relied waaaay too much on Photoshop, which is sadly the norm in the industry.

  • mforman

    @Tulip—-You say you are not mean spirited yet say I have a “serious problem”. why because I say the same things about the creature that I have said for years, sorry but my statements are true, what have I said that isn’t.
    The LUCKY photo shoot was extremely photoshopped , it truly is so obvious, it is very hard for even you to deny it.
    KB is a vapid, void, selfish thing, who will do and has done anything and everything she can to get any kind of attention.
    It is so sad that the creature cannot remember what she says because it just makes her look even more ridiculous than she is.
    Please leave @ladybug alone because picking on her or me doesn’t make sense.
    Just read the article and tell me what I said that isn’t true, I know you wont but I wish you would.
    Just think about this, why after 10 years in this business, she has nobody but now she only has the hobbit as her only friend,, where is Cher, where is anybody, please do not bring up Lake Bell, because that is a joke, and now all of a sudden she brings up Michele R, why, oh why would she do that.
    I do not know how you can deny her desperation. It isn’t pretty when you trolls will not back up your claims, but just pick on the people that state facts and actually back them up.

  • ladybug

    @mforman: The Michelle R quote is from 2005, I didn’t link to either article about the nutritionists because of JJ’s wonkiness about multiple links in the same post. But anyone who wants to read either interview should be able to cut and paste the quotes into a search engine box and bring them up.
    But I knew she’d mentioned nutritionists and eating better in previous interviews.

    She also doesn’t seem to be promoting Big Sur as an actual movie in these recent interviews. Yes, these are ‘fashion’ interviews, but you’d think she’d bring up that BS will soon be released, etc. But it seems to be all about how she and MP met on BS, not the actual movie.

  • Not promoting BIG SUR?

    Katewhore..! is 2 busy promoting herself and her fantastic wedding scoop than promoting her actual film that her wonderful adoring emancipated husband directed That could actually get her some notable critical acclaim with an oscar, golden globe nom lol lol including some small bit work …on the side as her day job is famewhoring duties lol lol
    notice I said “SOME bit WORK “

  • Suze

    @ladybug: I don’t understand why she isn’t promoting BS or AWWWH. Especially because she isn’t being slammed in the reviews. When was the last time she wasn’t?

  • mforman

    @ladybug—-I also had read interviews where she mentioned nutritionists, but what I have been saying is that it is such a joke because we all know the creature doesn’t eat and her saying she loves to cook and dance around her kitchen is a joke, also we cannot forget how she lived on pizza and comfort food.
    I do not think the creature and hobbit are going to promote BS because they themselves know it is a flop and they know also they will be lucky to see it on video, that is why they have those stupid tweets and do nothing else.
    To me it seems all she wants to talk about is TopShop (once again a curator) and just how her and MP fell in love right away and knew they were meant for each other and have the most amazing love there is.
    Enough throwing this nonsense down our throats, we all know all they do is cling to each other, that is all they do.

  • Macy

    I don’t get why she insists on trying to prove how in love and special their relationship is. If it’s true, you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to repeatedly state it because it would just be obvious. Something is off here. There’s some kind of ulterior motive happening.