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Nina Dobrev & Derek Hough Step Out Amidst Romance Rumors (PHOTOS)

Nina Dobrev & Derek Hough Step Out Amidst Romance Rumors (PHOTOS)

Nina Dobrev and her rumored new flame Derek Hough arrive together to the Roosevelt Hotel on Saturday evening (October 5) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress and 28-year-old Emmy winning dancer tried to keep attention away as they quickly separated when they spotted cameras.

Rumors that the duo were a new couple came about at the end of last month.

“@Derekhough !!!!!!!! #EMMYWINNER I cant express in 140 characters how unbelievably excited+incredibly proud I am of you. You deserve this,” Nina posted on Instagram after Derek won the Emmy last month.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough as a possible new couple???

FYI: Nina is wearing a Viscose Lycra Tank from twenty. She is using a Boostcase iPhone cover, and carrying a Longchamp bag.

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Sutton

    I know there are crazy fans who want to murder anyone dating Nina who isn’t Ian..and I know I shouldn’t care this much..but love them together!.Derek is more suited in age, and probably where he is at in life to Nina..and Derek has tended to go for older women, so it is nice to see him with someone like Nina who is playful, and creative. Hot couple!

  • Westik

    Beautiful couple !

  • Roberta

    Nina and Derek gorgeous couple and Nina very happy !

  • molly

    Am I the only one who doesn’t find Derek to be good looking at all? I mean, if you look at him, looks-wise he is not cute.

  • molly

    Am I the only one who doesn’t find Derek to be good looking at all? I mean, if you look at him, looks-wise he is not cute.

  • Katt

    I think Nina and Derek ideal couple . Ian was an old for Nina’s .

  • pika

    cute couple. dereks sister julianne probably set them up because nina is close friends with her (evidently from all the pictures of them together)

  • Taylor

    Ian wasn’t too old..just too mature. She is wanting to be the 20something that she is…nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, she doesn’t look good in the process. Maybe Ian brought out the better in her? Who knows. The Houghs are a fame wh**** anyway.

  • Leo

    Derek makes Nina happy and she smiles with him . Great couple !

  • sarah

    GORGEOUS COUPLE!! Too hottttt. Yay Nina, luv ya!

  • Liz

    You don’t avoid attention by going to the Roosevelt. The paparazzi are there in droves. I smell a PR stunt. If Nina wants to be taken seriously in Hollywood she needs to stay clear of the Houghs. No offense to them, but besides their dance ability they’re going nowhere. Julianne’s a sub-par actress and she def doesn’t get the press that she used to now that she’s no longer with Ryan Seacrest. They’re all just grasping at straws for fame.

  • Ha

    Girls find this guy hot?? Jee. It’s as insane as all those women thinking Ryan Gosling is so hot (I just don’t see it, I fim him even ugly physically). I’m sorry but ME PERSONALLY I think this Derek guy is not attractive at all.. dare I say ugly (of course, physically speaking :D Idk, not my cup of tea)

  • Sutton

    @Taylor: @Taylor:

    I can agree with perphaps the differences in maturity…Ian is probably in a different place in life than Nina..and that is ok..but I am pretty sure Derek is the complete opposite of a fame wh*** …he has notoriously stayed away from the media, especially in relationships.

  • Tomas

    Derek and Nina is cool . The young ,beautiful ,sexy and talented !Hotly !!! Love them !

  • Polly

    Cute couple and absolutely in love

  • Jenny

    Derek is a very good man he is from a great and wonderful family . I am sure Nina and Derek very happy together . And we the fans Nina’s must be happy too, and respect her choice .

  • David

    I really don’t think that Nina is a lesbian so I am surprised she is willing to be his beard for a while. I suspect it won’t last long because Nina is going to want to hook up with a straight man pretty soon and she is too famous to hide much from TMZ at this time in her life.

  • Stella

    Nina and Derek very beautiful couple . I’m happy for them .

  • Saba`


    I am not trying to date Derek so I don’t have much opinion on his looks

  • ana

    @molly: not you’re not the only one, Derek is ugly, and he looks like a kiddo

  • Juliana

    yep, cannot see anything attractive about Derek, he is not goodlooking. Period.
    Such a downgrade for nina.
    I wish nina would go back to her previous self, who was sweet and down-to, maybe she will mature. Her lack of respect for fans as well as Ian is what makes it hard to like her anymore.

  • pup

    Downgrade! Ian deserves a lot better than her anyway. Never found her very attractive.

  • Mkhay

    they look drunk

  • farila

    Derek is no so good looking :(
    I think they’re weird together.
    But why not?
    On this pic, I would say yes! :D

  • Geo

    Hot ! Hot ! Hot ! Hot ! Hot ! It is love :)

  • Daniel Campos

    She not beautiful and he is not handsome. So the couple combines. If deserve. Ugly Couple…

  • Rega


    Yes, he is not really good looking, but he has the right age.

  • loveisall

    so PR for both. this is how hough’s (and now ninas) world works.

  • Helga

    @molly: I know. He’s not attractive at all, but they make a good couple.

  • Joshua

    I was waiting for Derek to come out.

  • Daniel Campos

    Derek and Nina two uglyyyy!!

  • Clare

    There’s a difference between acting like you’re in your mid twenties compared to acting like you’re a teenager, which she is doing. I don’t recognise the change in her. Which one was the act? Good luck to them. I’m glad Ian is away from this unnatural mess. He’s just the same, no performances or life dramas required.

  • kate

    Such a stupid PR move from Nina. I mean i knew the Hough are really desperate but Nina… you’re better than this.

  • Tina

    SUCH an upgrade. Derek seems cute and sweet, not unbearably into himself like her previous beau.

  • curious

    Nina has moved onto her second bearding relationship. What is she hiding?

  • Lindsay

    ANYONE is better than Ian ‘I LOVE MYSELF’ Somerhalder. Derek is 10 times cuter than him….or just cute in general given Ian is looking OLD.

  • Grace

    you crazy!!!!!????

  • Grace

    you crazy!!!!!????

  • Liz

    Nina no is beautiful and aparent physical much more old it 24 anos! woman the 30 years.. Ian is beautiful and sexy 34 anos!

  • justcheckingin

    Derek looks terrible! Looks like he hasn’t showered or changed clothes in days. His shoes look nasty too. I used to be a big fan of his but he is really full of himself since he got a 4th trophy.

  • Celine

    Derek is ugly and Nina is a liar that took pictures with this dude side by side with her boyfriend Ian at the time. Ian was traveling the world working hard for the TVD fans in conventions and with his fundation while she was partying hard not carrying for her fans and having an affair with this ugly gay Derek.
    She is a liar, to sell more magazines she fake the strong single image while she was with this guy already. Ian deserves better, he cares about his fans, he is not a fake and a liar like Nina.
    I use to love her but after reading so many lies I can’t look at her swollen face anymore. Stop drinking Nina, you look terrible, I can’t believe she has less than 30 years old

  • Stella

    I don’t know who these people are but they are ugly as hell.

  • Leila

    Nina is a woman, she is young but she shouldn’t behave like a teenager. I’m so ashamed for her, she become a joke and these Houghs siblings are bringing her down to the lame. What a downgrade Nina, you’re better than this, please wake up before nobody take you seriously anymore

  • http://@nony_hidalgo Nony

    I want Nina with Ian but I dont hate Derek, if Nina is happy I´m happy for her but also i don´t think it was a nice act of Derek to leave her alone with the paps, I mean she needed help and he just left her


    they will get married

  • Laura

    Jesus Ian fans should let Nina live her life,Ian is now with Alexis Kanapp he has been daiting her since mid june,So you all that loved Nina just because she was Ian’s gf can now go and fangirl about Alexis and Ian PLEASE! Leave Nina alone.

  • mia

    So all that talk when she said she’s not in a hurry to get into another relationship was just bullsh*t to sell magazine in which she was in the cover. Major downgrade. What a lying famewhore you’ve become Nina. You are mostly well-suited to belong in the cult of Hough. I’m sure JHo and her brother are happy with all the free publicity you’re providing them.

  • riri

    Saw the video on YT. Nina huddled in a dark corner of the parking lot, hiding her face from the paps, whole DH ran the other direction. Is that what you want in a man, Neens? Cause I remember all those times that Ian shielded and protected you from paparrazis. Guess a mature and kind and gentleman was too much for you. You and the DHo might actually share the same level of immaturity.

  • nisha

    Good. Glad the Ian is no longer with her. She’s young and quite frankly, too immature for him. Nina looks like a wreck, not a picture of happiness a lot of you people seems to pretend to see.

  • Donna

    Am I the only one who noticed the change in Nina since she associated herself with these people? And not the good kind, she didn’t grow or mature into a better person. She seems to have changed for the worse. The Houghs are not your friends, Nina. They are anchors who will eventually drag you down. Walk away, fast as you can.