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George Clooney: 'Architectural Digest' October 2013 Feature!

George Clooney: 'Architectural Digest' October 2013 Feature!

George Clooney and Rande Gerber pose together in a feature for Architectural Digest‘s October 2013 issue, out on newsstands now!

“We didn’t just slap our names onto some glue and try to talk people into drinking it. It’s what we drink whenever we’re at the house,” the 52-year-old actor shared in the mag about launching tequila brand Casamigos.

Rande added, “The best times are when all the bedrooms are filled with guests and everyone’s by the pool with a Casamigos in their hand. It’s an image that perfectly captures the open-armed spirit of this pair of breezy, sun-kissed getaways.”

Bigger pic inside…

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Photos: Architectural Digest
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30 Responses to “George Clooney: 'Architectural Digest' October 2013 Feature!”

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  1. 1
    Minchie Says:

    HAHA! George’s T-shirt is cool!

  2. 2
    Frozoid Says:

    Clooney has a drinking problem.

  3. 3
    Bailey Says:


  4. 4
    jyotka Says:

    S, Frozid. @Frozoid:

    s, he gives that impression. Taliking too much about it all the time or is it just promos?

  5. 5
    Alexis Says:

    Good article, George, you certainly did bring everyone along on your journey, Sandra is right, you brought them so entangled in your life, your entourage now blocks everything you want to do…they are in charge of your life, you drink because of some of the boys, Stan/Rande keeps you with certain women (eww Monika)…look in the mirror George and ask yourself am I really happy or empty? You could have met the one, but people keep standing in your way, because they all make massive amounts of fame and money off you…do you think your entourage would really want you to be truly happy and sober and healthy? Look at the latest article about Monika and him twitter states they are already very involved…so did Monika leak the info…someone leaks info in your life George all the time…how does that make you feel? Then they would not benefit. They control everything and it is sad to watch. They decorate your homes….live side by side and get you to date who they want, people who use you for the limelight…they get you to drink day and night which is so sad…it does not seem like they are true friends, it seems that they benefit and are caught up in your life more than you are…you are the down to earth one, the nice one of the group, the rest act as if they are Gods better than anyone else…and “The One” has slipped away again because they will not let you meet her, because either they want her themselves or they just won’t let her impact your life in the meaningful way you deserve, true happiness. Just calling it how it seems…Your a machine everyday, working for everyone else in your life keeping their lives at a certain level and you don’t even see it…you are used so much by people, you are worn down and exhausted with injuries that have never healed, and you know none of those people care about them in your life, they want to keep seeing you travel all the time and drink and party and hang with hooker type women that are fame whores…that use you….take a look around you George…

    Oh and those who write abusive responses to this, or who try to call me names or anything, what you sow is what you reap, I will not read any responses to this I assure you and will not tolerate any bullying here as it is a free country and freedom of speech!

  6. 6
    Bailey Says:

    @Alexis: I realize this is the end of Act III part of some crazy script his publicity idiots have written:
    “Reality returns at the beginning of Act III when your protagonist’s false victory is immediately undone by a huge setback. This is their “all is lost” moment.”
    But if Clooney had any balls, he wouldn’t have gone along with it and put Anna through it. The denouement is not going to undo the additional, unnecessary pain and psychological torment he put her through and the damage he’s done to her. Very, very few people could handle what she’s been through, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have injuries as a result.

  7. 7
    Bailey Says:

    He’s a coward and should be deeply ashamed of himself.

  8. 8
    My opinion Says:

    Clooney made a conscious decision to accept yet another PR arrangement. He had the choice to refuse Stan & Co’s strategy…but he didn’t. It’s probably stagnating while he deliberates to fizzle it out or proceed….
    And that decision will be the ultimate where he’ll lose “Anna” for good.
    These stories aren’t coming from desperate fameho Jakisic. She’s standing in the sidelines…desperate. On a high since May when opportunity was dangled in front of her.
    This is strictly his PR. Same as in 2011. The PR gnomes say there is no point for a denial.
    LIES. It’s maximizing sordid publicity as they STILL still stick to the old adage “all publicity is good publicity.”
    They try to manipulate him that it’s for “Monuments Men” publicity

  9. 9
    My opinion Says:

    Clooney made the decision in 2011. Even took Rande to decide what he thinks of “Anna.” Rande the opportunist ( who covets Clooney’s fame) of course advised him that Keibler was a “better choice for his image.”
    Then the PR scavengers white wash the hookers’ pasts & try to make them …”palatable” to the disgusted public.

    Monika Jakisic was introduced to Clooney by Bosnian madam for the rich & famous, Sanela Diana Jenkins who married her trick & took him to the cleaners. Her Barclay’s banker husband Roger Jenkins provided many future wealthy Arab contacts for her to cater escorts. Julio Iglesias was more than likely Jakisic’s client. He’s boasted of so many women. Hookers nowadays.
    Enrique is just caught up with the PR ride.
    Monikia Jakisic is 36 years old. Irrelevant but lies spun out by a corrupt PR network.

  10. 10
    My opinion Says:

    Clooney doesn’t need this sordid publicity.
    He pondered about it for months.
    Decided on September 17th to allow it.
    He’s easily manipulated.
    Passive-aggressive Lola, his friend, calls him.
    He gave up on Anna.
    Then tried to turn it on her.
    Blamed her in 2009
    … in 2011
    & now…

    When in fact , he damaged her.
    The vulture PR advisory network are split between nice gnomes & a few vitriolic dark evil souls. All transparent.

  11. 11
    My opinion Says:

    Correction: his friend Lola calls HIM “passive-aggressive.”
    I see why…

  12. 12
    My opinion Says:

    You see, he’s looking for excuses to give up on “Anna” again.
    That “she’s dared make an unkind comment”, though he knows she doesn’t have a mean streak or nasty bone in her body.
    She’s out of town. Like he sulked in May 2011 to his gnome posse, “well, G never has luck with love…”
    And again in October 2011, “G never has luck with the women he’s loved…”
    Now, currently, blaming her for procrastinating, not being fit, ….anything.

    Excuses from an insecure man afraid to dace his reality.
    Because he thinks he’s lost in a dream. And when he snaps out of it, it will be too late.

    He broke “Anna.”

  13. 13
    My opinion Says:

    Just venting…

  14. 14
    Bailey Says:

    There was an experiment in which an animal, a dog I think it was, was randomly shocked. Eventually, the dog stopped bothering to move, as there was no correlation between the dog’s behavior and the shocks. The dog lost hope. It’s the same with Anna. She’s not broken, but she no longer has hope. They killed her hope. Too many years of random shock and abuse.
    “If the nondependent event is aversive, such as inescapable shock, the animal might develop learned helplessness. The animal might learn there is no correlation between what he does and the onset or offset of the aversive event. This might result in the animal’s simply passively accepting whatever happens to him. The genesis and treatment of learned helplessness are discussed in the article by Seligman, Maier, and Geer.”
    She still tells the truth and fights for Clooney to be free of the abusive publicity, but when it comes to herself, her hope is gone.

  15. 15
    Bailey Says:

    In 2011, she was in great shape, and it didn’t make any difference. Last year, she was in great shape, and it didn’t make any difference. Nothing she does makes any difference, and for the publicity a-holes to say it does is a cruel lie. They are blaming the victim.
    As for Rande, it seems to me he is just using George and doesn’t care at all about his happiness, why else would he advise George to go along with a trashy publicity campaign with a trashy fameho rather than pursuing real happiness?

  16. 16
    My opinion Says:

    @Bailey: she knows…
    But the ultimate decision is HIS.
    HE allows this. You, yourself call him a coward. He could refuse.
    This is beyond ridicule to associate someone with women he loathes & has to drink himself numb just to tolerate their presence. Gravity success benefits his public profile multifold. He doesn’t need corrupt networks promoting him as a billboard for defective z-list no talent hoookers.
    Anna won’t keep fighting for him for much longer….When & if he goes public with one more hoooker, that’s the point of no return.

  17. 17
    My opinion Says:

    Yes she did lose hope…years ago.
    Like the boy who cried wolf, people stop believing.

  18. 18
    My opinion Says:

    And if you ask why he didn’t disappear in 2011 after all the lies he told her…well…she was in a state of shock…
    Sought closure…though that left her empty.
    She observed…& saw the fiasco with the wrestler trash hooker.
    They weren’t sleeping together. Just decieving the public.
    But Anna lost hope in increments of disillusionment over the years.
    And now…if he proceeds, the next one the gnomes are promoting has slept with him in 2007, supplied by the socialite Bosnian pimp.
    People usually sleep with their ex-partners, unless they’re in a serious loving relationship with someone else & are friends….
    … or they had an acrimonious split.

    So, to Anna, another fake PR relationship spells his decison to tell her to disappear. And she will.
    No more waiting…
    No more time outs.
    Strike three.

  19. 19
    Bailey Says:

    @My opinion: Anna will never disappear. As usual, you a-holes underestimate her.

  20. 20
    Anna Says:

    Duchovny is hotter anyway.

  21. 21
    Anna Says:

    He should call his next movie “Six Years a Twat.” Cause he was.

  22. 22
    Anna Says:

    Why does Rande’s t-shirt have a picture of his mangina on it?

  23. 23
    My opinion Says:

    @Bailey: ignoring the PR gnome imposter in last three posts…
    * If Clooney proceeds with another skan’k hooker fake PR arrangement, then he ‘s giving Anna to disappear from his life.
    There are no excuses.
    No denouement is proceeded by all these Acts.
    Curtain fell long ago.

    And my post at #18 was meant to be:
    “…if you ask why SHE ( Anna) didn’t disappear in 2011 after all the lies he told her…well…”

  24. 24
    My opinion Says:

    * If Clooney proceeds with another skan’k hooker fake PR arrangement, then he ‘s giving Anna a cue to disappear from his life.

    Nobody treats someone they supposedly love like that.

  25. 25
    Bailey Says:

    @My opinion: Disappear from his life? She’s already invisible from his life.

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