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Miley Cyrus Fashion Poll - What Is Your Favorite Look?

Miley Cyrus is on track to debut at the top of the Billboard charts this week with her hot new album Bangerz and we are taking a look back at her fashion choices from the past month of promo work!

The 20-year-old entertainer has been the talk of the town ever since her performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards on August 25, where she wore three different outfits.

Miley then ventured over to London to do some promo work for Bangerz and later made her next public appearance at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, where she wore her now infamous look of nipple pasties and a completely see through dress.

Finally, over the past week Miley has been in New York City for her album release week, where she appeared on Saturday Night Live, The Today Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and also attended some album release events!

We want YOUR opinion on what Miley‘s best outfit was, so click through the slideshow below and then vote on your favorite on the last page!

QUICK LINK: Click here to enter the poll right now!

Click through the pages below to see all of Miley Cyrus‘ fashion choices…

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  • None of them.

    No, wait, her as herself: Hanna Montana. Where’s that one?

  • David

    I love her trashy look oh wait all her looks are trashy :D if you don’t stop covering this slut i won’t come here again !

  • Ty

    Any pics with a bag over her head?

  • Leslie

    They’re all disgusting

  • pup

    The 5th one because she’s most covered!

  • Really?

    She’s just flat out repulsive in pretty much every way. I don’t why people complain about her who ring herself out to the media yet buy her music. She’s rewarded for her pure stupidity.

  • overexposed

    i would say in the title “Miley Cyrus bring the Fashio Pol-ice”…

  • jump


  • Kasia

    It’s a shame, she is a beautiful girl looks wise. I mean, she is too thin, but her face is really pretty. Her personality is what makes her so unattractive.

  • Enough Of This Little Sl.ut

    All are W-HORRIBLE!!!

  • My favorite look is Hannah Montana XD

  • trina

    Haha, JJ, you are one funny, catty little biatch, posting this lineup of trashy outfits for voting. My fave is the second one, where she looks like a complete and total moron- it’s priceless.

  • trina

    I can’t believe the word bia*tch got starred out, lol.

  • sdf

    #13 is my favorite look. You guys need a different layout for your site so you can put a REAL poll on your blog posts.

  • go go

    favorite look?


    Maybe if you go back a couple of years, I could give you a serious answer.

  • SVDW

    Is neither an option?

  • Rosalie

    The last one because its the one who hides the most skin in all of them!

  • Monae

    This guy really likes Miley. Like there are other celbebs that dress better than her & you make a fashion post about her? I can’t breathe. This site is

  • Truth

    She’s repulsive in all. A guy showing that much would be condemned as well.

  • Kasia

    @Truth: Welllll… that all depends on which female you ask and who the guy is ;-)

  • ae

    can i say none


    Still the best FFer in Hollywood. I’ll let you-all know, if and when, the situation ever changes. It’s not up to me of course.

  • Hey

    White trash all the way. She is not even attractive enough. Next stop, Playboy.

  • M

    trying too hard 2 attract attention is never attractive,

  • What tha heeeeelllllllllllllll

    I voted for the 4th one and I thought #13 was the second best. I’m surprised to see that it seems that everyone agrees with me, it’s the two looks that won lol ….But all the others ugh…too trashy and tacky

  • Nightwish

    None. She looks best wearing nothing. Show miley spreading pink and that one wins hands down.

  • Gie

    Favorite trashy/garbage look – middle. Perfect for a porn role!


    Bye Bye Trash Box Miley Cyrus. Good news People, According to Billboard her album sales will be DISAPPOINTING. She may sell 200,000 to 250,000 copies which is bad due to all this promotion this no talent flat pancake azz, buck front tooth was getting for attention. This just shows you kiddies you don’t have to degrade or disrespect yourself to sell a dollar. She’s DONE

  • Ava

    All the degrading stuff Miley has done, now known a trash , and her album will only sell 250, 000 it’s first week , while Taylor Swift Red album sold last November 1,2 million it’s first week even Justin Timberlake’s mediocre second 20/20 album last week sold 350, 000, and Miley reviews are way better then Justin’s second 20/20 …. I don’t who told Miley that notoriety equals sales she was mis formed, Katy Perry album sales will blow Miley out the water without Perry becoming a trash wh* re to do it and who will pay to see Miley in concert how artists actually make money, think any parent will pay to send their 13, 14, 16 year old to see her live, or 30 year want to see her with small people tweaking.

  • Um

    @None of them.:

    Hannah Montana is a fictional character so there’s that.

  • techgirl

    please stop posting this trash , I swear I will delette this site on my facebook, soo tired of her trash. why don’t you put something more interesting to read.

  • SS


    Or a body bag. I would love that picture.

  • SS

    Hail Satan, he comes in many forms.


  • Ren

    “her as herself, hannah montana” are you retarded

  • Ren

    She’s hot as fuuuuuuck

  • SS


    Totally. Just Jared will lose its cred in my book. Seriously. I am actually starting to miss Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth. I mean, can you imagine?

  • Lily

    I’m sorry, don’t like to dress like a whore

  • Trashy

    mmmhh none

  • go go

    Will she go away now?

  • NJ

    You mean to say which is her worst look? Umm…….it;d hard to decide actually

  • Luke

    O_O She’s just another nutbag following the footsteps (plus vomit, drool and blood) of Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. Waste of time :P But expect them to RULE your airwaves. American Showbizness LOVES it when their “good girls” turn out to be filled with garbage between their barbie doll bubble heads. Hmm… Wonder “WHO” creates these trashy teens?

    excuse me must scrub my brain free of the stain those pictures gave me *gross*