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Glee's Cory Monteith Farewell Episode Recap: What Happens?

Glee's Cory Monteith Farewell Episode Recap: What Happens?


JJ hopes you had your tissues ready for the heartbreaking farewell to Cory Monteith during tonight’s episode of Glee. It was quite a doozy.

As creator Ryan Murphy mentioned, Finn’s death wasn’t exactly explained, but it really didn’t matter. The episode was about celebrating the character’s life. And boy did it.

It was tough to watch knowing that the tears and emotion by the actors were real, and we commend the cast for their stellar performances during such a difficult time. Our thoughts go out to everyone who knew and loved Cory. He will forever be remembered.

Click inside to read a full recap of tonight’s episode…

New Directions start off the episode with Rent’s “Seasons of Love,” with cameos by all our old faves, including Puck (Mark Salling), Kurt (Chris Colfer), Mike (Harry Shum Jr.), Santana (Naya Rivera), and Mercedes (Amber Riley). While the funeral was said to be a few weeks before, Will (Matthew Morrison) invites everyone back to memorialize Finn in song. Mercedes jumps at the opportunity and slays her own version of “Stand By You,” which Finn sang in season one.

Puck seems to be the most angry in the wake of his best friend’s death, even stealing a memorial tree and bullying Kurt to give him Finn’s letterman jacket (which he doesn’t). He later gets drunk, screams, and ends up crying in Beast’s (Dot Marie Jones) arms right before he sings “No Surrender” and he’s accused of stealing the missing jacket. He and Beast re-plant the tree and toast to Finn’s life.

Back at home, Kurt helps Burt (Mike O’Malley) and Finn’s mom (Romy Rosemont) pack up his room, which is a beautifully sad moment. The broken trio remember the good and bad times, as they cry in each other’s arms.

Meanwhile, Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Artie (Kevin McHale) lead the glee club in “Fire and Rain” in the auditorium. Santana storms out at the end to give Sue (Jane Lynch) a piece of her mind after she spends the entire episode trying to derail everyone’s grief. But it turns out Sue just feels horrible about being mean to Finn and never telling him how much she actually liked him. Santana sings “If I Die Young” for her fallen buddy.

Rachel (Lea Michele) shows up toward the end of the episode and cries through a painfully perfect rendition of “Make You Feel My Love,” which she and Finn used to sing in the car together. She then talks to Will about the future she planned with Finn and they hang a photo of him in the choir room.

In the last scene, it’s revealed that Will was the one who stole the letterman jacket and holds it as he breaks down in Emma’s (Jayma Mays) arms, just as the screen fades to black and we see Cory’s name appear.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of tonight’s tribute episode?

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  • Asha

    It was sad and I even had a few tears in my eyes, but literally the only thing I kept thinking as I watched this episode is what kind of school administration lets these kids who have graduated walk around the halls of the school as if they were still students??? No identification badge and access to the school during actual school hours!!! Very unrealistic. I GET that it is a tv show, but is this not the same school that had a gun go off a few months back. No way would any school administration let the Glee kids who have graduated back into the school for an entire week like that no matter what the circumstance was.

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  • Mikayla

    Okay we get it, but it is JUST A TV SHOW. They were trying to remember someone and all those small details or not really necessary.Who the hell would care for badges and ID when the purpose is that most of those original characters came back to remember a person they lost that they met in that sacred place close to their heart, you and your minor details need to take a step back and realize the true purpose behind the episode. #rememberingcory

  • Verity

    So does this mean Lea Michele will no longer be giving Cory interviews and flashing Cory necklaces? May he finally rest in peace.

  • caitie


    I’ve been out of school for ten years and I can go back to my high school and walk around without a badge as long as I sign a book in the office. Same for when I visit my mom at her school. I sign the guest book, show my license and go on with my day. Not everything works in other parts of the country/world the way it does where you are.


    tribute to a junkie

  • living in the box

    well the worst is over.

  • wow

    They should have done an anti-drug psa instead.

  • DV8

    @wow: They did do a PSA
    This episode was beautiful and heartbreaking. The parts that got me the most was the scene with Carol (Finn’s mom) because everything she was saying is what every mother who has lost a child goes through and feels. And Puck also was gah so sad, Mark Salling did pretty darn good! As did everyone else in the cast just those two are what made me bawl like a baby. You could definitely tell that none of those tears were fake or forced. It was all so real and raw :(
    RIP Cory

  • Pauline

    I just tried to watch the episode but I just could not .
    I do believe it was a nice gesture and the great thing to explain finn’s death that way . But damn ! It was so cheezy and ridiculous , I just could not buy it . Yes he possibly was a great guy etc … And that’s very sad , but that’s marketing , publicity etc … And should I mention that the actor used drugs and he died from it ? He brought it on himself , so it had to be very hard and he possibly didn’t want to die . But it’s drugs and that’s wrong .

  • Luliz

    @Pauline: May your ignorant mind one day open up and see the world a different way. A more understanding and compassionate way and know it is never so black and white.

  • Ol.

    He died,why everyone cares from what? Yes,it was addiction,so what? Just because of that doesn’t mean he was a bad person. Also,he tried to survive. He knew he had an addiction,he knew it was bad,he tried to recover… Yes,maybe his death will put glee at high ratings and they will make tons of money,but he was a part of this,he have to have this tribute.
    Talking about episode,I cried since minute 1. It’s just sad how actors weren’t actually acting. I can’t imagine how they managed everything…

  • DiatribesAndOvations

    I thought it was rather exploitative. They only reason they did it was to get these ratings. The last scene was, for me, truly beautiful but only because I was watching Lea Michelle sing about the loss of her love Cory Monteith …it had nothing to do with Rachel or Finn.

  • Krys

    He was an addict but it does not mean he deserved to die. Everyone makes mistakes. Grow up people.

  • twocents

    It is a popular show.. HE was a MAJOR character with a deep storyline and interacted with EVERYONE! Of course, his death is sad and could have been prevented but it wasn’t .. Addiction is very powerful! for those of you who say ‘i don’t have an addiction’ well put that bag of chips down while you’re watching Glee for five seconds!.. you’re hurting aren’t you.., all you can think about is those salty crunchy chips.. well .. Cory put it down.. but he wanted more.. sometimes the urge is bigger than the person.. man! so critical here.. I have not seen it yet (DVR) but will later.. I am sure I will tear up.. I’ve watched since Season One and love it (except when Fishy Paltrow was on) but nevertheless.. all those people who acted along with him knew him.. loved him.. and cared for him.. they KNEW him.. we only know what we read… so lighten up.. ratings or not.. fans of Glee and the people inside the making of Glee needed it..
    Happy Friday, Jerks! :)

  • Molly

    I love him, he is so hot and will be missed. Molly at the club

  • Pauline

    I’ve never said that he was a bad person , can’t you read ? I’m not ignorant or anything he did use drugs . So no I don’t think he was a bad person but I do think he was stupid ! Come on we are in 2013 ! Get some help . Maybe he did’nt try hard enough or he just gave up . We can’t understand what it’s like to have an addiction . But I ain’t gonna be sorry for him .

  • harry taint

    glorifying a drug addict?? seriously??

  • Lisa

    I cried from beginning to end. I was never a fan of Cory’s character; not my favorite but the loss of any young man through addiction is heartbreaking. I’ve watched Glee from day one, and I agree with the author of this article – knowing the cast members were feeling the pain for REAL made it worse. I cried the hardest with his mother – being a mother of sons myself. The PSA at the end was a great addition. Kudos all the way around.

  • Frienemy

    It’s so heartbreaking, Lea and Cory will never get married and have children like they wanted too. Rachel and Finn will never be reunited.
    I miss you cory, you will never be forgotten. =’(. To me Finn was my most liked character from Glee.

  • Amy

    @harry taint:

    Are you really this heartless? These people, cast and crew of Glee, lost a dear friend.

    I never watched Glee, it’s not my type of show. But I did watch this episode.

    Cory became an addict as a younger teenager after his parents divorced. He didn’t start using when he came to Hollywood. He started using because he had an absentee father.

    I’m sorry you don’t feel any sympathy for him and his loved ones, but I do.

  • Dianna

    to the people who don’t understand why this episode was done should go away!!!!!!! show some damn respect!!! Cory was loved by many!! so it doesn’t really make a difference to what you say!!!

  • Swirls tar

    Despite Cory dying of an overdose, he had remained a key piece of the storyline of Glee, and therefore will be missed. To all those haters out there, let me pose this question to you. If your best friend was secretly suffering from addiction which led to his death, would you not attend his funeral and be sad? That’s what this episode was for Glee followers. .

  • thingshappen

    The young man was an addict who happened to act in a hit show. This does not make him a hero. It makes him a tragedy that yet another young person died as a result of addiction. He is not any more special than any other young person that has succumbed to their vices.

    I don’t believe in “celebrity”. It does not exist in reality. These people get paid to pretend on screen, that is it. They are not curing diseases, creating peace, finding a way to feed the hungry etc. They are PRETENDERS on a screen.

    This is not to be rude or mean in any way but really, put this in perspective to the world as a whole. None of what these people do in their profession means anything in the big scheme of what is really going on in our world. They just provide a means to escape for a while. It is a false reality this thing called celebrity. It means nothing. We all end up in the same box, dirt or whatever at the end of the day.

    The Universe makes no distinction between you, me or anyone else when it comes time to leave this Earth. Rich, poor, skinny, fat, smart, stupid, unknown or known, we all are the same when it’s our time to exit the planet.

    Perhaps people should take the time to really think about the time we are spending here on this teeny tiny planet that exists in a huge Universe and how all we are doing is figuring out how to spend our time in between birth and dying. The Universe has existed for billions of years. We are only here for 85-90 years (if you are lucky) so it is quite obvious, the Universe gets along without any of us.