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Nicole Kidman: 'The Silent Wife' Star & Producer!

Nicole Kidman: 'The Silent Wife' Star & Producer!

It was just announced that Nicole Kidman will be starring in the upcoming film The Silent Wife, according to Deadline!

The 46-year-old actress will also be a producer on the flick, which is based on a novel of the same name by A.S.A. Harrison.

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“The Silent Wife” centered on an affluent Chicago couple, who has been together for 20 years. While her priority is to take care of him and live an ordered life, he is cheating on her.

Beside from adding The Silent Wife to her endless list of upcoming projects, Nicole is also starring in The Railway Man, Grace Of Monaco, and Queen Of The Desert.

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  • kary

    Another movie… yay :))


    Wives in the real Chicago are never silent, needless to tell anyone, so this must be yet another brit conduit propatainment mishap headed directly into the junk bin that America will never see. Not smart.

  • x

    “her endless list of upcoming projects” which continually take priority over those two little girls.

  • Make that SIXTEEN

    Kidman’s last FIFTEEN FILMS FAILED TO MAKE A PROFIT in theaters.

  • Oh dear

    @Make that SIXTEEN: actually, you have forgotten to add The Railway Man, Grace of Monaco, Before I Go To Sleep and Queen of the Desert which will bring Kidman’s grand total of flops to TWENTY FILMS WHICH FAILED TO MAKE A PROFIT IN THEATERS.

  • Sunday and Faith

    Q. Where is mom?
    A. Busy being selfish

  • Becca

    Fantastic! Another great role. Paddington just started shooting with Hugh Bonneville. Can’t wait to see Nicole filming for that.

  • posy

    I’d love to see Liam Neeson as the husband. Nicole is great in any role she takes on.

  • It is ALL LIES

    On anxiety when away from her kids: “I limit the amount of time away through no other reason than I just love, I love them. But that’s my personality. I get 3am panics because I’m so attached.”

  • It is ALL LIES

    “Is it hard to make choices about films? Not once you have made the decision that family comes first. I’m not going to spend six months working in New York when I have two young children. I want to put them to bed at home.” says Kidman.

  • Jenn G.

    Ooh this should be good. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for news on who will play the husband.

    Jared, why is there a psycho allowed to spam the site with hate speech? Clean house and ban the nuisance. It would be a much more pleasant place to read.

  • It is ALL LIES

    “I don’t ever like to be separated from Keith”

  • @Jenn G.

    Simply quoting Kidman’s lies and highlighting her hypocrisy. Surely nobody has a problem with the truth.

  • Jada Knows

    @Jenn G.: Nicole has another role and producing again. Another nail in the skeptic coffin. Every month they tell themselves Nicole no longer has a career. Success and happiness set the psycho off like a cheap firecracker. You can’t ban her. The skeptics know all about changing IP addresses when they’ve been caught. The Crazy One, as she’s been so aptly named, would just get a new IP or a new device and continue posting. Obviously, it has no effect on the Urbans and their wonderful life. 8 years and a goose egg for The Crazy One.

  • Mary

    Another box office bomb … yay :))

  • It is ALL LIES

    Kidman said: “We have a thing where we’re not separated for more than seven days. It’s not a negotiation. It is such a desire to be together.”

  • Time to confess

    My name is Nicole Kidman and I am a pathological liar. I have been lying to people since I was a child and it is a hard habit to break.

  • the REAL lainey

    blondy =boooooring!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalee

    Nicole’s most recent work has been mostly small parts in small indie films that don’t take a long time to film. She was just nominated for an Oscar two years ago. She can have a career and be a mom. This isn’t the 1950′s. Sandra Bullock and Naomi Watts work and raise kids at the same time.

  • Jada Knows

    I’d like to know what The Crazy One would say when confronted with the fact that Sandra Bullock had to spend 15 hour days in a rig filming in near isolation for Gravity. Once again, what’s fine for everyone else is not okay for Nicole Kidman.

    Oh and don’t worry Crazy, the family is all back together in Nashville.

  • just saying

    The difference between Kidman and Bullock and Watts, is that Kidman says one thing to the public, then does another. It is that incongruence that the public is finding hard to swallow. By all means choose career over family life, just don’t try and hoodwink the public. That is insulting, and is why Kidman has so many detractors, not just ‘the crazy one’.

  • Jada Knows nothing

    “all back together in Nashville” while Sunday is currently attending school in LA – nice try sewer mistress!!

  • Stick a fork in, Granny’s done

    Why does Granny have eyes like a dead fish.

  • Natalee

    Nicole hasn’t announced that she’s retired from making movies. She never said that so she has never lied about that. She has been doing smaller films.

  • truth

    @just saying: Nice try Crazy One. Sunday attends that school in LA when the family is in LA. Nobody is hoodwinked by your lies and numerous posting identities.

  • Nicole Rocks

    Nicole Kidman spends most of her time in Nashville! She has her movies even moved to shoot there, that’s what she did with Stoker! Love the internet idiots pretending to know more about her life than she does.

  • More NK Lies

    (2008) After a string of nothing but flops and follies for four years, it looks like Nicole Kidman may give up acting. “I’m not that interested in making films any more.”

  • Holly

    More time away from her two little girls to make another flop. She did ONE movie in Nashville and is rarely there. Fact.

  • The queen of flops

    Do everyone a huge favor and retire Nicole.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    There are so many films that Nicole has planned over the next two or three years, that she must be doing more than one at a time. And, no telling how long “Queen of the Desert” will take . She may ‘celebrate’ a 50th anniversary while filming one of the proposed films.

  • Eve

    The Crazy One is making up new poster names. At least she’s putting in some effort LOL

  • http://yahoo Lizzie


    Neeson’s too old ( 60′s) and too expensive (20 mil a film). If Nicole wasn’t so involved with Weinstein’s Jewish mafia, her perfect co-star would be Mel Gibson. She’ll have some second rate actor as usual.
    Concerning Sunday and Faith, why would it surprise anyone that she’s not a particularly caring mother. She had joint custody of Bella and Connor and ignored them. Nicole’s the Joan Crawford of this generation. Her career always came first, and when her children became adults they wanted nothing to do with her.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @Holly: She’s at home in Nashville when work doesn’t require her to be away or she’s visiting family in Australia. Just like everyone else who travels for business or has family abroad. Fact. Deal with it Crazy One.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @Lizzie: More lies from the Crazy One.

  • @Time to confess

    Funny, I call pathological liars people who make up stories to discredit others and call them pedophiles and lesbians and say there is something wrong with their children and accuse them of using the casting couch to get ahead. I call pathological liars people who distort the facts, report liaisons that never were, portray every gift of philanthropy and every good deed as a PR ploy, call sweet family photos photoshopped. Look at yourselves in the mirror, skeptics. You’ll see pathological liars and worse.

  • Holly

    @Skeptics are stupid: How many months was she out of the country making a failed attempt at personating Princess Grace? She was recently photographed in California and China. Where else has she been in the last six months? Cannes, etc, etc.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @Holly: Crazy One, you don’t like the truth. Too bad.


  • Skeptics are stupid

    @@Time to confess: You can add another lie to the skeptic pile – Sunday will be dumped at a boarding school. The skeptics are so mad tbey can’t see straight.

  • Holly

    @Skeptics are stupid: Answer the question. Truth hurts?

  • Holly

    Since July.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    You already got the answer Crazy One

    She’s at home in Nashville when work doesn’t require her to be away or she’s visiting family in Australia. Just like everyone else who travels for business or has family abroad. Fact. Deal with it Crazy One.

  • Eve

    @Holly and your other names – This is ridiculous. Why don’t you care how much Keith travels? Why does he get to travel way more and still call Nashville home? Pathological doesn’t even begin to describe your insanity.

  • Carolyn

    I think it’s great how Nicole and Keith balance their careers and their family lives. Travel and promotion go with the territory. It’s tiring but part of their jobs. Women are allowed to have careers nowadays, too, and many travel. The girls look sweet and happy and loved. People should worry about their own lives instead of criticizing the way Nicole and Keith live theirs.

  • @ the FANatics

    Still completely missing the point:

    Kidman has said so often that she is just not that interested in making films anymore, that she has to be REALLY interested in a project to be dragged away from home, that she doesn’t want her children asking: “where’s mommy?”, that she can’t bear being away from her husband and children, etc etc etc.

    Hypocrite much?

  • truth

    @@ the FANatics: You’re an idiot. The projects she chooses are really important to her. You’re just bitter she is getting film roles and production projects every year.

    Posting over and over ”She is done! She’ll never work again!” will not make it true. You would think you would have learned your lesson after 8 years of failing to pave the way.

  • Holly

    So which school is Sunday attending this week? Another photographed meal sans little girls that she yearned.

  • @Holly

    Concerned about the children and Sunday’s kindergarten? Oh, please. You’re the same ones who were spreading rumors that Sunday and Faith were special needs children and that Faith was being hidden away because they were ashamed of her. Says Keith ” … our tight little family is simply divine!!!” That’s what really irks you. They’re busy, happy, and thriving, and you just can’t stand it.

  • Holly

    Which school is Sunday attending this week?

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    Maybe Nicole is simply Ado Annie (the girl who can’t say no from Oklahoma) when it comes to making films. But even this article refers to Nicole’s ‘endless list of upcoming projects’. And sometimes her projected films never appear on screen. Also, I don’t mind being referred to as crazy, in fact, I like it better than being referred to as ‘ill-informed’. That was really a smug and condescending remark.

  • truth

    ” sometimes her projected films never appear on screen.”

    OMG! That never ever ever happens to anyone else ever in the history of cinema! *rolls eyes*