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Alexander Skarsgard: Shirtless for Cut Copy's 'Free Your Mind'!

Alexander Skarsgard: Shirtless for Cut Copy's 'Free Your Mind'!

Alexander Skarsgard goes shirtless sexy for the new music video for Cut Copy‘s latest single “Free Your Mind!”

The 37-year-old Swedish actor was seen sporting a wig while showing off his basketball skills and kissing a co-star in the video.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

“Free Your Mind” is a single from Cut Copy‘s forthcoming album Free Your Mind, which drops on Tuesday, November 5. You can pre-order the album now!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Alexander Skarsgard appearance in Cut Copy’s single “Free Your Mind”?

Alexander Skarsgard – Cut Copy’s ‘Free Your Mind’ Music Video
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alexander skarsgard shirtless for cut copy free your mind 01
alexander skarsgard shirtless for cut copy free your mind 02
alexander skarsgard shirtless for cut copy free your mind 03
alexander skarsgard shirtless for cut copy free your mind 04
alexander skarsgard shirtless for cut copy free your mind 05

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  • lainey-eatbeigeboy


  • ela

    the way his fangirls act towards him this video seems very appropriate …

  • ela

    i dont get it. i watched it twice and i still dont understand the last minute of the video.

  • Alliana

    Don’t care for the video, but he is hot!

  • hmmmmmmm

    Ah poor guy. Went from being a happy go lucky cult leader and then it comes down to his girl being with another guy then he books in his tidy whities into the dense foliage. The end.

    Alex must of had that wig from his early True Blood days lying around. LOL.

    Best part is his head hung of the older woman.

  • pumpkin

    I don’t know why, but I found this video fuking hilarious, I laughed my a$$ off. Bahahahaha, I don’t know. Maybe cause I’m on drugs.

  • Janet

    I like the long hair on him, he pull it off really well.

  • Meh…

    The awful fake wig draws attention to his face & unfortunately for him it just shows how average looking he is with the bags under his eyes & his receding hairline.

    The hot body doesn’t make up for his very old looking face, sooo overrated!!!

  • .?

    This is what bis acting career has resorted to another bit part being in a music vid shirtless, jealous over some model GF being with a other man??? Cult leader, asylum? Don’t get it, who F cares , I really thought he was goin to smash it with an Oscar on the silver screen guess not $$ money tight get what work he can

  • Oh dear

    Hot body but shame about the face!

  • PeterPorker

    y he not attractive at all sorry my eyes don’t lie

  • Karen oh So Swedish

    I’m all out of words here…while my head is still banging from last night.
    Alexander please stop looking so ridiculously gorgeous, your face is just pure beauty, your body screams f..k me.
    Still, I’m not supposed to be wanting to f..k jesus…
    jesus the lord is my savior. amen. Alexander.

  • mforman

    What you guys do not realize, is that he is probably friends with the band and they asked him to do this, as he is so loyal of course he said yes.
    He truly has the most amazing chest, arms and shoulders of any man in HW. I love how you can tell how his training for his upcoming charity walk is paying off.
    I would and will watch anything that he is in because he never disappoints.
    @hmmmmmmmmmm——–You are so right about the wig, it really looks like the same one.

  • EVI

    I thought he did not like to be sex symbol .

  • Carolyn

    yes indeed he never fails to impress me whatever small role he gets even in this video which most people won’t get but I truly think he rocks in it.
    His body is a wonderland these day I do agree, never been fitter and sexier….gawd how much do I love him!!!

  • Charlene

    That’s my boy!!! Viking God forever!!! Mommy likey!!

  • ladybug

    @mforman: Not the same wig, this is better. But he doesn’t do well with long-haired wigs.

  • ladybug

    wo things. One: Australia new wave outfit Cut Copy are back with a new song and album called Free Your Mind. Okay, you knew that.) Two: They brought True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård with them. Yes, you’ll find the flaxen-haired adonis above, playing a cult leader while the occasionally bongo-enhanced sounds of the band’s newly house-addled grooves run wild in the background. In the clip, directed by Christopher Hill, we find Skarsgård at the helm of a gang of blue-suited minions.

    They wash his feet, allow him to drum on their heads, are awed when he scores in ball-less basketball, and even take detailed note on his urination process. Cut Copy’s Dan Whitford fittingly coos, “Ooooh, shine brother, shine on / Shine brighter than the sun.” But as we witness the master going about his daily rituals, a conflict arises over a woman. In the end, the guru himself seems to take the track’s titular advice: “Free Your Mind.” The album of the same name will arrive on November 5. We’ve also seen the eye-boggling video for “Let Me Show You.”

  • hans

    trailer for tarzan I see… Smart…

  • Janire

    Viking sexy man!

  • Kel

    @hmmmmmmm: Actually- if he had that wig on True Blood, Eric would have looked more natural. HA That wig on TB was awful.

  • Cafélady

    Unfortunately I can’t watch the video, here in Germany. :’(((
    Not even on the site…Because the GEMA doesn’t allows it, to watch it here (apparently this has to do with any legal reasons). And that’s really pretty sh*tty!
    This isn’t the first time, that these people by the GEMA annoys german music fans. :(((

    I said it already earlier; I was never a fan of these long-haired wigs respectively no fan of the long-haired hairstyle for him – sorry alex…but the rest of him…just irresistible! :))

  • Ginger

    Oh my god! It’s hysterical! I love it! The Skars looks good too…what wig – that body.

  • Ginger

    @pumpkin: That’s that point, drugs or no, it’s supposed to be fun/funny. If you weren’t laughing, you weren’t getting it. IMO

    Also, I think he took this job because it was a fun side project that probably only took 4 days. He got to play a crazy cult leader in a music video. I’m sure he saw it as just something fun to do.

  • Slinky the Cat

    That video is perfection, and he’s perfect in it! Love him and love Cut Copy. @hans That’s the first thing I thought of too. Here’s our Tarzan preview. Lord of the Jungle, indeed. Daaaaaaamn!

  • ladybug
  • Venusiana

    Hot Jeesus running into the woods with a diaper? Hmmmm….intriquing…

  • fashiondivasonline

    What do you think . is he actually looks hot? hmmmm..

  • Venusiana

    I think the video is with all due respect (cause i like cut n copy too)..bizzare and lame, although humoristic..the long hair makes him look like a cave man jesus gone diaper tarzan..still..he is hot, very hot..and if you think theres something wrong with that, well, then theres clearly something wrong with you. We need more posts w Alex over here, with, or, without the diaper please and no more posts of miley cyrus..!! thank u v much..o_O

  • Mindy

    This video put a huge smile on my face. Alex looks so amazing, and anything that has an Eric vibe to it is just sexy. Love him.

  • Keiko

    Who cares about this low-rent crap? Once again proving he’s not worth much besides taking off his clothes. Three failed movies in a row in one year … well, I guess he doesn’t have much else to fall back on but dumb videos from a band no one ever heard of.

  • Diane

    He is beautiful, face body all of it. And fit for Tarzan, yes he is.

  • Diane

    @Keiko: And you are talking stupid as usual. His films did very well, being they were all Indies. And this band is very popular, come out from under your rock, oh never mind that is were trolls hide.

  • Macy

    Not digging the wig, but the body sure looks nice. LOL

  • ladybug

    @Macy: The body does look very nice! Distracts from the wig.

    @Venusiana, not diapers, white briefs underwear, known as tighty whities.

    “In the VIP grandstand was a Swedish actor’s earnings. When the song was about to peter out, so stood up Alexander Skarsgård with the obvious residual cheering ethics he got from growing up in Stockholm’s southern parts.

    They looked like a sea of ​​seated, quiet people, and among them a man who stood proudly with hands pointing to the sky screaming his heart out in support of the players on the pitch. The seated people could not miss it. A seed was planted. Someone had broken the ice. Next time they were also up.

    It feels like we Swedes are born with a fear to stand out or perhaps an extreme desire to fit in. Something that has become a symbol for the Swedish national audience. On away ground, when we do not know the neighbor’s eyes in the back, we release all inhibitions. At home we complain of bad press but dare not grab it and try to change. But if Alexander Skarsgård can do it, then all should dare…”

  • Anony*mouse


    Diane, it’s no good talking to her or at her. Her head is so firmly up her own a$$ all she hears is the sound of her own voice, which incidentally also originates from her a$$.

    Like the video, bit weird in places but fits the lyrics of the song, Alex looks good.

  • Sarah

    It looks like a mix of Eric Northman and his character in The East. lol

  • misshongkong’73

    @Meh…: totally agree. he’s just a simple european looking boy really. his only real attraction is his height …if he was a short guy no one would be making such a fuss over him…but eh white/american girls get crazed over tatum whatshisface….no real taste.

  • misshongkong’73

    @Keiko: careful keiko ,fangirls round here get crazy if you speak the truth.

  • nemo

    awww, Alex’s fanboyism payed off for him! :D

    that wig is HILARIOUS.

  • Keiko

    The goofball who said “I’m a actor, not a sex symbol” but has made a career of being sexual while three movies in 2013 have bombed, should take the Christian Grey movie now that no man with any dignity and self-respect will take the role.

  • Keiko


    His films did very well? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keiko


    Oh, believe me, I know. :)

  • Keiko


    LOL, Skars still shakin’ that a** for this lame team that never wins.

  • Cadulech

    What is wrong with you? you are the only person who got so offended because he took his clothes off in the video (still he wasn’t complete naked),for one second i would believe many religious people would come after Alex as he was pretend be Jesus but they are very quiet (they undestand more the video than you).
    And…He won’t take the role,believe me.He haven’t read the books,so that prove he is not interested.

  • sexy pants

    Well hello there hawt and Handsome, people call him Alexander Skarsgard I like the video it was fun very enjoyable to watch,His body though OMFG is AMAZING, he looks great and he is a fan of this band so why not have some fun and this is exactly what this video is it not serious but he made it hawt and I thank him for it. TACK!
    Did I say he was HAWT in this god damn, his pecs is worth lickings seriously that should be a cult requirement, Sigh just too hot for his own damn good. As far as I know when Alexander loves something he fanboy probably did this for free and management free because he just like the band or the song or both. I like when he is in love with things he more free and it shows. Its a great little surprise that I have watched more than well I wouldn’t tell ya.

    @Keiko have you read the title maybe you should try to incorporate it into your live because I know it’s useless but are you were fun, humor and joy come to die you sound so tightly assemble you sure are taking this way too seriously let me tell you something that you may know it’s his life if he wants to play a hot cult leader and let his pecs gets some breeze while walking to seduce his member so my eyes get visually satisfied in the mean time then that’s Alexander Skarsgard decision I am sure this vid wouldn’t make or break him it was fun with a band he liked. RELAX take it easy. As for FSOG he can only make that sh*t hotter and better in my opinion so there is that and it needs more than that bad writing so yeah.
    All in all this Swedish hot stallion is hot with clothes or pants or no pants or pants barely hanging on so I am very happy for this video Praise his Swedish light. You can carry on being Unhappy though that seems to doing wonders for you.

  • not a skinny model

    for someone who does not want be a sex symbol he walk naked a lot . So he talks bls . but for him any attention is good attention .( more skinny models for him toto f..k )

  • gaja

    why is he still in Sweden

  • Duh


    because he is Swedish! And he can go where ever he wants geesh…

    @48 obviously you are not a model doubt you are even cute if I had his body I would show it all the time so I don’t blame him show it Askars.