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Angelina Jolie Casts Japanese Musician Miyavi as 'Unbroken' Villain!

Angelina Jolie Casts Japanese Musician Miyavi as 'Unbroken' Villain!

Angelina Jolie has just cast Japanese singer and guitarist Miyavi as the villain in her upcoming highly anticipated film Unbroken!

The role – Mutsushiro Watanabe, also known as “The Bird” – is the guard who made it his mission to break the spirit of Lou Zamperini, and who haunted the athlete-turned-POW’s every step after he was captured in WWII, according to Deadline.

Production is set to begin in two weeks in Australia, and will be released on December 25, 2014.

In case you missed it, check out this pic of Angelina leaning on real life Olympic runner and World War II prisoner of war Louis Zamperini. Lou‘s story inspired the plot for Unbroken.

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# 1

Go her it will the best hopefully. Her first studio movie that could start long directing carrier.

# 3

Asians can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!!
Asians hide their mind reading abilities by completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.

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All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYONE to know they can read minds!!! They are trying as hard as they can to hide it!
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# 5

Great News for Angelina Jolie! Angelina will be a Great Director!

# 6


I have seen that quite a lot, I am going to look into this and try thinking all sorts of thing when i’m around Asians!

# 7
Love the JoliePitts @ 10/11/2013 at 3:35 pm

Angelina you are a Beautiful woman and Unbroken will be a great movie directed by a more than worthy Director…Angelina Jolie.
Thanks for the pictures Jared!

# 8
|FILTY|STINKING|WHORE|ANISTON| @ 10/11/2013 at 3:36 pm

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# 9

wtf? Perhaps she should have casted an ACTOR not a musician for such an important role?

Passing Through @ 10/11/2013 at 3:38 pm

Don’t know why Jared didn’t post the link to this Deadline story on the casting but here it is…
Angelina Jolie Sets Japanese Singer Miyavi As Brutal WWII POW Camp Guard ‘The Bird’ In ‘Unbroken’
By MIKE FLEMING JR | Friday October 11, 2013 @ 12:00pm PDT
EXCLUSIVE: Universal Pictures and director Angelina Jolie have found their villain for the Lou Zamperini tale Unbroken. Jolie has set Japanese guitarist and singer Miyavi to play the role of Mutsushiro Watanabe, known as “The Bird.” That is the guard who made it his mission to break the spirit of Zamperini, and who haunted the athlete-turned-POW’s every step after he was captured in WWII. I’m told by individuals close to the project that it was no easy task to cast this role. After a long search for the perfect actor, the filmmakers continually found themselves returning to Miyavi’s captivating audition, one that mixed grace, ferocity, sensitivity and sophistication. That audition got Miyavi his first lead role in a Hollywood film. Jolie begins production in Australia in two weeks, and Universal releases the film December 25, 2014.
Miyavi might be a new face onscreen, but he is well known in international music circles for his unconventional guitar and singing skills and music that incorporates period-authentic guitars and playing styles from the 1940s. Now he’s going back to that volatile wartime era in Unbroken. Miyavi will have to reschedule part of an upcoming Asia tour to perform the role.
“As a musician, I questioned whether I should take a break from my craft to pursue this role,” Miyavi said in a statement. “After meeting Angie, it became clear to me that an underlying theme to this story is forgiveness. This resonated with me because that is exactly what I want express through my music. I look forward to taking on this challenge whole-heartedly.”
I must say, I have been fixated on The Bird since I first saw a wonderful short segment broadcast during the Nagano Olympics, where Zamperini returned to Japan in 1998. After running so compellingly in the final lap of his distance race in the 1936 Munich Olympics that Hitler asked to shake his hand, Zamperini was expected to bring home the gold with four more years of seasoning. The 1940 Olympics were scheduled to be held in Japan but all that fell apart in war. Zamperini instead arrived as a bombardier fighting in WWII. Sent on a rescue mission aboard a faulty aircraft, Zamperini and two other crewmen were the only survivors of a crash in the Pacific Ocean. After surviving in a raft for 47 days, the near-dead men were caught by the Japanese navy. And so began a POW ordeal that would have broken most men. In that CBS segment, Zamperini found the grace to forgive his captor, and offered to do it in person. The Bird was interviewed on camera, but he refused to meet with the hero he tormented for so many years.
Universal first made a movie deal with Zamperini in 1957, when Tony Curtis planned to make the Zamperini story his followup to Spartacus. He waited forever. It was kept alive for over a decade by Matthew Baer, who is producing with Jolie, Erwin Stoff and Clayton Townsend. The big break was the publication of the book by Seabiscuit author Laura Hillenbrand, which gave the project a second wind. Jolie, who had impressed Universal executives with her 2011 feature directing debut In The Land Of Blood And Honey. She flipped for the book and for Zamperini, and won the job over several other accomplished directors. And suddenly the 96-year old Zamperini sees his movie go into production, with Jack O’Connell playing him.
Joel and Ethan Coen wrote the most recent draft of the script, with earlier drafts written by William Nicholson and Richard LaGravenese. Jolie will have Roger Deakins as her DP, and Universal execs Kristin Lowe and Sara Scott are overseeing for the studio.

|FILTY|STINKING|WHORE|ANISTON| @ 10/11/2013 at 3:38 pm

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Love the JoliePitts @ 10/11/2013 at 3:39 pm

Hello to my dariings Phool, Rose, Tish and FALP.
Thank you ladies for your very kind wishes for me. My health improves daily I just have to keep spending time with my docs taking tests…ect., but all is very good I am happy to say.
Looks like the ball is rolling swiftly towards filming time for this incredible movie Unbroken.
How sweet that Louis Z was brought into Brad’s and Angelina’s lives. What an awesome person he is. His book is a great and inspirational read. And it is nice to see how many people he has helped via his book.
I agree with him that Angie’s movie about his life will reach tons more people and touch their hearts as well. I can’t wait to see it.

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/11/2013 at 3:41 pm

Hi Groundcontrol. I am sorry to learn you are also under the weather. I hope you will get well soon and return to posting. Always enjoy all your posts. Get lots of rest…that is what is helping me tremendously….and peace and quiet…..
Take good care of yourself.

Lickey… Lickey
Suckey …Suckey
Fuckey …Fuckey

groundcontrol @ 10/11/2013 at 3:43 pm

@Love the JoliePitts:
Thanks so much. I am making progress.

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Passing Through @ 10/11/2013 at 3:44 pm

Oops…my bad Jared. Just saw the Deadline link…

groundcontrol @ 10/11/2013 at 3:45 pm

PT, Thanks for the heads up on the Deadline story. I am really happy about this film and the people it will honor. As you know, for me it’s personal.

Ang is hot for her pie.

|FILTY|STINKING|WHORE|ANISTON| @ 10/11/2013 at 3:48 pm

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@groundcontrol: Hi GC, if you had used the warm lemon and honey tea for about 2-3 days you would have been over your cold by now, :-(, remember honey and lemon is a natural remedy.

o_O wow, Miyavi…

David Ayer ‏@DavidAyerMovies 26m

Day 10

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/11/2013 at 3:53 pm

@Passing Through:
Thanks for this post Passing Through. Loved this part.
“After a long search for the perfect actor, the filmmakers continually found themselves returning to Miyavi’s captivating audition, one that mixed grace, ferocity, sensitivity and sophistication. That audition got Miyavi his first lead role in a Hollywood film. ”
And this
“After meeting Angie, it became clear to me that an underlying theme to this story is forgiveness. This resonated with me because that is exactly what I want express through my music. I look forward to taking on this challenge whole-heartedly.”

The old prostitute continues with the paid advertisement for her future disaster. She is still miserable about the disaster her directorial debut turned out to be, so she’s once again dead set on proving she’s good at something, this time by taking a very basic movie by exploiting a World War II story. LOL.

What does a high school dropout junkie with a penchant for self mutilation and S&M games know about history any way? And how could an avid promoter of guns and violence ever approach a topic such as war in a sensible and responsible manner? Of course we know the true work rests on the shoulders of second unit and assistant directors, but still, having Heroina directing a movie about war and violence is like having Chris Brown directing a Tina Turner biopic. Absolutely stupid!

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/11/2013 at 3:57 pm

Glad to hear it. :)

groundcontrol @ 10/11/2013 at 3:58 pm

@Love the JoliePitts:
Love, I was reading backwards and didn’t see your post about your health issues until after I replied. You have my very best wishes for good news and regained strength and health for you.
As you have wisely learned, I have been treating myself to an absence of negative things as much as possible and romantic Masterpiece Theater shows. LOL!
You are so right about Angelina’s abilities. She is incredibly talented and disciplined – I think her discipline allows her to soar in many areas where others are too scared to even try.
Be well.

@Love the JoliePitts: Hi my dear Love, It’s so great to see you are here and feeling better every day. I’m so happy for Angie, she was looking so happy the last time I saw her photo. Love, that photo of LZ and Angie is a keeper, it’s just one of the most beautiful photo of Angie. I just love to see the love between LZ and Angie. I’m sure she’s going to do a masterful job with unbroken. Take care of your dear self and have a blessed day.

Urban Dictionary @ 10/11/2013 at 3:59 pm

“a zamperini” – getting one’s salad tossed by hired subordinate scum while berating a minority nanny.

Angelina will received her Oscar Saturday, November 16, 2013 TASMIN. It will be a glorious day and night for all around the world TASMIN.

Angelina is an Achiever TASMIN!

Passing Through @ 10/11/2013 at 4:05 pm

# 19 groundcontrol @ 10/11/2013 at 3:45 pm
Glad you’re doing better, GC! I’m finding the casting choices very interesting. I don’t think anyone could have seen this one coming. It’s got to be like looking for a needle in a haystack to find fresh faces that can deliver the goods. We know Angie’s not making all these casting decisions on her own but I hope it all works out.

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/11/2013 at 4:08 pm

Hello to my Lady Rose. Nice to see you on board.
Rose, isnt’ Angelina amazing?
She and her crew are putting together a great cast for Unbroken. And I understand Louis and Laura will be consultants on the film. I think this is going to be a phenomenal undertaking that will produce a greatly inspiring film.
What great respect and confidence Universal is showing in Angelina placing this august project under her direction. They know she is more than capable of doing a great job and Louis has the utmost confidence in her as well.
I am just awed by how all of this is being put together. I can’t blame Angelina for being just a bit excited about finally seeing this movie come to fruition. Just think this movie has been @ 58 years trying to come to the screen. Amazing.

groundcontrol @ 10/11/2013 at 4:11 pm

@Passing Through:
Thanks, PT.
I agree. Angie is very creative and willing to take risks. It must have been obvious that this musician had acting skills since he auditioned. Creative artistic people are rarely talented in just one area anyway.

@Urban Dictionary:

BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHA… Heroina should have that trademark, perhaps she’ll then collect a penny or two, you know, since acting is not paying the bills anymore.

@Love the JoliePitts: Hi Love, isn’t it laughable to watch the trolls having a total meltdown while the fans are loving all of Angie’s good news. It’s so good to scroll pass the trolls comments and laugh at them while they wasted their time writing nonsense that the fans just scroll by without reading. Life is good to be a Jolie Pitt fan. :-), take care Love.

groundcontrol @ 10/11/2013 at 4:20 pm

I appreciate the advice. I’m trying but whenever I make tea it’s been making me sick to my stomach. I did have some very weak tea last night though and it was soothing.
My neighborhood grocer suggested I boil ginger for 20 minutes and add honey. I bought the ginger but when I got home I couldn’t find it so either it never went into my bag or it got tossed by mistake.

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/11/2013 at 4:32 pm

@Passing Through:
Passing Through, if I may agree with you, I, too, find the casting choices very interesting and especially in the case of this singer, Miyavi”
who says he wishes to express the same theme in his music that Louis is expressing in his book and so it appears Miyavi will bring a passionate portrayal in this his very first film appearance because he and Louis are of the same mind. What an awesome opportunity for this man.
It would be interesting if some of his music appears on the soundtrack of the movie.

@groundcontrol: I so sorry you cannot stomach the tea. My husband works Outside in the winter and I always make lemon and honey tea for him when he has a cold, and it works. Hope you feel better soon. take care.

YBF FRESH FACE: Meet “12 Years A Slave” Star Lupita Nyong’o
Oct 11 | by _YBF

She’s stunning, she’s smart, she talented. And pretty freakin’ fabulous. Actress Lupita Nyong’o, who makes her film debut in 12 Years Of Slave, is generating Oscar buzz all over Hollywood. Meet Lupita inside…

Since we love a fresh YBF face on the scene….

Yale School of Drama graduate Lupita Nyong’o makes her film debut in 12 Years Of Slave (in theaters now) and is an upcoming actress who’s taken Hollywood by storm.

Born in Mexico and raised in Kenya by an influential family (her father is a professor at the University of Nairobi & FORBES named her cousin as one of Africa’s most powerful women in 2012), Lupita starred in the Kenyan television series Shuga (2008) and wrote, directed, and produced the documentary In My Genes (2009) before setting her sights on Hollywood.

She has a few editor, director and producer credits to her name thanks to creating a video documentary or two on her own. And now that this 30-year-old gorgeous gal has landed her first big screen role, Hollywood execs (and award show committees) have taken notice.

The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that Lupita will receive the prestigious New Hollywood Award at the 17th annual Hollywood Film Awards on Oct. 21. She’ll be in good company as Robert Pattinson, Gabourey Sidibe and Quvenzhane Wallis have all received the award.

Film director Steve McQueen noted that 1,000 hopefuls audition for Lupita’s role in 12 Years A Slave and “It was like finding Scarlett O’Hara.” Next up for Lupita, she’ll star opposite big screen vet Liam Neeson in Non-Stop.

In the photo above, Lupita (in a blue Roland Mouret cocktail dress and Kwiat jewelry) posed with director Steve McQueen, actress Sarah Paulson, actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, actress Alfre Woodard, and actor Paul Dano at the premiere of the movie during the 51st New York Film Festival at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center this week.

Passing Through @ 10/11/2013 at 4:42 pm

OT -
Has Nic Kidman really been freezing her face for nearly 20 years? She’s so plastic now that Barbie’s thinking of suing. Scary…

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/11/2013 at 4:43 pm

Thank you, Groundcontrol, for your very kind words.
Yes, I could not agree more, eliminate the negative. The negative produces nothing anyway that is why the troll continues on its daily downward angry slide to oblivion. Nothing it has ever said or done impacts the JP fans or the JPs in any way. The troll’s life is one big waste of its own time.
And my favorite Masterpiece Theatre movie was Middlemarch. OMG!!!! what a love story.
By the way, I did the Ginger Tea and it was very good….with honey. But that rest and peace of mind with quiet works miraculously.:)
Blessings. :)

were the morons @ 10/11/2013 at 4:57 pm

I loved the photo of Angelina and Louis Zamperini. She is genuinely admired by all that he’s endured. I see Unbroken is coming along just fine too. What was that trolls? I hear screams from the pacific ocean.

Shoutout to Rose and Phool.

& GC, I have read you’re battling a cold? Make sure to get plenty of rest. Feel better soon!

Jen the Hag @ 10/11/2013 at 4:57 pm

OMG!!!This dude looks like Jenny Shmitzu

thelookoflove1365 @ 10/11/2013 at 4:57 pm
Brad Pitt’s Charity To Build $50K Home For Hurricane Sandy Family
t’s been nearly a year since Superstorm Sandy ravaged parts of the northeast, and some families are still struggling to pick up the pieces.

In New York’s Rockaway neighborhood, rebuilding efforts were ongoing as of this summer, but a new project, organized by actor Brad Pitt’s charity and three other organizations, is aiming to make at least one family’s broken home complete.

According to the New York Daily News, the actor’s “Make it Right” charity will build a $50,000 storm-resistant home in the Queens neighborhood to showcase several designs created in a competition by the American Institute of Architects and Architecture for Humanity. The project is sponsored by Dow Building Solutions.

Pitt’s organization tapped Toronto firm Sustainable.TO to design the house, while New Orleans-based St. Bernard Project oversees the process of selecting the family who will call it home.

The design, a recreation of the bungalows traditionally found in the area, features a split roof that creates a row of windows to keep the house bright and warm year-round and requires little heating or cooling, in classic “passive house” style.

Sustainable.TO’s environmentally friendly bungalow is one of four styles available to the public for purchase, including Rockaway residents eager for any signs of new construction in their hard-hit beach town.

In 2007, when Brad Pitt launched the Make It Right foundation, the organization committed to a similar recovery effort — building 150 environmentally-friendly homes in a New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. By June of last year, the project was halfway complete.

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/11/2013 at 5:12 pm

Hi Rose,

I responded to your post #37 but it went into oblivion.
I will try and repost later.


Kill anyone lately?

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 10/11/2013 at 6:14 pm

To the trolls who say Brad doesn’t have an Oscar. Neither do these men.

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/11/2013 at 6:14 pm

Jolie, who had impressed Universal executives with her 2011 feature directing debut In The Land Of Blood And Honey. She flipped for the book and for Zamperini, and won the job over several other accomplished directors.


Love Conquers All @ 10/11/2013 at 7:03 pm

A comment I saw on gold derby, of an individual who saw gravity and Gravity chances at the Oscars
Utter tosh. It’s guaranteed wins in the technical. it’s guaranteed a nom for Bullock, but by no means the win. It also stands an excellent chance at photography. However, there is no way Gravity can win Best Picture with that script. The amount of eye-rolling and snickering that went on in the theater while I was there spoke volumes. The film is a tech marvel, but that’s all it is. It will be treated as the ambitious pop-corn flick that it is, with generous pats on the back for digital ingenuity, and a denial of the big 2 awards.

Love Conquers All @ 10/11/2013 at 7:14 pm

BFCA movie ratings for 12 Years A Slave is 96! :)

Wonderbust @ 10/11/2013 at 7:36 pm

@Love Conquers All:
were you able to catch TYAS at NYFF or are you seeing it Sunday

Love Conquers All @ 10/11/2013 at 7:49 pm


I be able to see it this Sunday on the day NYFF closes,I really can’t to all you guys about what I saw. I’m so eager to share about TYAS.

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 10/11/2013 at 7:51 pm

Good Evening Folks. Re; the Oscars, I always like to keep in mind the the majority of the voters are still, white, male and over the age of 65. And they will , in the end, do what they want regardless of precedent. I can very easily see them giving multiple nominations to 12YAS, and then giving the best pic award to Gravity of some other flick. It is a long, long slog from now to award night. The next hurdle will be that of the box office. It needs to make a decent showing, not spectacular, but decent. Does anyone have a sense of how much effort Fox is making with African American media, especially ? And general media? I am concerned that too much of the buzz is finding itself limited to cinephiles, and not spreading out enough from there. If am wrong the strategy, I will be very happy to be corrected.

Wonderbust @ 10/11/2013 at 8:04 pm

@William Bradley&The Jolie:
I was thinking the same thing. As of now yes TYAS is the frontrunner but lets not forget The Color Purple fiasco. Then again sometimes the Academy likes to make a statement like when Denzel and Halle won the same night. Box office will be the next challenge. They need to be doing promos on shows like Scandal(which has a diverse viewership but also a large AA base). I just looked up the box office for Precious and its amazing that it started off very very strong. 1.8million in 18 theaters, which is more than Slumdog and Black Swan, however it was not able to keep the momentum and only ended up making 40 something million. The Butler was able to make over $10million BUT that movie is not brutal nor is it rated R.

Wonderbust @ 10/11/2013 at 8:07 pm

typo I meant the Butler made over $100million, BUT that movie was pg13 and not brutal

Love Conquers All @ 10/11/2013 at 8:07 pm

@William Bradley&The Jolie:

Have you seen Gravity? I disagree. The single reason ‘Gravity’ will NOT win Best Picture is its emotional vacancy. Spectacular, landmark visual film, a modern masterpiece that will be studied for decades to come. But the story, emotional pull, the passion of its characters? Not there. At all. Vacant. Also just because the voters are older and white that doesn’t mean you can discount the chances of TYAS of winning an Oscar. This award season is very political and historic because of the amout of black film appearing in this year Oscars. TYAS is wining raves over critics, audience, and experts who predict Oscars. And I feels like the Oscars are going to make big historic picks for Oscars that including TYAS. TYAS is undeniable to any one who thinks that TYAS is not thee top picks for best picture. Loved Gravity and want to see it win. But 12 Years A Slave will probably be the winner. And I’ll be happy about that because I hear it’s great as well. It’s sort of like when No Country for Old Men won and There Will be Blood didn’t, since I liked There Will be Blood more but had no complaints over the winner because I loved it anyway. I’d like to see them give Cuarón director and 12 Years Picture.

Delusional troll continues to be out of touch with reality.It’s really sad
Angelina Jolie #1 on Forbes 2013 list of highest earning actresses

Love Conquers All @ 10/11/2013 at 8:12 pm

Also will be seeing “Her” at the NYFF too.

Jen the Hag @ 10/11/2013 at 8:23 pm

Jen the Hag @ 10/11/2013 at 4:57 pm

OMG!!!This dude looks like Jenny Shmitzu
Oh my God why does a FAT TICK fans obsess with the JP fans that they love to stole the JP fans name? Simple FAT TICK fans are a bunch of FUGLY INSECURE WHINNY LOSERS ..bwahahahahah!!! Now TAMWHORE or any of your many ALTERS and proxy servers go back burst your pea brain ..if you have one LOL!!

Oh god YES. Miyavi is amazing. I never watch Jolie’s movies, but I’ll definitely watch this one for him.

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 10/11/2013 at 8:37 pm

@Love Conquers All: I think you may be misinterpreting what I wrote. I want 12YAS to win. I think it should win. But I would not be shocked if it doesn’t win. NOTHING is inevitable, esp. with the Academy. This is why Fox’s marketing campaign is critical. At this juncture, I am just a little concerned about it as we make our way toward the film’s openings. Fox has accomplished what was needed at stage one wtih the critical acclaim at these festivals. Now, it’s commercial box office. Then we have the mailing of screeners and the managing of Academy screenings, as well as private schmoozing. Then they have to run the gauntlet of critic and guild awards. And finally we get to the main event.

And we still have other films that haven’t come out yet.


William Bradley&The Jolie @ 10/11/2013 at 8:45 pm

@Wonderbust: Yes I am a little concerned. I was talking to an African American friend at work, and asked if he was going to see the film, mind you this is a man who prides himself on being aware of his history as well as very into film, and he knew NOTHING about this movie. He said he had never heard of it. I was a little shocked to be truthful. And I would think that, only a few weeks away from general release, that should not be the case. On the flip side, he did not go to see The Butler, but he knew about it.

So, yes, I am a little concerned.

Love Conquers All @ 10/11/2013 at 8:56 pm

@William Bradley&The Jolie:

I understand your point and I agree with the strategy with how Fox have to have TYAS have success at the box office. And that we haven’t seen the rest films that are contesting the award season. I’m just saying that I met people that already seen TYAS at NYFF at both screenings and TYAS is all positive buzz which includes Oscar talk. And also I already seen Blue Jasmine, Nebraska, Captain Phillips, All is Lost, and other selective films at NYFF.

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 10/11/2013 at 9:08 pm

@Love Conquers All: Ah, I see. You are so lucky to get to go to the festival. Unfortunately, my life is such at the moment that I may not get to see as many of these films as I may want to in real time. The best I can do for now is follow some of the film sites that report on these things, as well as check in on bloggers and comment sites such as Awards Daily.

Wonderbust @ 10/11/2013 at 9:09 pm

@William Bradley&The Jolie:
2012 BET Awards they premiered the trailer of Django Unchained in June, the movie was released in December so there was a good 6 months of anticipation and buzz. The Butler had Oprah and she was doing all the rounds but the general public is not really familiar with McQueen or Ejiofor so I am hoping Brad can do more promos before the wide release

Love Conquers All @ 10/11/2013 at 9:24 pm

@William Bradley&The Jolie:

It’s okay:) I will see TYAS this Sunday, and I will post a review on a Monday morning about the film and reaction. I hope you and others will get too to see it soon in the coming weeks :)

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 10/11/2013 at 9:35 pm

6 months?!!! Oh. my. goodness. I am having visions of Harvey’s fckup of KTS all over again. I may need someone to hold me.

See we have a real pig on board……..keep it up and we’ll just flag you and you can go bye bye……

Angie is certainly going to have an interesting cast……can’t wait to see the finished product. At her busiest time she will receive her Oscar…what a schedule this woman has. I’m beginning to think multi-tasking fails to cover her abilities to simultaneously manage so much. No damn wonder she keeps weight off. What she must burn in any given day…..and still manages to look so fresh all the time.

Love Conquers All @ 10/11/2013 at 9:49 pm

I was watching Charlie Rose on Bloomberg, and there was a 30 minute of Rose interviewing Steve Mcqueen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender. They were all discussing the film and critical importance about the characters , and the film. It was a interesting discussion and insightful.

here’s the link below

credit to Nenufar2 BrangelinaForum
“As a musician, I questioned whether I should take a break from my craft to pursue this role,” Miyavi said in a statement. “After meeting Angie, it became clear to me that an underlying theme to this story is forgiveness. This resonated with me because that is exactly what I want express through my music. I look forward to taking on this challenge whole-heartedly.”
Miyavi will have to rearrange his Asia tour for this role bit I am sure everyone would like to see Miyavi on the big screen and will be patient. An amazing opportunity for the Jrock community’s “Samurai Guitarist”. Congratulations Miyavi!!!
He is in the middle of Japan Concert Tour right now but the tour will be finished before next month. 31 years old fresh- faced musician (he is almost un-known here) is the father of 2 cute girls. The audition got Miyavi to debut as an actor.

May be no one has interest in Miyavi
But I feel I’m not allowed to write any comment on 12YAS because I’ m a foreigner ?
So I decided to focus on OT stuff at JJ. Bye

After just having watched a few Miyavi youtube videos, I’m convinced that this casting is BRILLIANT! He is an intense artist.

Wonderbust @ 10/11/2013 at 10:28 pm

Sunny I love your posts. Feel free to write anything you want on TYAS. There are many foreigner on this thread. Please do not let anyone keep you from posting your thoughts here. Thanks to you we found out that ITLOBH was being released in Japan and Angie would be going. You also brought information when WWZ was being released.

Congrats Angelina, you will make a great director!

ROTFLMAOOOO at the Deadline paid post. I mean really? “I’m told by sources close to the project”….PFFFF! What kind of professional entertainment journalist works for years and is unable to name an actual source? For shame!

My favorite part is how he says that the TOWN PUMP “impressed Universal executives” with her directorial flop, when he should’ve said it was UNIVERSALLY derided by executives, critics and audiences alike.

Pothead went on record to say that Andrew Dominik took 5 years to get his second movie (KTS) made because the first one, despite getting a few nominations, it was considered a failure by the studio. So even with Pothead’s help, Dominik waited 5 years to have another shot at directing. What kind of “favors” is the sleazy Ho doing to get another chance at directing after the first movie was such an epic flop? Oh I suspect loons don’t want to know. HAHAHAHA!

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 10/11/2013 at 10:40 pm

Oh, I meant to mention that with this casting, it looks like things are beginning to ramp up with actual shooting starting sooner than I thought it would.

5 reasons why ‘Gravity’ will win the Oscar for Best Picture
By Matt Noble
Oct 11 2013 15:11 pm

You’d be forgiven for not having a good feeling about my prediction that “Gravity” will win the Oscar for Best Picture. No movie set in space has ever won; the film’s buzz may be peaking too early; it’s a 90-minute action movie where there are weightier (pardon the pun) contenders. However, here are the five reasons why “Gravity” is, at the moment, perfectly positioned to take the top Oscar. What could possibly go wrong?

1. It’s set a bar out of this world

Its score at Metacritic is 96. To put that in perspective, only four new releases have scored higher since 2003. Its box office started strong and is currently projected to make at least $200 million. Now, of course, films with high Metacritic scores usually lose, such as “The Social Network” and “Zero Dark Thirty,” which both posted 95. As do mega-grossing films such as “Avatar” ($750 million). However, the last time a contender had the highest Metacritic score and highest box office among nominated films was “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” which went on to tie the record for most victories (11). If “Gravity” can defend its 96 and remain on top of the box office, it’s going to be hard for rivals to overtake it.

2. The academy has new depth perception

After blockbusting front-runner “Avatar” was taken down by small “The Hurt Locker,” one could be forgiven for believing a conservative academy just wasn’t ready to embrace 3D cinema. However last year, Ang Lee was able to score a shocking upset over legend Stephen Speilberg with his 3D “Life of Pi.” This shows us that, for the right movie, the academy is willing to embrace a 3D film in a top category – even without pressure from pre-cursor awards. This paves the way for “Gravity” to go one small step further.

3. This film is going to leave little empty space

It’s going to pick up plenty of nominations. It already looks very hard to beat for the win in three categories and looks competitive in other tech races. Sandra Bullock will likely get a lead actress nod and the film looks positioned to take roughly 9 nominations.

4. This film has stars

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney’s name recognition, industry cred and performances also make this more than just a technical marvel and they will help to bolster its support among the acting branch. Then you have a widely respected and buzzed director in Alfonso Cauron. who has the ability to take out that bellwether category.

5. It’s not your regular space junk

What I find the most compelling reason: This movie seems special. You walk out of the cinema feeling like you have had an experience. It’s an action space movie, but it feels artistic and groundbreaking. There’s also a novelty to it, and I don’t mean that in a demeaning way. A couple of years ago people walked out of “The Artist” feeling like they had witnessed something you don’t really see these days at the movies, which led to a sentiment of ‘wouldn’t it be cool for a film like this to win Best Picture?’ I can’t help but feel voters may have the same response when walking out of “Gravity,” and wouldn’t that be one hell of a win!

@William Bradley&The Jolie:
Jack O’connell said in an interview at TIFF that Unbroken will start on October 21.

I don’t think box office really affects winning awards, one great example is The Hurt Locker vs Avatar.

@Passing Stool:

Oh LOLOLOLOLOLOL…. when you worship the Queen of botoxed forehead veins and cheekbone implants, you’re really in no position to speak of any entertainer that gets cosmetic procedures.

Jen the Hag @ 10/11/2013 at 10:59 pm

The human excrement writing “it’s never ending fanfiction…. that is a study in how a hate turn a human being into a stalker/murderer just like those terrorist turn into into suicide bomber

Wonderbust @ 10/11/2013 at 11:00 pm

thats just TamJoe stealing fans names again. He is terrified that Brad will win an Oscar in March. It is quite funny to watch. Nov 16th will be a fun day

Love Conquers All @ 10/11/2013 at 11:03 pm


That is a prime true example of an important film vs a entertainment film. I feel mostly that TYAS is a important film and Gravity is a entertainment film film. I think the voters will pick the important, and I feel if they don’t they will political and public backlash. And how is the editor comparing Gravity to The Artist? totally different films because I seen both, so different from each other.

Brazil Loves Angelina @ 10/11/2013 at 11:05 pm

TYS will be released in Brazil only in the beginning of next year … we are very eager to watch this masterpiece. :)

Brazil Loves Angelina @ 10/11/2013 at 11:11 pm

It’s amazing how stupid people here.

Brad and Angelina are loved worldwide. The EX wife of Brad Pitt is only known in my country to have married him. WTM was a MEGA FLOP in Brazil …. like any movie that whoooore do.

To be a fan of this biiiiitch only being so futile and insignificant as she.

Meanwhile, Brad and Angie are the King and Queen of Hollywood.

Ever crazy Simmy steal names. Tys will win no vis i havent seen neithee ri talk yet but thats what its gonna be. but brad makes me mad he only hurt himseld becuase it give him his usual idenity or place case and that always bad. And not only that not good for angie image make her no protection .–off course that has nothing got to do movie but just sayinf

Angelina Jolie is a Dynamo! (Not In The Way You’re Thinking)

Crikey. If ever there was a tea-spit-screen moment it was this morning when I saw the above photograph with the headline:

‘Angelina’s a human dynamo!’

… which of course my brain turned into, ‘Angelina’s a dynamo in bed!’. Thank goodness I’ve been cutting back on smoking cigarettes or I’d have a nasty burn on my thigh now from spitting one out in shock.

The real reason that the 37-year-old actress is with war veteran Louis Zamperini, 96, and cuddling up to him with her eyes bizarrely closed and her cheek implants on display, is because they’re working together on the film she’s currently “directing” – Unbroken.

Let’s have a look at what that’s all about then:

Unbroken is an adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand’s 2010 best-selling book that spent 108 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and 14 of those weeks at No. 1.

It tells the story of the life of Zamperini, an Olympic athlete and war veteran who survived a plane crash during the war and floated on a raft for 47 days before being picked up by the Japanese and sent to a prisoner of war camp.

Louis is now one of Angie’s neighbours in the Hollywood Hills and he says of her:

‘Angelina is a human dynamo, and I know she will tell this story in the right way. I’ve received so many letters and talked to so many people who say that Laura’s book has helped them when they were going through hard times. ‘

I actually might get the book and read it because it sounds as if Louis has lead a fascinating life and is indeed a truly inspiring person.

Whether Angelina makes a **** up of directing the Coen brothers-penned script or does his story justice remains to be seen, although personally I’d have preferred to have seen an actual director have a go at it – rather than a High School dropout on an ego trip.

Posted on October 11, 2013 by JP

Oh lol is my stalker JP Fan confused? She has so many aliases that she’s switched back to her original moniker to post a not-so flattering article about her supposed idol!

Maybe she’s flaky and plays for both teams, and side with the winners? Ahahahaha.

were the morons @ 10/11/2013 at 11:25 pm

Why is this flying cockroach trolling this thread in a Friday night?

Wonderbust @ 10/11/2013 at 11:28 pm

@were the morons:
no life whatsoever. if you are going to steal fans names at least use a different style and not make it so damn obvious. and boohooboo as a source?the same loser that said this March ticky would win an Oscar for Life of Crime and Brad and Angie would cry when her name was announced. Instead this March Angie will be holding up her Oscar and Brad may be getting his first.

were the morons @ 10/11/2013 at 11:30 pm

@Wonderbust: exaxtly! Angelina will receive her 2nd Oscar, and Tamshite will still scream at the ocean. The POS troll needs to take its meds lol.

Mrs Jolie Pitt, she continues to do wonders in this world!
She is an amazing individual, love that she looks for talents in others who are outside the normal circle! Good luck with this project. I also love that she is passionate about her work. Great woman!


Ummm…plenty of musicians are actors and it just so happens Miyavi CAN act. In fact, East Asian performers (in particular Japanese and South Koreans) tend to be miles times better than performers in the west because of how much agencies tend to train them.

And Miyavi CAN act. His movie “Ore-sama” was one I found absolutely spectacular.

I know absolutely nothing about this movie but Miyavi is going to be it? LOVED “Oresama”. TOTALLY going to have to watch this JUST for him. He’s absolutely wonderful and so very talented.


You should watch the movie “Oresama”. I believe you can find it on youtube with subtitles. Admittedly, Miyavi plays himself in it, but at the same time, he’s still acting–it’s a time travel movie (to the 80s, if I remember correctly, so it’s not like it actually happened) and it is so very good. I highly recommend it.

@jmho: He is also a superstar in Japan. This should be very interesting, can’t wait.

Hello lovely fans of Brad and Angie all over the world.

I never heard musician named Miyavi before now, I know him, Thank you Angie. She will be great as Director of Unbroken.God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

Goodnight. I can’t stay too long. Need my beauty sleep.God bless all the lovely fans of Brad and Angie. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 10/12/2013 at 1:47 am

I never heard of Miyavi but seeing some of his Youtube videos. I think he’ll be perfect as the villain in this movie. He has the attitude to play the mean villain

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 2:15 am

# 74 sunny @ 10/11/2013 at 10:13 pm
Good gravy. Nobody said you couldn’t talk about TYAS because you’re a foreigner. I said don’t be condescending and trying to preach to ME about racism in America. No one else here even said anything to you so quit acting like a martyr. Obviously you failed to notce there have been barely any comments today at all, so it’s not you that no one is responding to. The thread is dead. That happens from time to time and no one’s snubbing anyone we’re just all busy with other stuff…like watching the Cards try to give Game 1 to the Dodgers…that was one long ass 5 hour game…

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 2:23 am

# 80 QQQQ @ 10/11/2013 at 10:44 pm
Pfft. Pardon the racial pun but let’s call a spade a spade. Gravity will win Best Picture because the Academy isn’t going to give all the Oscars to black people…even though the producers are white. The Academy is NOT going to have a movie about black people be the best picture. The end. From all accounts TYAS is an important movie that speaks to America’s dark history and the enduring shame of racism, slavery and stipping people of the humanity. Gravity is a technical tour de force with a good lead performance, a weak script, no emotionall depth and insane stretching of the laws of physics. One thing it doesn’t have is black people, “black themes” and doesn’t make white people look bad. The Academy do the right thing? Puh-leeze. If TYAS wins Best Picture I’ll be nice to Tampon for a whole hour.

@Passing Through:

Pitty is not going to have his OSCAR; (

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 3:04 am

@Passing Through

Sorry to interfere but why are you being so negative so early, of a film that hasn’t been released yet? Have you seen the film? And personally your being bully to sunny, just saying don’t take it personally. Just say positive.

Good morning ya’ll. This movie out to be interesting. Thank you Jolie!

@Passing Through:
PT, that’s the fake “QQQQ” posted that article.

@Passing Through:
I think this year is different because there are so many strong black films this year. TYAS tops them all and is a very powerful and important film based on all reviews. it is much more complex and has more depth and meaning than Gravity, I feel like if Academy doesn’t give TYAS Oscar Best Picture, as some fan said before it would be too obvious racism. Gravity is going to win all tech awards, probably Best Director, but not going to win Best Picture.

I agree with Passing Through that the Oscars isn’t going to give ALL the awards to black people but of all the categories, I do think that the Best Picture will win and that Lupita has a strong likelihood of winning. I just wish that Lupita’s category was in the Best Actress category because it’s still difficult for black women to win in that category. They’ll give the black male actors a Best Actor win but not so much for the black women. I had really hoped for Viola Davis to win for the Help, her role for more complex and layered than Octavia Spencer’s character to crap in some woman’s pie but the Academy decided to give Meryl’s her nth win. But I’ll be satisfied with TYAS winning and Lupita. She has such style and class and a unique beauty.


I also agree that it will be too obvious. The Academy awarded Shindler’s List and to snub TYAS I believe there will be an uproar. Too many great reviews for the Acedemy to ignore it with a win.

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 4:00 am

@Hello: @IMO:

I so agree with both you, because of the high profile black films entering through the Oscars and the award season. TYAS is not to ignored by any voters and the press, TYAS is too undeniable to pass over for a best pic win. It’s just so important, and I really can’t wait till everyone sees this film next week and in the coming weeks.


Hi sunny,please keep on posting!

Jen the Hag @ 10/12/2013 at 4:38 am

were the morons @ 10/11/2013 at 11:25 pm

Why is this flying cockroach trolling this thread in a Friday night?
because that HARPY gets “it’s happiness from the JP fans and no life outside JJ ..let just say we are being charitable to that unfortunate inhuman entity..bwahahhahah!!!

sweety, the guy played in movies before.

@sunny: #75, good morning Sunny. Wishing you a great day. Sunny, we are fans of Brad and Angelina first. second everyone is free to state his or her opinions. We may not all feel the same but it our opinion. I have been called out by fans and trolls, it’s just water off my back. I Keep posting and commenting about whatever I want, some fans will agree and some disagree. My advice is, (just don’t talk about being black in the USA to PT, lol). :-). Don’t get upset so easily. Please leave your comments we enjoyed what you are bringing to the thread. Were you here when the fans were giving Brad’s mother he’ll because she supported Mitt Romney? That was a time. Have you read some people telling me to stop talking about the death thread made against Angie? Well, as you can see, I still give that lowlife trifling pos my mind whenever I feel like it without reading it’s gibberish. We, the fans, are all free to leave our comments. Have a great day.

WWZ Update @ 10/12/2013 at 6:29 am

Per boxofficemojo (domestic thru 10/10, foreign thru 10/9):
Domestic: $202,359,711 37.5%
+ Foreign: $337,648,165 62.5%
= Worldwide: $540,007,876

This movie was stuck in development hell for over 50 years. How many other filmmakers, celebrities approached Zamperini during all that time? But of course nobody tried to use him in a photo op to get the movie made, posing as besties. I suspect that Heroina hasn’t begun production for this film because she still lacks funding / support, and she came up with this photo shoot to give confidence to the producers / investors that she has the blessing from the hero himself.

I don’t think she’s getting support from Pitty though. When he was promoting KTS, he admitted that Andrew Dominik had to wait 5 years to find work again (after “The Assassination of Jesse James”) because despite being well received, that movie was deemed a “failure” by the studio, despite a couple of Oscar nominations and grossing 10 times as much as Heroina’s directorial debut. So Dominik was unable to take any shortcuts to get his second movie made, and waited 5 years to do so, whereas Ho has laid her veiny claws on a somewhat important project, only two years after her disastrous directorial debut. So Pitty’s power wasn’t good enough to help Dominik, why would we think he could help Heroina somehow?

Nah, of course she isn’t depending on him. She’s getting her help elsewhere, and I’m sure she’s doing all kinds of “special favors” to get this movie started. Is not out of character for her. She’s not known in Hollywood as the “TOWN PUMP” for no reason. :wink:

Good morning to all the great fans of Brad and Angelina. Hoping we get some photos of the fmily today. @ Anustin,Hi Anustin, how are you lady.
@Phool, good morning my dearest sister. How are you today lady? Nothing new to talk about. Hoping something pops up later.

@Susan, good morning my dear Susan. Wishing you a great day.

@were the morons. Good morning WTM, we have been playing hide and seek. Hope everything is great in your neck of the woods.

@Premalee, Good morning Prem. Wishing you a great day.

@Dawne, good morning lady. I see you have been name was hijacked recently. Have a great day. Yesterday that fool stole QQQQ moniker.

@busted, good morning my dear busted. Wishing you a great day.

@Yolly, hi Yolly, right back at you. Have a great day.

@ Love the smilie Pitts, good morning to my dear friend Love. Wishing you Health, and happiness and a blessed day.

@Shi Baby, hi Shi, I miss you. Hope you stop by soon.
I’m very busy at the moment. I just took a few minutes ours off doing my house cleaning to say hi to the early birds. And great big HELLO to all the great Jolie Pitt fans. Everyone have a wonderful day.

@WWZ Update: Thanks for the update. Great blessings still pouring in for Brad and WWZ. Brad is making the money and it’s driving the trolls cray cray.

It’s too early in the morning for #119 to be talking crazy. Get a life and pray that Ticky get to direct a movie costing about $60,000,000. That would be a better use of your time. I read the first two lines and knew you were a troll. You just wasted several minutes out of your day to talking gibberish.

Good morning J-P fans.
@ Rose, you know the saying if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, it applies to any Brad and Angie thread.
Brad and the twins may be out and about this weekend, the other four may be missing their pesky siblings.
Have a great day.

Aniston HO @ 10/12/2013 at 7:14 am

its Tamsh1t and her many aliases. She’s just mad that Brad and Angie are soaring high career and family wise while her idol the ugly Hag’s career is over and is begging for producers to give her a job. LOL

Wonderbust @ 10/12/2013 at 7:18 am

@Passing Through:
And the US would never elect a black president with a foreign name right?

Wonderbust @ 10/12/2013 at 7:27 am

@Aniston HO:
He is terrified that Brad will win an Oscar and Angelina too for Unbroken. Unbroken is going to make a lot of money because it is released at Christmas, is an inspirational story, and the book is extremely popular. It will clear $100 million easy and the troll can quote me on this. If unbroken can land in the high 80′s on metacritic and gets universal acclaim then you can just hand Angie the Oscar. What terrifies the fatfugs n ticky more than anything is Angelina winning two Oscars(director, producer). That is why they are already making excuses such as the Coen brothers are really directing it, WTF.

@Aniston HO: I know it’s tamshitt and another moniker. If it’s not tamshitt it’s another pos. brad making the money with WWZ, DVD, rental ect. I know we bought WWZ for my house. Last week I was in Costco and I hear one of the cashier mentioning WWZ when she was ringing up a purchase. So the trolls are having a meltdown. brad and Angelina are living their life giving back and treating people with respect.

Well done for Angelina to pick wonderful talented actors and instead of famous actors to play the leads. This movie is going to be amazing and be a big hit.

Another thing is that Boxoffice’s domestic opening prediction for “12 years a slave” is $9M and overall domestic gross $90M.

Well I am going to predict that opening is going to be near the $20-30M and overall pass the $150M. Why? Because this movie is getting the biggest recommendation from both the critics and the public and the word of mouth is really strong. This is going to be a surprise hit at the boxoffice.

@Susan: Good morning Susan, how are you lady. It’s overcast here this morning and looking very gloomy. Susan, I’m hoping to see Brad and the twins this morning, also Angie and the other kids. It appears Angie will start directing soon. We all get kick back at times but we stay in the kitchen, lol. Susan, I’m sure they are all missing each other. I read somewhere, maybe BF that this person was told that Fury has about another five six weeks to go. I’m sure it feels like an eternity to the entire family.

Too early for ur parents stabbing ,tampos.

@Maya: Hi Maya, you have to remember TYAS is a limited opening. I’m not sure if it’s opening in my neighborhood. I know I’m going to see TYAS when it comes to my area. I read they will be expanding the opening in November? I’ll be going with my neighbor as soon as possible. I hope your predictions are on the money.

jajajjajajajjajjjaj @ 10/12/2013 at 8:06 am


It is going to be a hit in Mars, in other places a flop

Wonderbust @ 10/12/2013 at 8:07 am

TYAS is limited release only 18 theaters next week. It goes wide on Nov 1st and when they wide it could mean between 600-1000 theaters only so no way it makes $20mil. Point of reference should be other fox searchlight movies that had a similar roll out like Black Swan and Slumdog Millionaire. You can find the info on boxofficemojo.

@Ⱦamsin: what has Angelina done to you to earn your hatred?

I DIDNOT post the article about Gravitiy. Jared is getting on my nerves. Used Tampon Piece of SH!T, DO NOT post crap using my name.


Hi Rose you are up very early. Did you have your walk. I will be up your way on Tuesday with my pals for Eid. l love the area Port Jefferson, Exit 64. I’m learning all the short cut roads. I prefer Grand Central Parkway to go to my friends house. Thanks for the shout out. Have a great day. Ignor the trolls like me, do not reply and don’t waste your time with them. There are much better things to do in life with your family and friends.

One for the road I will always support JP family and I admire Angie from her Hacker’s days and then when I met her in NY for Tourist with Brad I was blown away. So mesmerising

@QQQQ: Knew it wasn’t you … that style of posting an article is tamshite’s MO. Jared and his refusal to either register posters or bring back the thumbs up/thumbs down is really getting on my nerves, too. He’s so scared about losing posters that he allows POS to post under any name they want. Hey, anything to bring the cha-ching in, right? Who cares about the regular posters’ feelings? No wonder so many have stopped posting here …

Me Too. I’m sooo pissed that the trolls are allowed to run amok here that only 11 of my personalities can deal. The rest have gone elsewhere JJ.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 10/12/2013 at 10:07 am


I agree with you because you are from Mars. The fans are from earth so it will be a hit on earth.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 10/12/2013 at 10:12 am



Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadian posters………..shout out to Anuston…………guess you get off turkey duty if hubby is away…….

Gorgeous, sunny day again……..for the last two weeks…….sorry to hear Rose that NYC is gloomy today as friends went down for the weekend and I was hoping they would take the good weather with them.

Seems the troll’s not being controlled are pressing on the JP fans last nerve…….maybe time to ‘re-think’ Jared………….if you are asleep at the wheel for much longer you may have to pay a real price……..

Sometimes when I log on and see pages of troll spew, I can’t be bothered scrolling down most pages particularly when the long ass shiit that runs half a page and is posted two or three times……..really, Jared? No one at the helm?

Should be deleted post haste………bring back the thumbs or find some other solution. These trolls are like clumps of arsenic on a slab of rich, chocolate cake………total contamination of something normally delectable. After awhile one gets turned off cake altogether.

Then you can have the three demon hags take over your most lucrative JP threads………that might be a wake up call. Or you may enjoy being another boohoo or FF host. Time to reboot, there, dude.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 10/12/2013 at 10:41 am


The problem is that we respond to the trolls. We give them the attention. I respond to the trolls sometimes which I shouldn’t. I am just as guilty. Let them write their BS. We know the real truth. Who care what the trolls post. If the fans ignore the trolls and just enjoy other fans’ posts we should be fine. Let the trolls talk among itself/themselves.

@Media Wh@re MANiston:

No argument there…………I can go days ignoring their garbage and then I suddenly load my tongue and fire……… are right, it is Psych 101 that it is merely attention grabbing, but that is cognitive but sometimes emotion kicks in.

I no longer read the posts because frankly it is just recycled fiction and it has zero cred but I get pissed when it goes on for pages of longass screed. We all need to control our anger and ignore them which is their worst nightmare. But the fact still remains that the host of this site also has a responsibility to his largest posting base. He needs to step up.

Happy Thanksgiving to Dawne, Anustin, and all he Canadian posters.

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/12/2013 at 11:27 am

Stopping by briefly to say “good morning” to all the wonderful JoliePitt fans, and I especially want to give a warm hello and good morning to Sunny.
Sunny, I hope you will continue making your comments and contributions to the JoliePitt threads and never stop doing so.
Like any other JoliePitt fan on a JP thread, you, too, are entitled to express your opinions and insights, etc., without feeling you need to muzzle yourself.
You have shared so much that has been appreciated. Please continue to do so. Thank you.

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/12/2013 at 11:33 am

Credit Fussyey – re: Miyavi -

“As a musician, and also with the fact that the subject of the movie was somewhat sensitive to the Japanese people, I questioned whether I should take a break from my craft to pursue this role, but after meeting Angie, it became clear to me that an underlying theme to this story is forgiveness, and I thought I might eventually become like a bridge between the two states and the world, by depicting the gruesomeness of the war. This idea resonated with me because that is exactly what I want to express through my music. I look forward to taking on this challenge whole-heartedly.”
I am grateful to Angelina for introducing me to Miyavi. I had never heard of him before but I like what he says above.

@an oldie:


thank you,oldie.

dawne,hubby is coming tomorrow…..turkey is already brined!gggrrrrrr…….indeed ,a beautiful day.

Queen Jolie @ 10/12/2013 at 11:40 am

What is Angie thinking?Keep on casting Unknown actors in her films.Does she think people will watch a movie with unknown actors.I would not watch this movie at all.Why can’t she cast at least someone that we know.oratleast star on it?I really don’t understand her now, so dis appointing.She said she want to spend more time with her kids by not accepting movies but what is she doing now,this directing take so much of her time than starring in movies.2 months just scouting location and casting, another 3 months filming then maybe another 2 months editing.spending almost one year in this movie with unknown actors.its really sad,because of the pressure of this movie,she is becoming more thinner.she is neglecting herself because of this obsession to direct which is not for her.She is fantastic on screen that is why I became a fan but behing the camera she is not.directing is not for her , why can’t she see that.This time I am with Brad.She and the children should be with Brad instead because of her ambition to direct she is in Australia and away from the twins?I love Angie but this time I am really disappointed with her.Directing takes more of her time away fron her children than acting.she is starting to loose so many fans because we never see her on screen for a long time now.She is making wrong choices in her career.she is not Bigelow so I don’t think she will have a bright future in directing.i just wish she realize that.

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 11:42 am

Still at NYFF, and I’m planning to “Her” tonight at 6:15 pm, which is staring Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams. Can’t wait!

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/12/2013 at 11:46 am

Good morning to you my darling, Rose.
Rose I hope Fury will wrap up shooting real soon….hahahaha ….(I know they just started :) ) but I am calling for a miracle here because I am missing seeing the entire beautiful JoliePItt family together in the same place at the same time.
God bless our beautiful JoliePitt family and bring them all together very soon.
Have a wonderful day my friend.

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 11:46 am

@Queen Jolie:

Your a troll stealing names, and Angie need your advice. Everyone involved with this film,Louis and the studio trust what Angie is doing. Including her family and Brad with full support. So stop trolling.

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 10/12/2013 at 11:51 am

Morning Folks. I came across this interesting video from the Motley Fools, on the Yahoo site. It talks mainly about Iron Man’s video sales on Disney, but there is also a nice little insight into the gem that is WWZ. Link is below, but if you go to the Yahoo site, you can see the link itself which is entitled, “Disney Investors, Rejoice: Iron Man Is Slowly Destroying the Zombie Apocalypse.” Here is the link:

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/12/2013 at 11:51 am

Wishing our Canadian friends a very happy and joyous Thanksgiving!

hello to everybody!
I get to come to JJ trying to read at least a little in every thread, since I have a lot on my plate lately.
I love to read your opinions and updates and always, and I am always reading the latest news on the JPs. I am excited about their next movies, and sad because Malala did not win the biggest prize.
I also see the business as usual of the FF posters (who deny being posting their lies in different sites, but continue to do so).

I wish you the best to yu all regulars and lurkers. I will try to come back and post once in a while, at least to say hi!
been here since 2006! (when AJ was already preggers)

hasta luego!

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 11:59 am

@William Bradley&The Jolie:

I’m sorry are you really a fan of Brad and Angie?

Queen Angelina! Its ok if Brad puts his movies first, because he’s the man of the house. I wonder which one is more concern with there image Brad or Angelina? When he realized that Angelina was getting the publicity being with the 6 kids, he made sure he convinced her to let him take the twins. who’s getting the publicity now in people magazine, Papa Brad.

Angelina wants to direct her movie she fought so hard to get, way before Brad sign on to do Fury. I wish for Angelina to be a successful Director.

@Queen Jolie:
lost so many fans????? just ur azzzz….i am a fan and i love what she is doing.its her name ,not the actors…..

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 12:12 pm

Does anyone think Gravity is over-hyped and too expose so early of wining couple of Oscars? Heard from my friends who only saw the regular film (not in 3D) and they were not impressed with the movie or the acting. I love Sandra Bullock but this movie did nothing for me. Just saw Captain Phillips wow!! I “cried” at the end for the captain and for the powerful performance by Hanks. GRAVITY is a smart film-making–and it will make a lot of money, but will it win awards–I doubt it. In Alien Weaver fought an alien in space–here Sandra is fighting space junk. George is the comedic relief and increase the length to 90 mins. to make it a feature. The film may dazzle kids but not the seasoned Academy voters. Take the money and run.Bullock is not the front-runner and the more you folks over-hype her and this damn film the harder it is going to fall with AMPAS and I personally can’t wait for it. Blanchett is going to win this with ease. The actor’s branch is not going for Gravity, sorry. It’s going to get a lot of tech wins and not much else.I assume Warner Brothers is paying you very well for this coverage however.

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 10/12/2013 at 12:20 pm

@Love Conquers All:

What are you talking about?

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 12:29 pm

@William Bradley&The Jolie:

The article that you posted?

@William Bradley&The Jolie:
she probably did not see the video and went with the title of it.
the reviewer is right, WWZ has its place within the world of movie franchises. it is not an easy feat now that marvel is so dominating in action films.
I am very happy for Josh Whedon, but I am also happy for Brad and his small but growing Plan B.

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 12:33 pm

@William Bradley&The Jolie:

Hey don’t respond back, just notice a troll just stole my name. Sorry about the confusion that the trolls cause. The real me wrote about Gravity.

Wonderbust @ 10/12/2013 at 12:34 pm

@Love Conquers All:
Are theses your comments or comments from another forum if they are someone else’s please use quotes because it is hard to discern what is your opinion and what is someone else’s . I think we should focus more on TYAS instead of being so concerned about Gravity etc. the truth is we won’t know squat or who is in the real lead until the globes,sag, PGA, Bafta. It’s only October and TYAS hasn’t even been
RelEased so we don’t know the final meta critic score, RT. or even it’s box office.

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 10/12/2013 at 12:35 pm

@Love Conquers All: Did you read my descriptor or just look at the headline for the video, which is misleading? Did you actually watch the video?

at the beginning I thought the video thing was posted by a troll, but out of curiosity I clicked on the video, which is a boring thing, but in minute 1:50 up, the man speaks well about WWZ , how it has shelf life and it is no. 1 in video sales, but the video is mostly for Disney investors.

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 12:38 pm

@Wonderbust: @William Bradley&The Jolie:

That wasn’t me, some troll stole my name. I just got back right now. I read the article and I agree with you.

Wonderbust @ 10/12/2013 at 12:42 pm

I will add Hurt locker did really poorly at the box office and it somehow defeated the highest grossing movie of all time(unadjusted of course lol). Life of Pi made $600mil yet despite ANG Lee winning director it did not win picture. Then you have cases where Return of the King made money and won so really the Oscars can go any way. TYAS will prob make less than all the best picture contenders yet the emotion that I heard when people saw the movie is omsethign I have yet to hear about from any contender. All tweets indicate that the movie will have you weeping and thinking about it for days. I think TYAS can win but it will need a decent box office(at least $50mil) and universal acclaim.

Matilda The Musical
Event · 26,750 Likes
Spotted at the show: it’s Brad Pitt!

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 12:54 pm


Awww:) I bet he brought the twins with him. Did you find any pictures of them? Thanks for the info.

Wonderbust @ 10/12/2013 at 12:58 pm

@Love Conquers All:
Can’t wait for your review tomorrow or Monday. Also would like to hear about the reaction from the crowd.

Haley Flaherty ‏@Halesflax now

Amazing to see Brad Pitt and family in the audience today @MatildaMusical #starstruck #lovethisshow

Amy Thornton ‏@MissAmyThornton

Just Brad Pitt casually watching the show this afternoon. What a beautiful BEAUTIFUL man😍😍

Lara Denning ‏@DameDenning

Brad Pitt watching the show today! I’m not gonna lie, I’m thrilled! #beautiful #gentleman #marryme

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 1:07 pm


Thanks, yeah I really can’t wait to TYAS, and I can’t wait till I share with you guys. I’m so happy to see a a piece of art and support Mcqueen, the cast, and the work of Brad’s Plan B. Also just though I wonder if Angelina got to see the film for herself?

Wonderbust @ 10/12/2013 at 1:32 pm

@Love Conquers All:
Hmm I hope so. I am so tempted to go into the city and see it next Sat. I can’t wait to see her and Brad Nov 16th. Angelina is only 38 and is already receiving a second Oscar for her humanitarian work. This bodes well for Unbroken because I think the Academy likes her :) to the so-called Angelina fan “queen Jolie” do you know Katheryn Bigelow said she chose unknowns for the Hurt locker purposely and that movie won her 2 Oscars.Christmas is one of the biggest box office seasons and I know it will make so much money. 2014 is going to be a great year for Angelina. As soon as I saw DDL in his Lincoln makeup in 2011, I knew he was going to win, when I heard about TYAS and the cast I knew it would be amazing. Looking at the Unbroken team I think this will be big at the Academy. At least what I am saying is more realistic then ticky winning an Oscar for life of crime.

Jolie is possessed, literally, with a demon. She and Billy Bob did a ritual which involved introducing his reptilian DNA/blood into her DNA/blood, which altered her DNA and allowed the demon to possess her. Billy Bob dumped her because he’d completed his mission, which was to corrupt and help a demon possess her. Pitt thought it would be “cool” to live with a reptilian shapeshifter. Demons are fundamentally narcissistic and authoritarian, and they are also copycats. I didn’t used to believe the story that Jolie ripped off a screenplay written by someone else, but now I totally believe it and I believe the writer was later paid off. Jolie despises Shiloh because she’s beautiful and could therefore take attention away from her. Jolie is a lost soul, unless she prays to Yahweh to forgive her and change her.

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 1:46 pm


Totally agree every word you say:)

Brazil Loves Angelina @ 10/12/2013 at 1:48 pm

Brad Pitt will WIN your first Oscar in March 2013.
Angie will RECEIVE your second Oscar in November 2012.

Delusional trolls illlustrate why we need to overhaul the health care system especially in the area of mental illness.

I think Shiloh’s teeth needs braces. Just saw some beautiful Brad’s photos on BF, particularly the ones with bleached blond hair. Brad has beautiful teeth and the most beautiful smile. Brad looks so stunning. Shiloh resembles Brad a lot in those photos.

let them show how crazy they are!
it is actually hilarious , not only pathetic.

@new fan: Are you joking? She is 7 what would be the point of putting braces on baby teeth that are going to come out? Why not wait to after most of her permanent teeth have come in to see if she needs braces? Are you trolling?

@new fan: Hello, Angelina. Typically passive aggressive comments about Shiloh give you away. You should have said no to Billy Bob.

Thanks for the tweets of Brad and twins watching Matilda musical.

@Bailey, watch out, you are opening yourself up for a lawsuit. There are certain consequences to what you say, even on the internet. really?

@really?: LOL. I’m telling the truth. The only consequences are eternal damnation for Jolie if she does not ask Yahweh to forgive her and change her.

27 The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

2 When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell.

3 Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident.

4 One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his temple.

5 For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock.

6 And now shall mine head be lifted up above mine enemies round about me: therefore will I offer in his tabernacle sacrifices of joy; I will sing, yea, I will sing praises unto the Lord.

7 Hear, O Lord, when I cry with my voice: have mercy also upon me, and answer me.

8 When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek.

9 Hide not thy face far from me; put not thy servant away in anger: thou hast been my help; leave me not, neither forsake me, O God of my salvation.

10 When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.

11 Teach me thy way, O Lord, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies.

12 Deliver me not over unto the will of mine enemies: for false witnesses are risen up against me, and such as breathe out cruelty.

13 I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

14 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

Sorry, yes you are right it is too young for Shiloh having braces. I just hope all JP kids have beautiful teeth like Brad’s

I just in at Celebitchy. They are making some changes to their board. I read their new Commenting Guidelines, here are some of the rules over there..”If you make a racist or bigoted remarks, comments under multiple names, or wish death on anyone you will be banned. There are no second chances if you violate one of these basic rules.

Why is Just Jared afraid of putting his foot down and ban the bigots, murders,liars, and children stalkers and haters? There are too many crazy people on this thread, hating on the Jolie Pitt’s. Also, there are also pretend fans encouraging the other haters to continue their hate campaign, while pretending to be fans. The good cop bad cop game is going on right now on this thread, and you know who you are.

jajajjajajajjajjjaj @ 10/12/2013 at 2:46 pm


the father of the year, five weeks without seeing his another four children

Lincoln Spector ‏@LincolnSpector now

Saw 12 Years a Slave last night. Best new movie I’ve seen in a long time.

jajajjajajajjajjjaj @ 10/12/2013 at 2:48 pm


jared is not guilty of that you live in this place
this is a public forum

Kevin Powell

12 YEARS A SLAVE is one of the most critically acclaimed films of 2013, and also the most incredible film I have ever seen in my life about American slavery (yes, it is on the level of SCHINDLER’S LIST in terms of filmmaking brilliance, quality, and the acting around a human tragedy). VERY HONORED to be co-hosting a special VIP screening of the film here in New York City, along with the Rev. Al Sharpton and Liquid Soul Media, on Wednesday evening, October 16th (the film opens to limited engagement on Friday, October 18). I think every American, no matter what your background, needs to see this film. And it needs to be shown to students in high school, college, and beyond. Here is the evite about the event.

@Rose: LOL. No one has made any such remarks that I’ve seen. Clearly, however, you are bigoted against Christians. You should ban yourself.

Shut up, psycho. You need your meds and a bop on the head. You are an unwanted piece of trash so got take out your frustration somewhere else. Pathetic and schizophrenic troll.

@Rose: Jared is afraid he will lose posters so he allows even the cray cray rantings of a Josh Whedon wannabe whose got an Angel-Buffy scenario going to post here, no matter our protests. I have actually put CB on my default now, no more Jared as default. I still don’t like a lot of kaiser’s posts but most of the posters now are JP fans, not too much Ticky and Tacky hens. And they do ban posters with multiple names, and I have not read anyone with threats to Angie’s life, unlike our unfavorite troll here. So they keep a cleaner site at CB and that’s the way I prefer it.

cierra huntsman ‏@cierrahuntsman now

Brad Pitt is so good looking. I’d love to shake his mothers hand and thank her for producing such a beautiful man.

@Premalee: @Premalee: Hi Prem, thanks for the shout out. Prem, Saturday is for cleaning, food shopping, cooking and taking care of odds and ends.. No walking Sat and Sun. however, it’s so refreshing in the mornings to get out there and take a shower after exercise I feel like I can do anything after that. Prem, you go way above me. PT Jefferson area is really nice. I’m sure you have a great time getting away from the hustle and bustle of the outer Boroughs, not as bad as Manhattan, but still very busy compare to where I live. I love the
quiet and space out here. :-).

Prem, we are fans and will always love Brad and Angelina and their children. Prem, you are so lucky to have met Angelina and Brad. I wish it was me. I know you will enjoy your trip on Tuesday, drive carefully and enjoy your day. Have a great weekend.

Soph Austin ‏@SophAustin 5m

Still want to cry at the thought of Brad Pitt being at my work 2 weeks ago and I missed him. And he went on the rides that I operate 😫

Mindreading @ 10/12/2013 at 3:02 pm

Rose what’s it to you?

@trt: “You need… a bop on the head.” Is that a threat? Shall you ban yourself, or shall I have law enforcement do it for you?

@tweet: Thanks for posting I agree films of this nature should be shown to high school maybe over 16 y.o..What was that Film Angie made that was shown to students?


He has acted before and he is pretty decent.

@briseis: Hi briseis, you are so right, CB has lots more Brad and Angelina fans and they are not afraid to support them. Kaiser has her ways but she always says she is a fan of BRANGELINA. She will say certain things to get hits but she never waiver from saying she’s a Angie’s fan. If cb can have rules of no harassment on their thread I don’t understand why JJ cannot do the same. Also, the trolls are trying their best to get us fed up with JJ and leave. However, we cannot let them dictate to us what site to visit or visit or leave a comment. If we leave jj that would be giving the trolls the power. I am never giving trolls that satisfaction, or any power over where I leave my comments supporting Jolie Pitt’s.

MIYAVI will be in the film “Unbroken” directed by Angelina Jolie. Details and his statement →
“As a musician, and also with the fact that the subject of the movie was somewhat sensitive to the Japanese people, I questioned whether I should take a break from my craft to pursue this role, but after meeting Angie, it became clear to me that an underlying theme to this story is forgiveness, and I thought I might eventually become like a bridge between the two states and the world, by depicting the gruesomeness of the war. This idea resonated with me because that is exactly what I want to express through my music. I look forward to taking on this challenge whole-heartedly.”

@Dawne: Hi Dawne, how are you my dear. Dawne, I do not live in NYC, I live about an hour out of the city. Where you get big property, less congestions, we can breath fresh air, LOL! I used to work in manhattan years ago, was so happy to get away to a more quiet life. I’m on Long Island, NY, not New York City where the rich people lives, lol. You know, Ticky and Tacky , they live in the city. I’m joking, everyone lives in the City but it’s too crowded for me. Now I can visit the city like a tourist, lol. Have a great day dawn.

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 3:36 pm

I was looking over at the BF Forum, and there was information of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts and it here is says “Inaugural Gala Reception, performance and dinner. Black tie attire. Invitation only. Chaired by Wallis Annenberg, Brad Pitt, Robert Redford, Jamie Tisch.” And it shows the event and preparations by them putting up a tent for the inaugural event.

So this means that Brad will still attend then in inaugural next week with Robert Redford. Hopefully Angie will be at Brad side.

@Love the JoliePitts: Hello my dear friend Love, how are you today. Love I’m with you, we are ready to see some great photos of the entire family. I believe it will be soon, in about a month. Love, we can look forward to November 16 ?, when Angie is awarded her second Oscar for all the years of giving of herself in order to make life better for so many people, especially women and Children. Angie is such a young woman and has done so much for others, she is really in a class by herself. We Jolie Pitt’s fans have so much to look forward to this year and next. God bless the Jolie Pitt’s. Love have a great day.

Coca Cola and FedEx support and sponsor the Racist Bigot White Supremacist NFL team “Redskins” and enable and profit off the Hate Crime Culture that is promoted by the use of the Washington “Redskins” team nickname.
End the ethnic Bullying and Hate Crime culture perpetuated by the NFL by writing to the corporate sponsors such as Coca Cola and FedEx. As customers, we demand that these corporations no longer support and provide benefits to organizations that promote Hate Crime, Bigotry, and Ethnic Bullying.

an oldie

Thx from all of us. And Anuston, you are such a good wife; brining the bird………impressive. It is the perfect Fall weekend; couldn’t be nicer…hope it is for all the Canucks.

@Love Conquers All:
I don’t think Brad will be there.


That would be SUPER Maya but impossible given 12 Years A Slave is opening in only 20 theaters. They would have to be charging $50-100,000 a ticket.

@new fan:


@BradPitt’s teeth are capped. He has so stated.

Why no Angie sighting with kids in the weekend anymore? We have Brad’s sighting with twins fun time in the weekend. I hope Angie doesn’t work too hard, forgets to take kids out for fun.

Mindreading @ 10/12/2013 at 4:19 pm

JP loons are good for a few laugh.. JJ is in business to make money JT catter to you’ll every needs.

Rose you are full of didodododo.. Remember what you said about MD.

is she kidding with this? she can barely act, let alone direct a movie

Angie said she felt more fulfillment in directing than acting. It doesn’t mean she is not going to act, if she finds very interest role, she would.


yeah, you are such a bright one. “She can’t act” is the most powerful actress in HW……..or should I say ‘Double Oscar winning actress.” Idiot. Have you always been this stunted? Guess they pay her twenty million a film cause she ‘can’t act.’…….God, you give stupid a new meaning. Oh, and not to mention the multiple Sag and GG’s she has one plus the Stanley Kramer award for Directing. Now go away, you hurt my brain.

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 4:30 pm

I think Fox Searchlight are making good decisions of handling TYAS, they put it on release on every high, low, important film festival this fall. I like how they slowing it down on the campaigning through award season and not over blowing it. I feel like the studio is studying the film chances and everyone’s reaction to TYAS and seeing the film will transact through the box office. In my opinion the studio made a very vise decision of having the TYAS on first limited release on Oct 18 and going nationwide on November 1, which makes TYAS still visible throughout award season.

Florida Babe @ 10/12/2013 at 4:38 pm

I bid you well and great fortune Angelina. You are iconic and no doubt will be successful. Thank you for directing and providing employment to others. You will make an excellent director having come from well respected acting career you’ve had. I can honestly say there are many of us who will watch any movies associated with you and Brad. Bravo and keep moving on.

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 4:43 pm

# 107 Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 3:04 am
I wasn’t being negative. I was being a realist. Look at the history of the Academy. They’re not exactly known for their expansive history of voting for minorities for big awards – be it black people, Latinos, Asians, etc.
Also, I wasn’t bullying Sunny. In fact I told her she was being silly just because nobody jumped to respond to her comment right away. I had a specific problem with her and her told her so. No one else even commented on it so how she took that to mean everyone else was mad at her is beyond be. People post info all the time that never gets commented on. It’s no big deal. Instead she took that to mean nobody wanted her to comment about TYAS at all. She can talk about it until the cows come home for all I care. Just stop trying to be condescending to ME about racism in America when I’ve had to live with it every day of my entire life and she doesn’t and hasn’t.

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 4:48 pm

# 109 a lurker @ 10/12/2013 at 3:09 am
@Passing Through:
PT, that’s the fake “QQQQ” posted that article.
I know. 4Q wouldn’t waste her time posting stories from Oscar pundits praising Gravity. It’s the same troll who brings over the Boohoohoo babblings. She might want to consider changing up the format with which she posts under our names when she steals them…cuz she does them the same way she does her own posts…

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 4:58 pm

# 110 IMO @ 10/12/2013 at 3:31 am
In a way though, because there ARE so many excellent black films this year, that gives the Academy the perfect excuse for NOT giving TYAS Best Picture. They’ll simply claim the votes were split amongst them and that allowed Gravity or something else to win. The question really comes down to how many members of the Academy will reward an important film about America’s history that can be used as a teaching tool for it’s great film making while ignoring the racial aspects of the film. Can they simply look at it and recognize what a great film it is? Regardless of how difficult it is to watch, can the older voting members force themselves to sit through the entire film? That’s why I’m leary of early declarations that TYAS is a sure thing. It’s not. The Academy is still mostly old, slightly conservative, white people. They voted for Slumdog Millionaire…but that was about a country a world away and it’s not their own ugly history?
Also, while I’m commenting on it – Brad ain’t Porgie. I don’t see him whorring himself (and Angie) out to the Academy or blackmailing people the way Harvey Weinstein does. The dirty work is going to have to be done by Fox Searchlight. Brad’s very well liked in HW but he’s not known for kissing ass to get what he wants. I’m not even sure that he cares about winning an Oscar for himself. I think he’ll want it more for Steve McQueen, DeDe G and Jeremy Kleiner than he will for himself.

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 5:04 pm

@Passing Through:

I understand your side view because i’m a African-American woman and the your concerns. But have you to be bit hopeful and little optimistic about this year award season, it just feels different because of historical black films coming out this year. Right I’m in New York City and I’m attending and seeing TYAS at NYFF and in Monday morning I will write a review of the film. And I just hope that you will the chance too see it. Now about Sunny, it was your right to say how you felt about Sunny comments. But just be understanding that Sunny had a different prospective towards the topic about race and about the film, I don’t think it was purpose. Sunny comments were probably taken in a innocent way, but I feel as fans we should help and educate each other and have better understanding of each other. No matter if were Americans or Foreigners.


Someone not living in the US cannot fully understand the degree of racism experienced by African Americans……at least not those of us also from highly developed countries who don’t even witness it happening to our Black population on the same level. However, we all develop perceptions of what goes on in the US based on film, books, social and news networks etc.

Naturally this is an external view, but it is real to the person on the outside looking in. Because that’s all they know, just like you living it is all you know.

I personally have no more than an intellectual understanding based on the aforementioned, so you have to bear with our quasi ignorance in your eyes. Like anything else if you don’t personally live it, then your take is not fully comprehensive.

I don’t even know what Sunny said as I missed the post. But I get how someone from the outside would ‘think’ they understand it. But, I agree, you have an exclusive reality by actually living with it every day of your life.

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 5:08 pm

# 111 Hello @ 10/12/2013 at 3:43 am
I wish Lupita good luck against Okra’s machine. It’s not even about the acting, is it? LOL!

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 5:13 pm

# 111 Hello @ 10/12/2013 at 3:43 am
Also, I’ve been meaning to point this out – You know how Okra is always doing special on OWN for all the hot topics? She had Hohan, Lance Armstrong, etc. She’s esepcially diligent when it comes ot pushing her pet black people\projects. She obviously had Lee Daniels and The Butler cast when it came out. BUT…where’s the special for\on TYAS? Why hasn’t Okra come out on the record abot what a great movie it is and how important it is, etc? Normally she’d be all over this story and especially a great performance by a young black actress. Yeah, exactly. You won’t see Okra giving her blessing to TYAS. Pretty ironic and says all you need to know about Okra. The old girl’s not known for shooting herself in her fat ass.

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 5:21 pm

# 118 WWZ Update @ 10/12/2013 at 6:29 am
Per boxofficemojo (domestic thru 10/10, foreign thru 10/9):
Domestic: $202,359,711 37.5%
+ Foreign: $337,648,165 62.5%
= Worldwide: $540,007,876
Thanks for the update. WWZ has sold great on DVD\Blu-Ray and VOD, too. It’s all profit, too. Suck it haters!

@Dawne: Hi Dawne, ITA with you about being black in America. I have been discriminated, so in know what it feels like, my children have not had the same experiences as I have had. That was one of the reason I was so upset about the Travon Martin trial and the acquittal of George Zimmerman. I was especially upset when a fan told me she did not know any or many defense attorney who were/ was upset with the verdict. Those words cut me as if that person has pierced a knife in my heart. So, at times, words are weapon for people who have lived with with certain experiences, eg., being looked upon for the majority of their lives because of the color of their skin. We see things differently. I never forget how Love the Jolie Pitt left a comment to me that was so loving and soothing when I was going through a really bad
day after that insensitive comment was given to me personally. I will never forget LTJP and you Dawne for your kind words.

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 5:28 pm

# 124 Wonderbust @ 10/12/2013 at 7:18 am
@Passing Through:
And the US would never elect a black president with a foreign name right?
Unfortunately most of us folks who voted for Obama aren’t members of AMPAS, too.

@Passing Through:
If TYAS doesn’t win Best Picture, Steve McQueen, DeDe G and Jeremy Kleiner wouldn’t win. Brad believes in this movie, He won’t do ass-kissing, Steve Mcqueen neither, but Brad will do some campaigns for it. BTW AMPAS first time in history elected a BLACK WOMAN as the president of AMPAS, and also this year is MLK march to Washington and famous speech “I have a dream” 50 years anniversary. I just feel this year is different.

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 5:31 pm

# 134 QQQQ @ 10/12/2013 at 8:37 am
I knew it wasn’t you. I was impressed, though, that the troll didn’t steal MY name for a change.

@Dawne: But..but…Dawn, the Troll/Haterz say neither Brad nor Angie can find work, no one will hire them, they laugh at Brad’s cameo role in TYAS, (LMAO at that one), and no one and I mean NO ONE in HW like Brad or Angie. Now that’s the delusional fantasies of probably the most STUPID people to ever draw breath, but, that is the Trolls for you.
BTW, am really excited over Angie casting Miyavi, after looking at his accomplishments, this is a coup for the film, this guy is super popular in Japan and throughout Asia, plus, he has two of the cutest daughters.

@IMO: If there’s one thing you can be absolutely sure of this Award season, it’s that Steve McQueen and Brad Pitt will not morph into the A$$ kissing duo of Affleck and Clooney. lol

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 5:47 pm

# 168 QQQQ @ 10/12/2013 at 12:51 pm
Awwww…I bet the twins are loving having daddy all to themselves. I’m sure they miss Angie and their siblings but what a special time for them (and Brad). And Brad must love that he’s able to do things with them without having the ratzi all up in his bidness.

@Rose: Jared should be a shame that Celebitchy has a better policy than he does. Just think a couple of years ago NY Times wrote about Just Jared being the nice guy celeb website. Well just because he post celeb friendly threads does not mean he gets away with having people post the most sick things in the comment section.
The NFL has blinked. They use to try and stay out of the argument about the Washington Redskin’s name and logo but now they are having meetings about it. It may not end today but it will end soon.
Oprah is a phony and as good a schmoozer as Clooney but I don’t think she can beat Lupita except if the voters are giving TYAS the best actor, director and movie .Then they may want to spread around the other winners to different movies.

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 5:50 pm


I totally agree with you, this years seems to be so different for this award season. AMPAS can’t not underestimate TYAS power and how emotional the film gonna be. If TYAS not winning best picture there will be a backlash like no other, trust me. Also I was at, and came across an article about why TYAS is the front-runner.

here the link below

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 5:57 pm


Yeah, from what I heard around the NYFF circuit Lupita performance was tens time better than Oprah. I watched The Butler, Oprah seemed desperate, fake, and over dramatic in eyes Oprah does not deserve that Oscar. Rooting for Lupita all the way to Oscars!!!

@Passing Through:

I will be really pissed if Oprah is nominated and you are right, if she wasn’t wishing for an Oscar herself, she would have the cast on her show. She should rise above that and invite the cast for an entire hour.

were the morons @ 10/12/2013 at 6:00 pm

Good afternoon/evening Phool and Rose,
How are you ladies?
I was thinking about how the trolls claimed morons was the biggest hit yet, but gravity is soaring past morons and other movies. And the hens say Sandra and ticky are in the same playing field. Lmao

Oprah is not above using the CAA machine to campaign for a nod — or 8. She has done it before. I do believe she is off Ticky’s Train after X lied about being offered a featured cast spot on SNL. You could tell by OW’s reaction she didn’t believe here and after all it wasn’t the first time Ticky’s lied to Oprah. Se didn’t have her on for “Wanderlust” or “We’re The Millers”.

Brad doesn’t use CAA that way.

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 6:17 pm

# 225 Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 5:04 pm
Unfortunately I live in Middle America…TYAS won’t get here for a few weeks until it goes wide but I’ll see it when it does. It’s not that I’m pessimistic about TYAS’s chances at Best Picture. I’m just more realistic about the way the Academy operates and it’s history of failing to “do the right thing” when it comes to minorities. I think it has an excellent chance at winning but it’s way too early in the game to start planning awards speeches. I think it will win the GG, the CCA and certainly clean up at the SAGs. It’s just the Academy I’m leary of.
Re: Sunny – I had no problem with her until she started trying to tell me about racism in this country. I mean come on…if anyone knows it’s black Americans. I’ve said often enough that I’m black so why she felt the need to go there I have no idea. I think she must be young. And hey, I was nice enough even if I was snarky. Believe me…I could have been a lot harder on her than I was.

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 6:22 pm

# 226 Dawne @ 10/12/2013 at 5:04 pm
Dawne -
On the whole I don’t have a problem with foreigners commenting on the state of racism or anything else in this country. Lord knows we certainly make it easy for people to judge us. But, my problem with Sunny was a very specific comment she addressed to me. Otherwise I don’t GAFF what she talks about. Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. Just don’t be condescending and try to talk down to people who have first-hand experience with something you’re only able to theorize about. That’s all my point was.

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 6:27 pm

# 232 IMO @ 10/12/2013 at 5:29 pm
I know AMPAs has a black woman as president now. I’m just not going to put the cart before the horse is all. It’s too early and there are too many other movies yet to be seen. And Uni’s going t push HARD for Gravity. I still can’t see Sandra Bullock getting a second Best Actress Oscar though. That would be insane. The same year she put out The Heat? It’s like winning for The Blind Side when All About Steve and The Proposal sucked donkey balls. I know you’ve voting on a specific performance, but I saw TBS and then I saw The Proposal. I was hard pressed to tell much difference between the two performances. One was a little more toned down than the other but TBS wasn’t anything to give someone an Oscar for. I just think they gave it to her because she’s well-liked and Meryl gets nommed every year. People probably didn’t think Sandy had another Oscar-worthy performance in her.

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 6:43 pm

# 236 fyi @ 10/12/2013 at 5:41 pm
I saw this earlier today. Hey, don’t get me wrong – I hope TYAS does win Best Picture. I’m just much too wary of calling it a “sure thing” with all the politics and gamesmanshp involved in a successful Oscar campaign. Plus, I don’t think Steve McQueen is going to be a guy who’ll fall in line with usual HW networking just to get an award. He seems kind of like, “Yeah, whatever, but that’s not really why I made this movie.” I think he’s more interested in the longevity of the movie and it’s usefulness as a teaching tool. I saw a comment on BF from the Mill Valley FF where he said his hope was that the movie would be used in school history classes. I’m sure he’s glad that the investors will make back their money and happy to see how well-received the movie is but he doesn’t seem to be awed by the prospect of award glory – and I don’t think HW is used to that. They’re used to people wanting it BAD. Even Danny Boyle played the game for Slumdog. I just can’t see McQueen going there though.

That whole Redskins debacle blows my teeny mind……, granted I live in an unabashed liberal domain that is often too politically correct. The word Indian in our culture would be tantamount to the N word in the US.

They are known primarily as First Nations or Aboriginals………n e v e r Indian………when I hear American commentators use the word I literally cringe.

So the fact that so many of your professional sports teams have names that are taken from First Nation language or reference is, frankly, shocking.

The decision for an evolved culture is a no brainer imo.

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 6:50 pm

# 241 Hello @ 10/12/2013 at 5:58 pm
Says a lot about Okra, doesn’t it? It’s always about HER.
# 243 Guest8 @ 10/12/2013 at 6:05 pm
Okra wants an acting Oscar – badly. She’ll play dirty to get it if she has to.


Right Dawne!!! I saw a cartoon at facebook today with three baseball caps one was the “Cleveland Indians” the next the “San Francisco Chinamen” and third was the “New York Jews” . IMO it should have been the “SF Chinks” and the “New York Hymies” as the Redskins is derogatory and bigoted on it’s face.

Go Figure! @ 10/12/2013 at 6:55 pm

@Passing Through: I whole heartedly agree with you PT. IMO Okra is not above buying an Oscar.

Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 6:56 pm

@Passing Through:

Totally understand you sweetie, and I’m glad that you are you headstrong woman.

@Passing Through:

HEY PT did The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford ever open in Missouri?

@Passing Through:

I know Okra is not an admired woman among JP fans for obvious reasons, but I have to say I am rather disappointed that she would put her ego before her self proclaimed principles.

By having the cast of TYAS on OWN she would have appeared more genuine and magnanimous. Hasn’t she spent decades trying to appear above all this ambitious and greedy famewhoring? Guess like another fameho we could mention, she is just another disingenuous and cultivated persona.

Shame on her.

The Dailyfail said Shia LaBeouf got his ass kicked last night in London, he was filming a girl vomiting and her friend asked him to stop, but he continued and a passerby kicked him in his groin and other places, a bouncer came to his rescue.
Last year the DF said he was in a Pub (London) and someone snatch his baseball cap and refused to return it, when he tried to get it back, he got a beat down.
He is filming a War movie, so if he is bruised and battered, his role will look more authentic.

OMG I love how the loser loons who can’t stop trashing Gravity out of sheer envy as they fear their idol is about to get snubbed by the Academy again.

If Twatgelina hadn’t lost out the role to Sandy, they’d be in complete agreement with any positive review, but of course she lacks the screen presence, charisma and physical condition to take on such a complex and demanding role. Critics can’t stop praising Gravity not only for its amazing special effects, but also for its emotional impact, astounding performances fueled by a solid script and Cuaron’s brilliant direction. No good perfomance can come out of a bad script or poor directing. The movie is so well received it’s even drawn up comparisons to a sci-fi classic like “2001: A Space Oddysey”.

Gravity’s love fest during the awards season is inevitable. Are the sad sore losers weeping in the shower yet? :D

Susan @ 10/12/2013 at 7:09 pm #255

It would be more believable than The Transformers which introduced his broken hand in a scene without explanation. One minute in the scene no broken hand, next second there it was lol. hilarious.

Gold dust woman @ 10/12/2013 at 7:16 pm

TYAS will be screened at the LFF on Friday so I can’t comment on the film itself yet. But, based on reports it is clearly a powerful film.
Powerful can be good and bad. A film can be powerful but turn people off because it is just too much. Or it can be powerful and move people tremendously. If TYAS is the latter, then, IMO, it will win because it has the added advantage of the subject matter being an important one.
IIt can therefore win precisely BECAUSE it is about black people. If they don’t award a film about slavery, what other ‘black film’ will they award – the next Medea one?
I’ll be astonished if McQueen wins best director though. Whether he uses it as a front to hide crippling shyness or insecurity, he is blunt to the point of rudeness. I can’t see him smooching the academy voters.
It’s early days, we may all be well off the mark in assuming it’s a two horse race between TYAS and Gravity. But, assuming it is, my very early guess is :Cuaron for best director and TYAS for best picture.

@Passing Through: I’ve always thought Sandra didn’t deserve an Oscar for TBS, and I like Sandra, it was just not an Oscar worthy performance. Personally, I think she has her Oscar for Gravity, it was just given to her for the wrong movie.

If Lupita doesn’t get the BSA Oscar I will be so disappointed, she is just breathtakingly beautiful. The black dress she wore in NO was just gorgeous.

Cynthia Bailey ‏@CynthiaBailey10 16m

The epic #12YearsASlave opens next week! I hope EVERYONE supports this important & impactful film on 10/18! This is American History!

Linda Zimmerman ‏@lzinla now

Screening of 12 Years A Slave (@ Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – @primetimeemmys w/ @maryrbaldwin)

Aaron Marion ‏@aaronmarion now

SO great to be back! 12 Years A Slave AMPAS screening. Lupita getting her Darth and E.T. on!…

So no pic just everyones speculation?…..:

SPLiiiiiiiT head @ 10/12/2013 at 8:09 pm

The ring a ding dong out… Jajajajajajjjjjaajajaajaajjjajajj … IN



such a moron……jolie got plenty of awards ….huge awards,Maniston???? ratzi,people shi.ts .i can go on….

no speculation……sugah mama can not afford to leave in NYC. after securing theroux.she bought 3 appartments just to impressed the wide as a runway head theroux……hehehe

OMG how I love it @ 10/12/2013 at 8:37 pm

OMG how I love it when you always open your post with how I love it when all you ever have in your life is hate.
My English is as bad as yep/ aka JL bailey angiebjoy ellie ring ding a ling bells.
OMG how I love it when you only live breath walk talk only about brangelina and neglected your idol the one that trying to get Friends rebooted.
OMG how I love it that The Nighty has fallen.
OMG how I love it Gnome is back in NYC, sniffing out Heidi.

Ololololol @ Passing Shittt accusing the Academy of racism… soooo, the commiserating speech from the sad losers has begun already. If this was Clooney who produced TYAS instead of the drug addicted hasbeen, no black JP troll would be praising the movie for its depiction of slavery, because they only care about what their filthy, shameless idols consider worthy of exploiting at a specific time in their careers.

No worries idiots, even if TYAS gets nominated, Pothead is not a lock for a nomination as producers anyway. Remember, he’s only ONE out of SEVEN listed producers. And yes, Gravity is already the one to beat at the Oscars. Good luck losers!

USA Racism @ 10/12/2013 at 8:58 pm

I´m not American but i like history and i´m not ignorant about the subject. I have comment about this already here in JJ. There is one thing that i don´t understand and until now no one was able to answer me.

Why in USA the Black people call them self “African-American” ?

Why in America, with the exception of white people, all the others, Blacks, Asians, Latinos are treated like citizens of second category when they are calling Asians-Americans, Latino-Americans and African-Americans?

Why this “minorities” are so powerless and “naif” that they permitted and are OK with this Americanism ? Cause even this minorities used the term between them self.

I´m against any kind of discrimination and like MLKing and many others like him that fight for liberty and for change with theirs lives there are people that think it´s all done, that now in America the fight it´s over.

I don´t know but in Europe we don´t call the blacks, “Euro-Africans” or “Euro-Asians”. it´s stupid and it´s not correct.

The same in America, any black that lived in USA don´t come from Africa. They are born in USA, so they are simple Americans and not “African-Americans”.

I think this is one of the most discriminatory forms of racism in America today. And it´s used in all platforms, movie, tv, radio, newspapers etc.

Even the Blacks, the Asians the Latinos are OK with this racist and discriminatory name.

If you are born in USA, you are ONE AMERICAN. Period.

But today in America, the White people are just Americans, but the others are different, they are the African-American the Latino-Americans etc.

Why? Why Blacks do not used the “Black” word. If you are a black person, just call your self “Black”….like : ” I´m black and i´m American” and stopped to used the discriminatory term “African-American”. Why?

There are many others things that i could point about the Racism in America but i leave for other day. Peace. Kissss

OMG how I love it @ 10/12/2013 at 8:58 pm

You are as stupid and as empty like Jennifer, you need to just stfu.
This world is full of Animal like you and your 2IC the ring ding a ling bells.


Twatgelina has as much influence in the casting process as Lindsay Lohan would, and I’m sure Linds could be just as a good as directing as the old Ho. We all know that they only thing they’d be doing is lending their names to the film, because the real heavy work is done by others i.e assistant directors, 2nd unit directors.

Heroina herself is a terrible actress so could she possibly get a good performance out of anybody? The reviews for In The Land of Blood Vials and Looneys did not spare words to describe how awful the performances were.

As for TYAS, you’re wrong- the biggest recommendation from critics and audiences is going to Gravity. The Oscar buzz surrounding Sandy, Alfonso and George is deafening at this point. Worldwide audiences will love this film, which sadly won’t be the case for TYAS.

@USA Racism:

STFU Cesar!


OMG how I love it @ 10/12/2013 at 9:26 pm

OMG how I love Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt and their beautiful Family.
Long live the most Amazing couple and their Family.
May love happiness and all the Joy in this World always be with them, co the World need more Beautiful people like Angie and Brad.

A few things….
1) Charlie Hunann wised up. You know what I bet did it? Brad coming out and praising him. Shocked some sense into him. I think he figured, I get praise from the man himself, Brad Pitt, who is the maestro of amazing critically acclaimed films, and I’m about to pizz it all away with this gd awful fanfic – what in fook, was I thinking?!! LOL
2) I’m confused about the fuggiston fans – since when do they think we don’t like Sandra Bullock or Gravity? Sandra has always been a brangelina fan fav, because we know ugliston has wanted to be her FOREVAAAAAAH. Gravity was on my must see list. I’ve always rooted for Sandy, from way back in ‘Speed’ day – not only because she’s talented, and infinitely likable, funny and real…but because she is the anti-Maniston. I love it when Sandra wins anything – afterall, let’s face it, maniston the TV schmuck has chased her career for 20 years. Sandra triumphs in ways that Maniston never will. Maniston wanted to be Sandy sooo bad at one point, she thought hooking up with her ex Tate Donovan would make H’wood see her as Sandy’s replacement (BAHAHAHA!!) not only does Sandra make Anuston look like dog food facially (did you see SB at her London premiere…WOW…GORGEOUS) – her character is strong, and her personality is authentic. Do fans want TYAS to win the Oscar? Of course. But that doesn’t mean we wish Sandra Bullock ill-will. Are you all on crack?? If you’ve been here on these boards for any length of time, you know we love her, mainly because she rules all over Maniston who tried to single white female into Sandy’s life 15 years ago (creepy). So quit trying to make like it’s Maniston and Sandra against the JPs. HAHAHAHA Sandra can’t stand your old cow-iston for trying to ride her coattail by dating Tate Donovan, and bogarting her way into her career space. I think I speak for all fans when I say, someone has to win the Oscar for Best Pic, and someone has to lose – if TYAS loses, I’m not going to be upset that Sandy or her movie won. Besides, it’s not like she or the film doesn’t deserve it – she’s not a no-talent fake like maniston. It’s like your sister winning a prize instead of a complete stranger you can’t stand, or don’t know. I’d love it if she wins Oscar again. In fact, if TYAS can win Best Pic, and Sandy Best Actress – I’d be a happy fan.
But let’s NOT pretend, Maniston would be happy if Sandra won anything. There’s been a cold war between those two forever – Maniston thought Sandra and her career were attainable – you could see the cow, probably staring in the mirror wondering what Sandra has that she doesn’t. The Answer: EVERYTHANG bish, EV-ER-Y(((THANGS))). Lolol.
3) (Changing gears) That pic of Angelina and Louis is so beautiful and poignant…and she looks like a porcelain doll…just sheer stunning beauty.
4) How fun would it be if George and Sandy go to the Oscars together and hang out with Brange. I’d literally withdraw money from my own checking account to see that. I think Maniston would throw herself off a bridge, without a single word to the bald short no name hipster pipsqueak she adopted.

bizzy bee @ 10/12/2013 at 9:34 pm

Good evening fellow JP fans! Things are slow on the Jolie-Pitt front at the moment, no new pics or news for a week.

Not sure if Angie will be taking a private plane back and forth to her shooting location, but if she is I wish her safety and god bless them while they’re apart. I’m sure they’re communicating by skype, and when they finally do get back together the kids will have SO much to talk about lol! The JP house will be a chatterbox!

Would love to be a fly on the wall, listening to the kids talk about their experiences and fun times in different parts of the world, and also love to see closeup pics of the Little Dude Knox’s haircut

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 10/12/2013 at 9:39 pm

@OMG how I love it:

That’s funny. Tampon’s vocabularies are very limited.

Is that why TYAS won the audience award at the biggest festival this year at TIFF.Just checked golden derby and Gravity despite the big box office is not even number 2 for best picture but 3 after a still unseen American Hustle. Dave Karger one of the best Oscar predictors has TYAS sweeping the awards as do most pundits so I don’t know where you are getting your information from. A movie doesn’t have to have the biggest box office to win if that was the case Life of Pi would have won last year and the Help the year before.

@Queen Jolie:

Are you really surprised to catch your idol in yet another lie? This is the woman who swore she wouldn’t be attracted to a married man yet she cheated on her own husband (JLM), also slept with an engaged man (BBT) and a married man (Pitty). St. Angie is not known for being honest.

And yes she’s neglecting her kids in favor of another vanity project, and you nailed it on how long she’ll spend making it. She promised she’d step away from acting to focus on her children. So while she’s playing loving daughter to Zamperini in staged photo shoots, , her kids were placed under the care of hired help. She couldn’t handle the six of them, so she had to hand two of them off to the co-parent, and now they’re thousands of miles away from her being taken care of by nannies as well, as he is busy shooting a movie too! :S

It’s sad how her children are paying the price of her vanity, obsession, and arrogance. Nothing good can come out of being a professional liar and media manipulator, but sooner or later, all the lies and machinations will be exposed and the whole world will see her for the ugly human being she truly is.

Wonderbust @ 10/12/2013 at 9:51 pm

lol I too was scratching my head at the troll trying to pitt Angie against Sandra. They are not even close to being peers as Sandy is 11 years older. The troll should be writing all this stuff on Julia Roberts board as Julia is the one that threw shade at Sandra a few years ago. Or perhaps Cate Blanchett’s thread since Sandy is competing against her for best actress. I like Sandra and am happy for her success. Her son is so adorable and I think she looks so good for her age. I want 12 years to win but if it doesn’t life will go on. On the other hand if it wins I think the trolls will consider suicide that’s how deep it is for them lol.

Wonderbust @ 10/12/2013 at 9:56 pm

Brad could be carrying the Oscar on March 2nd and the troll would still be in denial.

Speaking on the issue of race, I only know what I learned in school about the Civil Rights Movement and what my friends have told me about their family’s experiences. I can’t recall them telling me about any racist incidents they personally have experienced, but I won’t deny it exists. Just open your eyes, read between the lines, and it’s there.

I have a friend from Peru with 12 siblings who vary greatly in skin tone. Some look very Native American while others look black. When I met her family I was very surprised that some of these people were even related but she told me, that’s just how it is in her country. Everyone’s so mixed up that phenotypes vary greatly even in families.

I think that applies to everyone, like I saw on PBS a special called “African-American” lives, they tested celebs for their racial makeup and someone as dark as Don Cheadle was 20% European. On another PBS special, it turned out Eva Longoria is 4% African. I think everyone has a bit of everything in them, especially in North and South America.

In Italy, there are quite a few people who believe some of their ancestors are Ethiopians from Africa. My friend who happens to be Italian-American showed me a picture of her dark-skinned grandmother who was Ethiopian. In Israel there are Ethiopian Jews who believe they’re the original Jews.

In this world, nothing is completely black and white.

@USA Racism:

I disagree with your comment. I’ve heard many Americans of European descent call themselves, Italian-American or Polish-American. You say why don’t blacks just call themselves Black because Black is just a race. Just one facet, there is I feel 3 components to identity a person by how they see themselves. Your nationality, your ethnicity and then your race. Just saying you are black or white doesn’t dictate your heritage, culture and other influences. What you are saying is very one dimensional and makes you sound small minded.

Discriminatory term “African-American”. Why?


Who said the term, African-American is discriminatory? Did I miss something? Is that in the Urban dictionary as a negative slang or something. You are the one who has the preconceived notion that that term is discriminatory. Whoever you are, you should stop posting because you sound ignorant.

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 4:43 pm
# 107 Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 3:04 am
In fact I told her she was being silly just because nobody jumped to respond to her comment right away.
What are you talking ?
My second comment was countinued one for my first comment.
I was excusing for bringing too much Miyavi infos.
Because my second comment originally had 2 YouTube videos which were Miyavi’s recent interviews from 2 different Japanese TV shows.
And the way he was on that show clearly explains why he was chosen to play Watanabe.
” Miyavi’s captivating audition, one that mixed grace, ferocity, sensitivity and sophistication. ”
were shown there. Very telling one.
But his interviews were all in Japanese and I felt it would be OT stuff for people who don’t understand Japanese.
So I deleted these part from my comment after reconsideration.
I’m not the person who wait only 1 second and complain of no response to my comment.

Wonderbust @ 10/12/2013 at 11:01 pm

Sunny how popular is Miyavi in Japan?

Brooks May Mitchell ‏@cbrooksiem now

Thank you God for making Brad Pitt !! :)

Moo Cow @ 10/12/2013 at 4:10 pm #213

He had his teeth busted for Fight Club and then had them fixed. I don’t know if he had caps before that. Before that they might have been his own.

Another Fan2 @ 10/12/2013 at 11:35 pm

Credit Nenufar @BF:
Madonna Banned From Alamo Drafthouse After Texting During ’12 Years A Slave’ NYFF Premiere
Always the one to court controversy and attention wherever she goes, Madonna could not help but express herself during the New York Film Festival premiere of “12 Years A Slave” earlier this week. Fresh off releasing her short film “secretprojectrevolution” and spearheading a global initiative to protect freedom of expression, she was spotted at the screening of Steve McQueen’s slavery drama exhibiting less-than-stellar moviegoing etiquette.
The news originated from this Facebook post by film critic Charles Taylor, who passed along the following anecdote from a former student:
Tonight at the New York Film Festival premiere of ’12 Years A Slave’ (a masterpiece, by the way), I sat behind the unholy trifecta of Jason Ritter, J. Alexander from ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ and Michael K. Williams from ‘The Wire.’ Plus, a mysterious blonde in black lace gloves who wouldn’t stop texting on her Blackberry throughout the first half of the movie. Eventually, a woman next to me tapped her on the shoulder and told her to put her phone away, and the blonde hissed back, ‘It’s for business… ENSLAVER!’ I turned to the shoulder tapper and loudly said, ‘THANKS!’ and gave her a thumbs up. The rest of the movie, I kept thinking about how I wanted to tell the blonde what a disgrace she was. During the standing ovation, the blonde ducked out and Jason Ritter turned around to make commiserating eye contact, as J. Alexander asked, ‘Who WAS that?!’ Jason then looked down at the floor. His eyes got wide, and he picked up an envelope and showed it to us and J. And it said: ’2 screening tix MADONNA.’ And sure enough, we looked to the side of the theater and standing against the wall in black lace gloves was Madonna. The worst person in America.
The issue of texting during movies has been a sore point among moviegoers for some time now. No one knows this better than Tim League, founder of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, the Austin-based theater chain that kicked out a patron for texting during a movie and went on to produce advertisements with celebrities urging moviegoers to refrain from using their mobile devices when the lights are down.
Upon hearing of Madonna’s violation, League took to Twitter, barring her from stepping foot inside any of the Drafthouse cinema locations until she issues an apology to moviegoers.
Madonna has yet to respond, perhaps because she has too many business-related texts to catch up on.

Passing Through @ 10/12/2013 at 6:17 pm
# 225 Love Conquers All @ 10/12/2013 at 5:04 pm
Re: Sunny – I had no problem with her until she started trying to tell me about racism in this country. I mean come on…if anyone knows it’s black Americans. I’ve said often enough that I’m black so why she felt the need to go there I have no idea. I think she must be young. And hey, I was nice enough even if I was snarky. Believe me…I could have been a lot harder on her than I was.
Do you think I must be young ?
I become 60 this year.
So I fully remember the time 3 rapists’s familiy members were on US media and they sent their message to Japan to stop racism. They told us their husband or sons were 100% innocent and Japanese judge members were blinded by racism toward African Americans.
Their statement to Japan shocked everyone in my country because these people told us we were wrong and fathermore there were not any words to that girl from them.
Their attitude fueled anger of Okinawa people against US base in Okinawa.
The rape victim was 12 years old. She was kidnapped and raped by 3 US soldiers. And we didn’d have any jury system and there were no space for the racism toward African Americans in that judge.
Only a fact was there.
Racism in America was not my main point of view. My point was
racism is big issue in the world.
That’s the reason why I mixed Captain Phillip, A Mighty Heart, ITLOBAH with 12YAS in my comment.
I may tend to see everything from different of view.
Because I had learned the reason why my country started War against China or US etc was people’s mind was manipulated into one nationalistic idea and all different opinions were treated as anti-Japan propaganda.

Wonderbust :
Sunny how popular is Miyavi in Japan?
I didn’t know him. Neither my children. So I searched his info.
But not much on the internet.
He stated 2013 was his new phase as an artist and his recent interview was clearly different from his old one.
He looks very cool but when he speaks about his daughters, he is more charming and lovely.

Saturday Night Live joke
Scientific Inaccuracies of Gravity_ There’s no way George Clooney would spend that much time talking to a woman his own age. #Gravity #SNL

Hello to all lovely fans of Brad and Angie. I am hoping Fury shooting will wrap up soon and Brad and the twins can join the rest of the Jolie Pitt Family in Australia. God bless them.

Big shout out to Neleh,Lara,Senior,Vicki,Anoble,Rose,Joann,Lyric,Sabine,Piige,Aisha,DS,PT,Gena,Foxy,Dulc,Casmir,Tutuna,LLM,Neer,Kimmy,FernKastle and to all lovely fans of Brad and Angie all over the world.God bless us all. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.


By the number of Facebook likes on this thread I would say he has quite a following, who are probably looking forward to his acting debut in a major film.

Sunny – Thanks for the info. Since I’m not familiar with Miyavi I’ve been looking at quite a few of his YT videos. He looked so sweet waving to his daughters from the stage. His daughters are very cute and he seems like a doting dad. That video of Miyavi playing guitar with Hiromitsu Agatsuma playing the shamisen was incredible. Really wild. I have never heard the shamisen played that way before. I’ve only heard it used playing traditional music. Reminded me of Ravi Shankar playing the sitar with George Harrison and the Beatles.

Lakesha Yvette ‏@lakeshayvette 43m

Early screening of #12YearsASlave powerful beyond words


exactamente, este drogadicto pedazo de mierda se merece un premio por su labor incansable como un padre dedicado, no crees??

Passing Through @ 10/13/2013 at 3:13 am

4Q & Premalee -
Did you guys see Roger fired Annacone today? Oops, they mutually agreed to the split. I’m not surprised. It’s always the coach who gets the blame. I guess losing to Monfils the other day put Roger in a tetchy mood. He’s still got Basel and the BNP Paribas Masters in Paris to earn some extra points for the year-end tourney because he’s in danger of not qualifying. I think he usually skips Paris but he’ll probably play it this year.

Adrian Jason Ortiz ‏@Schofieldkid783 now

“12 Years A Slave” honestly is the best movie I have seen all year up to this point and could easily be my favorite movie out of the year


Querida deberías moderar tus mensajes,si es verdad que nada menos qu el FBI anda detrás de tus huesos para meterte en la trena por malaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Gravity es un rolloooooooooooooooooooooo,si no llego a echarle a la coca cola dos tirpis no aguanto ni diez minutos,pero lo que esta claro es que la película de los esclavos no va a ganar… a los americanos no les gusta que les recuerden lo que son…unos putos racistas

theguardian @ 10/13/2013 at 5:16 am

When celebrities become philanthropists

Neilson was not famous, so he had to recruit people who were, and his most important early client was Angelina Jolie. Neilson first met Jolie in 2005, while he was working as the executive director of the Global Business Coalition on HIV/Aids. Neilson has said that he befriended Jolie in a bar at the World Economic Forum, in Davos (an account that her current philanthropic adviser disputes). Whatever the case, he invited the actor to address a congressional panel about Aids, and she agreed. A year later, Neilson left the Coalition to become a partner in the Endeavor Group, an advisory firm that handles the affairs of “high net worth” individuals. He brought in Jolie as his marquee client.

Jolie had won an Academy Award in 1999, but she had also attracted attention for her erratic behaviour offscreen. She married an early co-star, Jonny Lee Miller, while wearing a shirt with his name written in her blood; made out with her brother at the Oscars; and, having divorced Miller, briefly married the actor Billy Bob Thornton, who told a TV reporter at the MTV Music Awards, while Jolie nodded coyly, that the couple had “f*cked in the car on the way here”. But in 2000, while Jolie was shooting Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, she began repairing her public image.

But in 2004, while filming Mr & Mrs Smith, she met Brad Pitt and, not long afterwards, Pitt’s wife, Jennifer Aniston, filed for divorce. As her image as a home wrecker coalesced, Neilson promoted the new couple’s philanthropic activities.

In December 2006, Jolie posed for photographs with her adopted Cambodian son, Maddox, and Neilson auctioned the pictures to celebrity magazines, with conditions. “While Angelina and Brad understand the interest in their family,” he wrote in a letter to editors, “they also expect that the publications who purchase these photos will use them in a way that also draws attention to the needs of the Cambodian people.” Time Inc reportedly paid $750,000 for the photographs and, though the company denied submitting to any editorial constraints, the 8 January 2007 issue of People contained a story titled “Angelina Jolie: Mission to Cambodia”. Other laudatory pieces followed, including one in American Esquire that asked: “Why not, then, just go ahead and make the argument that she is the best woman in the world, in terms of her generosity, her dedication, and her courage?” Neilson was soon signing celebrity clients at a furious rate. “One after the other,” he told me. “Boom, boom, boom.”

Neilson left Endeavor in August 2007, after a dispute with its founding partner, Adam Waldman. He and Maggie launched GPG, along with Ann Kelly, who had run a technology firm in Seattle. Neilson took Jolie with him to the new company – together with Pitt, who soon launched Make It Right, a foundation for rebuilding New Orleans’s Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina.

Despite this success, Jolie and Pitt soon left GPG and returned to Waldman. The New York Times indicated that Jolie grew annoyed with references in the press to Neilson as her “publicist”, and with his repeatedly being quoted on her behalf regarding humanitarian aid.

I bet you, like the rest of us, are so looking forward to Angie collecting her 2nd Oscar in November for her Humanitarianism.

SPLiiiiiiiiT Head @ 10/13/2013 at 5:53 am

Jajajajajjjjaajjaajjaa OUT.. Ring ding dong ding a ling .. IN

JPs continue to be beautiful, kind, and successful; FAT tick old manny continues to embarrass herself- MORE troll pain- love it!

On the top of your head? Yes it is a spliiiit. It’s just cuz you were so buttugly at birth that your mama didn’t know which end was up with you. Where do you think the term “brain ****” came from? Now you know. Hey whadoyouknow, something was named after you! Congrats.

Good morning J-P fans.
Seems like Trevor Neilson is still over stepping his boundaries. If he is such a magician, why none of his other clients are making the headlines.
Maybe one of the many reasons Holly is still employed by Angie is, she don’t run to the press with sound bites.

Wow Jared really?!! The word f a r t is blacked out while the sick trolls puke-worthy vile nonsense gets through? What the hell is wrong with your site?

theguardiandogs @ 10/13/2013 at 7:07 am

When celebrities become The big movie stars
Many of them used their bodies and her PR to catching the rich men or A-B list hunks.
May98,Jenny KookCoo cloudn’t even bothered to tell her 3 years,a C-list boyfriend TD that she and he permanently off.
A tv shitecom Jenny KookCoo is the one of them, she used her body and her PR to helping(set up a blind date) her to catching an A-list hunk,She spread her legs on her first blind date,when the guy found out after married her that she was a FAKE one Not a REAL one.
The paradise went wrong !!!
In Dec02, Jenny KookCoo told the Whole World that her husband was a love of her life Not The love of her life.
In Jan03, Jenny KookCoo forgot to acknowlage her set up A-list husband when she won an Award and later she thanks him after the show,after that an A-list hunk & Jenny KookCoo stared to be a Deadend married couple.
Since that time Jenny KookCoo knew it that her husband wanted to leaved her 100 %, He didn’t like to hear her Fake promise
Today he is very very happy with his wife Ms.Angelina Jolie the mother of his 6 children.
Jenny KookCoo is still milking her 8+years Divorced and her I did I do with her Bought Gigolo for her D o g fans.
Jenny KookCoo choosing to be theguardiandogs Not Baby-Babies.

@Susan: Good morning Susan, how are you this beautiful Sunday morning. Susan, who is Trevor Nelson?

Big shout out to all the Jolie Pitt fans. Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday.

@Rose: Hi Rose, he was Angie’s Philanthropic Advisor.

@Susan: Thank you. I hope we get some pictures of the family today. Have you read anything about when Fury raps up?

@Susan: Susan, do you understand Michael Douglas excuse of why he lied about having throat cancer? His explanation makes no sense to me.

@Rose: Michael is a tool, he is almost seventy, what career is he worried about.
Just proves how big of a liar he is, like when he said crap about Angie, then denied it and the reporter said he had it on tape.
Then lately playing he is supporting Angie.
I feel sad for CZJ with all she is going through, and he is out there making statements that he got cancer from HPV, was he trying to push her over the edge.

Good morning to all the great fans of Brad and Angelina. Hoping we get some photos of the fmily today. @ Anustin,Hi Anustin, how are you lady.
@Phool, good morning my dearest sister. How are you today lady? Nothing new to talk about. Hoping something pops up later.
@Susan, good morning my dear Susan. Wishing you a great day.
@were the morons. Good morning WTM, we have been playing hide and seek. Hope everything is great in your neck of the woods.
@Premalee, Good morning Prem. Wishing you a great day.
@Dawne, good morning lady. I see you have been name was hijacked recently. Have a great day. Yesterday that fool stole QQQQ moniker.
@busted, good morning my dear busted. Wishing you a great day.
@Yolly, hi Yolly, right back at you. Have a great day.
@ Love the smilie Pitts, good morning to my dear friend Love. Wishing you Health, and happiness and a blessed day.
@Shi Baby, hi Shi, I miss you. Hope you stop by soon.
I’m very busy at the moment. I just took a few minutes ours off doing my house cleaning to say hi to the early birds. And great big HELLO to all the great Jolie Pitt fans. Everyone have a wonderful day.

@Susan: Hi Susan TYAS is a limited opening. I’m not sure if it’s opening in my neighborhood. I know I’m going to see TYAS when it comes to my area. I read they will be expanding the opening in November? I’ll be going with my neighbor as soon as possible. I hope your predictions are on the money.

Jen the Hag @ 10/13/2013 at 8:15 am

Wonder why Jolie refused to take the other 4 to HK to see Dad. Punishing him? Punishing them?

The adoptees are hers, not his, and unless she gives him visiting rights, he’s not entitled…and IF Shiloh had been in the trade off with the would have been Glaringly obvious that it was Daddy’s Visitation…and the Ho is still desperately clinging to the Public Branding even if they seldom see each other in private. Can you imagine the meltdown if Shiloh had been given to Pitt along with the twins? Loons would have been jumping off bridges IF they could waddle out of the basement clutching their cheetohs and koolaide. CapsClownie would have been screaming that it was all Huvane’s fault and cursing all exes. :twisted:

Jen the Hag @ 10/13/2013 at 8:16 am

So the twins are there so daddy won’t get bored. Jolie is nuts –films like that shoot late into the nite as everyone can see how involved and elaborate the set is.
Well at least he has Bambi there who knows what things to book for the twins.

@Susan: ITA with you. That is a very sick man. Put that lie out here knowing some people would believe she gave him the throat cancer. What a tool.

This is Off Topic, OT. I was reading theNew York Daily News and guess what I read on the front page. I’m just posting the headlines because of one of the topic here yesterday. I’m not going to comment because it speaks for itself, October 10, 2013.

“Black, Hispanic students cheated of resources for better education, analysis of City School Data Shows”.

“White and Asian students attend high school with twice as many Advanced Placement courses and almost twice as many Science Labs as schools attended by Blacks and Hispanic students, report revealed”.

Isn’t too early to be stealing fans moniker. Why are you so afraid to be honest at least post under your own moniker #317 and 318. Everyone knows a this and a lier goes hand in hand. You’re a this that means what ever you posted is a lie.

JJ is really acting up. I posted #315 and316 yesterday morning, and it popped up just now. Just Jared is really acting up.

Wonderbust @ 10/13/2013 at 8:51 am

I know some were asking about promoting TYAS within the black media. I saw that BET is doing a screening and Q & A on Wednesday I think the Q & A will be broadcast.
I’m using a phone so the link is mobile. If TYAS can somehow someway make $100 million during its domestic run, I think the Oscars is all theirs. The backlash would be too much.

@Rose: Maybe the poster using the alias “USA Racism” should read this story, to get insight, since it was looking for answers.
Rose I’m sure you’re not surprise at this story.

@Susan: Hi Susan, I believe even it USA Racism reads the article or a thousand other articles or books he would not understand. If he was interested in understanding he would have tried to educate himself. For him to say: “in Europe we don’t call the blacks, “Euro-Africans or Euro-Asians”, it’s stupid and it’s not correct”. This shows how ignorant this man is to use the word “Stupid”. Those are fighting words to call Black Americans or African American stupid because they chose to refer to themselves that way is just unbelievable ignorant. But I will let sleeping dog lie. Susan, I’m never surprised to hear how some people think about black people.

BradprefersOwnChildrens @ 10/13/2013 at 9:25 am

Well, I have nothing against Mr Pitt or Jolie but some are really twisting facts here..

Both of them are legally bond to all their children adopted and biological, NO visit rights and permission is required from either party!! He prefers his biological children is nothing to be ashamed off… Jolie bought the twins to Hong Kong for him to bring them to England the way he wanted…He is not going to tell her to bring the adopted children to Hong Kong and leave all his biological in Australia…LOL..

No matter how parents deny, there are always some preferences and deeper bond of them with their favourite child…In Mr Pitt’s case, he love and is more attached to his biological children is just HUMAN!!

I will not be surprised at all if knox his biological son is his favourite, the W magazine in 2005 about family life which was all his ideas had a big family the way he hoped for and all are sons 5 sons….really coincidence???? LOL

Mr Pitt always wanted his own children when he got together with Jolie….In fact, observers should be able to tell both adopted sons are much closer to Jolie than Pitt..LOL


What a supreme load of presumptive garbage. The twins are with Dad because they are not in school like the others. Also, they require more parental time and Brad is likely not as busy as Angie is with the pre-production. Brad has stated a thousand times his kids are his kids and he is bonded equally to each and every one of them. Don’t project your own inability to love a child you didn’t birth…….Brad and Angie love them all the same; they are Mom and Dad to each of them……really, now dare you come on a blog and claim that in a family of six, love is unequal due to ‘bio’ or ‘chosen’………….that is not who the JP’s are.

@bizzy bee:

As a matter of fact we are ALL African descent………live began in Africa.

Wonderbust @ 10/13/2013 at 9:58 am

I don’t think Cesar was saying black people themselves are stupid for using the term African American. I have met black British people who think it’s weird that blacks refer to themselves as African-American n in college I met many African Americans who don’t like being called African American but prefer the term black. There is an ongoing debate about the term.


I totally get what you are saying……..this hyphenated American status I don’t get; how is that colour blind? It is divisive and derogatory.

That being said because there is underlying racism still rampant in the US, black Americans have to be distinguished in order to protect themselves…… by virtue of that they have to be ‘named.’ as a separate group. Chicken or egg.

@Sunny: sunny when you come in JJ site dot not kiss any person FATASS post what you like talk what you want to tell some persons like you post please keep come back to post any time
them move to do what you like . Thank to you and some of the good
And kind JOLIE and PITT fan.

@PT #298

I never liked Paul Annacone as I thought he was not up to par and passive for Roger (my opinion). I saw him losing to Monfils the other day and felt bad for him. Every match Roger plays he is loosing. So sad. Hope he can qualify for the year end tournament.

@Wonderbust: Hi Wonderbust, how are you this beautiful Sunday. What I have read from Cesar comment is this: it’s “stupid” for black American to call ourself black American or Afro-American.

Now Wonderbust, please explain this sentence to me that was posted by Cesar, posting under USARacism, “why this “monitorities” are so powerless and “naif” that they are permitted and are ok with these Americiasm. Cause even those minorities used the term themselves.”

Now WB, using the word “naif” he called us naive and inexperienced. Please explain to me what he is talking about. Is he trying to tell us how we should refer to ourselves?

@Dawne: Dawne, don’t forget we were called the N word, we had to fight to get rid of that, then we were Colored, we got rid of that. Now everyone I know who is black has no problem being referred to as Black American or Afro American. I glad you understand Cesar, I don’t. He has no idea of what he’s talking about as far as I’m concern, and he practically said so.

Rose, this hyphenated AA term is not well understand by the rest of us. We don’t refer to our Black Canadians as African Canadians……they are simply Canadians. I know what he is trying to say…..this is a real American thing. I do not believe he meant to insult any AA he was just befuddles as to why you are ‘separated’ from just being referred to as Americans. Why the colour hyphen? Most Blacks are born in the US……so why would their originating continent be attached to their identity? My people come from England, Scotland and Germany………I am not referred to as a Celtic Canadian. We, on the outside, just don’t get it. Their is a language difference with Cesar and I don’t believe for a moment he meant to be insulting.

@Dawne: Hi Dawne, I know Canadians don’t use the hyphenate, Dawne, remember my sister lives in Canada. They have a different history from Americans. Dawne, also, other minorities uses the hyphenate here, eg, Italian American, Chinese American, ect. So it’s not only the black American.

Dawne did you read thatNew York Daily News Headline I posted today?

“black, Hispanic students cheated of resources for better education, analysis of City School Data shows”.

“White and Asians students attends high school with twice as many Advanced Placement Cources and almost twice as as many Science Labs as schools attended by Blacks and Hispanics students report reveals”.

So Dawne, we are living in different countries with different problems. Most Black people are proud to be black and some are proud to be


Getting rid of the N word and ‘Coloured’ and settling for AA could mean you are subjected to the bigotry of low expectations…….Because you got rid of the N and C word and settled on AA……that is great if you are happy with it but could it be that not having any distinctive adjectives just might have been the less racist approach? That is what he is questioning. As for me, I just see you as American. Why would your heritage be attached when it is not also used in with non Black Americans, On the outside we just don’t understand it because it is not done in our countries.

French Canadians
Today, French Canadians constitute the main French-speaking population of Canada, accounted for about 22% of the total population of that country.
The Ethnic Diversity Survey of the 2006 Canadian census found that French-speaking Canadians identified their ethnicity most often as French, French Canadians, Québécois, and Acadian
Why do you think these people feel the need to call identify themselves as FRENCH Canadians when the are born and bred Canadians?

@Dawne: Dawne, the answer to your question is, we are not getting racism in my lifetime and probably yours. I see well just asked you a very important question. #337. We are moving along and there are still a lot of work to be done. No one addressed why Cesar refer to black, minorities in American as naive? I never addressed Cesar insults yesterday. When i read caesars comment yesterday, i felt it was insulting to black people, but i never replied to him. I just refer an article in the Daily News about Education this morning to prove a point to another fan this
morning about blacks and discrimination.

were the morons @ 10/13/2013 at 11:10 am

@Rose: Hello Rose, how are you?
I’m doing fine- just enjoying the few minutes of cool weather we’ve been having.

What I don’t understand is trolls accusing us of bashing “Gravity.” All of us have said nothing but great things about the film. I hope Sandy does get recognition for her role. She definitely deserves it…

@Susan: Oy!!! The end. Smiling!!

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 10/13/2013 at 12:06 pm

@were the morons:

The trolls are bore. Why do you think they are always here. FF forum is way too boring for them.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 10/13/2013 at 12:12 pm


I guess Shi is not his biological. You are fcuking moron. Think before you post but then again you don’t have enough brain cells to help you think.

@were the morons: Good morning my friend, I know it’s morning for you and just a little after noon for me. WTM, as Mwm just said, trolls are bored and wNt to find someone to talk to. You know tickys thread is deader than a box of rocks. So, lady, what’s up with you? We have been missing each other for about a week. Generally hi and bye. The Jolie Pitt’s are working hard on their different projects. I’m guessing the older kids are in school now and Angie is busy with last minutes preparations for her movie. Brad is doing double duty. You know h loves this. And the little ones love to have their dad to themselves. You know the next time we see Knox he will be dressed down exactly like his dad up to the hair cut. Any new gossip? JP news is so slow, what trouble can we get into?

were the morons @ 10/13/2013 at 12:29 pm

@Rose and @MWM:

You ladies are right! The trolls obviously are tired speculating pregnancy on their barren idol. So they come to JJ and seek attention. Poor things.

Rose, I totally agree. We seem to have missed each other’s post for a straight week! I’m working on it lol. Right now I’m trying to pick a place to eat for dinner. It’s really hard when you’re actually seeking somewhere instead of randomly finding a restaurant.

So, what’s up in your neck of the woods?

I also believe the kids are in school too. Break should be around the corner as thanksgiving is a little over a month away.

Love your post. Don’t let the bully hold you down. I always read your post among the nice and friendly posters here.

@were the morons: You’re picking a place for dinner, I’m cooking dinner as we speak. It’s going to be simple, roast pork chops, brown rice, string beans and spinach. Yummy, lol.

Nothing new around here. The weather is getting chilly. This morning I went to the fruit stand. I had on a cotton sweater and a very vest. I was comfortable. We were supposed to get a rain storm a few days ago, however, it only rained a little so the people living near the river/water were spared. You know after Sandy a lot of people still have not gone back home. I see Brad and Make it Right, and some other organizations will be doing something to help out some of the people who lost their
homes by building some affordable homes. WTM, enjoy dinner and we will talk later.

@BradprefersOwnChildrens: I’m sorry your parents never loved you .It’s not unusual for people like you to project their pain from being rejected onto others.

Love Conquers All @ 10/13/2013 at 1:22 pm

Hey guys :) Right now I’m leaving for the NYFF to see TYAS at the Walter Reade Theater, which starts at 5:00. I won’t be alone because six of my friends are seeing TYAS together, were gonna grab lunch first and finally see TYAS. I really looking forward to see this film. :)

Excited for Fury @ 10/13/2013 at 1:31 pm


I thought he always said he wanted all girls. To be specific, when he was married to his ex, “little hers”.

And isn’t Shiloh also his biological child? Why did she not go along with the twins?

Or is she Jonny Lee Miller’s daughter? :-)

Gold dust woman @ 10/13/2013 at 1:34 pm

The Coen brothers’ inside Llewelyn Davies screened at LFF today. What a good, funny and enjoyable film.
Their script for Unbroken is likely to be fantastic. They have such a sense of integrity in their work that I’m sure they will have worked overtime to get Unbroken right for Angelina, Zamperini and history.
For anyone to suggest that artists of the calibre of the Coen brothers would deceive their fans and film fans in general by ‘secretly’ directing a movie and then giving the credit to Angelina is idiotic in the extreme. They will be at LFF so they may well give some new insight into Unbroken.

Thanks for all the updates and tweets. Wish we got the pictures of Brad and the twins at the musical show.



poor pitty;(

@Gold dust woman:
When Inside Llewelyn Davies was screening in Cannes, it became the frontrunner for Best Picture at that moment, but now it is 12 Years A Slave.

@Excited for Fury:
You just exposed youself ff hag, you need urgent help

Blind item revealed to be Pitt (stripper story)

Blind Items Revealed (from C.D.aN)

June 6, 2013

This is one of the very few times I have ever had a blind item about this person that was not from several years ago. He slipped. He made a mistake. He lets his guard down and let a light of gossip filter out. He is an A+ list mostly movie actor who has A++ name recognition. They probably have an open relationship. Probably, but he paid an escort/stripper triple what she charges for an entire night the other night and had her for about 20 minutes alone in a private room at a club. It is not even so much that he did it, but the timing of it.

Brad Pitt

So what is the big deal :roll: He got off on a stripper he is not married :D You don’t really think he gets off on the junkie do ya :lol: :lol: He has got to get it from somewhere :tounge: :tounge: I we get pics real soon :dance: :dance:

Is that what you got. Blind Item. Lol. next

You know the trolls are desperate when they bring blind items.

Aniston HO @ 10/13/2013 at 2:22 pm

There are two trolls here changing names, murderer tamshit and the illiterate troll, ring. The troll who kept on bringing blind items is our resident illiterate troll. So just ignore.

TYAS is at every possible film festival. Fox Search Light is pushing hard. Does anyone remember how long Black Swan and Slumdog Millionaire were in limited releases before going wide releases? I didn’t pay attention to them. I think TYAS needs to stay limited release a little longer before going wide release, needs more time for word of mouth spreading.

USA racism

Rose, i´m sorry for my chosen words, i do not mean to be offensive. I´m know many Blacks and we often talked about this subjects. I don´t pretend to understand what a black American think but i know that it was Malcon X one of the principals leaders to used that term “African-American”. He lived in Africa for some time and he thought that all the blacks in America had to establish a connection with their real origins in Africa and as a matter/sake of pride and power of their race, he begin to call himself and any black, “African-American”.

I thanks @Wonderbust and @Dawne cause they have explain what i mean better, much better. Like Dawne said, it is a hyphenated only used in USA. My black friends think the same, it´s a new name for “N” or “C”.

I think the Black people in USA are not stupid, by the contrary, but they are “naif” and don´t think much about the meaning of this “words”, cause they are inlaid very deep in your minds, even collectively.

I know it is difficult to change, even the President normally used the term. And Barack Obama father was not a descendant of Africans-Americans or Slaves, he was a African that was studying in USA. So your President don´t have nothing related to the long Africans descendants in America.
It´s a mistake BO call himself a African-American. He is a American.

Like Dawne said very well, and it´s what i want to said first, “AA” it´s a derogatory term and underlying the racism still rampant in the US, even if the majority of Blacks don´t see it.

I don´t want to fight with JP fans because this, i loved black people and i loved Africa and i truly think Blacks are the most ancient people in this Planet and we all come from Africa. I even believed that blacks will conquer social space and achieved much more in the near future. Cause Blacks are better prepared in genetic terms, we can see that in sport, in culture, music, dance, sing, and now in Politics (even if BO it´s special) but if we give the same conditions in the school the Blacks will surpass all the others races, because Blacks have the most ancient, strong and completed Genetic Code. …. well this is other subject….

But i believed right now the Blacks in USA need to keep the fight against discrimination and racism and try to change this small but important things…. like.. using the “African-American” derogatory expression (my opinion) …

if you born in USA you are just American…… peace…

@Aniston HO:

Pues no,no soy yo,y analfabeta tu mami si todavía la tienes,vieja amargada

como os jode que os recuerde que gravity va a ganar el oscar y que el monge no tiene ninguno

a pastar¡¡

@Aniston HO:

Y quien eres tú?Rose y sus millones de alias,passing poo y sus millones de alias….
jua jua jua

I am curious. I was banned for probably half a year, (I think it was because I was making NUANCED fun of all the negative commentors on the Kristen Stewart threads) and yet some commentors, not prone to nuance, seem to be immune to any recriminations by this site. Are there people running this site or is it algorithmic programs doing the work instead? I ask this because it is baffling to me how some commentors (who shall remain nameless) who don’t seem to know how NOT to be offensive get to continue spewing their garbage here without pause for days, weeks and even years. Say what you all will about Michael K’s D-listed or Lainey’s gossip site, but at least everyone knows they’re “hands on” and give a lot more than Jared’s miniscule and often inaccurate blurbs.


You might be onto something………Shi being JLM’s daughter……cause the timing is so sympatico and she doesn’t look like Brad at all. LMAO. RU really that bankrupt of ideas and salacious slander? Not exactly top ten are you, hag?

Cautiously Optimistic @ 10/13/2013 at 2:51 pm

I’ve given any hope I had for Angelina’s career as an actress. Clearly, she’s not interested in it anymore , except for the rare movie that guarantees a big paycheck. If she’s not interested, it’s hard as fan to still maintain interest as well, which is sad because what drew me to her first was her intense and powerful acting. I admire her as a person also but I really looked forward to seeing her onscreen. I’m cautiously optimistic about her directing career as she seems excited about it too. I just hope she maintains this interest so we can at least “see” her in movies one way or another.

Mis queridos loons,hay un estudio que compara el comportamiento de las ninfómanas con el de un hombre sexualmente activo sin conductas aditivas al sexo…esdecir sin ser Michael Douglas

los hombres a partir de la segunda semana de abstinencia comienza a tener ansiedad,y experimentan un irrefrenable deseo de tener sexo

pero claro yo me tengo que creer que Pitt va a estar tres meses como un monje sin tener sexo JA¡¡ y que una mujer activa sexualmente desde hace tantos años va a vivir como una monja… a ser que no..

xoxo y disfrutar de vuestro mundo de caramelos de chocolate

Slumdog Millionaire– November 12, 2008 (limited), December 26, 2008 (wide)
Black Swan — December 3, 2010 (limited), December 17, 2010 (wide)

Both movies were shown at many film festivals like TYAS.

Gold dust woman @ 10/13/2013 at 3:08 pm


Cassi, I don’t think Llewelyn Davies is best picture material. But I enjoyed it a lot and I think the lead actor is great in it but is likely to be overshadowed by other performances.
My point in mentioning the film was to highlight the two issues which relate to Unbroken.

Its disapointing supporting this two too much of useless attention but not enough on the right moves that will end unessessary attention hate etc… never one move and free sad caa and whatever holding them…year after year. Why not they broke up and just do j.lo and mak move to other people quickly shut their mouths have picture together to show they are in peace and be done with it . Its better than this ever negative existance that is deterorized by day.

@Gold dust woman:
The lead actor has no chance this year, too many great performances this year.

@Cautiously Optimistic: In an interview with Financial Times she stated she no longer needed to act and that she loved directing .Her passion outside of her family is her humanitarian work and directing
So I accepted it awhile ago that she may act in a film every few years.The same for Brad I think he will only do a film every few years sorta like Redford.He will produce films and do his design work,furniture. In five years when the older kids are teens I think we will rarely see the JPs whether they are based in LA or France .JMO

Gravite copy armagedoon no original

I guess this is why we didn’t get pics of Brad and the twins at Matilda show yesterday, they came in after the interval.

Lucy Rowland❤ ‏@lucy_Grace05 1h

@Emily_Robbinsx aww haha! I love finding out about the children cast! Did u see brad pitt there? He knelt down next to me and my cousin :O

Lucy Rowland❤ ‏@lucy_Grace05 49m

@Emily_Robbinsx it was after the interval he came in and knelt with his children by the aisle next to me then went to his seat, and aw aha

@thoughts: It’s time for your meds.

Probably Knox’s hair grows long again next time we get to see him. i really want to see Knox with short hair.


She’s taking them, only problem is she washes them down with a fifth of the hard stuff.

I had a huge laugh at how the some of the most black-hearted JP trolls ever lost her **** yesterday.

Hypocrite Roast’ard has the nerve to bring up Celebitchy’s house rules. HA! There is a reason why she can’t post there and prefers JJ: she’s broken every rule mentioned! She’s lied, keeps multiple aliases, wishes death on posters, and makes outrageous accusations. It’s no wonder she’s banned from CB already. Of course if JJ applied any of those roles, 50% of all loons would be gone, and those would only be Roast’s aliases.

Now Clooniqua is just a desperate deadbeat baby momma who trolls the internet from one blog to the next, waxing poetics on her disgusting heathen idols, as well as posting long, boring and overdone hate rants against the ex of 8 years and her publicist. It’s almost as if she was a paid studio plant, but reality is, she’s such a loser that she’s doing it all for free.

But I understand it’s hard for the mentally unbalanced to deal with the career demise of their vapid, amoral celebrities that they’re so personally invested in for so many years. It’s a thankless job, as the Brand dislike their loons and don’t wan to be associated with them in any way. Poor loons!

@ Cesar just STFU.. Don’t speak about other people race if you don’t know what the fvck you are talking about.. Sat your ass down in Spain or where ever the fvck you are. Better yet watch soccer .

groundcontrol @ 10/13/2013 at 3:51 pm

Lol @ 10/13/2013 at 2:17 pm @Fury:
Is that what you got. Blind Item. Lol. next
LOL! is right. More like ROTFLMAO!
This is an exact repeat of a BI from 2004. Give me a fvcking break. These pathetic gossips count on newbies or those with no memories to sucker in each time. As if something like that wouldn’t be front page news – a BI? Never.

groundcontrol @ 10/13/2013 at 3:53 pm

I just noticed something and it’s scaring the bejesus out of me. LOL!!

John the loons @ 10/13/2013 at 3:55 pm

….Cesar did your wife forbid your ANGE worshiping?
What’s up with that? Stick to what you know best.ange.

Dont start with me ho…u dont want solution ur problem is. We will see how long before it all catch up on them .

The trolls are idiots. Lol.


I don’t know if you are a troll or not but that is one of the rudest posts I’ve seen in awhile. Cesar was expressing his feelings about something in what I consider a respectful and intelligent manner. If you don’t agree, that is fine, but your debasing response is completely uncalled for.

If you are not a troll, then I suggest your raise the bar a bit. There is no need to communicate like that……..I suspect you are a troll. I can’t see an intelligent JP fan being this classless.

@What?: Your comment, #379, was so funny I laughed out loud for about three minutes. I love your suggestion, “better yet, watch soccer”. That’s priceless.

@the ring:
me imagino que no, pero haz escuchado de la autosatisfaccion o masturbación?

Cesar,please keeps posting. trolls can go to hell. Lol.


Rose, Cesar explained and apologized for any misunderstanding …he did not mean to insult anyone…


Oh you really think audience-voted award or the prediction of one expert is going to make a difference? How naive. Surely you were singing the same tune when Tree of Life won Palme d’Or at Cannes two years ago.

@Dawne: Hi Dawne, I saw Cesar’s apology however, he went back and was even more insulting IMO. Dawn, I have not said one word to Cesar about what he posted yesterday or today. I forgive Cesar for talking about things he has no knowledge of what he’s saying. I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have No hard feelings towards Cesar. Life is too short to hold a grudge. Cesar is a fan of BA and I’m a fan, so while we are here, that’s all that matters. however, What? Was very funny if you take it as it was meant to be. Cesar, stop talking about things you don’t understand. You understand soccer so watch soccer, lol.

I’m a fan that have not the time for foot in the mouth people.. He feel sorry now. Believe you me he still feels the same. @Dawne don’t be a
Hippocratic you said worse over the years. That the problem with some posters. See other person faults and forget yours. Take your own advices .

We need some new JP news and pictures…STAT!!!!!


I had a huge laugh


LMFAO!!! At least you use different words today instead of OMG!! I laugh you loons. I thought you limited vocabularies.

I had a huge laugh
LMFAO!!! At least you use different words today instead of OMG!! I laugh at you loons. I thought your vocabularies were limited.

Semany Gashaw ‏@sgashaw88 now

Blown away by Steve McQueen’s 12 years a slave! #oscars

@Rose: you took the word out my mouth. People put they foot in shitt and say I’m sorry l. and we suppose to kiss and makeup. What he say he still believed I’ll bet on it..Dawne you want me to kiss and makeup with Cesar? ok maybe laterrrrrrr.

@What?: I have to say I lol when. I Read your comment. First if all, why should I accept an apology when he did not apologized. He said he was sorry, however he repeated the same crap and even went after President Obama by saying ,”President Obama made a mistake by calling himself an African American”. …”So your President don’t have nothing relating to long African descendent in America”. Girl, better to forgive him…he is talking nonsense, IMO. What?, Im not accepting a non apology, I’m forgiving him for talking about things he knows nothing about.


His comments are insulting but he insists on saying that it is derogatory. Anyway, I don’t need an ignorant to tell me how I should identify myself and how I should feel about it. I love America and all of its different walks of life.

I know when I get the census form, I check off more than one box.

His comments are insulting BECAUSE he insists on saying that it is derogatory. Anyway, I don’t need an ignorant to tell me how I should identify myself and how I should feel about it. I love America and all of its different walks of life.
I know when I get the census form, I check off more than one box.

I am beginning to believe no one from the outside should say ‘anything’ about the take ‘from here.’ Cesar and I were saying the same thing and I in no way can figure out what was insulting.

All we are saying for the very last time is: We feel from afar that having a hyphenated reference to Black Americans is racist. We feel, based on how things are in our own countries, that Black Americans are simply ‘Americans.’ It was explained by Rose that the N and C word have been overcome, and I agree that is something, BUT, we feel the hyphenation is just another form of the N and C word. Our point is you were born in America so you are simply Americans. That is the POV in our cultures. That’s it. That’s all. No insult intended, in fact, quite the opposite. It is a show of support.

Passing Through @ 10/13/2013 at 5:45 pm

# 329 Dawne @ 10/13/2013 at 10:00 am
I don’t think it’s the case that “rampant racism” is particular to just the US. It’s everywhere – and that’s kind of McQueen’s point that despite him being British it doesn’t negate his common ancestry with African-Americans as children, grand-children, great-grandchildren, etc., of former slaves around the world.
Case in point about how rampant racisim still is around the world – The other day I was reading a story about the World Gymnastics Championship. The girl that won the All-Around title is African-American. Her name is Simone Biles. After her win several of the Italian girls commented that maybe they should paint their skin black and then they could have won, too. The girl said she didn’t mean it in a racist way and she’s a big fan of Biles’…yet it’s not an appropriate comment and she wouldn’t have said it if Biles had been white. So racism is still rampant EVERYWHERE in the world – and I guarantee there are a few black Canadians who’ll disagree with you that Canada as a while isn’t that racist.

It never surprises me what gets discussed on this site, but this takes the cake. Those confused, intrigued or otherwise at a loss as to why blacks in the United States are referred to as African Americans need to check themselves.
First of all you are making generalizations. The term African American is not used by ALL blacks or by all people referring to blacks. African American however is the U.S. government’s official designation for black people. What do I care about that? Am I going to march on Washington and demand that they change it? There are more important issues at hand.
Many people are in dire straits, living in poverty, without jobs, healthcare, decent housing, without education, without enough food and someone wants the blacks in the U.S. to say, “How about stop calling us African Americans. Can we get a bill passed on that?” Wtf!
You see, this is how it works: we get to use whatever term we want to refer to ourselves. If those in other countries don’t understand this, my question is, so what? It’s not about them.
Personally, I don’t think of myself in terms of color, I think of myself as a human being first and foremost. Is that too generic for foreigners? Would they feel better addressing me as black, which is just another label? We are more than the color of our skin and black is really not an apt description of that. We are dark, medium, light to damn near white.
We are mufti-racial; we are not the sum total of what we look like on the outside, our genetics is diverse. So, why are others telling us how to address ourselves or what should be acceptable to us? I am not responsible for how others think of me, nor do I care. I don’t find the term African American offensive and don’t know why someone from another country would find it any of their concern. That’s damn arrogant and condescending at the same time.
What we call ourselves is what is important to each of us, not what other people call us. If a black person wants to be referred to as African American, it’s not something others need spend their time second guessing. By comparing blacks in the U.S. to what they do in THEIR countries foreigners imply that they are somehow superior, whether they intended to or not. Yet, I would hazard to guess that they are generalizing about their own countries and prejudice is not unknown where they live. They just want to pretty it up by putting people under one label and in their place.
Some blacks like identifying with Africa as people of other ethnic groups in the United States identify with what is considered by them their motherland or land of their forefathers. What’s wrong with that? As it’s been mention Canada’s French Canadians do the same thing; or don’t other Canadians consider them real Canadians?
Those foreigners questioning the use of the term African American speak of it as a black thing, like it’s so different in their countries among other groups. I would much have preferred if someone had asked: Why are blacks referred to as African Americans in the United States? But instead, their comments give the impression that their countries and by extension they are somehow more evolved or better because they don’t use the term. That is offensive.

Racism is a fact of daily life in the U.S. and in every country on earth. As Rose stated, it won’t end any time soon. As a matter of act it’s become more obvious over recent years because of the vitriol and racist remarks hurled at our President. People hide who they are and what they think, it doesn’t go away. Now, a segment of Congress has told the American people (by what they say and do) that it’s ok to be racist and we’re seeing the results of that.
So, I say to those in foreign counties, while this may be a topic for discussion with you, it’s a reality for some of us. The blacks in your countries speak for themselves, not the whole of black people, in particular those in the States; no one speaks for everyone. If you or your black friends think African American is a substitute for other demeaning terms that’s your opinion, but don’t even begin to tell anyone else how they should feel. I know who and what I am, so you can keep your arrogant attitude and your attempts to ‘educate’ us ( Cesar # 361-if you born in USA you are just American…) to yourselves. As always, you are entitled to YOUR opinion, just don’t judge people on something you know nothing about.

Passing Through @ 10/13/2013 at 5:54 pm

# 331 Premalee @ 10/13/2013 at 10:10 am
Roger’s confidence is in the dumps right now and all the players know it. As far as Annacone – the problem there is the same as it’s been with other great champions – Roger doesn’t want to change his game because he’s Roger Federer. Even BDB had to change his hard court game after all the injuries. The fact is Roger’s older now and can’t afford to grind it out with these guys anymore. He’s not being aggressive enough and that’s one of the things Annacone had been trying to get him to do these last 3 years. Roger said in his statement that he’d achieved 2 of his main goals in hiring Annacone – winning another Slam and regaining #1 – and so they were parting on good terms. I agree with some analysts who said doing both of those things last year took a lot out of Roger but at the same time Roger’s gotten complacent. It happens to all the great ones. There’s never enough wins, never enough trophies, never enough of enough. It’s tough to watch Roger be THAT GUY but he’s not the first one who didn’t want to see it all end. I think he’s still got good tennis him. He’s just got to get out of his own ass and stop expecting guys to be awed to be on the court with him. It’s going to take more to win as he gets older and he’s got so many other things going on in his life that it’s probably just not possible anymore to devote the amount of time to training and practice, especially with a switch to a larger racket, that he needs to devote. It’s going to be a long off-season for him if he doesn’t make the finals though.

another fan @ 10/13/2013 at 5:55 pm


Excited for Fury @ 10/13/2013 at 1:31 pm

When Brad said “little hers’, he and his then wife were probably unofficially separated and the rumors had started about him and Angie. So I think he intentionally said “little hers” because he did not want to be specific under the circumstances. But he was not talking about “little Jens”, he really was thinking “little Angie’s” but could not say it.

As for why the twins are with him: the other, older kids probably have scheduled studies. So they are in school, while the twins are not.

Well considering the fact that Palm d or winners rarely ever win best picture(go check the history) I certainly didn’t think it would win. The reason why 12 years winning the audience award is a big deal is because the topic is so brutal that one would expect a crowd pleaser like Gravity to win. And it’s not one expert predicting a win, most people on golden derby are predicting a win. Every film festival that TYAS has been through has left the audience stunned and emotional. The movie has that kind of effect. TYAS doesn’t need better reviews or even make blockbusters numbers like Gravity, it just needs a good narrative and it certainly has that.

I can’t wait for unbroken!!!! Hope casting goes ok :) have a nice day xx

@Passing Through: Hi PT, I hope you read both of Cesar’s comments. One made UN racism, #270 yesterday and one today. I have no idea why anyone believes they know more than me how I should identify myself. How can anyone believes they know more than the President of the United States of America of how he should identify himself. Who gave anyone the authority to tell me, I should not embrace my African roots. Why am I “naif” and “powerless” because I chose to identify myself as an African-American, or Black-American. Who died and left people from another country to dictate to me how I should think of myself. Am I supposed to deny my forefathers and my skin color. I’m embracing both my African roots and my American roots. Why is that a problem for

another fan @ 10/13/2013 at 6:05 pm

All of this talk about African Americans is making me uneasy. Blacks in America have a deep culture, from churches, fraternities, sororities, colleges, schools, alumni groups, music, etc. African Americans have a long history in America and most blacks are proud to be Americans, even if whites think only whites are real Americans. One black person cannot speak for all African Americans. And one person’s point of view may not be typical. Until someone studies black Ameican history and meets many blacks, they have no idea about how African Americans feel or believe. So all this generalizing about African Americans is inapprobriate and seems ignorant.

Passing Through @ 10/13/2013 at 6:07 pm

# 337 well @ 10/13/2013 at 10:52 am
Good point. Isn’t Quebec forever trying to secede?

@Jaye: Hi Jaye, how are you, I have not seen your name/moniker for a long while. I know you will have a good take on the subject.

Passing Through @ 10/13/2013 at 6:13 pm

# 356 Fury @ 10/13/2013 at 2:15 pm
More lies from CDAN? LOL. Funny how the answer to all his blind items are Brad and Angie. I don’t know how the two of them get any work done with the openings in their open relationship. Brad as editing 2 movies at the same time, traveling the world promoting the hell out of one of them, hiding Angie’s double-mastectomy, looking after 6 kids…and still had time to go to a strip club that no one knew about and tup a stripper for 20 minutes? Dude’s got mad organization skills…

@Passing Through:
@Passing Through:

What a stupid and thoughtless thing to say……seems often the person is not even in touch with the fact that they are somewhat of a racist. Should be unacceptable and I hope their sports careers suffer accordingly.

There is no way I meant to imply there aren’t racists here, there are. But there is not as clear a ‘colour’ division and reference. Does it help, who knows? I think racism is the most insidious component of any society.

Passing Through @ 10/13/2013 at 6:22 pm

# 391 Rose @ 10/13/2013 at 4:36 pm
@Dawne: Hi Dawne, I saw Cesar’s apology however, he went back and was even more insulting IMO
Rose -
I saw that post. I rolled my eyes and kept going.

@another fan: So right, when Brad said “little hers”, it was little Angelina’s on his mind, certainly not little Ticky’s. Even Ticky admitted in the infamous VF article that Brad was “gone” as of January 2004, a full year before the announcement of their separation, basically Brad left that dead end waste of a merger before he ever left to film Troy.

Passing Through @ 10/13/2013 at 6:31 pm

# 403 Jaye @ 10/13/2013 at 5:53 pm
A to the men. Can you just imagine how ugly this whole sitch is going to get as TYAS goes wide? All of these peripheral discussions are beside the point and are just going to obscure and detract from the purpose of the movie. If this is the reaction of the general public does anyone really still question why I doubt AMPAS will give it the Best Picture award?

Just tell him to gotdam act it then 10 years shitting on his pants ckn

Passing Through @ 10/13/2013 at 6:42 pm

# 408 Rose @ 10/13/2013 at 6:03 pm
# 409 another fan @ 10/13/2013 at 6:05 pm
The whole ethnic designation thing is debatable in the black community. Thats why on most official documents or applicaitons you’ll see it listed ast “Black or African-American”. My brother always says he’s African-American. I say I’m “Black” and sometimes I say “African-American”. Half the time I don’t know myself what the current standard is. Is there any other ethnic group in the world who has to go threw this name change every few years? Probably not.

Gone 2004 in ur imagination.he still given to the game. He never left IN THINGS THAT MATTER.
about the movie let first people see meaning the public I think that with the momentum it can succeded in similar way of LD and JF movie.

Just so what do u like to be called? What they should call then anyonee whos first generation and is black whereever they come from?
They obviously cannot out the selection of all black nation as a choice so african american generaluze all blacks and is best way no?

@Passing Through: I have done the same thing, sometimes it’s Black American at other times it’s African American. I’m comfortable with both because it’s who I am, I don’t need anyone to tell me I’m naif or powerless in my believes. I do believe most black people are comfortable in identifying as either. I know everyone is never going to be happy but I believe this is a good solution. Most of us wants to embrace our African heritage and our American heritage. This is more a problem for someone out of the USA than for us, IMO.

@Jaye, I enjoyed your post.

‘Dawne : we don’t need you or anybody telling black America what we shout call our self. Thanks, But no thanks. I’m an African America that that
It’s for me to reside not the likes of you or Cesar. Why don’t you ask Asians or Irish people the same question. What you do in your country is difference from how we do things in the USA. Afro is a hair style as fair as I’m concern. For a long long time in my country my race and heritage was not in-brace by us bc some did not want to identify with African but our eyes are wide open.

yes P.T. trying very hard and forever a failure.

Wonderbust @ 10/13/2013 at 7:17 pm

So I wasn’t born when ROOTS came out in this country but I had no idea the miniseries was so popular. I have watched the series and I think it was really well done. The number of people who saw this is incredible and this was the 70′s so I am getting more confidant that TYAS will be able to make some money. The reviews say TYAS is even better than Roots.

Roots Part I #82 28.84 million 40.5% 61% January 23, 1977 ABC
Roots Part II #32 31.40 million 44.1% 62% January 24, 1977 ABC
Roots Part III #27 31.90 million 44.8% 68% January 25, 1977 ABC
Roots Part IV #35 31.19 million 43.8% 66% January 26, 1977 ABC
Roots Part V #21 32.54 million 45.7% 71% January 27, 1977 ABC
Roots Part VI #18 32.68 million 45.9% 66% January 28, 1977 ABC
Roots Part VII #50 30.12 million 42.3% 65% January 29, 1977 ABC
Roots Part VIII #3 36.38 million 51.1% 71% January 30, 1977 ABC

The Ring leader @ 10/13/2013 at 7:35 pm

Of name changing in all land…. with his split ass full of crap.

Rose @ 10/13/2013 at 6:08 pm #411

Hey, Rose.

I’m around from time to time to keep up with what’s going on with JPs and the fans. The subject of Black vs. African American from the stand point of foreigners just struck me as odd. The view looking in is never as clear as the one from inside looking out.

Janete Scobie ‏@novelchronicles 1m

Just saw #12YearsASlave at the #NYFF Amazing storytellers McQueen and Ridley, Chiwetel’s performance is a tour de force. What craft!

LisaTsering ‏@LisaTsering now

See #12YearsASlave — amid the brutality are scenes of beauty & tenderness. #bestfilmof2013

Whatever at least it is noticable dumbass…
anyways anyone from hatie and some brazil blacks what they should be catagorized to since non latino and non afircan american.
so black american i think should do for easy .
Anyways im just saying this never really concern me topic……..

James Austen ‏@The_JamesAusten now

12 Years A Slave #chifilmfest

Why not they get bright hos turn offfs as usual think smart and superior but all 6th grade ..

Wonderbust @ 10/13/2013 at 8:15 pm

So it looks like TYAS played at NYFF and Chicago film festival tonight. I think the Hampton International festival will be showing TYAS as it’s closing film tomorrow.

Passing Through @ 10/13/2013 at 6:31 pm #416
12 Years A Slave is history, American history. But more than that, 12 Years A Slave is about survival; maintaining hope in a situation that strips you of all control, that tries to rob you of your spirit, your self-worth, your dignity, your identify as a human being.
Blacks were not the first people to be enslaved, there is a long history with many nations, but this is part of the American landscape, part of what has shaped the descendants on both sides. Yet, in many, the sentiments of the past seem to be ingrained. The fact is, those racial divides that came about as a result of slavery and truthfully existed before slavery, have never been fully acknowledged or dealt with. It’s too uncomfortable for people to talk about so they hide from it.
As for the awards, I never assume anything because there is always more at work than the quality of a film. Some are things that are readily known, some we will never know. Steve McQueen is a straight talker and not one to glad hand or campaign for an award. As he said, he’s done what he set out to do, make a film. Those voters are human beings and as such they have their own particular prejudices. They’re no different than the the public in general in that what is said behind closed doors may not mirror what they say and do publicly.
I hope the film gets the accolades that it deserves, but I’m not holding my breath.

Got home just in time to see New England Pats win. What a great game. Anyway I saw Gravity today. It really is a good movie. It does not have that great a storyline but the visuals that the director created are amazing. It is like Avatar to me. The world created in that movie was amazing too but also had a silly story. I predict lots of tech awards for Gravity. Will it win Best Picture? I don’t know. I did not think Argo was that great either and it won.
Based on the comments, I guess there has been no pics or interesting articles about the Jolie Pitt’s today. Although I love the tweet about Brad kneeling down to make sure he did not block the audience.
I don’t think you have to be African American to talk about race problems or slavery in the US. I’m sure McQueen and Brad hope TYAS indeed starts a respectful but open conversation on these and other topics.
Problem here is we don’t know if posters with names like what?, well, thoughts or Cesar really want to learn and debate or are just trolls wanting to start trouble.

Gabi Madsen ‏@gabimadsen 23m

12 YEARS A SLAVE killed me. What a powerful, well made film. its not for the weak of hearts but its a must see. Wow!! #Movies #12YearsAslave

Tracy’s Escapades ‏@TraScapades 31m

I have NEVER seen a story about slavery in America as moving, powerful, barbaric & raw as #12YearsASlave. Still composing myself… @TheNYFF

Dong Lee ‏@AELoy91 25s

Just watched 12 years a slave. Speechless.


“Where do we go now”, 2011′s TIFF People’s Choice winner was not exactly a crowd pleaser either, and how did that fare at the Oscars? My point is it’s too early in the season to predict wins. Wait until the other Oscar contenders come out in theaters and we will see how it plays out.

I wouldn’t be surprised if TYAS manages to get a few nominations, despite the recent success of Django Unchained, the complexity of the theme is not something that Academy members will shy away from, despite what idiots like Passing Stool may say. The Butler is also bound to do well at the Oscars, and movies like Amistad or Glory have also been appreciated by the Academy.

Oscars are like political campaigns, and the more a studio spends on marketing, and gets media coverage, and works the press, does luncheons, round tables and meet and greets with voters.

In the end nobody knows how many nominations the movie might receive, but one thing is clear to me: loons do not care about that, unless their idol Pitty gets a nomination of his own. If this was George Clooney who produced TYAS instead, nobody here would care about this movie at all.

bizzy bee @ 10/13/2013 at 9:35 pm

Good Sunday all, I see the conversation is still going on. That’s what I love about this site, even when news is slow, we still manage to have interesting conversations and learn from each other. The subject of race is very sensitive, and I won’t presume that I know more about anyone’s race more than they do. I will say, though, that if you don’t know where you came from, you won’t know where you’re going. Passing Through, I absolutely agree there’s racism all over the world. If you listen to foreign news, there’s tension between ethnic groups all over the world. For instance, in the Arab world there’s racism between the lighter and darker Arabs. There was the conflict between various Slavic groups in the 90s, the genocide in Rwanda, etc.

ot, I’d like to give my condolences to NFL running back Adrian Peterson, his two year old son was recently beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend. My heart goes out to him, and RIP to that poor baby.

wolitzky ‏@wolitzky now

12 years a slave floored me. Wow

@Jaye: Passing Through @ 10/13/2013 at 6:31 pm #416
12 Years A Slave is history, American history. But more than that, 12 Years A Slave is about survival; maintaining hope in a situation that strips you of all control, that tries to rob you of your spirit, your self-worth, your dignity, your identify as a human being.

Think about it, everything that was said by PT about TYAS could be said about Louie Zamperini”s situation while in captivity by the Japanese. Not that slavery and being a prisoner of war could ever be on the same playing field, but both films are about surviving, and hope, something that resonates with every person, whether, black, white, green or yellow, we’re all human beings.

Daniel Lang ‏@LockTakeHide now

I just saw 12 years A Slave. It is literally the best film I’ve ever seen. #12YearsASlave #stevemcqueen #bradpitt #americanchattelslavery

Wonderbust @ 10/13/2013 at 9:47 pm

Thank you for all the tweets. I read the book about a month ago and could not put it down.

were the morons @ 10/13/2013 at 9:54 pm

It’s like the saying- “we wernt born in Africa, but Africa was born in us.”
With that being said, us black folk are indeed of African heritage. Other ethnicities can claim their country and have multiple generations born in America. Black/African same damn thing. Some black folk deny their African heritage and therefore, adapt the whole “black” term. I’m with you Rose- we are black and African American, damnit.

And if Brad PItt hadn’t produced TYAS and George Clooney had, you would be bringing over every single article that states TYAS is the front runner and would be praising the film. Of course fans are even more interested because of Brad we are after all fans. Some posters here can’t stand Oprah yet they still saw The Butler and praised the film. Don’t worry about campaigning Fox Searchlight is a pro at this and the cast has been at all the festival and have done multiple Q & A. This year is the year of the Black narrative with 42, TYAS, the Butler, Fruitvale Station, Mandela, electing an African-American as president of the Academy, 150th year of the emancipation proclamation.

were the morons @ 10/13/2013 at 10:01 pm

@Rose: really? OMG, I’m shocked that Sandy left that horrible aftermath. I’m glad the rain didn’t hit too hard… Definitely a break for you all. California got some rain the other day, which is good considering we haven’t had any all summer.

How was your dinner? Mine was ok- can’t really find delicious Italian food in Calfornia IMO, which is what I had. The dessert was abysmal as well.

Kim V ‏@jnkjlezv now

BRAD PITT and ROBERT REDFORD this week on @Today, What a week in store!

Michael Kang ‏@KANGisMAN now

12 Years A Slave…. Wow.

Loner x__x ‏@__GShit now

Rolling Stone said “12 Years a Slave” is Fall most powerful movie. I gotta see it now!


I actually said weeks ago that despite Pitty was labeled the “downside” of the film, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing TYAS since I love Chiwetel’s work. I also like Fassy and McQueen, the director.

Brad will be on Today Show on Wednesday.

Gina Celata ‏@GinaCelata 16m

Brad Pitt will always be hawt. He is gonna be 80 and still the love of my life.

TYAS is also screening to DGA today.

I feel like it is already the awards season. lol.

Kamaria Porter ‏@heykmart now

#chifilmfest ’12 Years a Slave’ I cannot even talk about what I’ve just experienced. MASTERPIECE (at @amctheatres)

12YAS will be a timeless classic alongside movies like Gone With the Wind, people will remember it decades after it came out.

Excited as I am for 12YAS Oscar chances, I remember getting my hopes up for Benjamin Buttons until that ridiculous Slumdog Millionaire won.

Does anyone remember that black and white French flick that won a year or two ago? Neither do I. The Oscars’ ratings are going to keep on tanking until they start recognizing good movies that people actually WATCH.


F ucking liar. You are obsess with Brad. You are going to see the movie because of him. Stop lying to yourself and to us. Thank you for supporting Brad & Plan B.

I think it is screening for them tomorrow as well. Jeff Wells said he’s going to the screening so lookout for his reaction on how the DGA received the film.

I am sure Tampon is going to see TYAS, The Counselor and Maleficent and every Brad and Angie movie. Lol.

Tony Eng ‏@Heyitstonyeng now

12 Years A Slave. Powerful. Emotional. #12YearsASlave

Wonderbust @ 10/13/2013 at 10:43 pm

@bizzy bee:
I was upset too but I recently I watched Slumdog Millionaire and I thought the movie was really good and unique(not to say that Benjamin Button wasn’t). Benjamin Button was a beautiful film too. Slumdog actually made a lot of money at the box office. The Artist on the other hand did not deserve to win.

Lol and Jentheho, spot on ladies. Tampon and her fellow trolls HAVE to watch Brad and Angie’s movies so they can have something new to yap about. Otherwise, they’d be stick with the same old lies. Rats, roaches, and other vermin have to feed on whatever they can get.

Good night, jp fans. Early start tomorrow.

John ‏@jrunde10 now

Re: 12 YEARS A SLAVE. One of the few movies that excels in every phase. Great story, style, acting, and avoids maudlin stereotypes

just Sayin @ 10/13/2013 at 10:53 pm

Benjamin Button, Moneyball and Brad should have won Oscar.


LMAO!!! And I will bet she loves every one of them but won’t admit it.


I caught the end of Slumdog in theaters after Ben Buttons finished playing and it was very lively, I loved the dance routine at the end, but I’ve seen quite a few Bollywood movies before so it didn’t particularly stand out to me. It seemed like a nice enough movie though.

I’m just concerned a movie will come out of left field and take the win, but I remain cautiously optimistic.

Good night for real this time lol.

Winnie Dixon ‏@HistoryofSALMON now

Watching World War Z….the beauty of Brad Pitt tho…

To me, Crash was the least worthy to win the award.

vickifromtexas @ 10/13/2013 at 11:39 pm

when a troll brings a blind item over from cdan it is ridiculous. the site has been exposed for making up blinds.
to me if you are going to post something and you have to use a face name or post under a different name than you usually do, you must not hold much faith in what you are posting.

A Movie Guy ‏@LeosAMovieGuy now

#12YearsASlave is a movie masterpiece. This story had to be told and all should see it! Steve McQueen I think you are brilliant.

@vickifromtexas: The Trolls have so little in their real lives, those ridiculous blind items, ( the site actually acknowledges BI’s are MADE up) are what they live for, really pathetic. I’d almost feel bad for the poor suckers, that is if they weren’t such a$$holes. lol

@the ring:

Ahahahaha… of course loons know their idols well, and they know they both feel irrepressible sexual urges.

They don’t expect to be faithful to each other, why would loons do that any way? They are not married for that same reason. XD

@an oldie:
Argo was undeserving. There are many undeserving Oscar winners.

rsfinla ‏@rsfinla now

12 Years A Slave is one of the most powerful, astonishing movies you will see in your lifetime. The movie delivers on the hype.

From all the awards prediction sites, TYAS is predicted to win Best Picture. Let’s hope AMPAS finally awards the real Oscar worthy film that is TYAS.

Jerrica ‏@JerriRed now

Anyone else trying to win 2014 Oscars, should give up now. 12 Years A Slave has already won all the awards.

Nick’s Flick Picks ‏@NicksFlickPicks 11m

12 Years a Slave is the best Best Picture winner since The Hurt Locker.

Lisa Kaas Boyle ‏@LisaKaasBoyle now

@TheAcademy screening of 12 Years a Slave. Blows Gravity to space dust. My prediction: Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Score

wow, TYAS was screening at The Academy too.

Woody Schultz ‏@UGottaWoody now

Saw #12YearsASlave 5 hours ago & still recovering. Harrowing, brilliant, poetic, brutal & amazing. Kudos to Steve McQueen & entire cast.

The Pitt hype machine is going to peak too soon and then poop out as per usual…. YAWN!!!

So, who else thinks that Jolie and that Miyavi dude are going at it like fevered weasels?

lucinda watson ‏@lucindawatson1 9m

12 Years a Slave is an incredible film. Absolutely breathtaking and unforgettable.

Thanks for all the tweets about TYAS. I can’t wait for awards season.

roxana fan jp @ 10/14/2013 at 1:41 am

@Anna: estas equivocada Anna.. brad pitt no tiene una maquina detras de el o de angelina para que los alben constantemente como si lo tiene ticky (con CAA) y como lo tiene opha w. los que vieron la pelicula son criticos de cine y algunos columnistas ..fijate que en toronto se llevo el premio de la gente,, y eso no se compra … claro vos estas acostumbrado a que ticky vigile todo , censure todo lo mal que habla de ella..hasta paga para que tiren mala onda a brad y angelina (por decir menos). la maquina de publicidad y de autobombo la tiene la ex de brad pitt o sea Ticky

cr BF

Scoop: THE TODAY SHOW on NBC – Week of October 14, 2013

Wednesday, October 16 (7-9 a.m.): Brad Pitt talks about 12 Years a Slave

The Pitt hype machine is going to peak too soon and then poop out as per usual….
Not before it poops on you.

Bailey is not a Christian @ 10/14/2013 at 1:49 am

@Bailey: Bailey, please do not say you are a Christian. You are embarrassing.
Self-righteousness is not what Christianity is about. Judging is not your job. He does not need you to point fingers around.

Eric Perez ‏@CaskCreek 2m

Comes out this upcoming Friday. Everyone needs to see this masterwork. #12YearsASlave #CIFF2013 (@ AMC River East 21)

Brad becomes such a super powerful producer. I think they should put ” a Brad Pitt production” in every Brad produced film.

Good morning J-P fans.
How about waiting until the actual Oscars are presented, stop putting the cart before the horse.
I get flash back to The Color Purple and many other pictures that were suppose to be sure bets, some did not even win one Oscar.
Steve McQueen and Brad are not going around kissing buts or sucking up to the Academy, who most of the time is awarding some one a year later for work they did the previous year.
Plan B keep on making worthy films, and if you make a huge profit great.

@Susan: Good morning Susan. I believe you are right asking the fans not to get too excited about the Oscars. Brad should have won an Oscar for Fight club, IMO, many years ago. IMO, 12 monkeys was another great movie for Brad and IMO he was robbed. So we support TYAS and pray the academy members do the right thing. Looking for to see some pictures soon.

Who else thinks these trolls who obsess over Brad and Angie’s sex life CAN’T “get laid” LOL

What will happen when the charade is called out and over?

Will they both be shunned? or will it be the blame game? Either way I don’t think there loons will appreciate being had and the rest will be the I told you so’s lol.
If they split all the lies will come out :shock: Illegal adoptions,pretending to be a couple,fake engagement, fake mastectomy
They both will be losers and not be able to save face no matter which one initiated the façade.The kids will be total outcasts.

I don’t think it will matter much to anyone other than the loons. They are in a natural decline in Hollywood and their careers will dry up by themselves if their movies keep bombing. I don’t think the tabs could actually drag up anything too damning about them with proof. They’ll merely remain rumors. I could see a blame game play on between them as a last ditch efforts to remain relevant and even that won’t last forever.
I do find it interesting to notice that some loons have already rebelled against Pitt (starting when Jolie was filming Tourist with Depp). Maybe Pitt can win back some sane fans back but it may be too late since he can’t even act anymore.

She already sold the kids to Disney so they’ll be the $$ makers. Angelina Jolie will be the new mama-pimp :twisted:

I think Jolie loves playing the victim but will do it by way of the kids. Make Pitt up to be a bad father (not that he seems to be all that great right now) and how much of a super single mom she’s being juggling 6 kids and her “career”. As for Pitt he may have some looks left when he’s not dressed like a hobo but no one in their right minds would touch him since he’s got 6 kids with Jolie. They will have to deal with the crazy at kid handoffs, etc. Don’t doubt for a second Jolie won’t or isn’t now turning them against him (especially the adopted ones). Pitt is in for years of purgatory (assuming he will want to remain an active part of the kids’ lives).

Aniston Ho @ 10/14/2013 at 8:17 am

Borrrrinnnnggg… Trolls need new script. Its getting tedious and repetitive. Yawn.

I’m really stupid, was left by the roadside as a baby, so I’m projecting my horrible life growing up, on to others.
I’ve no time for my kids, the State is taking care of them like they did for my mother.
No one wants to be engaged or around me, they think I’m too bitter, warped and jealous of others.
With the Gov. shutdown, my welfare card may not get top up, so I’ll be more bitter and vile.

Today Miyavi has finishe his concert tour and from tomorrow he can focus on acting.
By the way, his tatoos are all characters.
His back is covered with Buddist teaching- 8 pathfold to the enlightment
( they are written with Chinese characters )
Interestingly, Angie’s the Wheel Of Life (=Wheel of Becoming) pendant starts with 8 realms. It means 8 path to becoming / enlightment and 16, 32 realms symbolize enlightment spread to everywhere.
These characters and the pendant look very different but they both express same teaching.

Wow,Jho’s Coward dogs still B@rking huh ?

8+ years Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are top of the World .

8+ years Jho Anuston with 10+ men in her life going no where ?

Jho’s career and her love life are DYING, must be back to be an Old TV shitecom,eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh

No one can pull Jho Anuston up ! just asking Oprah,Diane Sawyer,Ellen or Hoovsey… la la la la la la la la la la

Jho Anuston must thinking thoughts,how many years more she must support Dolly’s friends……….Ouch….Ouch

I love the JPs and always will. They are and always will be my Favorite HW Queen and King. Along with millions of other Fans I too await every film that honors their name.

Thank You to all the JP Fans for the many updates.

Bahaha ha……our diehard fan….In the name of tamring can not afford to leave our azzzez….lovin it!

@Phool, good morning my dear sister, how are you today? You were missed yesterday. Hope you get the time to stop by later today.

@Sunny, good morning sunny, thanks for posting info on Miyvai, it’s always good to get new news. Thank you.

@NAN, good morning NAN, good to see you here today. I know you’re busy, but you try to stop by every once in a while. Have a good day.

@Anustin, good morning Anustin, how are you today. Wishing you. Great day, and keep spraying the pesky gnats away with your bug spray, lol.

I was over at BRANGELINA forum, and found this article I will share with the fans.

Angelina Jolie – “Top Photographer names Angelina Jolie as Lone Modern Beauty Icon”.

“Angelina Jolie is the only Modern Beauty who could compete with Silver Screen Legends, Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, according to Celebrity Photographer Terry O’Neill”.

“There is one Actress who rises above the rest- Tomb Raider beauty Jolie”.

“O’Neill tells Parade Magazine “Ava Gardner, Lena Turner, Marilyn Monroe, all of them were stunning. Now, they all seems the same. The only one who really stands out is Angelina Jolie, a different class of girl altogether. She is stunning, beautiful woman, a rarity”.

Wonderbust @ 10/14/2013 at 9:20 am

There was a screening at the Academy last nigh. Follow this lady’s tweets to see what was said. I think it left a big impression.
Lisa Kaas Boyle ‏@LisaKaasBoyle
@TheAcademy screening of 12 Years a Slave. Blows Gravity to space dust. My prediction: Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Score

Wonderbust @ 10/14/2013 at 9:23 am

Also just read the article on brangelina forum about this year is the biggest year for African Americans in Hollywood and reminiscent of when Denzel and Halle won.

Rachel Dodes Wortman ‏@racheldodes 2h

#12YearsaSlave is the greatest film ever made about American slavery, says David Denby: via

Philip Booth ‏@PhilipsFlicks 1h

Still reflecting on “12 Years a Slave” — gripping story, artful direction, powerful, emotionally affecting performances. The one to beat.
Brad Pitt creates a buzz in Henley

Published 14/10/13

BRAD PITT surprised the owner of a Henley toy shop when he popped in and bought a couple of bubble wands for his children.

The Hollywood star, who is currently shooting Second World War action film Fury in Shirburn, spent £23 on the wands and a Jellycat rat when he visited Bagatelle Toys in Bell Street.

He was accompanied by his five-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne, who had spent more than £100 on toys when they visited the shop with a nanny the previous day.

Shop owner Nicholas Carlton said: “I recognised him straight away because he was wearing an all-brown outfit. He was browsing a bit with his children who were mainly looking in our cheap and cheerful section. I think he wanted to let them play with a few things and he was just picking up a few things to amuse them.”

“I said to him that his daughter had come in the previous day with an absolutely stunning dress on and he just sort of smirked.”

Mr Carlton said he felt that he had missed a trick by failing to ask the film star to sign one of the Brad Pitt masks which the shop stocks. “It was quite funny having Hollywood coming to Henley and Brad coming to Bagatelle,” he said. “His children clearly enjoyed the experience so maybe he will be back.”

The actor also made “various purchases” at Asquiths teddy bear shop in New Street. Joan Bland, a town councillor who owns the shop, said: “It was very nice to have him here.”

American television network CBS had planned to record an interview with Pitt at the Three Horseshoes pub in Reading Road on Saturday but this was cancelled shortly before it was due to go ahead.

Landlord Nigel Rainbow said his 14-year-old daughter, Sophie, was particularly disappointed by Pitt’s no-show. “She drew a picture of him and she was planning to ask him to sign it but it didn’t happen,” he said.

Pitt was also spotted on board the Henley Sales and Charter boat Fantasy II with two of his children on Sunday afternoon. The group travelled up and down the river by Mill Meadows and Marsh Lock. Lorraine Hillier, who runs Hot Gossip coffee house in Friday Street, said there was a buzz around Henley following Pitt’s appearances. “There is a bit of excitement about it with lots of people talking about him and wondering where he’s been and where he’ll go next,” she said. “I am hoping that he’ll make another appearance because I would just love to see him. My worst fear is that I’ll be in Sainsbury’s when he’s here.”

Meanwhile, Shirburn resident Roger Beattie was able to watch the film action unfold just 100 yards from his house this week.

“We were able to see the tanks and we saw a guy, rumoured to be Brad Pitt, step on to one,” he said. “It was just too far for us to see because they have got it very well secluded and when they knew someone was watching they would turn their backs to us. Now they have gone into a field and we can’t see anything but we can hear the shooting.”

Pinewood Studios is filming on location in Shirburn until mid-November. The film, which is expected to be released next year, is set in 1945 as the Nazi regime collapses and follows the five-man crew of an American tank called Fury, led by Wardaddy (Pitt) as they attempt a deadly mission behind enemy lines.

Passing Through @ 10/14/2013 at 11:06 am

Hmmmm…I see the crackhead troll got an early start this morning. I’m always impressed that someone can do drugs all day and all night and still be able to type. It’s just too bad sne never types up anything interesting…or right…

Passing Through @ 10/14/2013 at 11:11 am

# 503 Wonderbust @ 10/14/2013 at 9:20 am
There was a screening at the Academy last nigh. Follow this lady’s tweets to see what was said. I think it left a big impression.
Lisa Kaas Boyle ‏@LisaKaasBoyle
@TheAcademy screening of 12 Years a Slave. Blows Gravity to space dust. My prediction: Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Score
Send this lady to the old fogey AMPAs voters in Palm Springs and have her make sure they actually watch the entire movie…

@Passing Through:
Debbie downer. Why so negative everytime about TYAS Oscar chances ever time someone posts an article or tweet. you act as if they didn’t give Monique from the Parker’s a win for Precious, Octavia the win for payback on white racist in the Help. Not everyone in AMPAS is racist.

Love Conquers All @ 10/14/2013 at 11:30 am


Thank You, finally someone said it!

Passing Through @ 10/14/2013 at 11:38 am

# 507 fyi @ 10/14/2013 at 10:53 am
I’m just curious about something – Are there giddy stories like this about other celebs when they’re out in public? I can’t remember ever reading any stories with people oohing and ahhing over having met Will Smith, Tiny Tom, etc., while they were out shopping or seen at a theater, kiddie park, etc. But people sure do get happy when they see Brad or Angie – even when they just miss them because they weren’t at work that day. It seems to be a phenomena particular to the J-Ps.

@Love Conquers All:
Django was violent and about black slave getting revenge and getting to kill white people and that movie won two Oscars. Weinstein admitted that he screwed up with that campaign because they released screeners so late that it couldn’t even be considered for a SAG. From all accounts TYAS is 10 times better than Django, even the troll wants to see it.

Weinstein has an agenda(trying to get Fruitvale, Butler, and Mandela nominated) but he may indirectly help TYAS. A month ago he said
“It’s overdue,” the Weinstein Co. co-chairman told TheWrap. “You have great black filmmakers like Lee Daniels, Ryan Coogler, Steve McQueen, and great actors like Idris (Elba) and Chiwetel (Ejiofor) and Naomie Harris. It’s a great moment.”

Wonderbust @ 10/14/2013 at 11:47 am

@Love Conquers All:
Where is my 12 years a slave review from last night lol.

Boy, what is it? Everyone seems to be taking everything the wrong way……….scary. I thought this was a more tolerant and classy group but there are more backs smacked against walls…’s crazy.

Seems there is a lot of thin skin going around as it involves differing opinion on this board recently.

What ever happened to civilized debate without taking everything ‘personally’………I actually think the combative nature of fans toward trolls has rubbed off on fan to fan.

We are all individuals despite the fact that we share an admiration for the JP”s. I think we should take a deep breath before we respond to things and hit send. And for those who don’t have the balls to shoot unless they use another unidentifiably moniker…….shame on you.

We admire the JP’s for their respect of others……..maybe we could have a bit more of it here. Unless someone is ‘nasty’ I don’t think ‘nasty responses’ are required even if opinions differ.

It is a big world out there in the fan base and we don’t all know each other’s cultures, so the need to be offended by lack of understanding is not really necessary.

Why not just explain why it is different, share and school by all means but when one poster referred to us as ‘foreigners’ I thought that was in very poor taste. No wonder the world is so divisive if this board is any example.

Passing Through @ 10/14/2013 at 11:52 am

# 510 TYAS @ 10/14/2013 at 11:21 am
How many times do I have to say it? I’ll believe it when I see it. And, yo…I’m from the Show-Me State! They don’t call us that for nothing. I trust the Academy to do the right thing about like I trust Ticky to not make a shitttty movie. Therefore I won’t be disappinted or mad if they don’t and pleasantly suprised if they do. Not that I’ll ever be pleasantly suprised if Ticky makes a non-suckjob movie…

Love Conquers All @ 10/14/2013 at 11:58 am


Sorry, but I need more time to write the review because I’m trying it all in of what I witness. TYAS literally blew me away with every scene I saw, I will post the review around 1:00. Stay tuned.

Passing Through @ 10/14/2013 at 12:04 pm

# 510 TYAS @ 10/14/2013 at 11:21 am
BTW – Please not that everyone you listed was in a supporting role. They weren’t the main lead roles and neither of the movies won Best Picture, did they? AMPAs will give secondary awards to minorities and I haven’t said they don’t. What I said is they don’t give them the big awards. Even when Denzel & Halle won it was the same year and as Denzel said, “Uh-uh, I see how you are…gettin’ us both in the same year…” Still trying to explain Jamie Foxx to myself though…

Passing Through @ 10/14/2013 at 12:07 pm

# 516 Dawne @ 10/14/2013 at 11:49 am
Hey Dawne -
You know hot it is with hotbed topics. It’s easy for things to get off track and misunderstood. Sometimes it’s just better not to go there at all. Religion, politics, race…every one of them will push someone’s buttons…

ListonJackson ‏@theonlyListon now

Saw 12 Years a Slave last night @chifilmfest and was totally blown away! Excellent, powerful film.

@Passing Through:
Why would the help or precious have won best picture if their reviews weren’t even as good as the movies they were competing against? None of these movies has reviews the level of TYAS.

Film4 Insider ‏@Film4Insider now

Great reviews coming from the states for Steve McQueen’s “outstanding, brave, courageous and unforgettable” 12 Years a Slave…

@Love Conquers All: I’m looking forward to your review.

@Dawne, I agree with PT. Religion, race and politics are hot buttons. Just forget about it and move on. No one was really disrespectful to Cesar as they could have been. I have read some of your negative comments a time or two. Being called a foreigner in the Heat of an argument is not the worse thing in the world. The meaning of the word Foreigner: “someone from another country. Someone from another country other than your own”.

Looks like Matthew McConaughey is not going to win Oscar even though he lost so much weight for his movie role.

Love Conquers All @ 10/14/2013 at 12:43 pm

Still writing my review, but I came across BF form, and there’s this article where AMPAS members watch TYAS this week.

here’s the link below,0,5451503.story

TYAS is showing at Hampton Film Festival tonight.

Christiana Osti ‏@Hey_Osti now

This is an absolutely PHENOMENAL movie. Please do yourself a favor and go see it. 12 YEARS A SLAVE

Lupita Nyong’o On Her Breakout Role In ’12 Years A Slave’
There is a lot of Oscar buzz for this film and for your performance. Has it sunk in yet that you might earn an Academy Award nomination?

I’m still trying to get over the fact that my name is being mentioned with freakin’ Brad Pitt! It’s a lot. My name is coming up alongside people that I have grown up watching and who I respect so deeply. That is incredible and unbelievable. At the end of the day, at this point — before the film has opened — I’m just so excited that it is resonating. I’m so excited that the thing Steve set off to do is being received and received positively. I just wish for that to continue. If awards buzz is the way in which we get people to see it, then so be it! For me personally, my reward has been being a part of this process. It’s a reward that just keeps giving. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

@Dawn enough of your condescending Bo- Shitt talk.. Ever heard of having a difference of opinions? You try to side with Cesar agains better judgement. I personally don’t care for your DEAR-JOHN post this were dead wrong forcing us to see things your way. I’m a once in a why poster and I’m using my user name. Once again take your own advice think before you sent your manny manny preaching words to fans.

Jason Isaacs Talks SWEETWATER, Playing an Evil and Crazy Character, Looking Back at AWAKE, David Ayer’s FURY, and More

Do you have any idea what you’re going to do next?

ISAACS: I’m out there pitching a whole bunch of stuff, as an actor and as a producer. What I’m doing right now, next, is that I’m off to do Fury with Brad Pitt. That’s the David Ayer movie in Europe. And I’m going to do a part in London Fields, as well. That’s Mathew Cullen’s movie, from the Martin Amis book. And then, when I come back to L.A. in December, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I know I’m out there trying to sell television shows, and we’ll see what comes of any of those.

What was it about Fury that made you want to get involved with that? Is it the chance to work with writer/director David Ayer?

ISAACS: Yeah, it really is. I sold an idea for a show to FX, a few years ago, and I was desperate for him to write it and he very nearly did write it. When he passed because he was making a movie, he kept sending me notes by email, and they were so brilliant and so insightful and some of the best ideas that ever happened on that show, even though he wasn’t the writer. We occasionally kept in touch, and I spoke to him after End of Watch. I thought it was a magnificent film. And then, he said he was doing Fury, and I was in London, so we had a cup of tea. The film is essentially about Brad Pitt and the other guys in the tank, like Shia LaBeouf and Michael Peña and Logan Lerman, but I would have made coffee on the set.

It’s a film about war, unlike any I’ve ever seen. It tells a story about a bunch of people who are told to hold a corner in a village, and they don’t know why and they don’t know what the bigger picture is. They’re not winning the war. They’re not losing the war. It’s a corner in a village. There are a million stories that are that small. A number of soldiers that I know have said that when you’re in battle, it’s like watching a football game through a straw. You don’t know what’s going on anywhere else. You just do what you need to do, in this bit, right here in front of you. That’s what David has written, and he’s written it so brilliantly that it took my breath away when I read it. When I first talked to him, I said, “They’re never going to let you make this, like this. They’re never going to let you make the script that I read.” And he said, “I believe that they are.” So, I have a very small, but a very proud part in it. I think he’s really something special.

What kind of character are you playing?

ISAACS: He’s a soldier in war. They’re all soldiers. They’ve all got backgrounds. In my own head, I know what he did. He’s a guy who has a bunch of people under his command, and some of them are dying and some of them aren’t. What his background is, where he comes from, and what he thinks and feels about those things are up to me to hide. When you’re in the middle of what happens there, you need to get on with what happens there.

Love Conquers All @ 10/14/2013 at 2:07 pm

Hi everyone :) My goodness, that was my reaction of finally seeing TYAS on last Sunday night. To start it out I came into the theater with six of my friends and we were taking our seats. My feelings before film was filled of unexpected emotion of what I was about to see, of course being nervous about TYAS because of everyone saying it will be brutal to watch. Sitting here thinking I will not be prepared physical and emotional of what was to come, and at the end it was true that I wasn’t ready to this film but proud that I seen this film. Firstly the film started to began where it shows the happier times and enjoyment of Solomon Northrup living his life with he’s family. We see Northup being respected figure in his community in Saratoga, New York and enjoying his rights as a black man ( which was rarely seen in pre-civil war period). Then the trouble starts with Northup where he meets up with two shady man of proposing Northup a contract of where he preforms as a musician. Northup has dinner with the two shady man, Northup gets ill and that’s where the nightmare begins. Northup wakes up with in chains and the uncertainty is soon to happen of where he’s taken to. Along in the journey Northup he;s sees torture, sandiness and cruelty of how slaves were handle and mistreated. All along Norhup never gives up his spirit and hope of finally reuniting with his family. Northup encounters tough situations that involves in life and death conclusions. In TYAS there is is the two scenes where it’s still haunts me now. One emotional scene that including Northup and Patsey where she asking Northup to kill her because of the sick situation that involved her and Mr. Epps . And the other scene where Northup is sill hanging from the tree for hours and hours that was so traumatic. I don’t wan’t to give any spoilers, but at the end of the film Northup gets reunited with his wife and family is thee most strong scene in the film. At the end of the film, me, my friends, and audience were left all spooked up. In the audience people either were crying, or shaken up. I and my friends couldn’t even speak to each other after viewing the film, it was that strong of how the film took us and the audience. Overall the film was truly a masterpiece, and indeed a classic. Chiwetel Ejiofor gave electrifying and beautiful performance as Solomon, Chiwetel hit every ball in this portrayal. Michael Fassbender was at most chilling as Mr. Epps, Luptia Nyong’o performance as Patsey is truly heartbreaking and you will feel for her. The whole supporting cast were magnificent in their roles and the production of TYAS were at it’s best. I was truly amazed by Steve Mcqueen direction, Mcqueen shots and Sean Bobbitt cinematography will take your breathe. John Ridley was masterful of adapting the book into a well beautiful written script. The score by Hans Zimmer were so amazing to hear, and fit perfectly for every scene. Overall this TYAS is thee best film to portray America slavery past. Now Oscar talk, I can see TYAS having 10 to 12 Oscar nominations. I believe it will be a tough race towards Oscar night and I see TYAS being the underdog on Oscar night. Almost everyone I talk to is rooting for TYAS on March 2. To everyone go see this film because it will literally change view on race and history of cinema.

# 412 Passing STOOL @ 10/13/2013 at 6:13 pm

Editing movies? LOL, when did he become an “editor”? Will he try to claim ownership over somebody else’s editing work, as he’s done in the past in other fields? I would not be suprised if he did.

And of course he’s got plenty of time to fool around, landwhale. Didn’t Jared make a post about how he crashed at wedding and got drunk at the hotel bar?

Fury looks amazing. Everything Brad decides to do is amazing.

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/14/2013 at 2:29 pm

A good morning to all the wonderful JoliePitt fans.

Beloved fans, I must tell you my heart is broken to read such hurtful comments made from fan to fan on this Site the other day and today and I must take a piece from Dawne’s post #516 and agree..
“I actually think the combative nature of fans toward trolls has rubbed off on fan to fan.”
But I want to add for myself, –
I am suspect of any real JP fan attacking another JP fan with such vicious and uncalled for hate words as the words used against Cesar the other day. Cesar is a known fan of the JPs and always has wonderful things to say and share about the JPs. That vicious attack against him by one “fan” was uncalled for, And the hate words being used by that same one “fan” against Dawne are uncalled for.
I know Dawne is more than capable of speaking for herself in words far better than I can search to use, but I feel compelled to speak out against these vicious and uncalled for posts against Known fans who are calling only for CIVILITY when discussing topics be they hot or not.
There are too many trolls on this board stealing fans names and pretending to be fans of the JPs hoping to get the fans to stop posting as fans on every JP thread. We as JP fans recognize this is going on constantly.
I appeal to the fans to not allow this to happen. Stop it now!

# 457 jentheho @ 10/13/2013 at 10:32 pm

Whatever you say, third world hooker. And who said I’m planning on paying for a movie ticket? LOL.

Now go back entertain your john, he’s the one who puts food in your filthy mouth, among other things. ;)

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/14/2013 at 2:46 pm

Forgive me if I am wrong, but I do not ever remember seeing your name on any JoliePitt thread as a fan of the JPs.
You say you are a “once in awhile” poster.
May I ask where your posts have been reprimanding the very vicious and hateful trolls who live on every Brad and Angelina thread?
Why are you here, attacking so viciously, known fans of the JPs like Cesar and Dawne?
Yes, they may be expressing opinions you disagree with, but no other fan on this board has spoken to either of them with the vitriolic hate that spews from your posts.
Is your intention to use the discussion of Race to make the fans think you are “One of them” by attacking some fans against the others and taking sides.
Cesar apologized and Dawne called for Civility yet your hateful unnecessary posts continue raging on.
Funny you say nothing to the trolls as they spill their usual daily bile of filth and hate, but you suddenly jump out of the woodwork so readily judging and verbally condemning the fans we ALL know to be REAL fans.
No one here knows WHO you really are.

But we know real fans do not treat each other as you continue to demonstrate.

Passing Through @ 10/14/2013 at 3:32 pm

# 522 TYAS @ 10/14/2013 at 12:21 pm
True, but in the past there have been “black films” or bios of black people on par with the top films of the year and have not even been nominated for Best Picture. Malcolm X, The Hurricane and Ali all come to mind. Who can forget Malcolm X not even being nominated for Best Picture and then Denzel losing to Al Pacino for the odious Scent of a Woman? The Crying Game kicked ass. Howard’s End a dead bore. Malcolm X kicked ass…no nomination. And Do The Right Thing being ignored completely despite critical acclaim. Will it be harder to ingore or deny TYAS? Yes, certainly. Would its exclusion be obvious? Again, yes. I’m just saying – don’t count the chickens before they hatch. If nothing else it’s bad mojo.

# 481 Anna @ 10/14/2013 at 1:09 am

The Pitt hype machine is going to peak too soon and then poop out as per usual…. YAWN!!!

The drug addict is desperate get his greasy fingers on a golden statuette. Perhaps he could ask some of his loons to steal one for him? That’s his best chance of getting an Oscar! LOL.

Passing Through @ 10/14/2013 at 3:48 pm

# 525 huh @ 10/14/2013 at 12:29 pm
Matt McConaughey might get a Best Actor nomination. He’s on most of the short lists. Who’d have thunk you’d ever be ablt to say that about him when he was doing all those crappy romcoms?


You are a perfect example of my point.

I see the s!ut is still trying to get some much needed attention seeing as how she can’t use her brats for PR purposes anymore…She will not make this or any other movie successful…She would have to be a success herself before she can do that & she is the farthest thing from a success…She is one nasty hot mess…Her fake mastectomy sealed the deal…Has her boyfriend married her yet??? NOPE…He never will…He doesn’t even spend time with her anymore…She is like a monkey slinging sh!t from a tree…She can do it all day, but it’s still just gross…”Liar Liar Boobs on Fire”……

Aww is the in-house fighting still going on? Get over it idiots, none of you would care for this movie, let alone would you be discussing race and politics unless your uneducated idols feel decided to exploit the topic and became socially conscious to gain good PR. That says a whole lot about your ideas. Get educated first.

If Clooney had made TYAS, none of you hypocrites would ever bring this subject up. Leave the discussion to the educated. Pathetic JP’tards.

@may I ask who are you to ask? And why an I the one you chose to question ? If you want to make peace . Ask your sweetheart Dawne some hard question about her action yesterday . Are you Afried to ask others fans the same dumb question ? I have posted here before. The last time was about three or four weeks ago. Like I said its not offend. One comment at a time. No one pays attention to me or my post before . Please don’t pick on me for stating my opinion on her stupidly.
Btw this is B/A thread anybody calling them self a fan can post when they like. I don’t care who you are if you act stupid i will respond especially when it’s about my R A C E.


Thanks for your sane response.


When you believe something you have no problem hitting on ‘hot’ topics. I usually try and avoid them, but like you, I hit on the odd one.

Ironically, this being ‘hot’ came out of left field for me. I was simply expressing that it seemed black Americans were being yet again discriminated against by being singled out as a certain heritage of American. It was intended to be supportive and sensitive to what you endure as a minority group. If we read it wrong, I apologize. I had no clue you were happy with the designation.

Passing Through @ 10/14/2013 at 4:05 pm

# 526 Love Conquers All @ 10/14/2013 at 12:43 pm
Still writing my review, but I came across BF form, and there’s this article where AMPAS members watch TYAS this week.

here’s the link below,0,5451503.story
This excerpt from the story explains my refusal to anoint TYAS with 5 months until the Oscars. People love FREE shite. They showed up for Gravity in droves…but not TYAS. Fictional white woman in distress and trying to get back to her family vs. real life black man kidnapped and sold into slavery with millions of other kidnapped and enslaved black people and trying to get back to his family. LOL! I’m just sayin’….
Sunday night, the acclaimed historical drama “12 Years a Slave” finally landed in Los Angeles, screening for members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at the 1,000-seat Samuel Goldwyn Theater. It wasn’t a packed house by any means. An eyeball estimate put attendance around 600 to 650 people. “Gravity,” Alfonso Cuaron’s space survival story, by contrast, filled the room to capacity last weekend, turning away late arrivers.
PS – OK…I’m gonna stop now because I thought that was funny and probably nobody else will…

Angelique Cinelu ‏@MsCinelu now

@Toure gives an amazing review of ’12 Years a Slave’ on The Cycle. Calls it ‘slavery’s Schindler’s List.’ Can’t wait to see this movie.

@Love Conquers All:

Thanks for sharing………….I am so jealous; can’t wait to see it.

# 542 BlogBrat @ 10/14/2013 at 3:59 pm

HAHAHAHA. The old prostitute has nothing else going on in her life, cut her some slack. You know, she can’t be bothered with menial tasks such as looking after the kids (she has hired help for that), and she even got rid of the two youngest by shipping them off to be with the other legal guardian.

Neither of them are working or making the amount of money that they used to make. Both are hasbeens and they only have their loons to lap up the crap they make up. You can expect for them to reunite in November, just in time for awards season. In the meantime, they’re both getting drunk and wasted, and f-ck-ng their respective side pieces like there’s no tomorrow. Loons know this too!

@Passing Through:

Very Interesting. As you were saying. If TYAS is not given its obvious due, then imo the Academy loses a load of cred. Will be glued to how this plays out.

@Passing Through:
That happened to Schindler’s List too. But once TYAS gets all awards nods and wins, all Oscar voters have to watch it.

Back at you Dawne. Next time keep your opinion to your self. Better yet can’t take the heat , don’t turn the oven on. You are a lying person. You have said worse things on JJ.all of a seldom you trying to act inocent . miss googy two -shoes .i know for a fact fans have disagreements from time to time by the next day everything is forgotten like I’m finish with this subject good bye.

JP fans, let’s just ignore the poster “what”. Don’t reply to it who is trollish.

Carry/Yib/Thoughts et al is What. Occasional poster my azz. Maybe occasional with the moniker she’s had for a day. Just a shiit stirrer.

Life and Cinema ‏@LifeAndCinema now

12 YEARS A SLAVE will win pic, director, actor, supp actor, supp actress, adapted screenplay, costumes, art direction…or at least most

@Dawne: Hi Dawne, how are you. Dawne, I don’t want to get back into yesterday’s disagreement. I believe I stated my concerns clearly yesterday. To be called a Black-American or an African – American is not a problem for me or my family when we check off the census or certain other answers on certain forms, because that’s who we, are. I’m not ashamed of where my roots came from. The only real Americans are American Indians, IMO. I cannot speak for anyone but myself.

The thing that is more a problem for me is something like that article I
brought over here from the NY Daily News yesterday. I see discrimination written all over that NY Daily News article.

“Black, Hispanic students cheated of resources for better education, analysis of City School Data shows”.

“White and Asian students attend high school with twice as many Advance Placement courses and almost twice as many Science Labs as schools attended by Blacks and Hispanic students, report reveals”. This is a big concern to me, all children should be given the same opportunity so they will be able to compete on an even playing field. This is where change begins, education.

Dawne, At times it’s good to have a discussion so we will learn something we had “no clue” about.

Love Conquers All @ 10/14/2013 at 4:41 pm

Here is an interesting article from

Challenging Movies Make Voters Nervous, but If they Can’t Take the Heat…
Posted on Oct 14 2013 – 12:16pm by Sasha Stone

One of the hardest parts of Oscar watching is the inevitable truths that come out every year about the behavior of Academy voters, who are more like your average movie-goer than they are like film critics. A friend of mine said, after seeing 12 Years a Slave, that if the Academy chose that film for Best Picture it would be a step forward for a group that tends to pick more comforting, uplifting fare. Probably the two most challenging Best Picture winners in recent years have been Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker and Joel and Ethan Coen’s No Country for Old Men. Both of these wins had the rooting factor included – the first woman to win, and finally rewarding the beloved Coens. Regardless of what Academy voters are doing now, regardless of their resistance to “difficult” movies, there is a very strong added element to this year’s race: making Oscar history. And not just because Brad Pitt will finally win an Oscar.

There are many Oscar pundits who report on the infamous Academy screenings. How they respond to certain films, how long the applause lasts, how many show up, etc. I have found over the years that these reports are spotty at best, though they can sometimes lend insights into human nature overall. The reports of voters “dancing in the aisles” after Chicago was maybe a good indication it would win. According to Steve Pond over at the Wrap the Gravity screening went exceedingly well, which is generating all of the Best Picture talk of late. And now this:

A week after every seat in the 1,000-seat Samuel Goldwyn Theater was filled for the official AMPAS screening of Alfonso Cuaron’s space movie, only about half as many members showed up for a Sunday night screening of Steve McQueen’s harrowing “12 Years.”

And that screening had the added lure of featuring a post-screening Q&A with McQueen, stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyong’o and Alfre Woodard, cinematographer Sean Bobbitt and composer Hans Zimmer. (The “Gravity” screening did not include a Q&A, which normally increases attendance.)

Maybe Academy members were home watching the Red Sox/Tigers game, or the Cowboys/Redskins battle. Maybe they were in other theaters seeing “Gravity” or “Captain Phillips.”

Or maybe they just didn’t feel as excited about a brutally powerful slavery drama as they had about a whiz-bang zero-gravity adventure.

Or maybe voters pay some attention to critical favorites from the festival circuit (a crowd of 500 is still a substantial Sunday-night turnout), but far more attention to box-office hits and pop-culture phenomena.

Whatever the reason, several members who attended the screening immediately mentioned the size of the crowd, which was not only smaller than the “Gravity” screening but also smaller than the recent audiences for “Captain Phillips.”

And while members reported that the applause was robust for the film, particularly for McQueen and its principal actors, the film’s relentless violence also prompted a few walkouts, and left some voters visibly disturbed.

There is no denying that Gravity has the “wanna see” factor and 12 Years a Slave doesn’t. People are afraid of it. They’re afraid of the seriousness, the confrontational aspect and what they’ve heard is the violence. And that’s fine. It’s fine if they choose Best Picture the same way they hit “like” on Facebook when they see five baby pigs poking out of a picnic basket. “Like.” They should, however, stop pretending that their top prize is about the “highest achievement in film” because it isn’t. It’s a favorited photo, a snapshot of a moment in time when they felt good for a few minutes. It is about anything but finding the best film of the year.

Word of mouth on 12 Years a Slave is going to drive people to see it. Yes, it is an uphill battle to get people to watch that movie on screener. I’d be willing to bet many voters didn’t even watch The Hurt Locker but merely got caught up in the Bigelow vs. Cameron narrative and wanted to side with Bigelow. You know hardly anyone saw The Hurt Locker because its box office take was so low. Lots of people wanted to see Avatar. The Academy screening was similarly PACKED.

Lest we forget, 12 Years a Slave won the audience award in Toronto – that means if enough people see it, chances are they’re going to vote for it. And if they don’t see it? Throw their asses out of the Academy stat. Here is what David Denby recently wrote about 12 Years a Slave:

“12 Years a Slave” is easily the greatest feature film ever made about American slavery. It shows up the plantation scenes of “Gone with the Wind” for the sentimental kitsch that they are, and, intentionally or not, it’s an artist’s rebuke to Quentin Tarantino’s high-pitched, luridly extravagant “Django Unchained.” For McQueen, who comes out of the London gallery-and-museum world of short films an

@Dawne I just read your comment to PT and Rose. Now your doing the right thing forget about it as the New-Yorkers says . Just move- on.

just Sayin @ 10/14/2013 at 4:42 pm

You guys should know voters are going to view Oscar nominated movies on screener, Gravity will lose its advantage on screener, voters will realize what is the truly powerful movie TYAS. I see this year Oscar race are very similar to The Hurt Locker vs Avatar. When Avatar first was screening to The Academy, it was packed and it wowed them, some claimed it to be the winner, in the end, The Hurt Locker won.

Love Conquers All @ 10/14/2013 at 4:45 pm

enormous step forward. “Hunger” (2008), his first feature, was a kind of sacerdotal monument to Bobby Sands and other I.R.A. prisoners who staged a hunger strike. The movie, which starred Michael Fassbender, was marked by a fetishistic absorption in beatings, self-denial, the disintegration of the body. His next feature, “Shame” (2011), also starring Fassbender, was a sexually explicit folly about the utter hell of being a single, straight, handsome, well-employed young white male in New York. Both movies were staged as austere rituals. But now McQueen has opened himself up to society, history, and narrative. There are expertly composed short scenes set in Saratoga and at various slave-trading posts on the journey to Louisiana. McQueen and his screenwriter, John Ridley, might have done more with the minor characters that Northup encounters—Paul Giamatti as a fussy slave broker, Alfre Woodard as a cynical plantation mistress—but they move on fast.

If Academy members can’t be bothered to see this film, at the very least, they can’t be called anything but totally useless and incompetent. They should certainly not be in charge of deciding what should be called Best Picture of the Year. They should be put out to pasture where they can sink into the warm bath that is nostalgia TV for the rest of their lives. If they can’t show up and do their jobs they should get out of the way so other more responsible people can do it for them.

Love Conquers All @ 10/14/2013 at 4:54 pm

New Regency ‏@NewRegency 1h
Tonight is the L.A. Premiere of #12YearsASlave. I’m going to try to get you some behind the scenes shots!

I wonder if Brad will attend the premiere, but likely not.

@Love Conquers All: Thanks you for your great review on TYAS. I really enjoyed you sharing your feelings and observations with us.

Once awards season starts, Brad will be campaigning for TYAS, he will get more academy members to see the movie.

Wonderbust @ 10/14/2013 at 5:13 pm

@Love Conquers All:
Clap clap clap. Thanks for bringing this over and I appreciate you taking time to write your review. The comments on that article are interesting as well. I hope Unbroken finishes by Dec so Brad can campaign. The governors award will be another good opportunity to campaign as we’ll :)

Love Conquers All @ 10/14/2013 at 5:20 pm

@Wonderbust: @Rose:

Thank you guys for reading it :) I hope when you guys see it, you will share of what you seen. Believe me it will change you and the views on race and how it affects cinema history.

Wonderbust @ 10/14/2013 at 5:23 pm

A comment from the AwardsDaily said the same thing

October 14, 2013 – 12:53 pm | Permalink
I wouldn’t worry even if Academy voters won’t be interested to see it, they WILL vote for it. And even if they don’t in large numbers (unlikely), the new rule (every BP nominee needs 10% No1) will kick in and help just like it did other films deemed hard to sit through. The Academy may not be edgy anymore but they sure like to pretend they are (The Tree of Life, Beasts of the Southern Wild etc.), so I’m not worried at all just yet.
Not to mention once the real campaigning starts, Pitt will probably support the film with a lot of appearances and Q&As…and trust me, he will do it in VERY crowded rooms. As ridiculous as it may sound, if he had attended the Academy screening, I’m willing to bet it would have been a full house. Unfortunately that’s how much precedent backs up the theory that voters ARE greatly influenced by star power. Just look at last year when the remarkably charming Affleck-Clooney duo did like ‘three shows a day’ for months, flashed their perfect smiles at every Academy voter and probably shook all of their hands by the end, as well, and voila, the same group who denied the Director even the nomination, gave his film Best Picture…yeah, yeah ‘poor Affleck narrative’, I know…but those two were responsible for creating that narrative with their tireless, months-long campaigning, even after the BD-snub. For the record, I’m not hating on them. I know they were just the players playing the game…but boy is the ‘game’ flawed.




Becoz ur fake mastectomys scattered. Everywhere,Anjie’s mom and aunt
Did not moroniston.good luck to ur health ejit!

Passing Through @ 10/14/2013 at 5:37 pm

# 550 Dawne @ 10/14/2013 at 4:23 pm
Dawne -
Did you read the full story? The author later says that members who were there said they thought that EVENTUALLY almost everyone in the Academy would see the movie. Then of course there was the person who felt they knew enough about slavery from reading and The Butler that they didn’t need to watch another slave movie. THAT is the kind of stuff I expected to hear about some AMPAS members. It’s the reaction of white society in general to what they perceive as “black issues” (or any other minority class). Yet minority kids can’t skip history classes in school when they think they know even “white” history, “Yeah, yeah…I got that whole tea party\revolution thing…can we move on to slavery now?” Nope…just don’t happen quite like that…

Wonderbust @ 10/14/2013 at 5:42 pm

Sasha Stone from awards daily tweeted this story from 2009, déjà vu

In its most crucial screening yet, James Cameron’s film brought down a packed house of Oscar voters

The first screening audiences were crucial in turning the buzz on “Avatar” from questionable to enthusiastic. This weekend’s paying crowds were key to getting the expensive film off the ground commercially.

But when it comes to the Oscar race, the most critical audience that “Avatar” has yet faced was the one made up of the Academy members who came to the Samuel Goldwyn Theater on Sunday night for the official AMPAS members’ screening of the film.

And the reaction, I hear, was a triumph for Cameron’s film. First of all, it drew a capacity crowd to the 1,012-seat theater, something that has rarely happened in a season of surprisingly light attendance for the Goldwyn’s weekend screenings.

In fact, one member reports arriving half an hour early and still having to park six blocks away, the two official lots having filled up by then.

The crowd reportedly responded with enormous enthusiasm. Comments I’ve heard from those in attendance include “huge response,” “great applause at the end,” “no walk outs, not even bathroom trips,” and one simple conclusion: “It’ll win.”

Sure, I heard a few quibbles about the “juvenile story,” and I’ve been told of one viewer who walked out sniffing that “It’s Complicated” was a better film.

But for the most part, it was apparently the kind of screening that immediately puts “Avatar” in the first rank of Best Picture contenders … as if it wasn’t there already.

The film also picked up a fan in Oscar show co-producer Adam Shankman. On Sunday, he tweeted “Today I’m going to see nine and avatar, and as producer of the oscars, I really can’t comment much, but I’m very excited.”

Monday morning, Shankman apparently decided that he could say something — and what he posted was wildly enthusiastic: “Avatar is not only brilliant, but has the most powerful environmental message of the year. Amazing. Game changer.”

And by the way, the screen grab below is from the Internet Movie Database page for “Avatar.” I know that studios buy banner ads at the top of IMDb pages for their films, and ads along the side, and ads everywhere else — but has anybody ever bought the background of their entire page?

All the other top films have the usual white IMDb backgrounds. But not “Avatar,” which is once again boldly going where no film (that I know of, anyway) has gone before.

This film will TANK simply cuz the wh@re is affiliated with it…People hate this liar…The film will be a snoozefest at best…Her & her boyfriend are so 10 years ago…I see all 4 poster trolls are still on here defending defending defending the monkey in the tree…Still talking about the oh so cool Jen Aniston…I know I know….There is not much else you can say to defend Wh@re-lee…Once a sk@nk always a sk@nk….Her past will haunt her forever….Brad is haunted everyday for ever hooking up with the s!ut…He knows it…He has not been able to make the money he use to & it is cuz he is affiliated to her…When you keep company with the biggest wh@re to ever slide out of the gutters of Hollywood, that is what you get…

Did I mention she is a huge s!ut & liar??? Oh yeah… Carry on trolls carry on….

Passing Through @ 10/14/2013 at 5:50 pm

# 551 a lurker @ 10/14/2013 at 4:25 pm
I remember that whole Oscar season with SL and it wasn’t quite the same as with TYAS. Yes, there was some resistance to watching the movie because of the violence but AMPAS members weren’t going around saying they thought they knew enough about Jews and had just seen another movie about Jews so they could skip it. In fact people were made to feel downright guilty for NOT slobbering all over SL. Then again it was Spielberg\Geffen\Katzenberg – 3 very powerful Jews in HW. There just wasn’t the snideness around SL. Too many people were afraid to piss off the “Jewish Mafia” (or the “Gay Jewish Mafia” depending on who was being referred to).

“Eventually almost all?” What the hell is that about? This is one of the most buzzed about films in years; bound to become a classic and studied in film schools for decades to come …….clearly a true art form and words are used like ‘eventually’ and ‘almost all’ members will see it. How is this fair to the actors, writer, producer and director of what is obviously a masterpiece………….and they are lacklustre because they have already seen ‘one’ other ‘slave’ movie……….gmafb. I thought HW was liberal…….And since when was ‘art’ distinguished by subject matter…….Did they pass on Schindler’s List cause they had seen Sophie’s Choice a few years before? It was just another Holocaust movie……….shocking from here, but maybe not so much for you. I think you saw this one coming.

Sorry, forgot to address the post to PT


You are one sad individual.


Black, Hispanic students cheated of resources for better education, analysis of City School Data shows”.

Who is responsible for this? School Boards? Allocation of funding by the municipality? Or is it the State? It should be intolerable. Of course all children should have equal opportunity. It must be very frustrating to watch this sort of garbage still going on in this day and age. Last time I checked your president is AA and a graduate of Harvard……….must be local politics…….is it more prevalent in the South?

While my girl,Anjie’s is directing full movie,dumpniston is directing a 5 minutes codirecting and can not explain what she’s directing.bahaha .



Anna Klassen ‏@AnnaJKlassen now

12 YEARS A SLAVE is breathtaking and beautiful. The closest thing you will see to cinematic perfection this year.

Dawne @ 10/14/2013 at 11:49 am #516
You thought the word foreigner was in poor taste? Are you not in a country different than the U.S.? I am a citizen of the U.S. which makes you a foreigner to me and me a foreigner to you. Since when is that word treated like its some racial slur or insult? Talk about thin skin. And when referring to me, I am not one poster, my name is Jaye. Sorry, I can’t indulge your passive aggressive behavior. I’m done.

Ya know…. Maniston got dump and peed by so many c list men ….she now engaged to a dlist shiny but.thead sugah mama.good for him.sucked all her dough,diggeroux!

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 10/14/2013 at 6:36 pm


Hey Anustin! Let BlogBrat rant. The more hateful her post is the more she is piss & jealous of Angie. Angie is doing great and MANiston not doing shiz. Blogbrat will get angrier & more hateful comes November. So looking forward to it.

Maniston dumb fuggy face can not land a big budget movie becoz America knows Rachel Greek,not Maniston herself.argh

MWM……”hehehe the ocean comes November……high tide!



Tengo pensado viajar a Australia para visitar el convento donde vive nuestra Angie ………….y luego me voy a UK a ver el convento donde vive convento en convento para ver a los futuros santos..

ostras una semana después me entero que es tío y no tía el que esta al lado de nuestra Angie..pero ojo que la fan de ***ón no lo conoceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ….claro con lo que son los japoneses y resulta que no lo conoce

todo muy creible

Escribo en español que os jode más

xoxo, y esperemos que pitty después de la promoción de la la película que no va a ganar nada anuncie la separación y ponga a nuestra Angie de mala madre y todas esas cosas tan divertidas que se dicen los famosos

xoxo mis amores

Passing Through @ 10/14/2013 at 6:50 pm

# 557 Love Conquers All @ 10/14/2013 at 4:41 pm
Here is an interesting article from

Challenging Movies Make Voters Nervous, but If they Can’t Take the Heat…
Posted on Oct 14 2013 – 12:16pm by Sasha Stone
Thanks for posting that. She’s right of course. If the AMPAS voters can’t be bothered to see the films and performances they’re voting on, then they need to be expelled from the Academy. At the same time though I’d like for someone to explain to me why these same people vote for Harvey Weinstein movies when nobody can stand the guy? His movies and actors aren’t always the best of the year but he consistently ends up with the winners. Obviously there’s some sneaky shite going on because not everyone is honest. At the same time it makes all the knocks against the HFP seem trivial when Harvey’s practices aren’t exactly above-board either and nobody will say it outright. Still, I’m glad he doesn’t have anything to do with TYAS. If it loses at least it won’t be because people finally stood up to Harvey Weinstein.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 10/14/2013 at 6:52 pm


Yes high tide in November. Ocean of trolls dying from hate & jealousy. Let them rant. I like it when they rant. Especially when their posts are hateful. The more hateful they are the more they are jealous & angry that the JP are doing great.

Passing Through @ 10/14/2013 at 6:56 pm

# 566 Wonderbust @ 10/14/2013 at 5:23 pm
I agree with that AD commenter. Brad’s participation in Q&As will defintely pack in the AMPAs voters and he’ll support the film heavily. I just don’t see him shaking hands and kissing babies while pouring on the smarm the way Porgie & BA did. I think Brad wants the Oscar for others involved more than he wants it for himself. On the other hand…if it’ll make Tampy poop herself again I hope Brad does want it for himself…just not badly enough to sink to Porgie levels…

were the morons @ 10/14/2013 at 7:01 pm

Hello Rose and Phool,
How are you ladies?

Passing Through @ 10/14/2013 at 7:09 pm

# 573 Dawne @ 10/14/2013 at 5:50 pm
Yeah, it’s one of the most buzzed about but I think it’s the case every year that there are major contenders that AMPAS voters don’t watch. It’s just the nature of people. They probably get 100 screeners at their homes and the award season starts earlier every year. There’s bound to be overload and fatigue. Especially when they hear a movie is “difficult” to sit through and “challanging”. There was a chart a few years ago showing the composition by age and race of AMPAS voters – white, male and old is what the majority came down to. A lot of them are retired and not that involved in the industry anymore. Watching all those movies probably cuts into golfing and the coccktail hour.

Steve mCqueen and Paul Dano are at Hampton Film Festival, so who is going to be at TYAS LA premiere?

Sthanlee B. Mirador ‏@Sthanlee now

12 YEARS A SLAVE Premiere at the DGA. #12YearsASlave

There was backlash when Oprah won her Oscar, same will happen with Jolie.

I know this has nothing to do with the subject matter but I just wanted to ask what is with these reporters that constantly ask the question of “how supportive was Brad of Angie’s surgery?” Brook Anderson, ET, was interviewing Dr. Jay Orenger, Plastic Surgeon for Angie’s reconstruction and there she had to ask the same silly question that she asked Mrs. Funk last month. Does anyone think that the answer somehow is going to change. Angie stated in her Op-Ed that Brad was there every step of the way. Why is that so hard to accept?

MWM….I know ….our girl,Anjie’s is like an eagle…soar to the great height .”…..while the famous dump”eed!!!!……cabo San Lucas.

Wait, only Paul Dano is at Hampton Film Festival. I think Steve will be at TYAS LA premiere tonight.

No backlash for this wh@re…No nothin for her…People think she is the disgusting gutter rat that she is…They always will think that…She has lied & cheated her way into the hole she hides her head in shame in…She has told so many lies the public has not been able to keep up, so nobody believes a word that comes out of her nasty mouth…She is not in front of the cameras anymore because she can’t pull a profit for anyone…So she tries to direct…ROFLMAO…This movie will be lucky if it finishes production…When a woman goes out an announces to the world that she would never be with a married man cuz of what her poor poor mother went through with John, and then goes out and fcks every attached man she can fined, she lost all credibility…That was years ago…She french kisses her brother and says it’s “OK” the next day, she loses more credibility…When she buys children she has no idea how to raise just for the PR she loses more…One of my fav all time lies is “I have only been with 4 men”….Yeah right…Maybe that day….The biggest lie is the phony mastectomy story she screamed to the world so quickly so she can hide a boob job…She has always been a liar…Brad prob thinks she is disgusting to…He most likely did not want to go along with that lie, but she pulled him in like she has every other lie she has told…She did not get the attention from the phony mastectomy story she thought she would…That must have been a huge blow to this very nasty wh@re…She has tried her best, but people do not listen to her lies, nor do they believe her…This crappy movie she is directing will go nowhere, just like she is going nowhere…If anythng, she is going backwards…Her reputation is of a s!ut…There isn’t a lie out there that she can tell to change that…Keep on using post names that are suppose to remind people of Jen…Keep bringing up Jen on her threads, but all it does is make you trolls look like idiots that are so jealous of Jens huge success…While Jen is making millions, the wh@re is begging her PR people to make up more lies that will bring attention to her…Never gonna happen…When a wh@re is done, she is done for good, & this wh@re is done…

I just read the comments since my last post yesterday. I see that i touched a very sensible point.

Like someone said, PT(?) race, religion and politics it´s a very divisive and problematic issue that it´s better to leave alone. I agree.

Everything i said in my last posts it´s what i real think and it was not my intention to school no one or to upset or ashamed any person.

In USA, you are OK with the term AA and don´t think it´s a expression with a social special meaning or a negative or divisive term by the contrary you are proud and happy to have that connection with your heritage. Fine, i get it.

I understand it´s a complex subject but what i don´t like it´s when someone say that just because we are not from USA we can´t talk about or we don´t have the formation and the information to express our opinions. I tried to argument all my comments, clear and informed and with respect. It was not my intention to cause distress.

In my country and in Europe, beside the real fact that the racism and the xenophobia still exist, we don´t have or used a specific term, expression for Blacks people, like in USA, where it´s used by the society in all levels, from the streets, tv, radio, newspapers, government, etc.

Like i said, change take very long time, i believed one day, Rose and others fans that are upset with my comments will understand what i mean and it will be more easy to discuss.

I glad that someone that was upset, in one post, said that sometimes she don´t know what to call herself, it´s a generational thing. The older people used one term, the younger another. It´s always changing. In the future it will be other term or it will ended. I hope for the day when the race of a person will not be a subject of anger discussion.

I don´t pretend to start any fight (again) with fans so will rest my case. It´s the end. Peace.

But one thing, Rose, the poster, “What” and “John….” i believed it´s “Tamshiite ” cause he is the only one that like to talk, trying to be funny, about my “wife” (i´m not married, just together) and about “Soccer”, Football in Europe.

Dawne and all the fans that understand or have tried to understand and helped to explain my point i thank you all. I felt that we are in the same page and it was really interesting to read your posts and see that our opinions are very similar in this subject.

Now let´s move on and return to our principal subject of comments. The Jolie-Pitts family and projects. Peace and a big kiss.

Christian Moldes ‏@aLaMolds now


Love the JoliePitts @ 10/14/2013 at 8:36 pm

@Media Wh@re MANiston:
Could not agree more.
Angelina’s many accomplishments are being recognized all over the world by so many appreciative people. She and Brad continue doing amazing things to help those in need of help. And Angelina is introducing new talent to the industry and to the world.
The sad angry troll has not learned that all her angry posts have no power to affect anything in Angelina’s life.
One day the troll will learn the only one being affected by her hateful rants is her.

Jennifer Wilder Morgan (Author) · 773 like this
2 minutes ago ·

Friends: Tonight is the Hollywood Premier of the Brad Pitt film “12 Years A Slave.” Below is NBC’s Ann Curry’s commentary on the movie and message behind it. This is an amazing story, and I won’t be surprised when it wins an Oscar. The book the movie is based on, was written by my friend’s mother, Dr. Sue Eakin. Her son, Frank Eakin, has worked tirelessly to get the book into distribution as an audiobook, narrated by Louis Gossett, Jr; an ebook and a book. It was picked up by Brad Pitt, and the rest is history. Human slavery, past and present, is a subject we need to learn about and to conquer. Jenn

Quote from Ann Curry: “After reading the book,”Twelve Years a Slave,” I wondered how it is possible I had never heard about it before. It is the dramatic true story of Solomon Northup, who was kidnapped and forced to be a slave.
Recently I asked Brad Pitt about it, because he’s now helped turn Northup’s memoir into a feature film, which is how I found out about it. Here’s what Brad had to say about Northup’s story:
‘It was not till I saw Solomon Northup’s story that I fully, fully grasped the utter horror of losing your freedom or denying another one their freedom, taking their freedom, splitting their family apart.’

This is a story in a rare category. It has the power to change us for the better.”

vickifromtexas @ 10/14/2013 at 9:27 pm

BlogBrat @ 10/14/2013 at 8:19 pm
you ooze hate and bitterness. you are vile and i wonder if you are as miserable as you seem.

Stu Maschwitz ‏@5tu 8s

On Friday I saw the film that will win the Oscar for best picture: 12 YEARS A SLAVE. Yeah, it’s an “important” film. It’s also great.

Jen the Hag @ 10/14/2013 at 9:46 pm

anustin @ 10/14/2013 at 6:31 pm

Ya know…. Maniston got dump and peed by so many c list men ….she now engaged to a dlist shiny but.thead sugah mama.good for him.sucked all her dough,diggeroux!
That’s why TAMWHORE the human excrement and her many alters and proxy server had been posting here non stop because she think Angelina is the reason why her idol the FAT TICK is reduced to being a Z list starlet, now a sugar MAMA of her bought TOYBOY and FAT TICK career on the LA dump field and now TAMWHORE had been posting her never ending wish list and fanfiction bwahhahahah!! That “one cell organism” will be in her death bed and will still be asking “DID THEY BREAK-UP ALREADY” bwahahahahahhahhahah!! I hope that damn beyotche will forever be hurting whenever she read how Brad & Angelina Jolie become more successful and a force to reckon with in HW !! LOL !! I bet TAWHORE will scream in the ocean and jump on the highest building when TYAS will bag the best picture award ..bwahahahh!!

Jen the Hag @ 10/14/2013 at 9:54 pm

Love the JoliePitts @ 10/14/2013 at 8:36 pm

The sad angry troll has not learned that all her angry posts have no power to affect anything in Angelina’s life.
Yup you got it that JENHAG live in delusion and fantasy where the FAT TICK is the megasupestar .. in the PLANET OF THE APES .. bwahahahhah!!

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 10/14/2013 at 9:56 pm


We know for sure this person’s life is fill with hate every day. Is sad, isn’t it.

Jen the Hag @ 10/14/2013 at 10:05 pm

vickifromtexas @ 10/14/2013 at 9:27 pm

BlogBrat @ 10/14/2013 at 8:19 pm
you ooze hate and bitterness. you are vile and i wonder if you are as miserable as you seem.
It’s Tamwhore with another name .. you can always tell by it’s vile comment about Angelina Jolie that’s how much she hate AJ as if AJ killed a member of her family!! These HAGS love to call Angelina names when it’s their idol the FAT TICK who had been with many men since Brad dumped her. We don’t have to call fat tick that because we know FAT TICK is that kind of woman.. it’s so obvious …bwahahhaha she’s like the revolving doors of men in HW !!

Love Conquers All @ 10/14/2013 at 4:45 pm #560
Great article. Thanks for posting it.

Amazing how the trolls are never far away. Angie is moving forward so it will be exciting when she starts. So excited that she is promoting new talent.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 10/14/2013 at 10:36 pm

@Jen the Hag:

Tampon is obsess with the JP. She can’t stay away. She will die if she stays away. The JP is Tampon’s oxygen. Without the JP, she will die.

Jen the Hag @ 10/14/2013 at 10:51 pm

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 10/14/2013 at

yup i bet JJ is even tamwhore’s source of happines .. that one cell organism feel important whenever the JP fans mentioned her since DUMBlisted the ANUSton Central has now fewer avid haters like her.. so that inhuman excrement park it’s smelly fat as.s. here in JJ ..!!

ROTFLMAO~ You people cannot stop referring to Jen (good or bad)…It is too funny….I crack up everytime I see what I am able to make you post when I show up…You are like puppets…It works everytime….You think saying bad things about Jen bothers me? On the contrary, it makes you all look so transparent about just how jealous you really are on behalf of the sk@nk of Jen…And it’s really funny to read how worked up your minds get over this washed up has-been s!ut-bag…Jen has let it all go…Why can’t ya”ll??? Thanks for the laugh…:) :)

troll in pain @ 10/14/2013 at 11:21 pm

Looks like tiny stolen troll boy ran away AGAIN and FAT tick old manny got lonely and is spamming jj`s. Everybody loves being on the sweet and talented JPs thread and hanging with their awesome fans!

Touching ratial issue was not my original intention, either.
My first comment was about the people who rated 12YAS at IMDB.
It does not reflect everyone’s opinions but I thought it’s the reflection of certain people’s feeling toward the movie and I hoped White male dominant Academy members would not be affected by this atomosphere.
Then PT came in and dismissed my concern.
She wrote IMDB was nothing of reflection of general public
So I responded to her the base of my concern was the tone of racism toward 12YAS.
That touched PT and she told me not talk about it because I’m from outside of US.
Fortunately Miyavi news came in as the new thread and he is Japanese. May be fans don’t need many Miyavi info but writing his info is my good opportunity of mentioning Angie’s project Unbroken.
PT completely misunderstood one of my comments as my complaining
for there was no response to me. What the hell was her accusation ?
She called me ‘ silly sunny was complaing the lack of response to her comment ‘
Since then, she started using the word ‘ silly ‘ when she criticizing me.
I appologize to everyone for my mentioning the rape incident that happened in Okinawa. I was upset because PT’s attack toward me reoccurred my upsetting experience again.
PT preached me not talk the racism in US.
But before PT, we went through rapists’s families preached from US to Japan about racism in US.
They even came to my country and went to various places and preached us how bad racism was.
Wait. We didn’t have any jury system and therefore the judge was not affected by what they claimed.
One of rapists’s mothers later realized her son was guilty and she apologized. I’m a mother and was very much moved by her words and teared with her.

Baited Breath @ 10/14/2013 at 11:48 pm

8 minutes…

Johnny Marshall ‏@johnny_msd now

Steve McQueen should win best director and 12 Years a Slave best picture or something is amiss in Oscar land. #HIFF2013 #12YearsASlave

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/14/2013 at 11:50 pm

she is a dirty hooch!

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/14/2013 at 11:51 pm

she has a dirty hooch!

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/14/2013 at 11:53 pm

she is a liar!

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/14/2013 at 11:54 pm

she is dawg ugly!

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/14/2013 at 11:55 pm

she is a loser!

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/14/2013 at 11:56 pm

she is uncool!

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/14/2013 at 11:57 pm

she smells like tuna!

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/14/2013 at 11:58 pm

she can’t keep her man happy!

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:00 am

she can’t act anymore!

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:01 am

she looks like a preying mantis!

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:02 am

her man won’t marry her!

were the morons @ 10/15/2013 at 12:05 am

Maniston is barren af. Bish wish she had Brad’s babies. “I do, and I will.” Lmaoooo ol lying ass

@sunny: do not worry darling. USA citizens thinks they are the last soda in the desert and call themselves “Americans” but for their information, America is a continent with 35 countries not a country with 50 states.

USA destroyed everything they can around the world, now is time to destroy themselves and believe me they are doing it!

if is there racism in their own land, what about the rest of the world?

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:19 am


JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:25 am

Jen is sexy!

Jen will NEVER have babies :)

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:30 am

Jen is beautiful!

Jen every year will become more
with sun spots
big belly

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:31 am

Jen is honest!

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:33 am

Everyone <3 Jen!

Even the w-h-o-r-e Chelsea Handler doesn’t care about dear Jen anymore kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
She is all about Sandra Bullock now

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:37 am

Jen is America’s Sweetheart!


That’s why she NEVER win a SAG awards kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
her own peers know she sucks and her fans fell sorry because she is alone and without babies
Nobody loves Jen, neither her own mommy :)

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:38 am

Jen is gorgeous!

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:39 am

Jen can act!

Jen’s life :
daddy abandons her
mommy does not love her and think she is ugly

Brad abandons her
the world thinks she is ugly



Even her fans know she can’t and are fans of real actressess

Where’s Goree Girls ?

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:49 am

Jen has a rockin bod!

People don”t give money to Jen produce or direct films
She is a failure !!!!
The Senator’s Wife, Pumas, Counter Clockwise
are in development hell beause nobody trust in her “company ”

Failure :)

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:50 am

Jen has Hollywoods respect!

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:51 am

Jen is a natural beauty!


she never works with a renowned director

Failure :)

JOLIE/NASTY/WH@RE/PANTIES @ 10/15/2013 at 12:53 am

Jen owns your ass!

Jen lied about a movie with Meryl Streep
As if

Failure :)


Jen owns your ass , fan of mediocrity :)

estoy mareada con tanto