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Zac Efron Hugs Brittany Snow From Behind at Haunted Hayride

Zac Efron Hugs Brittany Snow From Behind at Haunted Hayride

Zac Efron cuddles up to Brittany Snow as he hugs her from behind at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride on Thursday (October 10) in Los Angeles.

The duo co-starred in the movie version of the Broadway show Hairspray back in 2007. Looks like they are still great pals!

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Zac was also photographed with Julianne Hough, Derek Hough, Hairspray director Adam Shankman, and more!

It was recently announced that Zac went through a rehab program for several weeks to try and clean himself up after allegedly doing cocaine for more than two years. There are also reports that he went to rehab twice.

“Questions for me, @MichaelB4Jordan or @Miles_Teller? Tweet them w/ #AwkwardMomentMovie & we’ll answer at our live stream Q&A on 10/15. – Z” Zac tweeted that day.

FYI: Zac is wearing a Nudie Jeans denim and knit sweater. Brittany is wearing [BLANKNYC] jeans.

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Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Instagram
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  • Kelly

    aww, they’re cute. I hope she helps him get through post rehab time.

  • Geez

    Still looks high. What a mess.

  • MeUnderwears ThatsLife

    After seeing this picture, I hope he is doing ok. Even though he kinda looks drunk/high here.

  • bella

    isn’t she dating Tyler Hoechlin???

  • Xo

    This is gonna be good lol

  • lauren

    how does he still look high?

  • Dean

    Wow, he looks like a hot mess again. I think we might be seeing his face on the “RIP” TV screen in the Oscars in a few short years. Sad…he’s a good looking guy.

  • A spy in LA

    He never got off drugs. Went to rehab 3 times, none of the times helped. Sad, he basically a joke in Hollywood now.

  • oj green

    I hope they are dating he better than Tyler

  • Dahena

    Awkward considering he used to go double dating with her with Vanessa Hudgens… lol

  • LJ

    He looks under the influence of something in this photo. Hope he’s ok.

  • lauren

    @ a spy in LA
    ok insider.
    who are you?

  • Jasmine

    He looks high.

  • lauren

    i hope you guys realize that there are like 11 other pics of zac and brittany and jared only seems to put the pic up where zac looks tried or whatever .

  • OK

    Zac looks great here . Spy in LA is that liar who thinks she is important and pretends to travel the world.
    You haters are pathetic .

  • k welly

    Zac looks drunk in those pitchures. They are good friends. Don’t think they are dating. Seems like V and brittany aren’t friends that much.

  • lauren

    @kelly welly
    well if you think he’s drunk then you didnt look at the other 9 pics jared didnt decide to post, also brittany is dating tyler. yet you ignore the second pic of him with the group of his friends?

  • truth

    i think he looks more tired than anything. maybe a little bit drunk…maybe a lot…but who can really comment? no one was there

  • Sharona

    @truth. Right! Who on here can really comment? None of you were there! Again with the haters jumping on board with their gossip and lies. It’s getting old.

  • Nightwish

    Wow, what a great looking couple. Theyll be having loads of fun together at that new mansion zac bought in bh. Go zac!

  • Nightwish

    @Sharona: Truth is a Hudgens fan. Hudgens fans seem to hate zac. They cant let things go.

  • ….

    He looks drunk.

  • Cece

    His friends are such D-listers… Julianne and Derek Hough, Ryan Rottman, Tim Newfang. etc… Eh. Come on, Zac.

  • oo

    i cant believe I used to have a crush on him for years! hes such a freak!

  • offtheproperty

    she very pretty.
    he, too.

  • M

    Wow. I don’t think there is anything left to say. He looks completely turnt up. Anyone who had any doubt why Vanessa you know. I honestly don’t know if he is ever going to pull it together.

  • M

    As cruel as this sounds, Brittany (used to be best friends with V) is as close as Zac is going to get to Vanessa at this point.

  • Nightwish

    Hey Zac looks much better with Brit than he did with Hudgens. Must be her awesome blonde hair. Plus, brit can be considered an A-B lister based on her filmography. She has way surpassed hudgens, who is firmly stuck in the c d e territory. Go Zac!!!

  • IMO

    Haters leave the man alone . He is having fun and just appreciate seeing him out with friends doing a family type activity. This is not a bar or club people it’s a hayride. My goodness he has a candy apple in his hand not a drink. People are just so mean and disgusting to think such things off one picture.

  • Nightwish

    @M: #28 is just idiotic. You make it sound like he wants hudgens back. Why dont you leave zac be? Why force pudgens back into the situation on a zac post?

  • Hudgensfan

    Yep, hudgens shouldnt be photographed around britney, she’s too hot
    In this one, hudgens is clearly the odd one out, snow and fox are out of her league

  • lia

    Love him

  • ebbomon

    mwah! mwah!

  • Donte

    Good to see Zac doing better and surrounding himself with good people!

  • niagirl

    @CeCe Unfortunately, 80% of the so called entertainers on this site lately are D-listers.

  • vivien


    Your comment would be funny if its wasn’t pathetic – Brit has done pretty much nothing in the last few years. Vanessa is the one making movies and getting pretty good reviews and press

  • Cay

    And on with the Show?! Won’t work that Way, zachary… R.I.P.

  • lipkin

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they hooked up again.
    They both did it – while he was with Hudgens and Brit was still friends with her – at that Audi party.

  • troll-ops

    kick the adversity and turn her over, zac! turn her over.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    The first time he’s seen in the public after a long time and the haters crawl out of their holes. You’re so wretched. Get back in your holes and don’t come out of them ever again.

    Here are only 2 people who considered that he looks tired. And after a long day everyone does it. Leave him the hell alone. The whole crap that people do to him has made him to this. He wants nothing but a little bit of a normal life.

    Are you really that stupid that you think he doesn’t know what’s going on websites like this here. You’re wrong. He knows what’s going on here and the other tabloids and with your idiotic comments you do nothing than to hurt an amazing guy. You also like to try to get him down and wear him out, you won’t be successful, that’s something I can promise you.

    Leave him finally alone. He only wants to live his life and nothing else. He doesn’t need more people in his life who try to get him down, like the hardcore fans of VH. The hate they spread is unbelievable.
    It would be really finally them for the accept that Z and V are over for good and that there is no way back together.

  • truth

    @Nightwish: you truly are an idiot. if you had sense and looked back at the amount of times im on zac posts posting news and defending him then you wouldnt be so quick to say anything. i cannot say that he was drunk or not drunk because i do not know as i was not there. its common sense, something you clearly lack.

  • lol

    zac and vanessa were the most orchestrated pr young couple ever. if u go on blindgossip, they dropped hints of them breaking up within the year that they ended up breaking up because they were ultimately sick of eachother and needed to be free. no need for M and Nightwish to bring u a “love” connection that barely existed.

  • lol

    hardcore zanessa fans make me laugh. same with the robsten fans and all the other ridiculous young pr couples. they will never get back together because they never even loved eachother like that. maybe friends, best friends but thats it. zacs sexuality and kristen stewart sexuality questioning is what put a halt on both “relationships”. thats why the hookup with that married guy was perfect for kristen cuz she, too many, looked like a lesbian. nothin wrong with that except it brought issues for the team. and thats why with zac, after ending it with vanessa there were reports that were never denied by his team about how he hooked up with so many girls omg so manly and they threw themselves on him woaah. why do this? because male audiences werent exactly fond of him. if they did its cuz they crushed on him. strategy people. love them or hate them this is hollywood not ur best friend ur defending a darn stranger.

  • florence2

    He looks as high as a kite

  • monica

    Donte,@ kalamonde , @ LALostangel, Who are you to judge others? None! do not even have the courage to sign up with your name and accaunt Kalamonde to hide behind a picture of a starlet!

  • Nightwish

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet: @lol: Well said!

  • Nightwish

    @lol: #43 – Wait, what?

  • merlin’s Mum

    @vivien: Umm? when? She’s hardly working! Unless you count continually being papped at the gym, shopping etc. Jared, why haven’t you posted the rest of the photo’s? Let me guess? You want to make him look bad cos YOU are also an obsessed, Zac-hating V fan?
    He’s out with his friends having fun.

  • Celine

    @vivien: Snow was in pitch perfect. Critics loved. It made 5x its gross. That was LAST YEAR!