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'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Poll: Who Should be Christian Grey?

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Poll: Who Should be Christian Grey?

We were all shocked by today’s news that Charlie Hunnam will no longer be playing the role of Christian Grey in the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

Now the big question on everyone’s mind is… who will be playing the coveted role?! We want to get YOUR opinion on who should be cast alongside Dakota Johnson in the upcoming movie based on E.L. James‘ bestselling book.

The two most popular choices are without a doubt Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer, but some other opinions we have been hearing are Chris Hemsworth, Alexander Skarsgard, and others.

Vote below and let your voice be heard!

Comment below to explain your choice or leave a different option!

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  • Brittany

    Henry Cavill. Period.

  • kate

    noo god no .not ian somerhalder.please no! i alredy sick and tired of him in TVD.please pick somebody else

  • vote for…!!!!

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!!!

    I don’t understand why his name didn’t come up yet!

  • KokeAckles


  • Ashley

    No one. Just don’t make the movie.

  • Nic

    I chose “others”. Jensen Ackles.

  • Candice

    Not matt bomer.. I mean him being a gay is a huge turn off for me. Hope they dont take him. Plz take ryan gosling or garett hedlund

  • HCfan

    Matt Bomer is the perfect choice.

    Henry Cavill can do much better than making this cheap awful movie, that’s why Charlie drop out, he knew it was a mistake and a bad move for his career.
    I’ts going to be so embarrassing to any actor to make this sxxt, Henry is perfect as Superman and admired by kids, Warner is not going to allow him to do this mess.

  • Agnieszka

    MATT BOMER !!!!!

  • Darth Shader

    Hayden Christensen.

  • Rose

    Max Irons. I hated Fifty Shades when it was the Twilight fanfic Master of the Universe, but I’d watch it if Max Irons was in it. He’s too good of an actor to even probably consider this hot mess of a movie, though.


    I agree, Brittany!!!

  • mel

    gabriel macht! was i the only one who pictured harvey specter while reading the book?

  • Leenah

    Ian or Jonathan Rhys Meyers..Matt Bomer doesn’t give me the “man” vibe, he’s too feminine for my taste.

  • laly

    Anyone really… interchangeable bunch of pretty boy for a crappy role. Im just happy that Charlie and Garret are out.

  • http://Facebook Anne

    Only Ian Somerhand can do the justice to this role


    I wish the casting crew would go back and read the book, especially the description of Christian Grey. There are only 2 that fills it — Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer. He is supposed to be drop-dead gorgeous that women practically faint when they see him, and would do anything he wants.

  • Bibi

    I know only in my dreams but MICHAEL FASSBENDER! He’s got that alpha male vibe that Christian’s got in the book. I know people think he’s too good for this but maybe they can turn the book into a decent movie.

  • misbah

    well i have always been really fond of matt bomer and ian somerhalder..but i will be ok with chace crawford too..though matt bomer is whom i pictured as christian grey from the very first day till now and may be forever..

  • Bibi

    @vote for…!!!!: He is hot and has a troubled man look. awesome

  • misbah

    and please drop that dakota thing too..and bring someone more like anna..umm like alexis bledel or leighton meestor..

  • Fassdong

    The fassdong duh

  • Bibi

    Fassbender is that good that he would add some credibility to the movie. To others would be a risky movie but for him… he is that good

  • Bibi

    I know Michael looks old and Grey is what..? 27 /28? but c’mon it makes no sense… he is too young to be a billionaire. I would make him older in the movie and cast Michael Fassbender if only i could :D

  • pumpkin

    I want charlie hunnam to come back!

  • Laura

    James Scott from Days!

  • Joana CR

    Wentworth Miller

  • KP

    No one should be Christian Grey, the “book” should be left on a shelf not made into a movie.

  • Roberta

    Matt Bomer!!!

  • http://noura.mohamed noura

    sure ian somerhalder <3

  • one Greyssed

    MATT BOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TeamMattBomerForever

  • Sayer

    Clint Eastwood’s son. Maybe Stephen Amell.

  • Mary

    @vote for…!!!!: ohh now thats something I’d watch..

  • Jessie

    The question isn’t who will be best, but who would agree to do this. Charlie probably had someone whisper in his ear, “Man are you crazy?.”
    Fassenbender? He wouldn’t do this piece of ca ca.
    Christian was an abuser. The author had no idea what it’s like in the REAL S & M world. Yeah, they do it because they were abused, then they give up the life, get married to the dull, stupid girl and have kids. It happens all the time. NOT! Basically women are saying it’s ok for a guy to do that because he was abused. Sounds romantic eh? None of those women would last 10 minutes with a real Dom. Dom’s do not do it just to inflict pain and they don’t take on naive school girls. Christian was anything but romantic. He should have lived on the psychiatric couch or spent a good many years in jail.

  • pup

    MATTHEW BOMER end of story!

  • olebrum

    Neil Patrick Harris, Chris Pine or the one of the Carver Twins :)

  • niagirl

    Theo James.

  • Rose

    Kellan Luntz…so he can get that Oscar he’s been craving. LOL

  • niagirl

    Mickey Rourke was a eighties version of Christian and he made it work.

  • amanda

    How bout some realistic choices….the majority wouldn’t be caught dead doing this. And Henry Cavill? Superman? He would laugh at them if they offered this.

  • Alexandra

    these are my choices
    1.- Matt Bomer (even tho he said he wouldn’t do it)
    2.- Jared Leto xd (obviously he also would not go for it)
    3.- Ryan Phillipe (I think putting the tattoos aside he’s kind of a perfect fit hair & eyes color wise.)

  • SaadGKhan

    Henry Cavill should had been in this list.

  • Kresto

    Betty White!

  • Bibi

    I know Michael woulnd’t do this ”crappy” movie but you know what happened? People started liking to hate on the story because everybody else was doing it. Its a ‘trend’. you see… I watched ‘SHAME’ and to me this movie is pretty lame! It’s a pretentious shitty film. everybody was like ‘wowwww thats wonderful what a piece of art’ just because it was cool to like it and it was artsy whatever… its a shame that people like to go by other people’s opinion… The book is not wonderful but the story is somewhat interesting, the characters are catchy and Christian is very appealing. The writing wasn’t very sophisticated one may say but I honestly think they could turn into a very sexy and amazing movie.
    ”Shame” isn’t that big of a deal and Michael agreed to it… FSOG might have stood a chance in his eyes if people weren’t so damn hateful towards it.

    pardon my english.

  • Kirsty T

    No actor of any real value would touch this piece of dog poo. Read the first book out of interest and it was new and okay but know that I am done and wouldn’t bother with the movie. Most of my friends are the same.

  • HCfan

    Lady Gaga

  • Nancy

    ALEX O’LOUGHLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This man has a body that’s made for sin……

  • Juju

    Taylor Kitsch.

  • xyz


  • Gracinha