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Katie Holmes: I Had Ombre Hair Before That Was Cool

Katie Holmes: I Had Ombre Hair Before That Was Cool

Katie Holmes holds a cup of coffee while hailing a cab to run some early-morning errands on Sunday (October 13) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress recently opened up about her beauty secrets.

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“I do drink a lot of water,” Katie told the Huffington Post. “I work out a lot. I get a facial once a week [laughs]. I try to, especially in the city, stay moisturized. It can be so drying.”

As for her most horrific hair experience, Katie said, “Well, I was sporting the ombré look before that was cool because I had dyed my hair for a job and then I just let it grow out. It looked awful! I just kept it that way. I didn’t care and I don’t’ know what I was thinking. Every picture I see from that time period, I think, “That looks so bad.” Well, I didn’t care. I wanted my old hair back.”

FYI: Katie is wearing Koral jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes in NYC…

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katie holmes i had ombre hair before that was cool 01
katie holmes i had ombre hair before that was cool 02
katie holmes i had ombre hair before that was cool 03
katie holmes i had ombre hair before that was cool 04
katie holmes i had ombre hair before that was cool 05
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katie holmes i had ombre hair before that was cool 11
katie holmes i had ombre hair before that was cool 12
katie holmes i had ombre hair before that was cool 13
katie holmes i had ombre hair before that was cool 14

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  • Sharukah

    Katie Holmes the trendsetter (Rolls eyes)

  • http://@cheekycharl29 charlie

    Girls looking good, comfortable and cosy, why should celebrities have to dress up 24/7 I like her down to earth approach, but when she does dress up she is beyond stunning that’s what matters.

  • LOL

    Things hipsters say.

  • essie

    hmm ombre hair is not really the same as having your roots grow out from a dye job, if they look similar then the ombre job was a fail

  • Dasha

    I remember that period. It was the last season of Dawson, i remember thinking that it was weird and today i have the ombre look lol

  • And so we begin….

    This is the same sweater she wore a couple days ago…and sported a log sleeved denim shirt underneath it. And YES, it looked terrible. Any fool that looks to this woman as a style/trend setter, is either a total frump..or just plain BLIND!

  • linogermayne1

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  • Aria

    She STILL looks terrible most of the time. Obviously, she still doesn’t care how she looks. Most of the time, she’s a mess. Her clothing choices are just plain bad and her hair looks unwashed and messy. I don’t know how anybody can say she’s a style person. Her clothing line sucks as much as her acting. Its completely BLAH and BORING and not well made. I think they make like 5 pieces of each thing and a couple of stupid hipsters buy some of them…..then they go on sale for half price like they did last season at Barneys. Hahahaha!


    Pumpkin spice latte tongue is pretty hot right now…

  • rubyz

    Aria, your comment made me chuckle: “Her clothing line sucks as much as her acting.” LOL. Too true.

  • Daretobehonest

    I can understand why she likes herself so much… I mean she has too to buy into her grandiose ideas. I would love to know what somebody like Meryl Streep thinks of her. It has to be like any job where the truly talented look at their fellow colleagues and think, “$&@%#!”

  • Lilly

    Im a bit confused to why she felt the need to bring it up? My sister had ombré hair before it came a thing. A lot of people did, that’s why it became a thing! Oh well, have a nice day :)

  • Daretobehonest

    Is it just me or is anyone else noticing that she has been trying to show off her a**/dressing very provocatively? I mean, tight jeans with an almost camel toe thing going on (worn a lot) and high heals with black sheer tights and short, shorts with breast cancer survivors!!! If she is that desperate, she needs someone to match her up just so she can stop making such a spectacle of herself.

  • Daretobehonest

    @Lilly: This is a good example. After awhile, it’s like; “no one cares Katie”!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!

    Daretobehonest- Just a Comment- Sincerely Concerned,one and the same nutcase!!
    By the way , it’s spelt heels, not heals. I get the feeling you are posting from a mental institution. lol!

  • Daretobehonest

    Why? Because my OCD is on THIS website. Like Hugh Laurie on House, I see a puzzle and I want to solve it…. I see completely opposing opinions of this person posted and only one can be right. It fascinates me. Some people obsess over football etc. what is the difference? In this scenario, it befuddles me that she comes onto The Good Morning America set knowing the theme is about cancer survivors and she’s wearing shear black tights, 3″ heels and short, shorts and u say “I” should be in a mental institution. Bobby Brown is for African American customers and SHE is representing the line? And you want to nail me on spelling heels wrong?!? Everything this girl says contradicts what she does and you say I’M nuts! “Ombré”- she learns a “new” fad and hence needs to find away to show she is “with it”. Some people get up every morning to read Marma Duke or Garfield, I’m entertained by Katie Holmes’ illusion of grandeur.

  • Daretobehonest

    @Daretobehonest: Not illusions of grandeur, ILLOGICAL.

  • ANNE

    I’m looking forward to the 4th wife. Is taking too long. Katie gave him a lesson.

  • Julia

    She’s starbucks all day long, like really, that is so yesterday. She’s no trend setter nor innovative. With all her money given by TC and she does not know how to act, carry herself or dress simple and elegant. She makes me dizzie running all over the place with her coffee cup!

  • Daretobehonest

    What happened to her cankles?

  • Sincerelyconcerned

    Poor Suri! Way too much coffee. Way too much pap/media hungry. Way too much alcohol (puffy face). Way too much manic/ depressive behavior. Way too much narcissism. Way too much illogical thinking: her actions contradict everything she says; well, ALMOST everything. She said it herself when she told Good morning America, “you can’t keep me in”. Hence, out of control. Many famous actors live normal lives out of the limelight

  • ANNE


    Katie combines with Tom The two are all that you said. Two farces. Thank God Katie repented of her error. and took their daughter.

  • Aria

    Looks like its time to send Dare to be whatever back to the psych ward.

    Bobbi Brown is not a makeup for African Americans as you so ignorantly claim. Never has been. Where you get your delusions is anyone’s guess. In addition, I doubt breast cancer survivors would have a problem wearing shorts and stockings or high “heals”. Just because someone has had an illness doesn’t mean they’re a mess. I’m a survivor and I’m still plenty HOT you ignorant git.

    You’ve gone from a rabid Katie defender to whatever nonsense this persona is. All you want is ATTENTION and will say or do anything to get it. Congrats. You got it from me long enough to say you’re a total freak and no one is interested in a troll and crazy who totally lacks integrity. You don’t just have OCD sweetness. There are a ton of other mental illnesses in there.

  • Sincerelyconcerned

    @Aria: Would love to see what kind of wreck is so reactive to what is only my opinion. ….Must of struck a chord.

  • Sincerelyconcerned

    The Bobby Brown comment was going off a previous poster so that person must be nuts too.

  • Daretobehonest

    @Aria: Don’t understand what upset u so much with my negative Katie comments. Your comments were every bit as negative:) Have a nice day.

  • ANNE

    Katie is dating Jamie Foxx. She likes gay men. She is Beard professional. Good luck for her.
    Tom Cruise is dating Jessica White. Good luck for him.

  • Eaten

    Bobbi Brown for colored people. I don’t know who her targeted audience is but it seems only few of them are the buyers. Maybe confusing with the name Brown, lol. Ok ok, enough of BB for the colored, I think Katie has issues, she can’t be still. No wonder she has a messed up child. That Suri will break more than an arm soon and by teenage years the child will rebolt from mommy dearest loon.

  • Lydia

    “colored” people?!?!?! Really!?!?! Where the F%#* do you people come from? Gotta be some disgusting third world country where there is no education to speak and think like that.

    Damn. There’s some seriously ignorant people around here. Nasty, ignorant and plain old STUPID people!

  • Daretobehonest

    @Lydia: Geez oh peat. Go back to the previous article to the 26th poster (FP) so you can see how it all began. Really not worth your &$%#… Maybe anger mangt?

  • Lydia

    Ahhhh. Its Dare to be in a mental institution again. Honey, if anyone needs help, its you, your OCD and your weird, change with the wind, hypocritical, BS rants. Get help.

    I seriously can’t stand hypocrites, racists and trolls. You’re all 3.

  • UbE

    @Eaten: Lol Eaten! I’m still laughing. Katy selling the wrong product, maybe someone else appropriate should endorses BB? Katie trying to be stylist but it is a pain to see her with how she dresses or carry herself. Maybe in the boonies she has style but she definitely does not fit in for a NY socialite.

  • Daretobehonest

    Wh@Lydia: I bet you r an uneducated liberal. Fortunately people like u r easily read. Why a person feels a need to attack someone they don ‘t have a clue about is sad. My posts r similar to 1/2 the other posts so the fact that you have isolated me means it’s personal which is even more sad. Problem solved, I am now ———–. FYI, I am a working professional who is well respected by people like me I,e. Not mean spirited.

  • Katie WHO?

    In 2 years, she will be a no name and Meal Ticket will have a new daddy.

  • Curious Jorgia

    Um, where is the story about Katy and J Foxx dating? He is a party animal and she is an idiot looking for way to live rich. That’s all I have to say, chao.

  • Katie WHO?

    @Curious Jorgia: I hope you are not being intimidated by sweet Lydia. Common sense tells ya that Ms. Holmes is irrational to put it mildly, but to point it out sends Lydia into a PMS tyrade on steroids. What a hoot:)

  • Daretobehonest

    @Lydia: jealousy of those who r wealthy. Get a life!

  • Daretobehonest

    Would love to hear Meryl and Katie’s 1st interaction. “Class meets trash”

  • Suri the meal ticket

    No recent pics of the media wh***. Must be in South Africa on location now. NYC can now relax a little!

  • Suri the meal ticket

    The only thing good that come out of Taylor Swift also being casted in this movie (The Giver) is when the reviews come out, no doubt she’ll be able to act better than Holmes!

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Meryl Streep donated 1 million to New York’s Public Theater this past Thursday. No doubt Katie is wondering how she could of “gotten some of that”???? Time to suck up on set in Cape Cod.

  • K-Flop on the Rise

    Meryl Streep draws a line: “beyond my tolerance and DNA to engage with sub-standard quality! (With regards to Katiie Holmes on set together). Director obliges by changing script to accommodate