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Who Should Play Christian Grey? 'Fifty Shades' Poll Results!

Who Should Play Christian Grey? 'Fifty Shades' Poll Results!

The internet has been buzzing with who will be playing the coveted role of Christian Grey in the upcoming movie Fifty Shades of Grey now that Charlie Hunnam has dropped out of the film.

We decided to poll all of you on who you want to star in the film and now we have the results! Some of the fan favorites included Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, Alexander Skarsgard, and Ryan Gosling.

A new casting announcement should be expected soon as the film has to start shooting shortly to make its release date of August 1, 2014. Dakota Johnson is still onboard to play the female lead Anastasia Steele.

WHO DO YOU THINK should play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey?

Click through the (sexy shirtless) slideshow below to read all of the results…

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  • http://p_mcclain pclain

    Seriously just pick Jason Lewis he will be perfect for this role.

  • Camila


  • Janet Marie Cooper

    You people are unbelievable…Has Matt EVER sad he didnt want the role? No, he just igured it was a fait accompli that Charlie hadthe part…Matt is a class act inside & out…

    The books are not porn!! I’ve sen dirtier stuff in a Harlequin novel, or in a bloody body description by Stephen King…Since when is something created b God (SEX) dirty??
    This is a story of love breaking down walls, in this case a child, mother dead of a drug overdose, beaten and scarred by her abusive boyfrend, shutted from one foster home to another before being adopted…Then he was molested at age 15 by a friend of his mother…He thought he wasn’t worthy of love, until a sweet girl shows him that he is…All the kinky stuff is window dressing; at the core is a beautiful love story…

    You people don’t know a damn thing and are filled with hate and ugliness…

  • lee

    TAYLOR KINNEY<3 pleaseee

  • lee

    Why has no one said TAYLOR KINNEY?!?!



  • Agnes

    None of the actors you mention in your article should be considered, now they are second choice or could be. Ryan Gosling, Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder, Stephen Amell have turned the role down or said they don’t want the role. This story is about sex and child abuse, not a person that suddenly decides when they are sexual they would like try something different. (SM).

  • Marie

    Joseph Morgan is perfect

  • carrot

    Matt Bomer of course!!! Its like EL James created Christian Grey by describe Matt Bomer<3

  • nikko

    My first choice would be Michael Fassbender because he’s a risky actor and I can definitely see him doing the sex scenes. But it seems he’s to old so ZAC EFroN would be great.
    Ryan Gosling is to nice and to old for the part.

  • Loren

    Tom Welling!!!!!!!

  • Tes

    Either Alexander Skarsgard or Ian Somerhalder, definitely not Matt Bomar or Ryan Gosling… Alex & Ian both has that sweet and rough thing going for them…

  • CJ

    Zac Efron

  • vivien

    Tom Welling 4ever!

  • Dasha

    Garrett Hedlund or Michael Fassbender. But they’re too good for this shit.
    Ian Somerhalder is mediocre enough to play in it.
    The best option would be an unknown actor

  • Pauline

    colin seems nice to me ! But no to matt bomer ! He’s gay and no matter how good looking he looks I won’t be able to get this fact out of my mind

  • nanou

    Matt Bomer, oui

  • http://@somerbr Cinquenta Tons – Brasil

    Ian Somerhalder nasceu para ser Christian Grey, Ele é divido… sensual… carismático.. inteligente.. sagaz… um verdadeiro Gentleman.. ele é dos DEUSES!!! Nasceu para ser #christiangrey .

    Matt é Gay….. nem pensar nisso!!!!

    Agora é a hora de perceberem que foi um verdadeiro erro ter colocado um ator que ninguém tem predileção… estavam queimando o Filme sem mesmo ter começado a gravar!!!

  • http://@somerbr Cinquenta Tons – Brasil

    @Pauline: CONCORDO!!!

  • lolatoopointoh

    What about using a not well known actor? I’m sure there are a ton of great good looking actors out there and people won’t have preconceived notions, it might be more convincing too.

  • Lisa

    Ian Somerhalder and Zooey Deschanel.

  • Paulette

    @Pauline: you just outed yourself as ignorant….

  • Bohoo

    Never read the book but based on reviews, a few select hardcore fans want to see it on the screen….have they just considered watching porn..its readily available and you dont have to cast an actor…plus not actor who wants to work regularly after will touch this unless they are signed into the next decade without any clauses in the contract…but you stand to lose a main stream audience because some females husband cannot get it on or they cant get into buying porn….

  • Bohoo


  • Bohoo


    YOU dont want to fantasize about a gay guy…but since 90% of hollywood men are gay, you do it all the time without knowing….thoughts like it impossible for actors to live freely….Glad Matt Bonner is brave enough to be out and enjoying life on his terms!!!

  • joyce

    @Sayer: I think Ian Somerhalder is the only one who is interested. Stephen Amell said no on his facebook page.

  • G

    Trevor St John should play Christian

  • Amy

    I personally think Gerard Butler would be PERFECT for the roll with his dark hair and greyish-blue eyes… & of course he is SUPER sexy!!! :)

  • DiscoQueen

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  • Lost_Girl75

    Would LOVE IAN to be, BUT with that being side, i’m so sick to death, of S&M being “cool” true people in the community find these books a laughing stock, its a lifestyle, not a bloody movie or heck book for that matter, arent there enough porn flicks out there depicting this in some way or other jeez….

  • Lanie

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  • Katy

    OMG – Ian’s eyes bring the character of Christian alive! They are the craziest eyes ever – so perfect for Mr. Gray and all that he thrives on. (The rest isn’t bad either.)

  • Nahh

    I prefer that an relatively unknown star will play the lead role as I doubt that Ian, Matt or those known stars will be available to film it as also they have busy schedules in their respectives tv shows or movies filming currently. It has to be an actor who will be committed to the project and have time to do it. Also it has to be an actor who is interested in doing it not doing it just to pleasure the fans who are rotting for that particular actor.

    And if this movie is like many people say and exacto copy of the book and some say the book it really that bad, It wotn be nice that an a known actor career will be ruined for making that movie out of desesperation and choosing a bad choice to make his career grow and in that case I dont want Ian S. to make the movie (even if he is perfect for the role) or Stephen Amell or Jay Ryan. I dont care for Henry Cavill though.

    No Matt Bomer for me, it wont be so appropriate and we dont know if the lady who is playing Anastasia Steele will be comfortable sharing sexual content scenes with a gay guy. So who knows if her role will also have to be re-cast or not.

  • Heather

    @SaadGKhan: Exactly! They need to take time to cast BOTH roles as it is, so even with Henry filming right now he could still be able to do it if they push back filming, and they need to sacrifice full frontal for Felicity and remove Dakota.

  • Maryann

    Please if your going to place anyone who has charm and can dominate a woman it has to be James Deen. Matt Bomer is amazing in every way, but James is in charge and would make this moving everything it is in our imagination

  • Smitten

    Ian Somerhalder please.
    Wake up E. L. James. He want’s the role and he could easily pull it off.

  • Maria

    @Linda: Um, they start shooting in a matter of weeks. It’s would sort of conflict with his TVD schedule.

    I wish people would be realistic.

  • nina

    matt bomer!!!!!!!!!!

  • MMmm

    Exactly Maria that is what I ws thinking I dont think the producers are that naive or even the author to not know that Ian or Matt are not available to film the movie as they have their already committed schedulkes with their respectives tv shows and the producer wants someone who is available so if the shooting start soon I guess they are running out of time looking for a new lead role and I dont think Ian or Matt are just there waiting for a call. They have their jobs at their shows and their schedule there is also busy I dont think they want to participate in the movie. Even if for me Ian would have been the perfect Christian Grey.

    I read that another actor not very known is in talks for the lead role. Is good if it happens that way. A very handsome not very popular actor.

  • danni

    Matt Bomer is gay! morons!

  • lovehumour

    Joe Manganiello…definitely. He should’ve played Reacher too.

  • karen

    karl urban, timothy olyphant or peter facinelli

  • nicole

    matt bomer. he is the perfect role for christian grey

  • Kelli

    Ian…………………….. Beautiful bad boy ,good boy……

  • http://Facebook Kelli

    Ian……… Beautiful bad boy good boy………….

  • ytd

    @danni: uh, moron, so are ian and henry.

  • Glovanna

    I’m surprised that nobody has suggested Max Irons- recently of The White Queen fame. He also played Jared in The Host.
    He’s 6’2. His hair color is just about right. He’s the right age of 28. I think he’d be perfect for the role of Christian Grey…..has the kissable full lips, he’s definitely my choice :)

  • 50fan

    Chace Crawford

  • Gina

    Travis Fimmel from The Vikings!!!

  • the minority opinion

    Henry Cavill or a buffed up Eddie Redmayne