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Kate Bosworth: 'Big Sur' at Carmel Film Fest with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: 'Big Sur' at Carmel Film Fest with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth arrives in style to the Big Sur screening as part of the 2013 Carmel Art & Film Festival held at the Sunset Cultural Arts Center on Sunday evening (October 13) in Carmel, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress was joined on the red carpet by her husband Michael Polish, who directed her in the movie.

“Thank you @carmelfilmfest for showing #BigSur – If anybody missed it we’re screening #BigSur in Big Sur tomorrow 7:30pm #HenryMillerLibrary” Kate tweeted that evening after the event.

“HOW ‘BOUT THEM @dallascowboys ???? ⭐️ ’’” Kate wrote on her Twitter account later in the evening about the Dallas Cowboys, who beat the Washington Redskins that evening 31-16.

FYI: Kate is wearing a Dior dress, earrings, and bracelet, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Kara Ackerman rings.

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kate bosworth big sur at carmel film festival with michael polish 01
kate bosworth big sur at carmel film festival with michael polish 02
kate bosworth big sur at carmel film festival with michael polish 03
kate bosworth big sur at carmel film festival with michael polish 04
kate bosworth big sur at carmel film festival with michael polish 05

Credit: Miikka Skaffari; Photos: WireImage
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  • Celia

    Is this the same girl from “Blue Crush”??? She looks like she’s in her late 30′s, maybe even early 40′s. She used to be so cute!!

  • Measure

    Her hair and make-up people did a nice job on her. Too bad her tailor took the night off: the top doesn’t fit well and makes her look frumpy. I hate how baggy it is under her arms.

  • HW joke

    Yikes! Her body looks sickly. Big Sur it is more like Big Death

  • Bohoo


  • CW


    I am thinking both, sad, for someone who is just got married she doesn’t look as blissful as she should.

  • Trisha

    so gorgeous!!!!

  • Lydia

    Not a good look for her at all. Very matronly. This is a fail Cher.

  • Fashionista

    Her dress is by Christian Dior. I love it. The color is divine. It’s hardly matronly. Check out the back:

  • Harley

    Based on the reviews it seems Big Sur might be a very good movie.

  • pretty kitty

    why choose??
    can this movie finally OFICIALLY OPEN ??
    they have OICALLY PREMIERED this movie from cali to Cambodia for 18 months now. if it opens they have to go away and they know it.
    can a movie PREMIERE TWICE at sundance??
    says the Eboli Bosworths people??

  • pretty kitty

    just stop.. we all know you work for eboli Bosworth not fooling anyone as a fan. prob work for cher too.

  • ladybug

    @Fashionista: That’s not really a back picture, it’s a side picture.
    The top is bad. The front makes it look like she isn’t wearing a bra or any sort of support.
    The feet and ankles aren’t looking so good either.

    @pretty kitty: They’ve only been showing this since January, at Sundance, 18 months after finishing filming it. He and Mark filmed their comedy at last year’s Sundance, that hasn’t come out. They filmed Unconscious in April, who knows when that’ll be released.

    But don’t worry, after BS actually premieres in two weeks, KB will still be able to promote Homefront and the Martha Stewart Wedding issue. And there are always ‘random’ pap shots at their grocery store.

  • Whycantipost

    What the hell happened? More botox? Her face looks like it will fall apart when she smiles, too tight and too shiny.

    I still don’t understand why no interviewer has ever asked her about the comments she gets online. Negative:97%, Positive 3%. No one has ever asked her what she thinks of this? Let alone, why does anyone interview her after the reading what the average person really thinks of her?
    I don;t get it. Robin Baum must be a miracle worker.

  • Blackcat

    Did we really need to see a photo of those hideous feet? Seriously!

  • Black

    Kate and Michael weigh 67 kg together, not each. The skinniest couple in HW. That’s saying a lot.

  • Suze

    The color washes her out completely & the fit is off. I hate to say it, but she looks older then her years I’m these pictures.

  • Really?

    Are you kidding me? Kate looks beautiful!

  • pretty kitty

    3% positive // are you sure that high?
    oh and I cant wait for the media rounds for the wedding photos..not

  • pretty kitty

    cdan just had a post about how kate only eats in months ending in r..hahhhhh. great minds think alike!!

  • surprise non

    Blind Items Revealed

    June 24, 2013

    This B-/C+ mostly movie actress who has almost A list name recognition, but has not done much since falling in love was at a restaurant this week and ordered five separate dishes which is as much as she usually eats in a month. She pushed her fork through all the dishes, but only drank some wine and then some more wine and ended up not eating anything.

    Kate Bosworth

    Seriously how can anyone look at her and NOT SEE THAT SHE HAS A SEVERE EATING DISORDER HOW and mental problems comes with the disorder. Polish enable it as well and he is also developing manorexcia

  • ladybug

    Not to defend Kate, since it’s pretty obvious she’s got a lot of issues, but CDAN is mostly BS, something he admits to in the disclaimer:


    “So just who is “Enty?” He provided The Post with a scan of his bar card, and he is, in fact, a lawyer registered with the California Bar. According to public records, he is 43 and lives in Los Angeles.

    He does work at an LA-based law firm but according to them, he’s not an entertainment lawyer — they don’t even have an entertainment division. Enty, it turns out, handles wills and probate.

    Nearly everything Enty says, in fact, doesn’t check out. That package Tamblyn sent? That receipt, dated December 2007, came from an LA-based recording studio called Michael Turner Productions; sole employee Michael Turner says Tamblyn has never been through there: “What does she do?” he asks.”

  • Sorry not sorry

    with or without CDAN post you can see that the girl does not or will not eat that is the point. She has a very obvious eating disorder CDAN he may not be in the entertainment business but I am sure he could get tips from like say restaurant owners or personnel this could not be a fake since a restaurant is a public place alot of people could have source that. She does look like she mostly look and poke at food than eat it.

  • Rachel()

    @Really?: Yes. Beautiful for a 40 year old in an ill-fitting dress who’s Botox hasn’t yet settled in. But, sure, beautiful.

  • Rachel()

    @surprise non: Um, B-C list? A list name recognition? Ha, ha. This is not about Kate.

  • Rachel()

    @surprise non:Hey, that actually sounds a bit like Blake Lively.

  • ladybug

    @Rachel(): BL was also mentioned in the comments.

    CDAN does play with the C-A list stuff, but even bumping her up isn’t going to get her to A-list recognition. CDAN pays enough attention to gossip to know that.

    @Sorry not sorry: CDAN makes stuff up all the time, that is a point. Most of what he writes has stuff that could be applied to most celebrities, even if it’s not true. So just because we don’t like her and she’s obviously underweight doesn’t mean we should just believe any blind item that people think might apply to her.

    Now, if CDAN did a blind about a Clist mostly movies actress whose fans thinks she’s a natural beauty but in reality has had plenty of work done, I might believe that one!

  • For You

    Here’s something that’s well worth reading and taking into consideration:

  • Umm

    All that BS she spewed in Lucky mag, is just that. BS. Clearly she does not have a healthy relationship with food, and I seriously doubt she has much strength to exercise. She’s hard to look at now.

  • pretty kitty

    @For You:
    hey for you.. if we are going to start throwing someone in monkey feces I have a volunteer.. kate is no innocent little helpless schoolgirl here. she lies to the media all the time she befriends people to get what she wants and then throws them under the bus to get ahead. she would cut anyone’s heart out to get press, and does. she sets up pap shots w/ unsuspecting people to twist the situation in her favor. when orly and Miranda were having problems after she gave birth, she knew where he would be, tracked him down ,”casually ran into him”, had a pap waiting and made sure the media made it look like orly wanted kate back BAD.. kate is a BIOTCH whitch is why 10 yrs in business only 1,,,1 famous friend at her wedding. she runs thru her friends like a train..kindness starts at home.. got it??? no one sh*ts on mother Theresa now do they??

  • ladybug

    @pretty kitty: “no one sh*ts on mother Theresa now do they??” Actually, Mother Theresa’s been criticized for decades.

    Regarding Kat’s wedding, she had two stars, darn it! The Daily Fail kept mentioning that Walter Goggins is an Oscar winner. Which is true, but it was in 2002 and it was for short films. No Helena Christiansen, no Kevin Spacey, no Sienna Miller.

    As for For You, passive aggressive much? Are you posting that link on every post that JJ does? Because it’s not as if these is the only post that gets ‘mean’ comments. Are you expecting us to join virtual hands and sing Kumbaya?

  • Rua

    Her outfit seems way too dressy for this type of thing.

  • Macy

    That dress does not fit her up top. It makes her look boxy and washed out.

  • ladybug

    This coat has possibilities, but the photo shoot looks boring as heck:

  • Rua

    I loved that white suede look from the spring line, but not the price (+ in general) – I have a feeling that issue will resurface again this time.

  • ladybug

    What’s with the ankle in this shot?

  • Rua

    Boring collection …. zzzz

  • ladybug

    @Rua: Yes, but it reflects her personal style/taste: “Though different in tone from the more bohemian inspired Spring festival collection, this collection is equally as true an extension of my personal aesthetic. I wanted to balance a neat, clean line with an oversized shape, to mix feminine and masculine.?The color scheme is Mondrian inspired- black and whites mixed with cracked metallics and a pop of red. I respond to a monochromatic look. ..”

    Well Kate, beige is monochrome.

    It’s not that the collection is ugly, it’s not. But like her festival collection, none of it is particularly interesting or fashion forward, either.

  • Macy

    That white leather t-shirt photo looks like a goddamn hospital scrub set.

  • Rua

    I hate the hair and makeup for this collection (promo pictures and video) … maybe I´m just not cool enough to get it, but I can live with that.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: That was my first impression as well. But, it’s a fashion forward and very expensive hospital scrub set!

    @Rua, I don’t like the ad campaign either. But then I’m apparently not the intended audience. At least she didn’t sing in the new video.

    “She teaches me things I never knew,” added Polish. But would the director, who met Bosworth on the set of their latest film, Big Sur, let his wife design his next ensemble? “Oh, my God,” he said, “I’d love it.”

  • Macy

    Blech! The two of them are so gushy it’s ridiculous. If she does design something for him, I’m sure it will be boring and beige. It had better be nicer than that stupid denim jacket with the damn eye on it. That thing looked like a 6th grade art project.

  • gemma

    OMG – I love Kate’s Topshop collection!

  • ladybug

    @Macy: I eagerly await her Topshop for men collection!

    @gemma, you, like fashionista, appear to be literally incapable of thinking anything negative about KB. She could slaughter sea turtles during a livecast and you’d think it was wonderful and fashion forward.