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Matt Bomer Shares Adorable Family Photo from Halloween!

Matt Bomer Shares Adorable Family Photo from Halloween!

Matt Bomer shares a personal photo of his family from one of their previous Halloweens while making an appearance on Live! with Kelly & Michael on Monday (October 14) in New York City.

“We get into it. You have to be serious in our neighborhood because everyone gets into it. So you have to keep up with the Joneses,” the 36-year-old actor shared about his Halloween prep. “The kids this year… two of them are going to be ninja turtles and one is going to be a zombie football player.”

In the photo that Matt shared from the previous Halloween, he dressed up as Woody from Toy Story while his partner Simon Halls dressed as Buzz Lightyear. Looks like all three of their boys went as superheroes!

Matt Bomer Shares Adorable Family Photo from Halloween!
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Photos: Matt Bomer, Facebook
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  • Ana

    fantastic guy. charming, classy, charismatic, and so unbelievably hot

  • effy

    @Ana: hot yes, unbelievably ?No

  • pup

    This man is perfection. Good lord!

  • Leenah

    @pup: I would have to disagree, knowing that I don’t even have 0,9999% chances to ever be with him cause he likes guys makes him almost perfect.



  • Yardley

    Perfect American family. Matt is not only the hottest man alive but a role model for all people. Wish more people lived as honestly and elegantly as he does.

  • Carrie

    @PRESIDENT-ELECT-ROMNEY: luckily opinions like yours are disappearing rapidly. Where will the ignorant folk that say “ewww” to a lovely picture go? You are no longer welcome here in the US

  • Carla

    And is this man that all women expect to be Christian Grey? I’m not sure what his HUSBAND think about it. LOL

  • Stacey

    Brilliant actor, hot as hell, perfect.

  • sun


    He’s a great actor. If you are ignorant and homophobic, it’s your problem. It’s not for women who love love him as an actor.

    I am ashamed of you and of your small brain.

  • sun

    Beautiful family and talented actor

  • Sam

    Wonderful family, thanks Matt for sharing !!

  • lui

    I had no idea he’s gay.

  • dina

    OMG! I’m enthralled with this man. Seems like he has no idea how mesmerizing he is.When he closed his eyes and talked about the Cronut, I just died. He called the experience sexual! He is sooooo sexy. Who cares if he is gay?
    That picture is such a cute one. time to get over the “gay” thing guys, time to evolve!

  • stephen in laguna

    @Carla – How many married straight actors do you fantasize about? They’re just as unavailable as Matt.

  • hype his way up

    15 comments to get on your headline, Jared??
    Guess that’s the benefit if you have a PR firm CEO husband. Really trying to ride this 50 shades hype up, isn’t he?
    And call him a *great* actor?? Which performence he ever gave can be called great? Magic Mike? Has he ever LEADING a film by himself?
    See that’s what HYPE means.

  • Lola

    Gay eyes, yikes

  • Lord

    Is this a “family”???Are you kidding me??2 gays cannot have babies and have a real family, this is the truth and I don’t care if some people disagree with my words. God decided to create a Man and a Woman and gave them the power to procreate. If He decided not to allow this to gay, it’s because there’s a specific reason and we all had better to respect it.

  • John Smith

    nice pic…I see they’re ready for Halloween

  • sky


    God decided to create a stupid,ignorant and homophobic man as you.

  • Natalia

    @hype his way up: Real actors choose lead roles like TNH and Monty both of which will be award contenders. So glad he declined the offer for CG, so beneath him. 5th very succesful season as lead on a tv dramedy. Guests spots on TV shows and other films showing he is perfect at drama, comedy, really anything. Is that you Ian wishing you had his talent, looks, class and open life? He’s a big rising star that will be huge, deal with it. LOL

    And the ignorant bible thumpers? You’ve lost the battle, no one cares. Evolve and move on.

  • lisa

    Many couples cannot have babies. Some adopt, others go through several other non-conventional means to have children. So they are not “family” in your eyes? Your hatred of things that don’t deserve hate seems to be taking over commonsense and reason, and basic goodness. You are a sorry excuse for a human being.

  • raymond

    The more people talk like you the more easier it is to abandon the concept of “lord”. Who needs a “lord” that makes it okay to hate fellow humans who are doing no harm to you? Here’s a more sensible definition of a family for you “a group of people who are closely related by birth, marriage, adoption, or commitment” and I would add “love” to it.

  • L

    Such an incredibly cute pic! So glad he shared it! They are just perfect rolemodels.

  • Don Scala

    @PRESIDENT-ELECT-ROMNEY: I gotta agree, eewww, that’s so not normal or natural, just an abnormal perverted sex fetish, 2 nasty perverts that like having sex like women do. Feel so sorry for those 3 boys, they’re gonna be so messed up, these perverts have no business being allowed to adopt or get so-called married. Man for woman and vice versa, God ordained this, nobody can change this no matter what any so-called filthy government or society implements. Absolutely vomit inducing disgusting! These 2 women wannabe pervert criminals should be locked up or put to death! Alas!, Hell awaits them!

  • Don Scala

    @L: Role models for perversion and evil!

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  • Stephanie

    @Don Scala: you fecking moron, no one cares what you think. Evolve or be left out of society.

  • The Bible

    Sick shopped kids heading to hell. Greeeasy fire death in Bomer hell

  • mary

    Why so much hate in some messages against Matt?.Thousands of people like this man because beyond is physical beauty, is a man of great values ​​with many qualitys.He has a big heart, he is generous, humble available, respectful, honest, sincere. Matt, Simon and their childrens do not deserve this onslaught of hatred.I’ am outraged when I read hateful comments against this family, these childrens seems to be balanced and happy, many children family normal” are probably less happy than those three little guys with their2 dads. I like Matt, I love this family and many could take their exemple.

  • mary

    Being hateful toward Matt and Simon is already obnoxious, but when it comes to take their childrens, who are unable to defend themselves, who are innocent like all childrens, then I can not find words. I hope that these three little guys are preserved maximum of all this hatred towards their two dads..Can you think what might happen if relatives of the couple, or even Matt and Simon read these messages, it would certainly broken their hearts,, We love Matt so we do not want only one thing for him: he is still very happy with the person he loves and who loves him.

  • Mary

    @The Bible:

    Please God bless Simon,Matt and theirs three adorable little boys,This family deserved happiness and only happiness.,