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Taylor Swift Wins NSAI's Songwriter of the Year 2013!

Taylor Swift Wins NSAI's Songwriter of the Year 2013!

Taylor Swift poses with her brand new award at the ceremony for her 2013 Songwriter/Artist of the Year prize presented by the Nashville Songwriters Association International on Sunday (October 13) in Nashville, Tenn.

This was the 23-year-old entertainer’s sixth time winning the award – she’s now won the award more times than any other artist! Taylor is also the youngest person to win the award.

Congrats on the great honor, Taylor!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Taylor Swift

The day before, Taylor opened the brand new Taylor Swift Education Center in Nashville.

FYI: Taylor is wearing a Houghton dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, Norman Silverman earrings, an Ivy ring, and a Le Vian bracelet.

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Credit: Royce DeGrie/TAS; Photos: Getty
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  • Trudie

    One smart cookie… Swift has been the recipient of 7 Grammy Awards, 11 American Music Awards, 7 Country Music Association Awards, 6 Academy of Country Music Awards, and 12 Billboard Music Awards. As a songwriter, she now has been honored with the Nashville Songwriters Association 2013 Award and into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

  • kami

    leann rimes could take lessons from taylor on how to focus on her career.

  • living in a box

    sometimes i forgot that she sing country song.

  • liz

    she is pretty but her singing and her songwriting are both overrated. her writing is full of cutesy stuff and clichés.

  • rikki

    she is pretty but her singing and her songwriting are both overrated. her writing is full of cutesy stuff and clichés.

  • liz

    @rikki: stop f*cking copying my comment…. typical bitter taylor swift stan

  • rikki

    @liz: I want you to stop and think about what you’re saying. I’m not even a Taylor stan. I just think your comments are jealous and hateful. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t bother posting a comment.

  • Asdfg

    Her make up is flawless. As for her dress and hair? Nothing new.

  • Asdfg

    Congrats to her.

  • liz

    @rikki: just because i think there are better songwriters than her who deserve awards like this, i’m being hateful? oh ok.

  • Red Head

    Grace, style, and talent. THIS is how you do it, Ms. Cyrus. Take notes.

  • Kat

    @liz: Not all of her songs are cutesy. And her albums are of her thoughts just because its relatable doesn’t meant its cliche. Cold as you, Last kiss, All too well are a couple songs that shows her amazing writing skills. And she is just 23 years old, meaning she’s been winning awards for the past 6 years since she was 17 for her songwriting. You don’t have to be mature to win awards. Its based on talent, and she has it.

  • Avril

    I would say I’m proud of her but I’d fall short!!!
    I love her!!!!

  • alaia

    @Avril: If you think she’s the best artist ever, you’re clearly not listening to enough (good) music.

  • toby

    WOW !!
    So beautifull !!

  • Ava

    So gorgeous and talented, and it’s nice to see a female singer under the age of 25 without seeing them half naked or with their tongue or any other body part sticking out.

  • http://JustJared Jan

    Taylor knows her audience. That’s why 25,000 fans sing along with her, every word to every song. Her words mean something to people. Sometimes she is a little too “high school” but then so are her fans, and she brings a refreshing sweetness to being in love and to the music world which is filled with Madonnas and GaGas and Brittanys, a dime a dozen, and lewd to say the least. She works hard and has a wonderful positive attitude.

  • Marika

    Artist of the century!

  • kat

    @Kat: OMG how many times do I need to tell you to stop taking my name??!!!?? Can’t you read??

  • amelie

    I think that she writes very average lyrics and very good melodies which make great pop songs but that about it. I think that her songs resonate with her audience mostly because they’re made up of teenage girls & immature twenty-somethings. I think that she’s so popular because her music is inoffensive & easily digestible in the same way as a Macdonald’s meal.

    I don’t think you can really compare her to female artists such as Adele or Laura Marling or Florence Welch & maybe even Lorde who are all a similar age. The complexity of their song writing & music are utterly superior to her bubble gum pop.

  • scorch the red head

    @Red Head:

    Yes to that! Double whoop for being a red head!! :)

  • Linda

    She is so phenomenal beyond her age! The sheer number of awards and success she’s received so far is far beyond what most people get in a lifetime.

  • Linda


    Pretty incredible achievements! Most people barely even have a handful, let alone some 40+, and at such a young age. Her Wikipedia page has a full list.

  • DV8

    She looks beautiful but songwriter of the year? There are so many other artists who are better songwriters. Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Cat Power, Iron & Wine, Nekko Case! I could go on and on but I get it, she’s popular. The most popular win.

  • nicole

    @DV8: you forgot adele. she writes most of her own stuff as well.

  • http://gail_enigma gail

    Way to go T!
    Awards after awards, sold out tickets around world, philantrophics acts and to think she’s just only 23.
    You can’t buy people around the globe to love you and your music.
    So proud of you.

  • emma


    i agree with everything that you’ve said. even reading some of the comments that her fans have left here you can tell how immature or what a low IQ they’ve got!! they keep going on about how pretty she is or how she’s such a good role model – i mean miley has had one boyfriend for 4 years & taylor has slept with half of hollywood in the same time. in a few years she will have disappeared. she’s getting older but she stills going to be churning out the same old “my boyfriend dumped me & i’m angry about it” songs.




  • Avril

    @alaia: Don’t worry, I listen to EXCELLENT music.
    stop being jealouse, I know it’s frustating to know you’ll never achieve 0.0001 % of what she has achieved but that’s NOT her fault ;)

  • Avril

    @emma: You are spending your time counting how many boyfriends she’s had and judging her by who she’s dated and we are the immature ones???… ok, that explains everything :P

  • Avril

    @ADRIANA: sorry for breaking up to you but Harry was NOT the one who put an end to that relationship ;)
    plus they already over that and the get along really well. :P

  • TheKill


    So what you’re saying is, that you’ve only heard the singles she’s released? Got it.

  • zena


    Obviously you haven’t listened to Taylor’s Discography.. If that was the case, “bubble Gum Pop” Many established artists wouldn’t be singing her praises.

    Mick Jagger (asked her to perform with him and the Rolling Stones this past summer) , James Taylor, Alicia keys, Stevie Nicks, Jon BonJovi, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Carly Simon, James Taylor..

    Drake, Will.I.Am have said they wanted to work with her. She’s collaborated with rapper B.O.B on a beautifully inspired song.

    YouTube could be your friend and a knowledge of wealth for if you haven’t listen to most of her songs. BTW, she wrote “Love Story” at age 14 although it wasn’t recorded and released until she was 16. Besides the girl plays both piano and Guitar.

    Taylor won the most prestigious Grammy Award, ” Album of the Year” which is voted by her peers and music critics. The Grammy is not fan voting award. So you may not think much of her music but obviously she has many fans that do and also people in the music industry.

    You may also don’t know Adele’s famous hits are about ex-boyfriends. Both Albums..

    Lorde sells 128k albums in a week (US) Worldwide she sold 170k, Taylor sells 1.2 million in a week (Us) 1.5 mil worldwide.

    At 16, Taylor sold 5mil albums just in the US. Let’s see if Lorde goes Platinum. If she’s so great why didn’t she resonate with more people. Or is she one of those artists that can only sell singles.

  • zena

    Taylor fans are immature? Taylor was never on my radar before this year. I didn’t realize how talented and successful she was. Also, how many veterans in the business praised her songwriting. I actually took the time to listen to about 25 her songs she’s released in a 6 year time span. I watched interviews and live performances. I came to like her, and her music. Also, she was only handful of talented young girls that didn’t have strip to a G-string or be on the cover men’s magazine to sell their music. She still became successful artist. She’s charitable. She’s on top of game but she still spends hours before and after each concert doing meet and greets. Just like she did at 16.

    Do you think a Madonna, Beyoncé or Rihanna are doing this?

    Posting about her accomplishments is not immature.
    Immaturity to me is posting comments about a girl’s dating history. Or it tells me how old you are. Because there is no way you think dating 6 men from 16-24. is too many men. What is she suppose to be married and having babies at 23?
    It shows she’s mature that she didn’t stay in toxic relationships and moved on quickly. A mistake many women make young or old.
    Unlike you and I, Taylor is very rich, successful young woman. So she has to be careful that someone likes her for her and not for the publicity that comes with dating Taylor Swift.
    I’m so happy that Taylor Swift stated she will not let bullying stop her from dating whoever she wants. be it a Actor, Musician, or Businessmen.
    She’s happy and single right now, but I wish she continues dating until she meets that “Perfect Fit”.
    So stop your immaturity with this slut shaming. If you notice, it only comes from little girls or women. You never hear a man comment about her dating habits. Only females.

  • Nat

    Why does everyone think that it is Taylor’s fault for breaking up with Harry. From what I have been hearing, he seemed to have wandering eyes for other girls during the time that he was dating Taylor; Doesn’t that give Taylor the right to dump him. I say good for Taylor; that is the sign of a strong independent woman. That strength and independence is also how she has become so successful. Unfortunately, the more popular any person is, the more we hear about things that are not important and the media is partly to blame. If Taylor wasn’t so successful, we would not care who she dated or dumped. And as for Taylor’s talent, you can find find her fellow artists giving her deep praise. Even in the Hip Hop community. How do you think that she gets Jennifer Lopez and Carly Simon among others as surprise guests on her “Red Tour”. She is talented and has the admiration with her peers.

  • NJRinglord

    @amelie: Lorde is 16 and her big hit song she has won awards for was written by someone else as was most of her album. Taylor has a hand in writing every single song she records by writing them completely by herself or collaborating with other song writers she admires. What lyrics are good is a matter of opinion you have yours and millions of others disagree with you including the professional association of song writers who keep giving her this award every year.