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Jamie Foxx: I Am Not Dating Katie Holmes!

Jamie Foxx: I Am Not Dating Katie Holmes!

Jamie Foxx suits up on the set of his new movie Annie on Tuesday afternoon (October 15) in New York City.

The 45-year-old actor was joined on set by his young co-star Quvenzhane Wallis, who is taking on the title role in the movie.

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Jamie has shot down rumors that he is dating Katie Holmes after new reports surfaced again.

“[The rumors] are one hundred percent not true,” Jamie told Entertainment Tonight. “In fact, it’s quite hilarious because we simply danced at a charity event along with a lot of other people.”

10+ pictures inside of Jamie Foxx on the set of his movie…

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    he’s gay

  • Natalee

    I would deny that asap too. She is way to weird for him. He’s not into stepford women.

  • David From Canada

    Katie Holmes is a great beard who has “attracted” both Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx so far.

  • dijango still chained

    lucky for her she is avoiding STDS as a result…how many diff baby mamas does the doofus have already?? 7 ??

  • eh

    I love Jaime Foxx in serious roles. He makes a great officer, etc, but he is definitely not an attractive man, imo. I don’t think any decent, attractive Caucasian women in Hollywood want Jaime. Also, all these years, who is he going to to take care of business? If he’s straight, he’s gotta be messing around with someone… bc men don’t control those urges. No girlfriend? Then he’s probably bedding as many women as he can get his hands on…. and that’s not good.

  • ANNE

    I find strange, Tom and Katie are rich, famous and beautiful. The divorce was 15 months ago and today they showed no new “girlfriend” / boyfriend .. I think it is in the divorce agreement imposed by Tom. She just goes with new boyfriend when he shows his new GF the world. I hope that the hearings are not a failure …… poor Katie, have a “daughter” with that crazy Tom

  • Sarah

    His lucky!
    Katie Holmes is a gold digger!

  • ANNE


    So, why she isnt with Tom?.

  • And so we begin….

    Every time I see a picture of him, all I can see is “Wanda” from Living Color.. That is the character’s name right?

  • haha
  • Celion is Queen


    “I don’t think any decent, attractive Caucasian women in Hollywood want Jaime.”

    WTF?!!! That’s racist as heck!

    Jamie Foxx is a great actor and I’m sure a lot of women would enjoy dating him. But Katie kind of has that weird scientology history hanging over her still.

  • strt

    Why anyone would want to date this apologist for the golfer-in-chief in the White House is beyond me??

  • listen

    @Celion is Queen: Uh, are you kidding? Not everybody is into interracial dating, and decent white women in Hollywood generally are not going to want black men like Jamie Foxx. They want the Quincy Joneses, Montels, and Russell Simmonses — black men with an air of sophistication. Jamie can act the part, but he really has a little bit of “hood” in him. The only physically beautiful white women who would really desire to be with Jamie Foxx are generally low class or women with a lot of skeletons in their closets. We gotta stop pretending here that all this racial stuff doesn’t matter and that nobody sees color anymore. Hah!

  • Lydia

    Lotsa racist crap around here. Only white women who are “low class” with “skeletons” want a black man. Dang! That’s some unintelligent, racist nonsense right there! “Racial stuff” only matters to pieces of garbage like you and the people you hang with. Decent people fall in love with the person, regardless of color. You’re the one who’s “low class”.

  • ugh

    @Lydia: You’re so offended by any thing that sounds racial until you speak before you think or even understand someone else. You’re an idiot if you believe race doesn’t matter to most people. Or, you’re young and you believe in the fairy. By the time you get some years under your belt and look back on your life, you’ll understand. Until then, dream on youngster. Do you need me to break it down to you again? In general, a decent, attractive white woman in Hollywood is not chasing black men like Jamie Foxx. I didn’t say ALL black men — just generally not the “types” like Jamie Fox — unless the women are into that culture themselves. Classy white women are NOT into “black rappers” etc. Name one!

  • Lydia

    @ ugh you idiot

    Darling, I’m no “youngster” and you’re just a bigoted piece of trash. I assure you I’m well beyond the age of consent….and then some. Just because you come from somewhere where it’s ok to be a racist, please don’t lump the rest of the world in with you. Where I’m from, people like you are looked at with disgust.

    Let me explain something to you, since you’re obviously from from some backwards town in the US or some third world country…..people like you are not chased by either black or white men or women because you’re unintelligent, ignorant and just plain racist.

    You and your narrow mind have a nice day now!! :-0

  • ugh

    @Lydia: You’re not just an idiot, you’re a doofus too. But what I think most of all is that you are IGNORANT — don’t know any better. Hah! I’ve never had to worry about attracting the opposite sex. What about you? And I was born and raised in a very desirable state and county. What about you? And what are you? Let me guess. Someone who is DEEPLY offended about racial truth. Hmm… Either a chubby white girl who loves black men, or a black girl who has to believe there are no longer any color lines. Didn’t the USA having a black president teach you anything yet?

  • ugh

    On second thought, my guess is that you are the latter: a black female. Sorry to burst your bubble, because I know it’s very important for the modern black female to believe she is equal in every way to any other person. She truly is in every sense, but society has not caught up to that idea just yet.

  • ugh – and

    Please also name a classy Caucasian Hollywood actress who has ever dated a black man of Jamie Foxx’s caliber. Please do that. Elizabeth Taylor (with all her marriages) never thought about one black man until she was a recluse and at death’s door. And that man was not even nearly a wee bit gangster. He was a friend. Go all the way back in history of the great Hollywood actresses. Anybody else? Who are our top, classy actresses today who have even dated ANY black man, let alone one like Jamie Foxx? Hello?

  • Lydia

    Oh my goodness… sound unhinged ugh. Your name fits you. Obviously, you’re so ignorant that you don’t realize how unintelligent, racist and bigoted you sound. I must be a “fat white girl” if I like black men? Yes because everyone knows black men are subhuman. Aren’t you ashamed that you think modern black females are not as “important” as white women? That is truly, completely, and utterly disgusting in every way.

    By the way, I’m a beautiful, accomplished, well connected, early 30′s white woman, living in a major city, who looks at a person, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Most of MY peers are exactly the same way. Hence, I don’t care what color your skin is…’re trash based on your disgusting racism.

    I was going to suggest that you educate yourself, but you’re too ignorant for that. Instead, whatever “county” you live in, please stay there and continue to poison that area…..and leave the rest of the world alone. You disgust me and any decent human being on these boards.

    Please feel free to prattle on…..each post just shows you as more of the rabid, racist, ranting fool you are.

  • sweet melody

    why when black people get rich they fell to look at he sister in the hood or a sister like me who is very beautiful and sexy and I am a medical doctor. p.s I have my own money. I want Jamie foxx or tyler perry.