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Katy Paty: 'Prism' Song Previews - LISTEN NOW!

Katy Paty: 'Prism' Song Previews - LISTEN NOW!

Have a listen to snippets of songs from Katy Perry‘s upcoming album Prism, which drops on Tuesday, October 22!

“In just a few hours when the ITUNES store turns you will be able to preview 90 seconds of EACH song on #PRISM Who’s ready for the light?!” the 28-year-old singer tweeted about her tracks.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katy Perry

In case you missed it, Katy recently performed her new song “Walking on Air” on SNL.

Katy Perry – Unconditionally’ Preview

Click inside for the rest of the previews from Katy Perry’s upcoming album Prism

Katy Perry – ‘Birthday’ Preview

Katy Perry – ‘International Smile’ Preview

Katy Perry – ‘Ghost’ Preview

Katy Perry – ‘This is How We Do’ Preview

Katy Perry – ‘This Moment’ Preview

Katy Perry – ‘Love Me’ Preview

Katy Perry – ‘Double Rainbow’ Preview

Katy Perry – ‘By the Grace of God’ Preview

Katy Perry – ‘Spiritual’ Preview

Katy Perry – “It Takes Two” Preview

Katy Perry – ‘Choose Your Battle’ Preview

Katy Perry – “Legendary Lovers” Preview

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  • Screamer

    Paid post from Katy’s marketing team? Too many Katy Perry posts.

  • leelee

    About 5 of the previews sound like the same song.

  • Ana

    Katy Paty… really? c’mon

  • Hhhcdf


  • Brit

    yep also like GAGA & Rihanna


    @Hhhcdf: Who told you that Katy Perry is one of the biggest popstars in the world. It’s not her its her boobs and pretty face and it you take that away, all you have left is Britney Spears minus the dancing. Katy Perry can’t sing, can’t dance and all her songs sound the same. She takes no risk like Lady Gaga. Her target audience is little girls under 12 who will buy anything. If the Grammys voters had to choose between Applause and Roar, Gaga would win hands down. Katy’s dumb and stupid minded and could never sing the lyrics to applause because its too many words in the song. When Gaga sings about nostalgia in Applause, that word is too big for Katy Perry to sing or understand.

  • Guillermin Barthel

    It is so very superb preview for the Katy Perry Song.I am really Like it song .

  • Hhhcdf

    Wow you must have a sad little life to talk so meanly about someone you’ve never met. Her voice is beautiful. Go look up her cover of Electric Feel by MGMT.


    @Hhhcdf: I don’t want to burn my ears. Katy Perry can’t sing to save or life. Katy Perry was dead at the iTunes festival and the audience was dead watching her mess of a performance. Beauty will fade but talent prevails. Her cupcake fantasy will be played out soon.

  • maria

    all of them sound the same.whats the point?


    Katy sounds like mating cat when she sing,she’s always shouting .Plus she looks too old without those tub of make up on her moon face,no wonder Russell left her,and it doesn’t help that she’s as bland as cucumber,just ask Russell.

  • Gabe

    Most of them sound amazing.
    The haters here are just pressed little monsters who are too insecure about their own fave. Well I totally understand where they are coming from. Katy has been massacring Gaga for the past couple of years in sales and charts. Just look at Roar (4.5M sold WW) and Careerpause (1.8M sold WW) poor Lad Gag…

  • Serena

    It takes two and By the grace of God sound really good!!
    I need to hear the other songs in full when prism is out to know if I like them..

  • Seyfried Fan

    @KATY PERRY SUCKS: Lady gaga sucks and the world’s sick of her,SHE IS DONE ! her songs sucks and they’re never NUM 1 ! her album will flop like applause did !


    @Seyfried Fan: Katy Perry is not even on Lady Gaga’s radar because Katy Perry is a fraud. Katy Perry is so scarred of Lady Gaga that she did not want to sit next to her at the VMA’S because Lady Gaga is the NEW QUEEN OF POP and that would have affected Katy Perrry’s brand. Gaga is like the new Micheal Jackson and Prince of pop music. She has Micheal Jackson’s Charlie Chaplin creativity and Prince’s Beetovan like genius abilities in music. What does Katy Perry have? She has her big boobs which will be sagging pretty soon and I predict she will get botox like Madonna when she ages. Katy Perry is also stupid for getting Jennifer Aniston’s and Taylor Swifts sloppy seconds- John Meyer. Everyone knows he is an attention seeking playboy and is only with the stupid minded Katy Perry to sell his bland album. What fool would date John Meyer after what he did to Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston when he disclosed personal information about them. Lady Gaga sells albums not singles and Lady Gaga wins Grammys not Teen choice awards. Don’t worry about Lady Gaga, she’s good and will be around a very long long time. TALENT PREVAILS AND BEAUTY FADES. Gaga is just getting warmed up. Micheal Jackson did not break out on his own until his second or third album and the same with Prince. People are throwing around the words done and over too loosely.

  • Nicole

    Some of you are ridiculous. You Gaga fans need to STOP, seriously I’m a huge Gaga fan and there is no reason to drag Katy. With that said this album isn’t what I hoped for, and quite of few of these songs sounds very similar.


    @Nicole: Hey Nicole, Guess what I’m no huge Gaga fan either but I have common sense when I hear who the better artist . I like some of Gaga’s music but Katy Perry not so much. Katy Perry was lip-syching and doing Jump in Jacks while she performed at this years VMA award show. She was terrible. Roar is a weak song and she knows it and that’s why the little 12 year old girls ran out and bought that song. We all know she stole from the Brave song but she gets a pass because everyone knows her looks are keeping her in the game for right now.

  • Nicole

    @KATY PERRY SUCKS: I understand your opinion and I agree with you on some things (especially Roar, God awful song) but that’s no reason to be so nasty about it. I mean is the whole “KATY PERRY SUCKS” name really necessary? You can not like some respectfully and maturely.

  • Teddy V

    Awful! the production makes my ears bleed, it all sounds the same. so Generic and Basic, she took no chances, way too safe. Radio and the masses will eat this up, like they have Roar. Where is the Artistry? you know Gaga will bring some of that, even Britney’s new single is risky, for radio at least.

  • Lola

    They all sound the same..

  • Teddy V

    one more thing, she hasn’t had a Pop Culture moment. Nothing that will stand the test of time or be remembered, not a performance, break-down, nothing, nada.

  • Seyfried Fan

    @Nicole: stop posting under different names it’s pathetic this album sounds Amazing like all of her songs and it’ll be more successful than ARTPOOP !

  • lucia

    Woow, I can’t believe I am about to say this, because I am not even a fan of Katy Perry but I really like it!!

  • Slate

    @Hhhcdf: I just did: Did so in the hope that my perceptions about Katy godawful voice would be disseminated.


    She’s a horrible, horrible singer and she has absolutely NO BUSINESS being in the industry. Can’t convey any emotion, usually talking or shouting and not singing, out of tune at times.

  • Slate

    At least Lady Gaga is entertaining and at least her voice is good and her songs catchy. OMG, Katy, you’re devoid of talent and boring to boot. Your voice is totally offensive and your outfits, used for pure marketing purposes, encourage pre-teens to sexualise themselves. At least Miley Cyrus has an older target audience.

  • http://katys_fire katycat_tess


  • http://katys_fire katycat_tess

    Mileys target audience is pervs you jack off to the sight of her giving tongue to a hammer. Don’t even get me started on lady g. Her promo photos for Artpop are so revealing- way more than Katys costumes. She is so talented and her story is so much more interesting than any other of your favs. Go and die repeatedly in a hole

  • H.

    I’m a huge fan on Katy’s, but this new album just sounds so dated. I lived through early 90′s pop once, I don’t really care to go back. Normally she’s pushing herself into new areas, but this feels like a very un-hip regression. I love her, I want to love this album… but at the moment I’m not even sure I’ll buy it (I already cancelled my iTunes pre-order).

  • A2Townie

    I just listened to the full radio edit of Unconditionally. Truly awful. The entire album is bland, dated Christian AC drivel. This would’ve been a mediocre release even 15 years ago. To hear an album like this released now is just sad.

  • jordan

    if you dont like her why did you watch her performance opr why are you here. you are such a moron. you just wanted to be negative

  • Queen Katy

    I see some pressed monster souls so scared that Katy’s gonna have her own acclaimed, worldwide-smashing success in this album here. She’s gonna break the record she made with her last album. This is definitely a step-up from TD. Gaga had her time. Had. People should understand that. Katy’s the it girl of the pop atm.

  • Queen Katy

    So drag her all you want while we watch her success speak. Till then.