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Monica Bellucci Covers 'Prestige Hong Kong' October 2013

Monica Bellucci Covers 'Prestige Hong Kong' October 2013

Monica Bellucci is gorgeous on the cover of Prestige Hong Kong‘s October 2013 issue.

Here’s what the 49-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On being a Dolce&Gabbana muse: “To be one of their muses is an honor, and also because they think about me and I’m and adult woman. Everything is about youth today, but this is about respect. It proves they respect women.”

On being one of the world’s most beautiful women: “I think the most important thing is knowing the difference between who you are and the image that goes around. It’s important to have a distance between you and the image. You’re not the image. You’re a real woman.”

On living in different cities: “My children travel with me. They went to school in Rio De Janeiro and now… they’ll have a private teacher. They speak four languages… How can I explain it? We are gypsies.”

For more from Monica, visit Bigger cover inside…

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Credit: Prestige Hong Kong
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  • robbie

    How much photoshop is enough

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    Ms Bellucci is one of the most naturally beautiful women in the world, and why this magazine felt it necessary to photo shop her is a puzzle. If you haven’t seen her before, Goggle and I think you’ll agree.

  • =)

    First time I have nothing to say against the title she’s given, Bellucci truly IS one of the world’s most beautiful women!

  • gael

    Some women are so beautiful!

  • car

    First again.:) Another RP wknd! I’m gonna barf! How many stories are we going to see of limp? She is boring.

    Thanks. I am not worried. There aren’t any sets of romantic pics. They all cry FAKE!

  • Erikk

    Many horrible she keeps calling the paps! Famewhare! It is early here. Hate having to wake up to her news. Noody cares about her. Why is she even getting a story written about her.

  • Sereh

    Bro Guy
    Thanks. Say her fans are wrong. You are going to ruin my day. Come back when you get more information.

    Do we think those are pics of her in PA yesterday when she is in LA recording? She might have flown out to PA Thurs. night.

  • Erikk

    Why is Vincent still in this? I am fed up. She failed at modeling so now she is a singer? lo.

  • R In Kant

    Goodmorning. I have not posted here for a while
    If you look at the pics on a big screen computer you will see it is
    not Limp. There is a small nose. The girl is called
    n. You can put this on the open JJ story.
    I am going to p a bigger pic as well. Also if that is Limp something is
    wrong because Guy said he was going to PA alone. Why is
    he taking her to his high school when she did not graduate from
    high school?

  • R In Kant

    It is not limp in PA .
    I am going to scan every shot of Vincent today, tomorrow and
    Monday and see if there is a brunette next to him.
    Monica is abroad but she can fly back in time for this.
    Who knows maybe she flew into NY tonight or will fly in
    tomorrow? Guy does not tell us where she is. He is acting
    like Monica will not be there but says does not know when
    she get back to NY.miT is emailing her tomorrow.Guy is
    trying to hide Monica from us. I can feel it.

  • Char

    WaF!Waf!R in Kant, thanks so much for the news. I also asked myself why he is taking her to his school. She is a bad example for the kids.

  • Sereh

    R in Kant

    THANK YOU! The girl did not look like her but Limp is so plain. She is not someone you remember. She can be many people. She is going to Limp to NY later today I bet for Capri bday. Aaaarag Li

  • Char

    Waf!Waf! Will sniff around for Monica, R in Kent. Vincent looks good in the PA pics. NY pics today! His child is on a BI UGH

  • Char

    Waf!Waf! Why is her pic a main story on JJ? Nobody knows who she is. Is she going to walk me again to get attention? Waf!Waf!

  • laugh

    I found more tweets including from the artist himself on Vincent in Chelsea yesterday. hahaha P and Open JJ.

    Guy thanks
    R in Kent thanks, I also think Monica will be at the party.

  • bakpak

    Her RP is paying JJ. There is no other reason. I sound like a broken record but nobody knows about her and nobody cares. Her face is so forgettable when people see her they just ask if it is Vincent’s daughter.

  • flower

    How sad is it when most of us saw the pics of him at the high school with 16 year olds we thought it might be limp since she acts 1 and looks 16. I am soooo happy it is not her. The Limp will try to make her way to Caprio’s party. They have to ban her at the door.

  • Eleonor

    Very sad. Is Toni going? If she is going

  • ian

    AH news and interview with director. P

  • Yam

    Thanks. I sent you a question through gael.

    Har W says Friday he does
    not accept no
    from anyone
    not even the White

  • Heme

    She said she is going to a
    big party in another
    state not AL. She did not write the name
    of the state or of the person throwing the party.

  • ian


    You mean LCap’s bday party? She did the same thing with RD’s bday party.

    She tried to pretend she was there when she was never invited in the first place.

  • Gabby

    Is she going to the party like she was going to island after Singa
    pore or like Vincent was going to her fashion event ?

  • laugh

    laugh laugh laughI changed my name because when you googled htlaugh the comments came up.

    She was not invited to his primary school in his hometown. He ran to the East Coast with Monica as soon as she got to the US. It won’t mean much to me if she goes to the birthday.

  • Heme

    Ian laugh Gabby
    Believe what you want. I believe her. We will see tonight or Sunday. He trust her to stay inhis house in AL. That does not mean much anything either?Why don’t we talk about the trust with the dog and the house? I got the email from gael this time and Guy was saying many young models invited. I got he was saying she was going to be there. Are you calling him a liar? Ok.

  • ian


    You’re the one who passes along her lies on these boards. You’ve been doing it for months. When the story doesn’t come true, you simply move on to the next story.

    Guy does not lie. We have no reason to call him a liar. Stop trying to create an argument. Guy did NOT say limpy would be at LCap’s party.

    As for her staying at his house, Guy said it means NOTHING.

    Instead of making up stories, pay attention to what people who know what they’re talking about are saying. You could believe Guy, but you’d rather listen to Limpy the Liar instead?

  • Zen

    Are we finally going to see the pics where we see how much he loves her? LOL. The last PR pics she was standing alone. Did you get a different email? Mine did not say she was going to be there. Guy has to be careful how much he says or they will know it came from him. It said the Capri’s party is different from RD. Capri might not know everyone who comes to his birthday party. He might have + 1′s. On twitter relatives of people working at the party are say they received the invitation.
    Vincent is the kind of guy who is kind and will let you stay in his house.I know guys like that. He never had strong feelings for her for him to mind. Guy explained about Monica and I see why she stays there. I am sure she is telling her fans she is staying in his house and getting ready for an engagement. Wait! Aren’t they already engaged? LOL.
    This story with her is dragging on and these past 2 weeks might be the game changer. How can JJ justify placing her next to GB, Gaga and Beyonce? Those three are actual celebrities. The only explanation is RP.

  • Mey

    Thanks for the Ps. I P the tum page again. At the school, we see a little head of a woman with brown hair and a white shirt facing Vincent but can’t see her face. Is she a student too? Are there any more pics of her?

  • Mey

    Oh new pics on there of Vincent in a restaurant and Vincent with his childhood friend Brian KlugXXX.
    Doesn’t the brown haired womanl look like she stood away from the camera? It is now 5th pic down.

  • laugh

    Thanks for new pics! He looks relaxed.
    I will look of other pics of the woman.

  • laugh

    I will not believe she is there unless I see pics of her inside the party with Capr and Vincent. Pics of the stalker at a NY airport is not enough. She was roaming the streets of New York with her Daddy while fashion met ball was going on.

  • Sereh

    Can’t tell if it is a student or Monica. We only see the forehead and I think it is a teenager’s forehead.. I can see why Monica might go to PA as not many paps.


  • Sereh

    R in Kent
    Any news from Mit on Vincent and Monica? is she back from Africa?

  • Laslay

    Hope you can tell who this is from private.

    I know you asked R in Kent and she might be offline. GREAT news! Mit said Monica got back to NY from West Africa on Friday! We think she was with Vincent and Capri on Friday night and is at the party tonight! It is still going on! I am so happy! Tonight is for close friends and tomorrow is for the masses. The company where Monica works has offices in many places, also by the highline! The highline is the place downtown NY from about 14th st. to 30th st. The highline is also where they had the event on Friday night!

    She was was not in the US on Thursday. It is not her.

    Limpe can go to the party for the masses on Sunday. Hahahaha.

  • Laslay

    Also,Limpe is all alone in LA while Vincent is in NY with his friends and romantic pursuit. Haha. This is just like the RD party. He takes Monica. Hahahahaha!

  • Caroling

    Yes! That’s what we like to hear! Vincent is having a hell of
    a weekend! Good for him!

  • Heme

    For the ones who checked the other story today, it was not me saying those very crazy things. It was crazy you know who. I still think she is on her way to NY. She was at an A-list party last night with celebs like Clooney and Julia Roberts.