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Zac Efron: 'That Awkward Moment' Trailer & Promo Pic!

Zac Efron: 'That Awkward Moment' Trailer & Promo Pic!

Check out this brand new promo pic and trailer for the upcoming film That Awkward Moment!

Starring Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, and Miles Teller, the movie is about three best friends who find themselves at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide “So…where is this going?”

That Awkward Moment is set to hit theaters on January 31, 2014. Check out the first trailer below! And be sure to check back for our interview with the guys, as we celebrate That Awkward Moment week here on JJ!

That Awkward Moment Official Trailer

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zac efron miles teller that awkward moment trailer promo pic michael b jordan 01
zac efron miles teller that awkward moment trailer promo pic michael b jordan 02
zac efron miles teller that awkward moment trailer promo pic michael b jordan 03
zac efron miles teller that awkward moment trailer promo pic michael b jordan 04
zac efron miles teller that awkward moment trailer promo pic michael b jordan 05
zac efron miles teller that awkward moment trailer promo pic michael b jordan 06
zac efron miles teller that awkward moment trailer promo pic michael b jordan 07
zac efron miles teller that awkward moment trailer promo pic michael b jordan 08

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  • overexposed

    it’s a cock-tail……. lol

  • MeUnderwears ThatsLife

    omfg at 1:45!

  • SaadGKhan

    Super Hilarious Zac Efron as Never Before… I think Cocaine did em good to do raunchy movies like Neighbors and That Awkward Moment rather than Sobs Charlie St. Cloud or The Lucky One.

  • OK

    Man Zac you have on fantastic body. A little more than I was expecting to see but I’ll get over it real quick.

  • Cate

    Not going to lie the trailer was a lot funnier than I was expecting from the synopsis! But why did they sideline Michael B Jordan in the trailer. He’s a fantastic actor with a lot of buzz at the moment yet he had hardly any scenes compared to the others.

  • kami

    gonna be a raunchy movie. love the c-o-c-k tail part with the parents. lol

  • da cool

    brad pitt’s twin brother

  • ck_always

    Zac, try working out your legs you twat.

  • Fruitfly

    I wish he’d go nude in my bedroom.

    Looks to be a funny, if slightly disgusting, movie.

  • Kasia

    Only Zac could look this good on the toilet. Sexy gorgeous man **swoons**

  • Nightwish

    This looks fantastic! Efron has range! Very smart and funny

  • Nightwish

    @Kasia: Ah man, i just watched the trailer to ‘neighbors’. That movie will do well at the box office too. I think Zac is really coming into his own as an actor. He really is angling to be a huge star. Star wars would certainly help. He would make an awesome jedi, like one of the student padawans who escaped and is a bit older now.

  • rosa

    It’s funny !
    Zac is very funny and talented! Excited to see Neighbors ;)

  • Kasia

    @Nightwish: I have actually never seen Star Wars…crazy, I know lol. My fav Zac character of all time is Nat in Liberal Arts. But I like him in lots of stuff, he was good in The Paperboy and At Any Price too. I also liked him in Me & Orson Welles,, and I can’t deny that I still love 17 Again, lol. Oh and of course The Lorax cuz I’m immature and still love cartoons ;-)
    But, I agree, I think he has a lot of potential and I hope to see lots of success for him in the future.

  • merlin’s Mum

    was not expecting to see that much of Zac!! This looks very funny! Hope they don’t make us wait too long to see it in the UK ;)

  • Ebeth

    Anyone know the song around 1:38?

  • Reynie

    Little dude still in the closet


    He should stick to comedy. He has a flair for it. I wish him well.

  • OH MY

    Oh my gosh ! This is awesome. But it’s just the side b u t t : (

  • siriusgray

    So Zac has officially become a manwhore. Not complaining. Just stating a fact.

  • Rach


  • Nightwish

    @siriusgray: Zac is styling. He has been experiencing some varied and delectable female biology in Collins, Snow and Minaj, and thats just over the past few months. He hangs out with all the hollywood bigwigs. He’s making tons of cool films that will likely be successful. Walks down the street – causes ladyboners everywhere. Whats not to like or envy?

  • Nightwish

    One can easily speculate that even the great nicole kidmans loins where longing for zacs soldier, especially at night between filmings. She’s only human.

  • Hernan

    OMG he’s a hottie!
    I wish we could see his private parts;)


    he is as gay as the night is dark maybe even gayer than queer !

  • Candy

    Zac you do luck yummy!!!

  • Isa

    Probably the type of movie I’ll never see !

  • sigh

    Stick to comedies boy, none of those indie dramas, and highly emotional pieces..

    This is your calling!

  • Sarah.

    That was hilarious! January though?! I want to see it now!

  • merlin’s Mum

    @Nightwish: Nicki Minaj didn’t even know who he was til someone sent her a pic, so I doubt she saw any action with the Zef. ;)

  • oo

    does anyone know that song at the start?

  • oo

    does anyone know what that song is around the start?

  • Nightwish

    @merlin’s Mum: I know thats the story, but it seems fishy because she quickly deleted the tweet where she denied knowing who zac was. Id like to see zac’s list of chicks hes had affairs with. Bet its pretty impressive

  • John Smith

    I gotta admit this dude looks really gay

  • LMAO

    Just hurled my breakfast. Efron’s skinny a$$ is HYSTERICAL!

  • zacfan

    c0keward moment

  • ebib

    @zacfan: Obviously you spreading all the hate

  • Rachel

    Hoping this movie is funny!
    But looks too raunchy..

    It better be a hilarious movie. Zac seems to have a flair for comedies. He was amazing in Liberal Arts (not exactly a comedy but he was funny..) and 17 Again.

  • Athena

    THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!! I can’t wait to see this movie. Zac is on, and I do enjoy seeing Zac in more serious roles though…

  • k welly

    To bad that’s not Vanessa in bed with him. Zac has one hot body. Should show it off more.

  • Avril

    I’m only gonna watch that movie just to see him naked tbh lol
    I think he should go back to do movies that have an interesting plot like he did in “The Lucky One” and “Charlie St Cloud”. “Parkland” seems to be one of them, I think that can be a good one but anyway I’m not complaining cause we gotta have the oportunitty to see him naked haha lol.

    Now on a different topic… I didn’t know about him being in a lot of tocuh and go’s I mean I did presume he has something like that going on bc we haven’t seen him in a serious relationship for a very long time but I wasn’t sure… my point here is that if he was a girl everyone would be calling him “whore” but as he’s a boy nobody says nothing, it’s not like I’m complaining bc that’s his life and he can do whatever he wants and I actually don’t care what he does but I’m just showing that we live in a very sexist society.
    Thank God there are a lot of woman out there (including me :P) that demand respect!

  • anonymous

    I don’t know much about Zac Efron & honestly I don’t care, all I know is that he is GORGEOUS. Seriously one of the most handsome men I have ever seen – Bright blue eyes, great smile, toned body, great face…

  • Anonymous

    Look at all the jealous guys calling him “gay” LOL… First of all, he doesn’t look gay and I doubt he is. Secondly, even if Zac was gay, who cares? His sexuality is his business & being gay would not make him any less handsome. Even if he was gay, the many girls who are attracted to him would still find him attractive. Being gay doesn’t take away his appeal.

  • JAY

    @Cate: Amen