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Candice Swanepoel Wears $10 Million 'VS' Royal Fantasy Bra!

Candice Swanepoel Wears $10 Million 'VS' Royal Fantasy Bra!

Candice Swanepoel rocks the ten million dollar Victoria’s Secret Royal Fantasy Bra, which she will be wearing at the annual 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

“So excited to be wearing the fantasy bra this year in the @victoriassecret fashion show! It was moulded on my body months ago, finally I can let the secret out. Thank you #victoriassecret ’” the 24-year-old model tweeted about the bra, which contains 4,200 gemstones.

You can catch the fashion show on December 10 at 10/9C on CBS. Be sure to tune in to check out all the VS angels modeling the latest from the brand, as well as see Candice in the famous bra!

Bigger picture inside…

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candice swanepoel wears royal fantasy bra see the pic 01

Credit: Victoria's Secret
Posted to: Candice Swanepoel

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  • Pauline

    That’s just PERFECT ! Wearing a ten million bra … People are starving and dying and THEY create a diamond bra . That’s just BS

  • Kate

    I’ve always wondered what happens to the bra. Obviously no one buys it so where do these bras worth millions of dollars go?

  • lol

    Tits have never been more beautiful.

  • jelly

    Bitter adriana fans jelly as usual for any model with success. Your sour grapes must be raisins by now.

  • Rocky

    The ruby in the middle can keep a school in a undeveloped country going for years, not alone feeding thousands of children and their families. I hope that the bras are sold off at auctions and the money collected go to good causes. Maybe Kanye can buy it for Kim to wear when she posts her next semi nude picture to her fans. God! Think I’m going to throw up!!

  • bebe

    The bras are not up for sale. Theyre dismantled after the show and go back to the jewelers..its said almost every year the fantasy bra is released…

  • living in a box

    who’s will perform this year victoria’s secret show? will behati still be an angel? how about Ali Michael? or Kristina Romanova? i would love to see these two model become an angel.

  • Laurie

    She is the most beautiful VS model right now.
    But I find it indecent to pose in such luxury piece while there are women out there who can barely find any clothes to put on and put on their children.
    If only VS could at least do something for charities….

  • P

    I don’t know but this bra doesn’t caught my attention.
    Doutzen deserve it more!

  • Manny

    @P I’m with U

  • Afrodita

    I like her Royal Fantasy Bra :)

  • Saba`

    The bra does nothhing for me or maybe it the model in the bra ehh what ever i am too hunger over anyways.

  • Katniss

    @jelly: Sorry obsessed Miranda-fan, you can’t start negative Adriana posts here. It’s not Adriana’s fault she’s better ranked than Miranda on all of lists… ;)

  • True

    @jelly: Um, you’re delusional, aren’t you?

    Adriana, really You’re the first person to bring her up. You must be a fan of cabbage patch kid.

    I like Candace. She and Lima, and Doutzen, too, are all VS has right now.

  • jelly

    Who you fooling true, ? Everyone knows lima fans hate other models with success. One only needs to visit a models fashion forum, and its blatantly ckear which fan group hates the most. Its not candice,miranda,doutzen,gisele,alessandra, erin , behati etc fans. Its always panty queens.

  • Hmmm

    Another slap in the face to Doutzen.

  • Ta

    Miranda will be in Asia with Michael Kors, and not at the show.
    As much as I like Adriana, with no Miranda I won’t have enough incentive to sit through VS kissing Candice’s feet.
    No thank you. I’ll just watch Adriana’s part on YouTube.

  • Doutzennnn

    It should be Doutzen! Well, it doesn’t matter…
    I feel sorry for Miranda fans… They attack Adriana fans, Doutzen fans, they attack anyone who doesn’t like their poor model.
    Adriana fans don’t need to hate anyone. Adriana is very successful. Miranda on the other hand… She is just a former VS model. Crazy people.
    @living in a box: Behati is an angel. Will Erin still be an angel?

  • @18

    Why does every model thread become people hating on other models?
    It makes no sense.
    And I really do think that they are mostly Adriana fans, since they are so threatened by Candice’s success. They know that Candice is pushing out Adriana. And they were always jealous of any attention that Miranda received. That’s why they bring her up on EVERY model thread. It just shows their insecurity about other models.

  • Doutzennnn

    Good question! Why? You should ask it to jealous jelly. We know you are Miranda fans because we always see Miranda fans attacking Doutzen fans, Adriana fans, Gisele fans, etc.
    “That’s why they bring her up on EVERY model thread.” Really? LOL! So what jealous jelly is doing? Oh, right she is attacking Adriana fans! Where are these Adriana fans? I just see the crazy Miranda fans.

  • @20

    “Jelly” never mentioned Miranda. You just assumed that it was. The only FAN who mentioned Miranda was also an Adriana fan.
    You haters are ridiculous.

  • @14

    So you think that someone who brings up Adriana on a thread for Candice is a Miranda fan??
    What kind of idiotic, convoluted thinking is that?
    Sooo stupid.

  • Lizz

    Why do they even make those?! Honestly, WHY??????

  • @4

    Lima fans are deranged. They must be insecure about that 30 year old panty model with the ugly kids and dope faced husband that they feel the need to terrorise other models and spam their posts with catty comments beacause Queen Lima who even after all this time in the US still speaks English like a retarded Star Wars extra, is not getting enough attention from the fashion world or pop culture her followers feel she deserves.
    Doutzen is cool and beautiful though. She’s a throw back to supers of the past and I hope she’s not leaving VS.

  • Dieter!!!!!!

    SHE HAS BEEN WORKING SO HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MellowYellow

    No.25; Chicks will buy anything if you lay it on real thick and hard.

  • MellowYellow

    No.24; More mellow, less yellow.

  • Katniss

    Haha man it’s so fun orchestrating a freak show between that obsessed Miranda Kerr fan and his or her split personalities that then go off on a comment war against himself… it’s a cheaply staged and paid for show—but oh so entertaining to watch. :)

  • Dear oh dear

    @@4: That “insecure pantymodel” ranks higher than all other models mentioned in these comments on in ALL categories… Doutzen, Adriana, Miranda and whoever you want to name. Of course, Bündchen tops ‘em all.

  • pantymodel

    I usually dont see miranda fans outside this blog hating on other models. I ve seen AL fans do nothing but put other models down everywhere I go..instagram,tumblr, forums. Theyre insane, everyone knows it. It makes me wonder what kind of person adriana is to atteact the beliebers/directioners of the modeling world. My only conclusion is her fans are extremely young. She doesnt attract adults/educated people. Her fanbase is urban/lower class/young ignorant fools.

  • MellowYellow

    No.28; I hope that you are right. But still no check in the mail…

  • @20 (Miranda Fan)

    @@20: LOL! You are crazy. You don’t know how to read. I will not try to explain, Miranda fan! YOU are stupid.
    “30 year old panty model” You just described Miranda… Ops, Miranda is a FORMER 30 year old panty model. She is a LOSER now.

  • @32

    *sigh* So stupid. You must be an Adriana fan. Stupid is always attracted to stupid.
    But you’re right about one thing. They did get Adriana’s age wrong. Adriana is 32, not 30. Waaaay too old to still be considered nothing but a panty model. Miranda and Candice walks the HF runway, and Miranda has her own expanding business. Adriana? Ha. Nothing in her future but more panties, desperately clinging to VS even when she starts to look like the other girls’ mother.
    See. If you had left other models out of this, we fans of other models wouldn’t have to keep reminding you of Adriana’s many shortcomings.
    BTW, all of your stupidity is giving Candice more hits. Thanks for that! HUG!

  • theone

    she should date zac efron.

  • http://patrickamuro Patrick Amuro

    @Kate: They dismantle the unsold bras after the holiday season, and jewels are used elsewhere.

  • http://patrickamuro Patrick Amuro

    @bebe: The bra’s ARE up for sale, but none have ever sold.