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Kim Kardashian Flaunts Post Baby Body in Skimpy Swimsuit!

Kim Kardashian Flaunts Post Baby Body in Skimpy Swimsuit!

Kim Kardashian has been working hard at getting back into shape after giving birth a few months ago and now she is showing off her great post baby body in a sexy new photo!

The 32-year-old reality star flaunted her body in a barely there swimsuit in this photo posted to her Instagram account on Wednesday evening (October 16). “#NoFilter,” she captioned the pic.

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After she posted the photo, Kim‘s boyfriend Kanye West retweeted the pic and added “HEADING HOME NOW.” Lol!

Earlier in the week, Kim revealed how she has been losing weight since giving birth to daughter North West.

“I’ve actually been doing the Atkins diet & luv it,” Kim tweeted as a reply to a fan who inquired about her weight loss.

Bigger photo inside…

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kim kardashian flaunts post baby body in skimpy swimsuit

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  • ale

    who told her she has a great body?!?!?! she hasn’t !!! so trashy why do u have to post a pic like that!!! trashy trashy trashy!!!

  • Fercat

    She looks good for her body type.

  • Lord Jesus!

    That is not the respectable thing to do. You can tell that women are really hung up about their bodies. After giving birth, they always want to POSE for some stupid magazine to show the world how great they think they look. Good grief!

  • brr

    I’m shocked. I don’t want to see that!

  • Kimmy

    OMG. Someone stop her. She’s surely breaking some law somewhere. Anything. Any excuse. You’re T R A G I C, Kimmy!

  • JamaquinaCubana

    I understand how hard it is to lose weight, ESPECIALLY after having a baby HOWEVER, your priorities change after baby Kim, since you still haven’t gotten the memo. Nothing wrong with wanting to feel good about yourself but “selfies” are no longer necessary or good for a mother’s image! You look foolish posing A$$ pics online like you have nothing better to do! This makes people hate you more!

  • Carol

    This is so desperate. Is she that starved for attention?

  • punkass

    Hmm..Kanye goes off on the paparazzi about wanting privacy and she goes and posts a pic of her colon…media ho much?

  • wow

    @JamaquinaCubana: You got that right, sister!



  • mimi

    she just can’t help it. welcome back.

  • Baby Got….


  • papi

    tsk tsk tsk… but what do expect from a w h * r e

  • No

    Being proud of your body and showing it off isn’t trashy.

  • Ghjgg


  • Aye

    All of you hating look worse. No successful beautiful happy person sits on a website and bashes celebrities they don’t know. It’s ugly insecure cows.

  • leelee

    I’m so happy she can go back to being a whore again.

  • Shannon

    LOL!!! they are hilarious. Look at all these haters on here talking sh*t. Please post your pic, if you can’t STFU, her body is banging and that is coming from a WOMAN, real WOMEN can compliment other women without being catty, you haters are probably a bunch of flat bodied white girls with no T&A. Poor you, REAL men don’t like bag of bones. Now suck on that.

  • Alicia

    You all are on here calling her a wh*re because she posted a pic in a swimsuit? are you for real? we have seen her in less, please take your idiot a** somewhere with that sh*t. Her man likes it, that’s what matters. Can’t stand judgmental idiots, half of you probably can’t even wear a 1 piece. Jealousy should be a crime.

  • Alicia

    @JamaquinaCubana: You sound stupid. Please have several seats, her being a mother does not mean she cannot be sexy, we have seen her in less, it’s a swimsuit, some of you wear less on the beach, but then again some of you can’t even wear a one piece.

  • Sheri

    This is the most self-absorbed, egotistical, shallow family I have ever seen in my life! They have NO SHAME about exploiting themselves at all costs. I feel sorry for poor baby North.

  • lol

    I knew it was only a matter of time before some men who love great big gargantuan butts would come here to praise Kim’s fanny. Point is, she’s a new mother now. The baby just got here. And why couldn’t Kim hold off at least until she gets back to her goal weight? Personally, I think she’s going to be a big girl from now on. After even one child, some women never lose the weight. I think that’s going to be Kim.

  • eve

    Poor pathetic rich loser is so desesperate for attention! That ass is gigantic.

  • lol

    Other “Big Girls” are also here to defend one of “their own.” This is too much. Lol! They are so doggone overly sensitive.

  • Verity

    You want a post a selfie, go ahead but do it when you are toned and fit. This does not look good at all. Desperation. BTW when did JJ start plugging away for the Kardashians? I’ve been noticing they are showing up on here, on a daily basis. JJ please tell me you didn’t make a deal with the devil aka Kris Jenner and Co.?

  • Meh

    I have no problem with real women being proud of their bodies after giving birth. But pls don’t tell me you people actually believe for one second that she lost that weight naturally. She blew up like a blimp while she was pregnant and still injecting her face with Lord knows what. So I don’t find it hard to believe if she took those three months in hiding recovering from all the major lipo that had to be performed to get back to this figure. It’s too bad they didn’t suck some out of her fake behind. Sham. It’s all a sham.

  • question

    In this photo, is Kim getting ready to jump into a pool or spa? Doesn’t look like it to me. She’s not even outside. If she was on a beach, I could see it. Just looks like she is trying to be sexy already. What is sexy about giving birth? It usually far from new mothers’ minds. All they think about is the baby. You have heal up and everything before you get back into the swing of things. Sure hope Kanye is not being his normal immature self and putting pressure on Kim to quickly snap back into what he had before baby North.

  • Alicia

    @Verity: you are a skinny white girl aren’t you? LOL!!!! Poor thing.

  • Alicia

    @Meh: You sound like a real hating a** idiot, that girl is still losing weight, it’s women like you that make it hard for other women, she had her kid over 16 weeks ago, she has been dieting, hiking, walking and going to the gym, WTF do you mean she didn’t lose it on her own, just shut up, you are an embarrassment to other women.

  • Meh

    Take it down a notch sweety. That family is wildly known for going under the knife and having other procedures done to maintain themselves. Relax hun…you might hurt yourself.

  • seems fishy…

    I agree with some of the comments here. After losing serious weight, the skin is looser and usually saggy. In that photo, Kim’s got a bubble butt. Look at how high it’s sitting up. If she lost a lot of weight, her rear end and skin would not look this firm and toned. I think Kim did have some “procedures” done.

  • ohlala

    she’s still fat… oh wait! she was fat before her pregnancy so… but also now she has dropped bobs LOL

  • Emc

    I feel sorry for her that she continually degrades herself for attention. If you say you want the photags to give you some privacy, stop doing this to yourself and your child. How many children do you think would be proud of a mother who acts like this, and has to see stuff like this published everywhere.

  • Amy

    She’s not attractive at all. She’s mostly plastic like a playboy model and her ass is too big. Latin women have better asses than her. She’s short and fat also.

  • eknasok
  • Lena

    Her butt is monstrous!! She is disgusting! Repulsive fat ass.

  • emma

    She does look good and she should be proud of her body, but does she need to show her bare butt to the whole world??

  • James

    She looks great. I really hope she does Playboy again.

  • justDIE…

    ugghhh. freakin disgusting hope she and kanye D.I.E… so as ALICE! freakin mo.rons… ..I..

    “Et proiectus est draco ille magnus serpens antiquus qui vocatur Diabolus et Satanas qui seducit universum orbem proiectus est in terram et angeli eius cum illo missi sunt.”

  • shannon

    1st of all she didnt show the front she showed her big a$$ like usual so she isnt showing much of nothing she hasnt shown before. pathetic that she has to take pics of herself to get herself out there now. instead of being a mother. her life is so hard w/nannies and trips to paris without a 3month old. yah her life has changed alright. the best thing for her was if she had her tubes tied and couldn’t have more children.

  • sivi

    great as in enormous?

  • Lory B

    Great role model for her daughter. I guess she’s after a spread in playboy next

  • milex
  • nono


  • Diedre

    She must be so happy to have popped that poor baby out, and early at that, so that she could get back to posting obnoxious selfies and her general fameh0ing.

  • Verity

    @Alicia: LOL!!! Your jokes

  • Verity

    @Meh: PREACH!!

  • go go


  • hexxuss

    @Shannon: They’re just looking for ANY reason (excuse) to trash talk her. While I don’t think that she’s been wearing a whole lot of flattering clothing since she started taking Kanye’s advice, it’s still her choice. If a chick can turn in any direction & you see NO bumps at all, newsflash – that’s the same body as a teenage boy… Marilyn Monroe is considered the icon for the perfect body & had a TWELVE inch difference between her waist & hips. Curves win.

  • Roxybear

    Really???? All I see is a bigger, fatter behind. Yech…