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Zoe Kravitz Steps Out After Michael Fassbender Run-In

Zoe Kravitz Steps Out After Michael Fassbender Run-In

Zoe Kravitz steps out with a pal as she enjoys the Fall day to do some shopping on Wednesday (October 16) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress carried a big shopping bag with her as she made her way down the street.

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Last week, Zoe and her ex-boyfriend Michael Fassbender met up at a screening for his film The Counselor in New York City. The two are reportedly “good friends.”

Zoe was last spotted out at the Chanel Fashion Show held at the Grand Palais as part of 2013 Paris Fashion Week earlier this past month.

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  • Reba

    How can it be a run-in if she purposefully went to the screening of his movie?

  • Smile

    John Mayer talked about having a white supremacist &ong. Fass&ong, on the other hand, is the exact opposite.

  • ….

    @Smile: I always thought that was a weird thing to say seeing as white supremacist and their d*cks raped a lot of black women. So it made little to no sense but whatever, don’t expect much from someone who looks like a wet rat in the face.
    Also, he’s jewish so it makes even less sense.

  • nicole

    is this the chick that was dating penn badgley? I can’t remember

  • Kanma

    She’s so gorgeous, looks just like her mom. Run-in with Fassbender? lol It’s obvs they met up. ;-)

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  • no way

    I don’t think Zoe is nearly as beautiful as her mother was. She’s just so-so. And Zoe also lacks the mystique and aura that Lisa Bonet possessed.

  • Earma

    OMG! She is drop dead gorgeous and she does look just like her mom Lisa Bonet! It’s really not fair tbh. lol
    Love Lenny and Lisa so much beauty so no wonder she inherited it. Also she has great taste as Michael Fassbender is handsome and talented.

  • Beautiful

    She is Lisa Bonet through and through, stunning like her mom. She turned into a beautiful young lady and seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

  • oh boy

    You black girls must be joking. I know you’re here. Angelina Jolie is stunning. Model Iman is stunning…. not this kid. She’s very cute. I’m glad Zoe is finally dating a handsome young man for a change. Most of her choices in men have just been eww! Can’t picture her with Fassbender at all. She looks really young compared to him.

  • Yeesh

    You people are always being racist and ignorant in almost every article JJ post about Zoe. Get over it already.

  • Joss

    Beautiful girl and looks so much better lately than her usual homeless look.

  • MinaD

    She look like Lisa

  • ???

    So she back with Michael or nah?

  • Penwenlou

    Pretty girl

  • SAKI


  • jealouschicks

    LOL so some of you mad she’s riding the fassdong I see. Fangirls always make me laugh. Pathetic

  • Ha

    @no way: I agree Bonet had something mysterious about her that Zoe doesn’t have. And she was much more stunning. Her features are more amazing. Zoe is quite average compared to her mom.

  • Ha

    @black gal prefers white… lol: I highly doubt you’re really black. It’s usually ignorant racist lowlife jerks who comment this way, but if you really are, then, I pity you, really. Must suck to be that self hating. If there’s something I can’t stand in this world, it’s black people denigrating black people and worshipping the vanilla type lol Not that I’m racist in any way, no…. but I find this very stupid. Why aren’t people like that able to love their own AND other communities aswell…. is beyond me. I can like black and white and yellow and all colors of the rainbow, why are people so focused on skin color!? DAMN.

  • ….

    @Ha: Just stop. It’s a troll geez

  • I can’t. lol

    I’m sorry but the white chick that’s commenting to herself is so transparent and corny as f&^*! LOL Y’all are so freaking lame, which is probably one of the many reasons Michael don’t want y’all. But please don’t stop b/c the “she’s pretty but Lisa was mysterious” comments have me rolling right now. Seriously that’s all you got. Bwahhhhh. Zoe and her mom beautiful a**es stay pulling fine men. What you really mad about is that she had/has the fassdong… Y’all on Fassbender’s d*^#* that hard eh? LOL You white chicks stay loosing. ROTFLMA… loosers. The jealous comments and pretty but not prettier than this person are HIGHlarious, pure entertainment. Whew Must be tough, I mean y’all got to come harder or something cuz I’m getting bored nah.

  • Oop

    @I can’t. lol: LOL! To be fair though the first she’s not mysterious like her mom comment was from a black chick. The same one that comments that same comment all over the internet on any Zoe article b/c she’s bitter Michael broke up with Nicole, she’s from LSA so… But yeah the follow up comments are from the same white chick and the other corny s^&* is from the same white chick as well. Talk about see-through. Fassy has some crazy fangirls

  • ;)

    Her skin is flawless she’s very pretty

  • Rodriguez

    This Zoe is a lot better looking than that ugly Zoe Saldana. Brad dropped Saldana because she really does look like a gorilla.

  • no way

    @I can’t. lol: You’re nuts! Some of us commenting about Zoe are just stating our truths. Some are black, and some are white. In our opinions, Zoe is NOT drop-dead gorgeous. But what I think is happening here is mostly the black girls who are so furiously crushing on white men (Fassbender) think she’s gorgeous because she is biracial. Also, Zoe does NOT look just like her mother. I see equal parts of Lenny Kravitz in her features. Lenny is okay and cute too, but he’s not really a gorgeous man. He’s got funny-type eyes. Not every single mixed kid is gorgeous. That’s a lie.

  • no way

    @Rodriguez: I don’t think Saldana is ugly, but yes, Zoe Kravitz is better looking. However, sometimes Saldana looks more attractive. For example, She looks better with her hair pulled away from her face. I think she just has super thin features— her face is small, she has thin skin, and she doesn’t have nice full lips like this little girl.

  • I can’t. lol

    @no way:
    You’re most definitely an older white woman. Case and point made with my first comment. lol
    Btw I was just “stating my truth” ha

  • Kanma

    She’s drop dead gorgeous

  • no way

    @I can’t. lol: Whatever you say…. Lol. I don’t need you to know who I am or what I am. YOU are most definitely a young black woman like the one I described. Probably single. Probably no boyfriend. Going nuts over Fassbender. I’ve noticed that whenever a white male star dates a black female or does a love scene with one, he’s suddenly considered to be SO HANDSOME and SEXY to (it seems) 99 percent of the black women who post here. Every time there is anything on Fassbender, there you are… daydreaming. I think now that in real life around your families and at work, etc, a lot of you PRETEND you don’t like white men or find them attractive, but on the Internet, it’s a totally different story! Here you can show how you REALLY feel. When it comes to physical beauty, I call it like I see it. Maybe because I have seen better-looking people than you, my standards are higher. He-He.

  • no way

    Also, you’re making me believe that a lot more black women are desperately wishing more white men would desire them.

  • and to you

    @Kanma: Okay… if you say so!

  • I can’t. lol

    @no way
    Girl you a mess. LOL So people are just giving their opinions and ‘stating their truths’ but only if they agree she is not mysterious etc. like her mom. The people who say she’s stunning, gorgeous, beautiful etc. they are… what? according to you just liars I guess. I’m dying right now. haha girl you are something else, you are the type of white woman that thinks “us” black women’s opinions are invalid and only acceptable if they match the good white woman’s. Jeez give me a break. I couldn’t give a rat’s hairy a** about what I’m making you think of black women. lol Once again that white woman privilege at work thinking anyone cares about your feelings. I’m sure I already know how you feel about black women. Nothing new here.

    So I’ve been told you’re Mollie/DalstonGirl/Gorilla/Corpse/CcU2. or some troll from Fassyland. Girl you’re pathetic.

    I knew Michael’s preference for anything but WHITE boiled your blood. ROTFLMAO get over it, he doesn’t want fat old white women like yourself. But I’m done with your straw man argument etc. trying to take over this thread since you hate poor little Zoe for just doing her thing.

    Knowing how long you like to go back and forth I will just end it here, don’t want to be commenting on the same article DAYS after. haha
    Girl don’t worry there will be other Fassbender articles for you to stalk, they may even be him with a white woman, and other Zoe articles for you to hate on. Maybe even more Fassbender/Zoe articles! Oh no dun dun dun

    Peace and love dear :-) If you’re feeling lonely respond to my comment and perhaps even talk to yourself I hear it helps. <3

  • no way

    @I can’t. lol: Hah. I’m not a hater. And I believe that you and others DO think Zoe Kravitz is “stunning.” Because of that, my standards for beauty must be HIGHER than yours. And they are probably higher regarding the men too. I never too note of Fassbender. I think he’s a good actor — very good. He’s not ugly, but he is physically “every day” looking. Nothing special as far as his facial features go. Out of ALL the men that JJ features here on a daily basis, why is Fassbender getting so much love from black females? It’s only because he has dated them. If he had not shown you ladies any love (like most of the white male actors in Hollywood), you would not be so crazy about him. Now THAT is the truth!

  • Dev

    She’s gorgeous

  • Jess

    Zoe and Fassy are still friends. May 2014 they had lunch and he went to her concert the next day! Anyway… she’s a stunner if I’ve ever seen one!