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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Broadway Stage Door Couple!

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Broadway Stage Door Couple!

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz exit the stage door and sign autographs for their adoring fans after a performance of their Broadway play Betrayal on Thursday evening (October 17) in New York City.

The show is currently in preview performances and the official opening night performance will be held on October 27. The entire run is practically sold out, so if you want a ticket you better act fast!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Daniel Craig

Daniel currently does not have any upcoming movies in the can. His only projects on the horizon are the upcoming James Bond films and the sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.

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  • Sue

    Incredibly talented couple!


    The Homo And The Beard



  • Kate

    Rachel’s tired? Her skin is very smooth usually, but was in bad condition last night.

  • Janice

    those eyes! they are so blue, too blue..

  • Thay

    They are the best!! (Daniel’s hair quality ain’t good though)

  • Breaks Records Again

    Broadway box office: Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz break records with ‘Betrayal’
    Daniel Craig has a license to kill at the Broadway box office. Teaming the James Bond star with his real-life wife, Rachel Weisz, turns out to have been a very good idea for the producers of the Harold Pinter revival Betrayal. Though the show doesn’t open until Oct. 27, the Mike Nichols-directed drama has broken records at the Barrymore Theatre for its first two weeks of previews. For the week ending Oct. 13, it took in $1.11 million for seven performances, according to figures from the Broadway League. That tops the weekly earnings of the Philip Seymour Hoffman-topped revival of Death of a Salesman last year.

  • Leslie

    Oh yeah? So…can I still get a ticket?

  • Love The Shoes

    @THE WAY IT IS: I’ve learned that people like you who say _hit like you just have USUALLY themselves are hiding behind self-sexual-identification issues. Poor baby.

  • Julia

    @Thay: Is that so?Love his new hairstyle. His haircut in Skyfall was terrible.

  • @Leslie

    of course you can get ticket.
    On StubHub and on ebay arehave listed a few…..

  • Mel

    They’re really kind of cool.

  • in love

    I’m still in love with him.

  • Lakers NOW

    @Love The Shoes: That’s funny, but wrong. Craig is a brit and it comes from gayboy island, so everything THE WAY IT IS says is as true as everyone already knew. Craig TELLS everyone its a brit, too. No joke, poor baby.

  • just me

    @Lakers NOW:

    your father is gay.

  • Sarah

    It looks awesome! I’m sold! But tickets sold out!!!!

  • Gaby

    I adore Daniel. There’s something so manly and sexy about him. Every time I see him I melt. Rachel is very lucky. And she’s very beautiful, looks like a princess.

  • Leslie

    @@Leslie: Thanks.. but.. OMG f***ing expensive!!

  • When Lightning Strikes

    @just me: Lakers NOW isn’t homo nor was his father, obviously, but you and your father sure are and I’m sure quite mutual. As you say, god save the king.

  • Alex

    His ice blue eyes, his long eye lushes, his lips and his smile. Beautiful.

  • Emma

    Daniel: S. McQueen
    Rachel: E. Taylor
    Make these biopics, please! It’ll be great.

  • Bumpguard

    Craig should play Oscar Wilde in a biopic or at least a reading of Oscar Wildes writings, all done to the sounds of Elton John and the backdrop of Big Ben.

  • sam

    looks like a play has already succeeded. there is nothing surprising about their success. they CAN act.

  • The New Yorker

    The emotion behind Harold Pinter’s “Betrayal.”

  • onely

    Too bad they went to America where they don’t have theatre to do this. I’ll bet America didn’t even notice them.

  • Rose

    @Gaby: @Alex:
    You can say that again. Anything with Dan coz he’s gorg.

  • beat it


    You are an IDIOT! America loves them and Betrayal is already a great HIT, moron.

  • beat it

    THE WAY IT IS, When Lighting Strikes, Bumpguard, Lakers Now is just ONE MORON living in his mother’s basement, green with envy and hating successful and beautiful people, because no one would ever pay any attention to him and his pathetic life. Libelling those who are way above him is his only pleasure, pathetic, little slimebag.

  • Magda

    I’m so happy the play is such a great success – they deserved it. Both great actors and BEAUTIFUL people. I can’t recover from my massive crush on Daniel and I don’t want to anyway.

  • Rachel Girl

    @Kate: There’s no need for worry, it’s her Broadway debut though. Heard Daniel supports her.

  • Mike

    @The New Yorker: Great pic on stage! Daniel in 1970s style, haha.

  • Mendel

    OMG, Dan looks fabulous!

    Hi Guinness & Fio, haven’t disappeared and run off with Dan, I just had to work late a lot…too much work makes Mendel a really dull girl… However, if I look at Dan’s pic, I realise I still do have a pulse!

    Will catch up on all Dan news asap.

  • Amy

    “The entire run is practically sold out, so if you want a ticket you better act fast!”
    Hey Jared, have you got it yet without effort? If only I had enough pull…

  • Gaya

    The biggest Betrayal of all!

  • Isa
  • LISA G.

    @beat it: They’re hardly one person, beat it. Lakers NOW and WLS have been coming to JJ for years. You sound like a hard-up british troll loser trying desperately to sell your false unwanted influence where it’s not welcome, idiot ape. You’re the ONLY idiot FOOL trolling on this site, you nasty little brit. NOW BEAT IT, sir dickless, OR AMERICA WILL BEAT YOUR KING LIKE WE DID THE LAST TIME, sir loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jolens

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  • Syntasi

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  • benj

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  • Tim

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  • beat it

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    @beat it: Dear crap, you are a mad dummy! Beat it, trying to hijack this comment board by acting like an ass only reflects on your own paranoid insanity. Now get lost! I just flagged you! Get help, loser! You are busted!

  • beat it


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  • beat it


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  • Syntasi

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