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Kate Middleton: Sportaid Athlete Workshop Visit!

Kate Middleton: Sportaid Athlete Workshop Visit!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) flashes a big smile while attending a Sportaid Athlete Workshop held at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Friday (October 18) in London, England.

The 31-year-old royal paid her first official visit as patron of the organization, which helps the next generation of British athletes by being the first to recognize their achievements and support their ambitions.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Middleton

The day before, Kate‘s brother-in-law Prince Harry suited up to attend the official opening of the Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies at the Imperial College of London.

FYI: Kate is wearing J Brand jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Middleton at the Sportaid Athlete Workshop

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kate middleton sportaid athlete workshop visit 01
kate middleton sportaid athlete workshop visit 02
kate middleton sportaid athlete workshop visit 03
kate middleton sportaid athlete workshop visit 04
kate middleton sportaid athlete workshop visit 05
kate middleton sportaid athlete workshop visit 06
kate middleton sportaid athlete workshop visit 07
kate middleton sportaid athlete workshop visit 08
kate middleton sportaid athlete workshop visit 09
kate middleton sportaid athlete workshop visit 10
kate middleton sportaid athlete workshop visit 11
kate middleton sportaid athlete workshop visit 12
kate middleton sportaid athlete workshop visit 13
kate middleton sportaid athlete workshop visit 14

Credit: Ian Gavan, Eddie Mulholland; Photos: Getty
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  • kelli

    she looks INCREDIBLE! love that she recycles her outfits so much

  • Rose

    She is sooooo fabulous! I can’t even…

  • H

    She looks beautiful, motherhood definitely suits her.

  • Manhattan Transfer


  • AlGreen

    She’s the perfect example of wrinkles, beauty and happiness.

  • Ellie

    Look Kim K…. no spanks!

  • Terri

    @Gail: Thanks. Kate Middleton is cute! This is so pathetic!

    @hahahahahahhaha: Thanks for the pic. @Brian posted this yesterday.

  • Dana

    @Gail: Thanks. Great idea! This is soooo pathetic! There are Bradley threads open. Why can’t they go there? I don’t go to those threads with no information and the crazy person. I don’t get it. Can someone tell me why?

  • Dana

    @Brian @Terri: Bradley looks good. He is acting bad.

    I think Bradley left Philly Monday night or early Tuesday to not be caught in the snow. I also think he is going to stay and hide in Hawaii this weekend. Where are the paps when we need them? Oh ugly isn’t there to call them.

  • Rosie

    This is so weird. Vanity Fair imagines a discussion between Bradley and his daughter before his 20th reunion. They do communicate mostly through texts. Does this mean Vanity finds the age difference funny?

  • Bradlifer

    I also think bradley and andra left philly on monday night or thursday morning after her event. They are hiding out in Hawaii this weekend.
    Lol! Have u guys seen this? as if… It feels so fake.

  • Bradlifer

    I meant to write amfr and bradley left on thursday morning or monday night.

  • Terri

    @Rosie: Hahahahahahahahaha. They are making fun of Bradley. Everyone is saying the year he graduated is when ugly was born. He is making a fool of himself and it is in Vanity Fair. Just sayin’

  • Brian


    I think Terri is right. Vanity Fair noticed that Bradley graduated from high school the same year Suki was born. They simply used that fact for one of their pointless, unfunny “imagined” connections.


    Well done to you for making such an effort to keep all this going.

    Thank-you. :)

  • HA!

    @Bradlifer: HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I had not seen it. She is sleeping with a movie star to get big roles. Can’t she work like Jennifer Garner and Julia Roberts before her. Very fake.

  • HA!

    @Gail: I forgot to thank you. Beyond crazy. We can invent our own word and ask them to put it in the dictionary.

    @Terri @Brian: Aaaaah pics of Bradley playing backetball I love. What wouldn’t I do to play a game with him?

    @Rosie: They are poking fun at him. His mother will see it. She might tnot read JJ, her friends read Vanity Fair and will tell her. I am guessing….

  • Carol UK

    @Gail: Cheers.
    @Rosie:Mmm… does Vanity Fair know they mostly text. @AFT told us.
    @Bradlifer: Cheers for comic article.

    Bradley was in Hawaii when she was in LA.
    How is he introducing her? He is in Hawaii and she is here in the UK. She doesn’t need a new name! She needs new background, history, talent, body, and work experience. Is contact music reliable?

  • Rosie

    @Terri @Brian: Thanks. Bradley, get over your mid life cris

    @Dana: Our threads have the most information and different types of posters. We have @AFT. I read somewhere we are one person. LOL!!!

  • Brian

    Carol U.K

    Is the contact music site reliable? Well…….consider that it’s a very short “article” and they didn’t even spell her name correctly every time including in the link Bradifer posted.

    Either they’re not reliable OR it’s another epic fail for her clueless PR team.

    It could also be both. :)

  • Imogen

    @Carol UK: Bradley is helping her. The article is NOT fake. Don’t listen to Brian. How does he know?

  • Carol UK

    @Brian: Yeah her failed PR. Are they all 21 too?
    Her PR is 1 stupid 21 year old kid! Why leak this?
    You lot, the more Bradley is away from his talentless kid, the more stories she leaks. Harvey Weinstein made a mistake with nasty girl. His other girls had somethin’ to work with.

    @Imogen: Oh and I should listen to you over @Brian? LOL X100!

  • Imogen

    @Seb: Any news on Italian?

  • Brian


    I know because I read the article. Her team is so useless they can’t even make sure her NAME is spelled correctly? It’s even spelled wrong in the headline!

    Bradley would not be providing any help, that’s Harvey Weinstein’s job. Bradley does the photo-ops when his dog is too busy.

    Carol UK

    Cheers. :)

  • Eric

    I disagree with most of you. It is half fakeBradley is helping her. She does want big movie roles. She won’t get them. Sex friends helps each other. On the name, Suki sounds pornish. She is pornish. I just don’t understand why she is leaking it out there. She is the only one who knows what Bradley told use her middle name, if he did. 2 major leaks in 1 week. It means something.

  • Lucy

    @Gail: Thanks for link!!!
    Here on Weinstein encouraging couple. Is @AFT going to come here?!

  • Cara

    @Dana: Bradley is always hiding when he is with AMFR. I am searching the web for any fan pics.

  • Bradlifer

    @Imogen: i Will never listen to you. I take @brian words over your everyday.

  • Imogen

    @Bradlifer: I NEVER EVER listen to you. I read your messages to laugh.

    @Eric: Thanks for believing article.

  • Bradlifer

    @Eric: yeah, it means she is desperate. This is the second time in short time bradley dumped her and refuzed her pr pics. Halloween he send his dog and this time he didnt care to invite her at al to anything. He was far to happy with amfr.
    And how can he introduce her to anyone when he avoids her and dont bring her to tjej important places where the Real deal of Hollywood is, like de Niro party or Leos, or to the other halloween party where alot of Hollywoods Mayor names where, the one Leo was at? He havent introduced her to anyone important.

  • Bradlifer

    @Lucy: of course weinstein is involved. 😊

  • Brian


    I agree with Bradifer.

    Two leaks means she’s desperate for media attention. What else is new?

  • Beth

    @Imogen: I have been reading. When did Eric say he believed the article? He said he believes half of it. I do too. You are obsessed with AMFR and Brian. Your last post was about Brian on the MD story.

    Did anyone watch E-News Thursday or yesterday? Bradley was part of the modelizers with 3 other men. There was Leo. There was Dakota Fanning 19 dating a 32 year old. Her parents are not happy. S’s parents are happy she has an actor. One guy said he thinks dating a 20 year old is way too young.

  • Beth

    Bradley started out as PR . It has been 8 months and he taking what she offers. No longer PR. He is seeing AMFR. He is seeing both. He will drop S when AMFR is ready. Dakota appears to be the same age as bf. S is still Bradley”s daughter.Bradley is now a modelizer.

  • Imogen

    @Bradlifer: So much crazy timelines. Believe this, together for Thanksgiving in LA!! You will see!!

    @brian: Maybe contact music made the mistakes,

    @Beth: 33 how do you know what Bradley will do? Sometimes they fight but they are together. There is no other woman. He has a cousin ans he has friends.

  • Bradlifer

    @Beth: i agree with you.

  • Brian


    The other sites that have picked up the story still have her name spelled WRONG. Sloppy, , clueless PR as usual. Ask Suki how much she is paying them and then get ready to laugh.

    Back to the Thanksgiving fantasy story? Remember the in New York for Leo’s birthday fantasy story? Whatever happened to that story? Oh yeah! It turned out to be complete nonsense and now you have moved on to the next story. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Also back to the Amfr is his cousin rubbish too? When do you go back to the story that AmFr doesn’t exist at all? Is that on for next week?

  • Bradlifer

    The artical came from the sun so that was full of crap.
    The sun makes up lies for a living.

  • Bradlifer

    And she is not going to spend Thanksgiving with bradley she is going home from whereever she is the 19th. Lol next lie!!!!

  • HA!

    @Brian: Hahahahahahaha. Immy recycles stories like the magz.

    @Imogen: AMFR is back to being a cousin. Round and around we go? Why do you care so much about his cousin? Ok, Bradley loves his cousin. Bradley is not one to share his private plans. Sooki leaked it. She is acting very desperate.

  • HA!

    @Huma @Imogen: I can see it..AMFR is teaching Bradley Italian as they cuddle and laugh in Aloha! Does limpet teach him how to not read? Did you see how Dakota’s boyfriend is into her? Bradley is NEVER with limpet!