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Miranda Kerr Talks Favorite Indulging Snacks!

Miranda Kerr Talks Favorite Indulging Snacks!

Miranda Kerr walks hand in hand with her adorable son Flynn while stepping out of their apartment on Friday (October 18) in New York City.

The night before, the 30-year-old Australian supermodel’s husband Orlando Bloom was spotted riding his motorcycle in front of their apartment.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

On the same day, Miranda was chic while attending the Stuart Weitzman and Gilt’s Digital Pop-Up Shop Launch.

“Three of my favorites are chocolate-covered goji berries, homemade sweet potato fries in coconut oil and triple-cream goat brie cheese,” Miranda recently shared to Lucky magazine about snacks that she loves to indulge on.

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  • Wanda

    If you ever get a chance do a image search of Orlando and Miranda and you’ll see two of the most happiest people. You can see they genuinely adore each other, and what a beautiful little boy they have there.

  • cute pumpkin

    Flynn is just a cutie pie and he is so blessed to have Orlando and Miranda as his parents. I’ve noticed that when Orlando has him, he’s usually dressed in play clothes like his dad — like they are busy having fun and “roughing it.” Then, when he is with his beautiful, elegant mother, he could be on the cover of Parent magazine. Flynn is getting so much love and nurturing from both of them. Looking at Flynn’s photos, I’m just amazed how much he looks like Orlando. I hope one day they have a little girl who looks just like Miranda. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

  • YES!


  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: In order to talk about them in the same post, Just Jared once again has to call to light the glaring fact of their separate lives. Also, Miranda Kerrdashian blows hot air in the press because that is all she is ever really good for. She makes a great case for models never being allowed to speak. Ever. Oh, and there is The Melon Head, too, just so that her tinhat fangirls will cream their jeans (see comments one through three).

  • Ro

    I genuinely like them together because they seem as if they love each other very much and are both very involve with their son. you can clearly see how loaded they are by her answer. They are swimming in it, those things are not cheap or for the poor or middle class

  • Eye Roll

    @Wanda: Their love is just as genuine as Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

  • Arianna

    Orlando and Miranda are a beautiful couple and Flynn is a cutie. You can clearly see that they are very good parents and love each other and Flynn very much. They look like a very happy family.

  • ha

    Poor, sad, lonely Elena. Her life is so empty that she spends all of her time hating perfect strangers.
    Her life must be so awful.

  • Ro

    Really? It’s poor sad us, with lives so empty we care not only to read about what rich ppl eat but what ppl comment. It is sad and pathetic. So poor poor us honey.

  • @9

    You’re here, aren’t you?
    And here just to spread hate.
    THAT is what makes you pathetic.

  • Ok

    She’s so beautiful but she seems yo do a lot of cheap work now. I guess they pay her well bur stil, isn’t she supposed to be a top model? Adriana Lima is on the cover of US Harper’s Bazaar. I wish Miranda would get covers like that.

  • Ro

    I’m just pointing out the obvious, I said before that I genuinely liked them and it’s nice that they are both so involved in his life. This other person however, returned a realistic but somewhat mean comment (Elena’s) with an ever meaner and crueler one, so I just pointed out that while “ha” said that this girl has no life, in reality it could apply to us all. Why? Because we care about very superficial things like what someone eats and comment, and now form fights. I did say poor us, not poor you. If you say that with the time you spend reading unimportant things there is nothing better to do, then it’s a big fat lie. I am not spreading hate, I am standing up to someone for their cruel words, unlike you and your words that spread the hate you so hypocritically try to call out.

  • rony@ summer camp richmond

    Miranda and Flynn are looking awesome together. Orlando is is missing there to complete this pic.

  • #11

    Are you kidding? Adriana is a legit supermodel with career longevity. Of course HB could put her on the cover (alongside the Madonna cover). Mind you Miranda was part of the editorial inside the magazine yet still they chose Adriana as one of their cover stars. That speaks volumes.
    Now maybe if Miranda stopped pretending she’s the second coming and work as hard as the supermodels of the world did to get to where they are, she can score a US HB cover instead of Cosmo. As it is, she’s just a better version of Alessandra Ambrosio.

  • @11

    Yeah, Miranda just gets covers like Vogue. *eyeroll*

  • @12

    I’m sorry, but if you are defending a hateful troll like ‘Elena’ from “mean” comments, then you are indeed a hypocrite.
    Anyone who attacks innocent children on a regular basis deserves every insult she receives.

  • @#11 & #14….

    Talking to yourself again…..It’s obvious YOU responded to your own comment…

    Miranda has ALREADY done high fashion covers this YEAR, 2 Vogues, Jalouse, Id and spreads in others like W, so that’s better than 1 HB. Besides she did UK HB last year.

    As well as walking the runway for Chanel & Stella McCartney.

    Again being the face of Mango after Kate Moss.

    She’s also launching the NEW high profile campaign for Swarovski.

    Miranda was named on the Forbes “100 most influential celebrities in Hollywood” list the ONLY model other than Gisel. As well of course being the 2nd highest paid model in the world.

    Miranda’s also being paid a huge amount for her Asian contracts which you seem to think is inferior. Yet it’s a big wealthy market & VERY famous A listers have all done commercials like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Beyonce, Scarlet Johansson etc as its so well paid.

    At the moment she’s doing a “secret project” of some kind. She posted a pic from the shoot & she’s dressed in a ‘fifties” style dress & looks gorgeous, can’t wait to find out what it’s about!

    Miranda is beautiful, hugely successful, has her own skincare company, married to a hot famous actor AND is a vey famous & popular Supermodel.

    It speaks volumes that YOU feel the need to INSULT Miranda simply because you’re jealous your favourite model Adriana doesn’t get as much attention as Miranda, how sad!

  • Dieter!!!!!!

    I love the ass of Miranda Kerr’s !!!

  • #17

    Who is talking to themselves? Lol u seem to think only one person sees things from that view? Come on now. Nobody is saying she didn’t accomplish all those things. But hasn’t Adrhana being on different Forbes list like a gazillion times? She’s been there. She’s done that. So unless you can come up with new material, stfu. And why would anyone be jealous of Miranda who gets Cosmopolitan covers when there is Adriana who gets US Harper’s Bazaar covers? Get real darling. And oh, you’re a true biased stan if you think 90% of Miranda’s jobs aren’t downright tacky.

  • @19

    But Miranda HAS done Harper’s. Along with many other HF magazines that Adriana could never dream of getting.
    So your argument is ridiculous. Simple as that.
    You tried.

  • no no

    “Yeah, Miranda just gets covers like Vogue.”
    Where are these coverSSS? 2 covers? Adriana posed for Vogue this year… Many models pose for Vogue.
    “you are indeed a hypocrite. Anyone who attacks innocent children on a regular basis deserves every insult she receives.”
    So Miranda Kerr fans are hypocrite.

  • @21

    You’re still not making any sense at all.
    It seems like you are discounting Miranda’s previous covers at the same time you are bragging about Adriana’s old covers.
    Not very smart are you.

  • Ro

    Well I have no idea who this person Elena is, or if she attacks kids daily, in her comment she didn’t so it’s a moot point. What I’m trying to explain to you is that while we may love a celebrity there is no need to generate hate just because ppl say something mean, it creates these stupid fights where you tear ppl apart. You might not agree with me, but just try to avoid the hate writing, it ruins the fandom.s

  • @23

    So we fans should just sit by and let these idiot haters spread lies?
    Sorry, not gonna happen.
    And funny that you don’t consider calling an innocent child “melon head” an attack. That says a lot about your judgement. Or lack, thereof.

  • Ro

    I actually thought she was referring to Orlando bloom, because any girl who “creams her jeans” for a sweet little toddler is kinda weird, “creaming” one jeans implies something sexual, unless ppl are now referring to “creaming her jeans” as something nonsexual. Idiots will still look like idiots, it doesn’t matter the volume they have. However, when sane ppl join the conversation it only creates more conflict because the hatter will never stop. Case in point: I could make many good points about how adding hate only increases the problem and cause conflict instead of ignoring the hatters, but you will always find a flaw in my argument and unless I stop arguing back it will keep going forever. I am not saying you are necessarily one of these ppl, I’m just pointing out that in your defense of Miranda and fam you have said more awful things then the original hatter, Elena.

  • @25

    I suggest that you do a bit of research on your buddy ‘Elena’.
    She has said horrific things about the entire family, and their fans.
    Defending her is a bad move if you are trying to preach against hate. It’s like defending a rabid dog from the “mean” animal control officers.
    So go do some research. Look on any Miranda or Orlando thread, then consider whether or not she is worthy of a champion to defend her. If you still claim that we fans are the ones being mean, then that will expose your real agenda. Go ahead. I’m curious as to whether or not you have the guts to admit that you are wrong.

  • What

    Miranda had never been on the cover of US Bazaar… Your imagination is getting thd better of you. In fact the only US magazine covers she’s been on are GQ, ELLE (and that was Victoria’s Secret themed and Cosmo). Meanwhile, Adriana has been on the cover of Elle twice. GQ several times, Bazaar. AND COSMO (when she was much younger). All US covers. It seems like Miranda is the one who is still dreaming if Adriana’s covers wouldn’t u say?

  • no no

    @@21: WHAT? Your comment doesn’t make any sense. “You’re still not..” That was my first comment.
    @Ro: Elena is funny and Miranda Kerr fan is hypocrite.

  • @27

    I made the original comment & another poster responded to your follow up comments NOT me.

    There is more than ONE Miranda fan on here who defend her from haters spreading lies not just me.

    You need to READ the ORIGINAL post again.

    I was talking about THIS year’s Covers in response to YOU saying Miranda isn’t a Supermodel, only does cheap work & that Adriana was on the HB cover.

    I was saying she’s been on many HIGH FASHION covers like Jalouse, Id, W, 2 Vogues THIS year as well as Cosmo & others which is MORE than ONE HB! And she’s already been in the UK HB LAST year.

    I said NOTHING about US HB.

    I’ll say it again I don’t know why YOU feel the need to insult Miranda simply because YOU think she gets more attention than Adriana.

    Gisele is the most successful model yet I don’t post nasty & spiteful things about her.

    Miranda & Adriana are BOTH successful models & surely we can admire their work without resorting to posting hateful comments!

  • @27

    Oh, so only US covers count? That harkens back to that old reliable Delphi-double-standard, doesn’t it. Miranda appears on HF cover after cover, but according to the delphidiot bible……
    Miranda isn’t important because she hasn’t had a Vogue cover.
    Miranda gets a Vogue cover.
    Then Miranda isn’t important because she hasn’t had multiple Vogue covers
    Miranda gets multiple Vogue covers.
    Then Miranda isn’t important because she hasn’t had a US Vogue cover.
    Replace Vogue with HB and you get the idiot above.

  • 1/

    You forgot to mention Adriana also has a US Esquire cover in her pocket. UK is also very good but everyone knows the US is the holy grail for covers , while Miranda gets British HB and Esquire covers, Adriana gets the American ones. And everyone knows how hard it is for models to grace American magazine covers. So tell us again who is getting thee covers? And what genuine attention is Miranda getting over Adriana? Are you talking about the one she and her pr team work overnight for? But I gotta give them credit. They are doing an amazing job. Who knows they might get her a better cover than Cosmo next time. All they need to do is make sure she stays in the news, get papped 100 times a month and pull a major publicity stunt every 6 months. And keep booking those cheesy Asian brands to compensate for the lost VS and DJ contracts. Adriana by then would get another good cover, a hf campaign and continue securing that multi million dollar VS contract along with all the side jobs. All that while she stays low key like all the supermodels. No one needs to tell a star to shine.

  • @31

    Laughing at the idiot who thinks American HF covers are better than European. I’m sure that if Miranda was on American covers, they would be claiming that American HF means nothing compared to European.
    These idiots always have a double standard to fall back on.
    And btw, since when is MANGO “cheesy”, or Asian?
    And people wonder why it’s so easy to insult you morons.

  • Kath

    Oh Elena….. why are you comparing Miranda to Kim Kar-cashing-in??? Or any of those talentless girls. There are some of us who love Miranda & you haters cant seem to handle it! If all you haters think Miranda is a nobody why are you always posting about her? Negative or not all this posting is just giving Miranda more attention. Great I say! Id be sad if no one was interested in her. Anyway Its been a good few months since Ive checked in for a look & you and Eyeroll for instance are still at it with your negative comments. Oh my goodness get a bloody life will you! You guys make me laugh so much. Your obviously jealous or lonely or something. Seriously…really… dont you people have anything else to do?? Lol……its quite sad & pathetic really. Well gotta go…some of us have happy lives to live xxx

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Ok everyone i think it’s fine if you have your say but why do it so hatefull. Why if you hate someone take so much time out of your life to keep coming here to tell everyone how much we get it you dont like them or Miranda. But that’s not nice to say hated thing’s about a kid he has done no wrong. Im not mad on Miranda but i can’t hate her because i don’t know her i just don’t like some of the thing she does and say’s.

  • @31…

    You really can’t seem to understand basic facts.

    You’re trying to prove something isn’t true yet all the evidence & facts tell us otherwise.

    Meaning that you KEEP saying that Miranda isn’t a successful model, is unpopular, 2nd rate & that newspapers, magazines & celebrity sites ONLY feature her because her PR team pays them….lol.

    But the evidence & facts prove that what YOU are saying isn’t true.

    You keep comparing Miranda’s current Cosmo cover with Adriana’s HB……Yet you totally IGNORE she was on the cover of prestigious & high fashion magazines Jalouse, Id, W & 2 Vogues earlier THIS year…..That makes YOU a HYPOCRITE.

    So as an example IF Adriana appears on the cover of French fashion bible “Jalouse” with a multi page editorial inside next month then according to YOU it wouldn’t mean anything right???…..Oh please you would be shouting it to the roof tops & telling us all how amazing it is & that Adriana is so relevant!

    Miranda also opened the show for Stella McCartney & walked for Chanel & others so that also proves she can still do high fashion runway.

    In an interview at the Stuart Weitzmen event 2 days ago Miranda was asked about the VS show. She replied that VS had asked her to walk in the show but she already has an Asian contract at the same time & couldn’t be in 2 places at once. That Ed (President & Marketing Officer) was very upset that she couldn’t do the show.

    You will of course say its a lie but there is NO way Miranda would say that publically on camera if it wasn’t true & could easily be disproved.

    It also shows that Miranda must be being paid a lot of money by the Asian company.

    You made the mistake of not believing Miranda when she said the reason why SHE decided NOT to renew her contracts with VS & DJ was so she would be free to do other projects, concentrate on expanding Kora & spend more time with her family.

    That’s exactly what she’s been doing, she’s setting herself up for the future. She has said many times that modeling is not everything to her, to make the most of it then use the opportunities it has given her to move on to other things.

    That at turning 30 was the perfect time to do so as she no longer wanted to be tied down to doing photoshoots in different countries for VS after 7 years & especially since Flynn was born.

    I think it’s her choice to do what suits her & her family best & it’s smart on her part to set herself up financially for the future as modeling doesn’t last forever.

  • Giggles

    @@31…: I think it’s sweet that you are so madly in love with her but you do know that she will never love you back, right? I mean, I think she’s straight. That and she would never find you attractive any way and no one in their right mind would actually get involved with an obsessed stalker-fan. Not that she’s all that bright but still. Maybe you should dial it back a little so you don’t frighten her and then you can have some fantasy where you are BFF’s and she invites you over for Kora facials kale smoothies and you can bring the chia seeds because you know she likes that and then when the night is over she might give you a hug and a kiss on the cheek. That’s a great fantasy! Oh, I know it’s not the same as the one you have where she licks your koala bear down under until you scream her name, but it’ll have to do.

  • zomg

    @@27: “There is more than ONE Miranda fan on here who defend her from haters spreading lies not just me.” No, no there is not. It really is just you. It’s kinda obvious by the sentence/paragraph structure (or more like lack there of) and the constant regurgitation of the same “facts” and the same insults. You are just as guilty of sock puppet comments as any of the “haters”. You are just as big of a hypocrite but you have decided you are on the side of right so it’s justified. It’s not.

  • @36

    Really? You fall back on unrequited love when you are faced with facts? Or are you homophobic and trying to use a person’s sexuality as an insult? I’m just wondering how repugnant you really are.
    Uhmm, if you think that all favorable posts use the same sentence/paragraph structure, then you really need to go back to school. Or do you not have an understanding of grammar and punctuation, and you are just “regurgitating” something that you once read about but didn’t understand?
    And please explain why you think that Miranda has only one fan when she has MILLIONS who follow her on social media.
    This should be good.

  • LOL!

    @@36: Are you implying that the word regurgitation is spelled wrong in that comment…because it’s not. Get your head out of Miranda’s a$$ and learn to spell. Idiot.

  • @39

    Uhm, I think that they were just purposely quoting you. Why so defensive if you think you are right?
    And you never answered their question about how stupid do you have to be to think that Miranda has only one fan.
    Unless defecting the question with paranoia IS your answer?