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Scott Eastwood Being Considered for 'Fifty Shades of Grey' (Exclusive)

Scott Eastwood Being Considered for 'Fifty Shades of Grey' (Exclusive)

Hunky newcomer Scott Eastwood is being considered to replace Charlie Hunnam in the role of Christian Grey for the film Fifty Shades of Grey!

The 27-year-old actor’s name has been thrown around by fans over the past week and now can exclusively confirm that he has been approached for the role.

“He is one of five actors being considered,” a source close to the actor tells us.

Scott has already responded to the hype surrounding the role, tweeting “What is all this talk about 50 shades of grey?? What do you all think?? Let me know. #hype #eastwoodlivin”

DO YOU THINK Scott Eastwood is right for the role of Christian Grey?

15+ pictures inside of Scott Eastwood showing off his sexy shirtless body…

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scott eastwood being considered for fifty shades of grey 02
scott eastwood being considered for fifty shades of grey 03
scott eastwood being considered for fifty shades of grey 04
scott eastwood being considered for fifty shades of grey 05
scott eastwood being considered for fifty shades of grey 06
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  • Pat

    so basically anybody right????? LOL

  • romina

    he looks like chris hemsworth and zac efron’s love child

  • http://twitter a

    i want Scott to be Christian but im sick of hearing every day news about 50 Shades of grey

  • lili

    who the f___ cares anyway?

  • Lisa

    Have you ever seen a close-up of this guy’s face? NOT CUTE. Hate his teeth and when he smiles he has all these wrinkles all over his face! He is not Christian, and neither are any of the others rumored for the part!

  • Lauren

    @Lisa: Exactly, he looks old when he smiles because of all those wrinkles.

  • ONTD

    Can he even act? The only thing I’ve ever seen him do is pose shirtless.

  • Katie

    Hell to the no. None of the guys up for this role are good enough. This is just getting pathetic and they need to pull the plug. With Dakota being on she already ruins it.

  • Amber

    No thank you…..why are all these guys being thrown in the mix??!!! I’m tired of it all. Bleh, bleh, bleh! HE IS NOT CHRISTIAN GREY MATERIAL! AT ALL!

  • Joshua

    He shouldn’t trash his reputation with that project.

  • diatribesandovations

    He’d be perfect. The part calls for an unknown and not a lot of acting skills will be required. Just a lot of shirtless brooding and arrogant primping. Eastwood looks the part.

  • Paul

    I don’t know if he’s a good actor, but he sure has the body for the part.

  • rose

    @ONTD: this movie is not going to be a masterpiece so being shirtless is everything he needs to do

  • Rocky

    Maybe they can audition Pee Wee Herman next. I think he’d be great in it. They can even save money on film by using bikes instead of cars since Pee Wee loves his bike and he’s already got a grey suit.

  • Shannon

    This just made my Friday!

  • Shannon

    @ONTD: @rose: Of course he can act.

  • dee

    oh plz..

  • Eve

    Why so much HYPE over this crap? Rubbish book.

  • N

    Noooo! That’s not right!! :/ I know it’s not going to be Matt Bomer portrating Christian Grey, but a girl can dream right ;)

  • Isa

    Don’t know him but beautiful abds !

  • Fox

    At this rate, they should turn the casting process into a reality show on network TV. It would probably do better than the eventual film will at the box office.

  • Jessie

    You’re hearing about 50 Shades everyday because they’re having a hard time finding anyone who is established who wants to do it.
    Scott has nothing to lose by doing it. I laughed at his little speech on why he didn’t use the Eastwood name. His birth name is born Scott Clinton Reeves. His mother was a flight attendant that Clint Eastwood had an affair with. His father was known for cheating on his wives. Now he’s using it, so what he was saying about not wanting to piggy back on his dad’s name and fame is BS because he’s doing just that now. I’m sure he can use $125,000 dollars.

  • kami

    way to ruin his career before it even takes off.

  • Erin

    Go for it Scott!!! We love you :)

  • Malida

    Okay we get it, everyone is being considered.

  • leelee

    I hope I’m considered for the roll too!

  • eve

    That’s all this famewhore can want.

  • TOM

    He’d be better suited for the gayporn version. All he emptyheaded Rock Hudson posing gives me the creeps.

  • PhoebeG

    I know nothing about Scott Eastwood and have never seen him act, but he LOOKS more the part than Hunnam or truthfully Ian Somerhalder who is way too dark. However IF Scott wants to be taken seriously as an actor he should steer away from this crap! As will anyone else who wants to have a career left after this garbage. Matt Bomer is the definitive CG but he has more sense than to touch this with a cattle prod. Doesn’t say a lot for Johnson’s serious commitment to her future that she’s hanging on for grim death to a Titanic of a movie.. I really think they ought to consider Minnie and Mickey for the roles,but there again they’re probably too expensive for this cheapskate movie and have more rodent integrity than to do it!

  • Sada

    Hate it when hard working actors with talent work hard to get roles and then talentless children of stars displace real actors based on their names. Sad….

  • val

    I don’t like him. He’s ugly

  • HCfan

    just cancel this mess

  • Mildred

    Don’t just throw anyone in the mix. The book is very specific in its description of Christian and none of the names thrown out matches that description. He’s tall, broad shouldered and extremely handsome, so much so that women turn to stare at his beauty. Eastwood is not that handsome and probably not a good actor. None of the others mentioned are that handsome either. If they can’t find anyone to replace Charlie, postpone making the film. Stick to the script.

  • OH no

    He looks dumber than dog sh*t. They need to scrap this project completely. They obviously have no takers because anyone with common sense would not touch this career killing role with a ten-foot pole.

  • OH no

    Just because that sh*tty book sold millions of copies doesn’t mean it should be made into a sh*tty movie. It just means that a bunch of people aren’t getting laid. Why else would anyone be interested in this fluff. If you were getting some, you wouldn’t be reading this fluff of a book.

  • Maria


    …………. NEXT!!!!!!

  • Maria

    They should just ask the guy who did a flick with Lindsay Lohan, ??James Dean?

  • Spherical

    Doubtful, as this british novel is not known in America unlike the annoying british trolls on this site try to convince you. This movie will flop like the stinker book.

  • unknown

    EW. Seriously, they are downgrading their choices to desperate air heads. Charlie was already a pretty bad choice, now they’re just throwing anyone’s name who all looks the same and are far worse. No one stands out for pete’s sake! Christian supposed to be like a Hugo Boss mysterious sexy homme type of MAN, not some surfer DUDE. I can imagine this guy saying “duuuuuddeeee” while flexing his muscles and doing some lame cheesy pick up lines to their bimbo counterparts.

    This movie is gonna flop. People are tired of hearing these news. They should’ve started moving when 50 shades was an “in” thing way back last year. Now, people are sick of it and sicker of it esp with the BAD casting choices. It doesn’t take a guy with an IQ of 10 to know that these choices are lame.

  • mia

    this movie is digging its own grave. the more casting choices they’re revealing (who i think by the way is a strategy to let the fans decide who is the better option among these muscle creatures who are auditioning and are desperate for the role so that when they can finally “announce” their choice, it’s less negative response than when charlie was), the more embarrassing this production becomes which is already a huge embarrassment to begin with.

  • Patty Bray

    Alex, Alex, Alex!

  • ???

    @Lisa: “He is not Christian, and neither are any of the others rumored for the part!”

    Are they Moslems?

  • Carol

    No, thank you

  • Mel

    Why don’t they not make this and make an all-Muppets remake of Star Wars, instead?

  • Hanna

    Yes! He is the right actor for that role! Come on guys … stop the bitching! Look at him, and imagine him and Dakota. Great chemistry I say. Entirely different than she’d have with Hunnam, but I think this would be a very, very interesting pairing – exactly because the two of them aren’t well known. Those of you who write “who cares” – whom are you kidding? You are commenting on a site about movie-stars, for goodness’s sake! And the book is a best-seller, so yes, any film-aficionado must care. Why not? It’s a genuine form of interest. I think Eastwood and Johnson will nail it.

  • just to say

    @Lisa: I wouldn’t say no to him.

  • Ruby

    Hmm, this would be interesting to see. Some of you are asking who he is. Well this is Clint Eastwood sexy son. And he does not look old. If you scary crazy fans complain again with whoever gets the role. This movie will never get made. So suck it up!

  • Crane

    I don’t think this movie needs anyone who can act. it didn’t need anyone who could write a decent book.

  • Tae

    He’s hot just like his dad in his younger yrs. He’s in the movie with Brad Pitt and that will bring double hotties in the movie, so can’t wait to see the movie!

  • Sheena Wells

    JOSH BUTTON …..Dr. Pepper hottie is definately Christian Grey!