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Tom Welling & Jamie White Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage

Tom Welling & Jamie White Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage

Tom Welling and his wife Jamie White have reportedly gone their separate ways, according to TMZ.

The 36-year-old actor’s wife filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

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According to the divorce papers, Tom and Jamie separated in December last year after being married for 10 years.

Though the couple did not have any children, Jamie is asking for spousal support.

Tom and Jamie lived in Vancouver until 2011, when they relocated to L.A.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Tom Welling and wife Jamie White are getting divorced?

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  • maya

    @sonia: I really have no idea what you’re talking about-but it does not matter. On twitter you can find girls who raised the status as Tom flirted with them and also one on you-tube You can see footage from the nightclub. That’s all

  • Donte

    @Rose: Again, do your research, Jamie is a former model! And if she is with her trainer good for her, clearly Tom has been cheating on her for a long time. Jamie deserves to be happy. She’s going to get half of the millions anyway. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • anonymous

    He could pay spousal support for however long it would take her to complete a course so she could gain employment. This should only be for a few years. He should not have to support her for the rest of her life. There are no children involved.

  • anonymous

    He should not have to support her for the rest of her life. There are no children involved. Has she not been working for the last 10 years?

  • Rose

    So lemme get this straight:

    In 2001, Tom scores the role on Smallville and the show has its premiere season. It’s highly successful so the WB keeps it going

    The following year in 2002, Tom and Jamie get married. They stay married during the entire course of the show yet have no kids during the process but both are reportedly earning an income

    In 2011, the show ends after a 10 year run. Tom was making lots of money from it since he was the star and billed as a producer/director in the later seasons. Now the money is no longer coming in

    By 2012, Tom and Jamie have moved to LA from Vancouver and the rumors are abound that there’s trouble in paradise. Rumors of he’s cheating, she’s cheating comes to light and that they’ve “quietly” separated

    Now in 2013 Jamie officially files for a divorce. There are no children involved and she was reportedly making her own living. Yet she is demanding spousal support

    Conclusion? I smell a gold digger! A married woman who was perfectly okay with his alleged cheating as long as he was bringing home the dough. Now that he’s no longer bringing it home, she wants to bail. But for some reason she still needs his money, probably to keep those horses of hers.

  • TeamTom

    @Donte: Clear for who, you. All you’ve done is bad mouth him without any proof. Everyone is supposed to take your word for it. Got news for you, not everyone believes you. Keep on spewing your poison Kalamonde or LALostAngel or whatever personality you are today, not gonna buy what you’re selling.

  • Mia

    Let’s just settle this. He cheated. Look at that face. Just like Henry Cavill. Pretty people aren’t going to be alone for very long. Stop making excuses for pretty people. And she’s a gold digger. Seriously, they have no children so why the heck does she need to file for support? Obvious.

  • Donte

    @Rose: Rose obviously you aren’t as smart as you think you are! Who are you breaking down the whole marriage for anyway? Bottom line, Tom and Jamie got married, separated, and now divorcing. By law Tom is required to pay spousal support and when the divorce is final they will split ALL of their assets acquired during their marriage 50/50. Can you understand that?

  • Donte

    @TeamTom: Believe this! Tom Welling is going to lose MILLIONS!!!

  • Rose

    It’s not a required law that he HAS to pay up. If he can get a good lawyer and fight it in court he can win and not owe her anything. And the judge doesn’t necessarily have to grant her request. Just because they were married for 10 years that doesn’t mean he’ll have to pay her. I honestly don’t know why you’re so desperate to defend this woman and make Tom out to be the bad guy. She’s literally a no one.

  • Amy


    Umm…no. CA law says it’s 50/50. Whatever was earned during their marriage will be divided up equally between them.

  • Huh?

    So did they marry in CA then? If they did he’s screwed. Smart hoes are all over the place in show biz.

  • Donte

    @Rose: Good luck to Tom Welling and you are the NO ONE!!!


    couldn’t keep his dickey in his pants

  • British Latin American

    It would be too funny if the star actor’s wife wanted to be with her horse keeper! I’m not sure people should date or marry their servants.

  • Donte

    @British Latin American: @SHINE: I hope it was worth it, divorce is expensive!

  • Villa

    Him and Allison Mack were meant to be, great chemistry, now is their chance.

  • Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang

    I am damn so happy for the Smallville stud!! Finally Tom divorce from the bitter marriage with that nobody!! Now I just hope Tom enjoy his days for returning to his bachelor status!! Great job Tom and he’s just like a fine wine, the older the better!! Stay handsome and those piercing blue eyes will make my day contented!! Tom Welling, GAMBATEH!!!

  • GG

    @Huh?: No they did not get married in CA, they married in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts .

  • lara

    I love Tom Welling! Donte alias @Kalamonde you are a woman who enjoys sour and bad for the suffering of others. however, you’re too obsessed by Tom Welling but why do not you focus on another actor!!

  • Donte

    @lara: Learn how to speak English!

  • lara

    it is true I do not speak good English, are Catalan, but you do you care too much about the private life of Tom Welling in a morbid perhaps because they do not have a private life of you!-Donte @kalamonde, maya.

  • Donte

    @lara: I still don’t understand what you are trying to say!

  • lara

    donte = poisonous snake! Now you understand!

  • NdaKnow

    Not surprised at all. Tom got married so young. Most people I know who got hitched in their 20′s are now 30 yr old divorcees. Living in Vancouver is the only thing that prolonged that marriage. Hopefully Tom made her sign a prenup or there goes everything made the last 10 years plus royalties from SV reruns. But if I’m not mistaken Tom was named as a co-buyer in their purchase of that 1m + stallion they bought. So Tom also has a share with whatever Jamie earns from her horse farm. I mean a sperm sample from that stallion can bring in at least $200k a pop! Jamie already seems to have a lot of their properties and more. Based on photos on her instagram, she has their house in LA, she drives a sick Porche (worth a lot more than Tom’s Range Rover) and their vacation house in MV… And she want spousal support? For Tom’s sake lets hope its just her lawyer’s way to up the ante for better negotiations. And let’s hope Tom doesn’t rebound with your typical LA girls – you know the type – living off daddy’s money as a stylist or a professional celebrity hanger on – he’s been seen hanging around with lately. Tom needs to take a year or two to (carefully) hoe it out and sow his seeds as they say. The poor guy has been married and working long crazy hours for 10 years. Then I would love to see him settle with some in the A list, like Charlize Theron or similar.

  • Allie

    @NdaKnow: Holy ****. You read my mind. I have been thinking the same thing. I also hope Tom does not make the mistake of jumping into a relationship way to soon, specially with the types of girls he’s been seen lately. And while I am okay with the idea of him just “having fun” for a while (I’m not the jealousy type of fangirl) I agree with you; he should do it very carefully as to not let some *** get preggo on purpose or something. After that I hope he finds the right woman for him, one that wants the same things out of life. I heard that having a family was one of the issues. He wanted to have kids and she didn’t. I have seen him say on interviews that indeed he’d like to have a family. And I remember him saying he’d like to start after SV ended. So it seems about right that this could be one of the problems.

  • Di


    Really? I want to see this… Pls…

  • Donte

    @NdaKnow: I’m glad you and Allie have seen Tom Welling’s recent behavior, everyone else seems to ignore what’s really going on with Tom. Tom has been video taped leaving Bootsy Bellows with some provocatively dressed girls. He hangs with the same group of guys Zac Efron cut out of his life because they were a bad influence on his sobriety. Tom Welling is living a bad boy lifestyle now that he’s single. I liked him more when he was married to Jamie. But if he was a bad husband, Jamie did the right thing by filing for divorce from him! Jamie I hope you get half of everything, you deserve it!!!

  • Allie

    @Donte: Yes I used to like when he was married because he seemed to be the kind of guy who wanted to do the right thing and be a good husband. I don’t know about cheating, from either side, since they seem to be separated ever since late 2011, and it was in 2012 that all those girls on twitter started sharing their encounters. So I wonder if he and Jamie were already done by then and that’s why he was chasing other girls. Men tend to behave like this after a separation/divorce. My brother did the same. He used partying and casual sex as form coping with being left by the girl he adored. I wonder if Tom is doing just this. I hope he gets back on the right track and goes back to being the guy he used to be.

  • Donte

    @Allie: I agree with you, my brother did the same thing. He was going to strip clubs and sleeping with strippers. Disgusting! I don’t know what happened with Tom and Jamie but whatever it was Jamie must have had enough!

  • CL

    I just remember his interview with The View many years ago when he said something along the lines of “[marriage] is even more beautiful than I thought it could be.” Glad they had those happy years together and glad they’re separating now that they have those ‘irreconcilable’ differences, whatever they may be. I’m guessing about a billion fan-girls just swooned from this news, but setting aside that not-so-surprising reaction, I hope they both stay happy wherever life takes them!

  • Ashley

    Poor man. I think he can do want he wants because he’s a free man. Does someone have his phone number? ;-)

  • rosy

    when two people do not love the most is just the divorce, tom has the opportunity to meet the right woman and have beautiful children! I love Tom Welling!!!!!!

  • kelly

    Tom Welling is a free man?Finally! Donte @ Kalamonde maya’re too obsessed with Tom Welling! is not normal.

  • Ashley

    How can I get keep in touch to him?

  • Donte

    @Ashley: Hang out at Bootsy Bellows or Hooray Henry’s and wear a short skirt, that will get his attention!

  • Ashley

    Are you sure Donte?

  • Ashley

    When he do so. Why he isn’t on Twitter or FB?

  • Miley

    @Ashley: He has a new girlfriend

  • Pete

    Look at all you morons, acting like you know these people personally

  • petra

    Tom. dear tom where are you? I would like to join you!

  • Ashley

    @Miley Why are you sure that he has a new girlfriend?

  • miriam

    An ‘other actor is getting a divorce is Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. Tom got married too young, 23 and 26 he she, when love ends is separate right!

  • sofia

    The reason for the separation of TOM and Jamie are the women! Tom HATES drugs! I can say with sincerity because I know well Jamie, Jamie is suffering a lot but patience has its limits! I am Disgusted to read Lies and deceit!

  • GG

    @sofia: Suffering??? Yeah right, based on the pics and info from her instagram and FB she seems to be dealing with this just fine. Traveling and having fun with family and friends.

  • marlen

    we should not believe in gossip because it is composed of 90% of the lies and 10% truth! Tom is OK!

  • marlen

    we should not believe in gossip because it is composed of 90% of the lies and 10% truth! Tom is OK!

  • Donte

    @GG: Why shouldn’t Jamie be traveling and having fun with friends? Tom is having fun with his friends! She’s going to be having a lot more fun when she gets half of all the millions Tom made during acting, and she deserves every dime!

  • Donte

    @sofia: Are you kidding me, Tom Welling HATES drugs? Most if not all the guys he hangs with do drug. The guy he was with leaving Bootsy Bellows with in the Youtube video is a drug addict! Do your research.

  • marlen

    A word of advice to Tom Welling: You should denounce some sites or fake fans for the falsehoods that raccontono, unfortunately the evil has no end, I do not understand how can they judge without knowingthe truth. Tom Welling has always been very private and away from the clamor, tom loves sports and travel, stay calm and think about your problems!