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Tom Welling & Jamie White Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage

Tom Welling & Jamie White Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage

Tom Welling and his wife Jamie White have reportedly gone their separate ways, according to TMZ.

The 36-year-old actor’s wife filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

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According to the divorce papers, Tom and Jamie separated in December last year after being married for 10 years.

Though the couple did not have any children, Jamie is asking for spousal support.

Tom and Jamie lived in Vancouver until 2011, when they relocated to L.A.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Tom Welling and wife Jamie White are getting divorced?

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  • trust

    Why some people can accept his private life? Maybe Jamie is falling in love with someone else or he wants a child and Jamie don’t. Who knows?

    A lot of people got a divorce but nobody insult them. I only can say poor Tom.

  • trust

    Why some people can’t accept his private life? Maybe Jamie is falling in love with someone else or he wants a child and Jamie don’t. Who knows?

    A lot of people got a divorce but nobody insult them. I only can say poor Tom.

  • justice

    kalamonde = donte, apocogic, maya, etc. .. think of your problems are severe and do not run away from reality! Farewell lesbian idiot!!

  • justice

    kalamonde, donte not be able to sow hatred because people are smarter than you!

  • melody

    The new woman Tom Welling is called Bella Tatarian, it is a very jealous woman, Bella is 28 years old and is a model. actress and singer. She is always with Tom but it is very private.

  • Donte

    @melody: Well the secret is out now! I wouldn’t call Bella Tatarian a singer though, her singing is atrocious! She has a music video on Youtube and I was wondering who did she have to sleep with to get a recording contract. I guess Tom Welling is sleeping with a typical Hollywood mattress, model/actress, girls who sleep their way to the top. I don’t know how far she’s going to get with Tom Welling though, he’s struggling to get work himself. A mattress should replaced after 8 years, I wonder how long it will take Tom Welling to replace Bella Tatarian?

  • melody

    kalamonde, (donte) but because you have to offend and judge people you do not know? Bella is a very serious girl, beautiful, and his family are among the richest in California. kalamonde you exaggerated with offensive words! But why are you so bad? that serious problems do you have? Facts cure, seek help.

  • sonia

    I’m sure 100% that @ kalamonde is spitting venom on the new girlfriend of Tom. But for once why do not you mind your own business! kalamonde = donte …..

  • Because I Can

    Wow! No one cares that these people are still married. This is wrong on every level. The fact this woman (Bella Tatarian) is sleeping around with someone husband makes her what? Tom I just expected so much more.

    My heart bleed for Jamie. No one deserve this.

  • Donte

    @Because I Can: Jamie is going to be just fine! It’s sad a 10 year marriage came to an end but with the way Tom Welling is acting, Jamie will be better off without him. Tom is just enjoying the thrill of being with this sexy woman. After she fulfils his fantasies he’ll move on the next mattress, model/actress. I expected much more from Tom too, but he has embraced the Hollywood lifestyle.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Jamie, she is a strong, independent, confident woman. Let Tom have his young playmates. Tom Welling is dating a woman who has two tattoos above her vagina. Tom gave up classy for trashy!

  • Because I Can

    Ok here is the deal. I know Jamie is no lightweight she will be fine. I trust she find her true soul mate and enjoy life to the fullest. She comes from solid family in Boston she will rise far above this with time.

    My big issue is the disrespect here. I have no clue what went wrong in this couple marriage nor do I care. I do care they are going through something right now and deserve respect form all of us. ANY woman who sleeps with a married man regardless of the situation is TRASH. Then tell your friends so they can get on line and say its ok. That is LOW. This Bella Tatarian will always be known as the other women and a bimbo. Just wait until they go public with their relationship.

    This divorce is very hard for all parties involved. I don’t think I can never ever watch anything Tom Welling or this Bella Tatarian is again.

    It would appear Jamie put her career and starting a family on hold to support her husband. This is her repayment. For her/Jamie this sound like a great book or a life time move some day.

  • Weigh IN

    @Because I Can:
    It look like for Tom this marriage was a wrap before the separation. He has been spending time with this girl for quite some time taking her hiking and traveling with her. He has no respect for his marriage. This man is broken

  • sabina

    damn! kalamonde, donte still uses different names to say the same things endlessly, always the same old thing, stop! please have mercy on us Shut up!

  • simone

    Tom Welling with 4 friends are visiting Mexico and are now located at the Bufadoro, Tom loves extreme sports and dangerous. Tom is now clear with a new girl!

  • Carrie

    too many lies about Tom Welling, There are people who like to spread false news about Tom. Tom 25 days you will find outside the U.S. so it was not seen in any bar! Stop the Trolls!

  • elisabeth

    Tom was 23 years old too young to get married, his wife 26. I hope that Tom can find happiness with a new girl!

  • Donte

    @elisabeth: Tom Welling got married at 25, no one forced him to get married! Tom Welling is disgusting and I would be ashamed to be a fan of his. Tom Welling is sleeping with a woman name Bella Tatarian and she post semi nude pictures of herself on Twitter. She also has tattoos above her va jay jay. Tom Welling has gone from being married to a classy lady to sleeping with trashy women.

  • kelly

    Tom is having an affair with Bella Tatarian, good!

  • leticia

    It is true Tom has had a long relationship with Bella Tatarian, model and actress, but now Tom is with another girl so it has been seen around with this new woman very jealous and possessive ……. poor Tom.

  • Donte

    @leticia: Tom Welling has been with many girls over the past year, Meredith Henry, Viola Wallace and Bella Tatarian, just to name a few. This new girl wont be the last. Tom Welling will sleep with any woman who spreads her legs.

  • mary

    @donte=kalamonde why are you obsessed with the private lives of tom welling? you have violated the privacy of the three girls this is not correct! but why are you so bad? if you do not like Tom music changes ….. tom is a Free Man can love all the women he wants but one day he will meet the right woman for him!

  • adele

    Kalamonde (Donte) jealous, very jealous! Because of his jealousy and revenge molested meredith and Viola. Donte forget Tom!

  • Donte

    Mary and Adele, it’s distrubring that WOMEN would defend a man who treats women like sex objects. Women like you make it easy for men like Tom Welling to abuse women. Tom Welling loses his desire for one woman and moves on to the next. THAT’S NOT LOVE! That’s disgusting!

  • mary

    Kalamonde or Donte BOOOM You are always exaggerated with the words, you have to use words carefully, Tom is a free man having fun with free women then do not tell lies. Tom is a sensitive and honest man, and then quiet women are happy to be with Tom!

  • sara

    The real bomb is the relationship of President Obama with Beyonce, both married with children, Tom is a Free Man and is always a Gentleman with women why women love TOM WELLING!

  • Donte

    @mary: Yes Tom Welling is a free man, NOW! Tom Welling was cheating on his wife when they were together, that’s why she divorced him.

  • sonia

    Donte with your fake morality is we’ve broken the boxes! change the subject.

  • Donte

    @sonia: The subject is Tom Welling’s wife files for divorce! So that’s what the comments are about, if you don’t like it, find another Tom Welling news topic!

  • sonia

    Donte is not your constructive criticism, unfortunately, You’re just a person full of hate, you’re not an objective person on Tom in fact you should change the subject (tom).

  • Donte

    Sonia, you should work on your english, it’s hard to understand what your trying to say. Although it really doesn’t matter! Like I said if you don’t like my comments don’t read them.

  • siena

    Who is behind Donte or Kalamonde? a Spanish woman who pretends that English does not have the courage to show his true face, it is good to hate!

  • Donte

    @siena: Is Donte no woman courage no make sense what is good to hate.

    Do you see how confusing that is. That’s how your English is. Learn to speak better English, then we can converse with one another!

  • mary

    Donte Kalamonde or when you take away the mask! Tom is Tom, but who are you?’re Just a small woman hiding

  • noemi

    Well mary! kalamonde is a woman with psychological and existential problems !

  • sonia

    Donte + kalamonde = hater smallville. Kalamonde (with multiple personalities) if you lived in England would close in a prison because it is forbidden to threaten or offend a person with fake accounts! Kalamonde you’re on a mental hospital!

  • giustizia

    I’ll eat your heart full of hate and venom! Hater Smallville = carmen…..

  • Barb

    @trust: Jamie is a classic beauty. Actually, in their photos together, it seemed like they were related or belonged together. They both are naturally good looking people and would have had beautiful children. Having children could be the issue. My cousin’s daughter divorced her husband who was her high school sweetheart because he did not want children. She ended up marrying a man whose ex-wife did not want children. It pained both of them to divorce their spouses, yet they could not live life without having children. All who are fans of Tom Welling be kinder in speaking about his wife. After all she has been a part of him for 15 years. Disrespect towards her is disrespect towards him. Those who are not Tom Welling fans–why hang out here? No one here is in a position to judge either Tom Welling or his wife.

  • rosy

    The marriage ended because there was more passion and love between Tom and Jamie, Tom fell in love with another woman in 2012 and then Jamie filed for divorce. Story told by her sister Jamie.

  • susan

    Now we have to talk about his work! Tom is working and soon we will have good news about his work. When love ends between two people is just a divorce!

  • Isabel

    I would like to remind erica durance tv that Saving Hope was canceled in the United States because the ratings were mediocre rather bad (flop) but also in Canada, the ratings are not high. the quality is better than quantity! Tom is making right choices and intelligent! ah maybe erica durance won an oscar?

  • selenia

    Erica Durance is only B-movies! is becoming a mask with all that plastic surgery ….. at least Tom Welling is natural!

  • karen

    Erica Durance? arrogant and touchy with a memory too short!

  • marlena

    Erica Durance forget because it represents the past! Tom will be back soon with a new interesting project. Now Tom is far from Smallville!

  • moira

    Erica Durance! Who is it?

  • milly

    If you want to play the “dating game” played with Tom and Kristin, both are not seriously involved with anyone. Beautiful couple!

  • stephany

    I do not understand the criticism against poor Tom Welling: criticism because he has a new girlfriend, because criticism is having fun with friends, often critical because walking with his best friend, but because can not have a normal life? Be more positive and less bad!

  • sally

    Yes Tom and Bella……oscar party!!❤️❤️

  • sara

    Tom Welling and Melenie Iglesias NO Bella !

  • alesia

    He’s right Sarah is Tom’s new girlfriend melanie Iglesias were together like two lovers at the bowling alley last night!

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