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Tom Welling & Jamie White Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage

Tom Welling & Jamie White Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage

Tom Welling and his wife Jamie White have reportedly gone their separate ways, according to TMZ.

The 36-year-old actor’s wife filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

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According to the divorce papers, Tom and Jamie separated in December last year after being married for 10 years.

Though the couple did not have any children, Jamie is asking for spousal support.

Tom and Jamie lived in Vancouver until 2011, when they relocated to L.A.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Tom Welling and wife Jamie White are getting divorced?

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207 Responses to “Tom Welling & Jamie White Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage”

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  1. 126
    Me Me Says:

    I am in agreement. I am a hopeless romantic I believe in true love. Jamie seem to really understand Tom and he her. It would be a Hollywood story comes true if they can get past all this drama. She was his friend before his wife if nothing more remain friends.

    If this couple loves each other hopefully they can get past this dark time. Some people have a very hard time with forgiving. I believe forgiving is what make us human. It’s hard to not forgive but when you have a life snafu you ask God to forgive you.

    I wish both of them the very best.

  2. 127
    gina Says:

    all the couples who have been divorced for “irreconcilable differences” are:tom cruise and Nicole k. Ketty perry, jennifer lopez, diane lane and josh brolin, etc…

  3. 128
    anonymous Says:

    Tom has been a cheater for quite some time and sadly like the vapid morons who think that Chris Brown is hot even though he beats women, the girls obsessed with Tom and trying to live vicariously through Jamie fail to see what has always been there… That he is a lying cheating scumbag. I don’t know if he’s on drugs or not and I don’t really care but I do know that he is not this noble, beautiful soul girls seem to think he is.
    How exactly I know this is no one’s business but as long as the wool is pulled over people’s eyes, he will continue to be a lying, cheating ******* who destroys the women he claims to love.

  4. 129
    Because I Can Says:

    I just had to add my two cents to this Welling drama. Just a few pointers

    Everyone is saying tom is separated and now he is in love with another woman. What smart woman would get involved with a married man? Separated man just that possible working to repair the marriage going to counseling to understand yourself. Why would you want to complicate things with starting a relationship with someone else.

    My next point is if Tom was so in love with another woman, why not just do the right thing in private settle up with Jamie and keep it moving. Maybe people would not thing he is such a jerk.

    I don’t understand Tom always out without his wife. I know Jamie has taken a bad rap from Tom’s fans. People saying she is not pretty just because she is not all puffed up alike those fake ass Hollywood girls. Jamie seem like a really SEXY woman who can ride her horse bareback come home make love to her man mentally and physically. Ride off into the sunset and start all over the next day.

    Her beauty is well rounded. I just pray she take her time reinvent herself and bounce back better than ever. Leaving Tom could be the best thing that ever happen to her. All depends how she handle this situation.

    I am very disappointed in Tom. Any man who cheat on his wife is a DOUCHE BAG in my book.

  5. 130
    Donte Says:

    @anonymous: Thank you for speaking the truth! I’m not the only one who thinks he’s not as innocent as his REAL FANS think he is!

  6. 131
    Donte Says:

    @Because I Can: You are SO right! Jamie is going to be just fine! She’s a strong and independent woman.

  7. 132
    rosy Says:

    Anonymous= Donte , Kalamonde ……instead of judging the private lives of people who do not know, pouring the poison, why do not you take care of your private life? Jesus said, “instead of looking at the hump of your brother looks the plank in your own eye. “everyone has to look at the problems of your own home and do not judge others for hate without knowing the Truth! Kalamonde, kalamonde!!!??

  8. 133
    Mary Says:

    You really are mentally disturbed and obsessed! kalamonde or Donte ETCC you are a lesbian who hates men! I pity you.

  9. 134
    sabina Says:

    But! you are there or are you doing? kalamonde , Donte , maya , Apocogic , anonymous etc…but what kind of drug use @ kalamonde?

  10. 135
    mattia Says:

    appeal to the ladies _ We all know _Donte in primis, change music! Donte or Kalamonde you are a woman sexually frustrated!

  11. 136
    Donte Says:

    Tom Welling’s divorce proceedings have officially began. Tom Welling is going to lose millions. I wonder was cheating on his wife worth all of the money he’s going to lose in the divorce. Tom Welling is a DISGRACE!!!

  12. 137
    nicole Says:

    The SHAME Kalamonde are You! Are you a bad person with multiple personality disorder. Mind your own business and think of your problems will be much more severe than Tom!

  13. 138
    Donte Says:

    I used to think Tom Welling was a good actor but now he is just a celebrity without a job! Kim Kardashian make more money than Tom Welling does!!!

  14. 139
    selenia Says:

    Donte or kalamonde do not worry about Tom’s work, I can assure you that we will soon begin a new movie He’s very selective, but are business of tom! kalamonde your dear Jamie will not starve! Do not worry Tom is super good. ok!

  15. 140
    samy Says:

    tom welling has two upcoming films: Parkland and Draft Day! Tom is selective in fact the quality is better than quantity! Now Tom is far from Smallville. Tom is fantastic!

  16. 141
    diana Says:

    I love Tom Welling because it is the most Mysterious man in the world! I heard from Some girls who under the sheets is Super!

  17. 142
    Because I can Says:

    Diana and all the other **** puppies out there. Here we go again. Some women are lower than scum. No respect for the fact the man is/was married. This is the problem with the divorce rate in the county trashy ass women. When they end up with a man who kick their ass or cheat on them, they play victim. Tom Welling is a scum bag just like all you **** puppies.

    No decent person would support a man who cheats on his wife. I would not go see anything he was in if it was free. I feel the same about Brad Pitt and all the other Hollywood scum bags.

    Tom Welling is not Clark Kent people get a clue. This man is lower than scum he has no respect for woman.

    There has been speculation he was cheating as far back as 06. Any man who think that little of his wife deserve any bad KARMA that come his way.

  18. 143
    Because I can Says:

    you are stupid

  19. 144
    diana Says:

    Because I can = Donte or kalamonde. Quiet “friend” Tom has had relationships with girls after separating from his wife. But why become jealous and bad for the betrayals of tom? You’re too emotionally involved donte.”you are stupid” kalamonde !

  20. 145
    diana Says:

    oh I forgot that Tom is a power under the sheets! sincerely!!

  21. 146
    Because I can Says:

    I am really not who you think I am. You can believe what ever you wish. My comment is really not so much about how women can be so disrespectful. Anyone can be a low life but not anyone can be a classy person.

    I am not attacking Tom just simply stating the truth. People think this man is Clark Kent he is not he is human. Why all the fuss with Tom and his divorce. He is not the person people think he is. Justin Hartley went through a divorce last year without all this fuss. Now you see Justin he is hanging with his brother and sister doing great charity work. That is a respectful man.

    Truthfully smallville came alone when America needed something good to believe in. It aired on the heals of 911, a love story with hero’s and to keep the men attention women kicking ass who would not like that. The show ran five years to longer that it should have. This man is good looking but that does not mean he is a beautiful person inside and out. He needs to work on himself like all of us.

    I have a major problem with women acting so trashy. How can you raise children and teach them right from wrong when you are disrespectful. Why would you say something about that man in bed when he has a wife that might read this blog. That is VERY low.

  22. 147
    Because I C Says:

    You are still stupid. People like you I use as example with my patients

  23. 148
    Donte Says:

    Some Tom Welling fans find it hard to believe that not every one wants to suck Tom Welling’s ****! Jamie knows who the real Tom Welling is, that’s why she is divorcing him. I would say Tom Welling is receiving that bad Karma, he’s about to lose a whole lot of money in the divorce, his career isn’t doing so well and he surrounds himself with celebrity leeches who pretend to be his friends. These are the same people Zac Efron cut out of his life. Tom Welling should get a clue. I’m sure he will when it’s too late.

  24. 149
    mary Says:

    Donte! Are you a woman a liar but also have a Vulgar language . Donte, kalamonde you are a lesbian mentally and sexually frustrated. You understand Idiot!! Because I Can =kalamonde it is so obvious! ha ha!

  25. 150
    nicole Says:

    Donte six vulgar! a woman vulgar and rude CAN NOT give advice to ANYONE! Kalamonde out of your vocabulary I knew what kind of woman YOU ARE!

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