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Tom Welling & Jamie White Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage

Tom Welling & Jamie White Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage

Tom Welling and his wife Jamie White have reportedly gone their separate ways, according to TMZ.

The 36-year-old actor’s wife filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

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According to the divorce papers, Tom and Jamie separated in December last year after being married for 10 years.

Though the couple did not have any children, Jamie is asking for spousal support.

Tom and Jamie lived in Vancouver until 2011, when they relocated to L.A.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Tom Welling and wife Jamie White are getting divorced?

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207 Responses to “Tom Welling & Jamie White Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage”

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  1. 176
    Donte Says:

    @mary: Yes Tom Welling is a free man, NOW! Tom Welling was cheating on his wife when they were together, that’s why she divorced him.

  2. 177
    sonia Says:

    Donte with your fake morality is we’ve broken the boxes! change the subject.

  3. 178
    Donte Says:

    @sonia: The subject is Tom Welling’s wife files for divorce! So that’s what the comments are about, if you don’t like it, find another Tom Welling news topic!

  4. 179
    sonia Says:

    Donte is not your constructive criticism, unfortunately, You’re just a person full of hate, you’re not an objective person on Tom in fact you should change the subject (tom).

  5. 180
    Donte Says:

    Sonia, you should work on your english, it’s hard to understand what your trying to say. Although it really doesn’t matter! Like I said if you don’t like my comments don’t read them.

  6. 181
    siena Says:

    Who is behind Donte or Kalamonde? a Spanish woman who pretends that English does not have the courage to show his true face, it is good to hate!

  7. 182
    Donte Says:

    @siena: Is Donte no woman courage no make sense what is good to hate.

    Do you see how confusing that is. That’s how your English is. Learn to speak better English, then we can converse with one another!

  8. 183
    mary Says:

    Donte Kalamonde or when you take away the mask! Tom is Tom, but who are you?’re Just a small woman hiding

  9. 184
    noemi Says:

    Well mary! kalamonde is a woman with psychological and existential problems !

  10. 185
    sonia Says:

    Donte + kalamonde = hater smallville. Kalamonde (with multiple personalities) if you lived in England would close in a prison because it is forbidden to threaten or offend a person with fake accounts! Kalamonde you’re on a mental hospital!

  11. 186
    giustizia Says:

    I’ll eat your heart full of hate and venom! Hater Smallville = carmen…..

  12. 187
    Barb Says:

    @trust: Jamie is a classic beauty. Actually, in their photos together, it seemed like they were related or belonged together. They both are naturally good looking people and would have had beautiful children. Having children could be the issue. My cousin’s daughter divorced her husband who was her high school sweetheart because he did not want children. She ended up marrying a man whose ex-wife did not want children. It pained both of them to divorce their spouses, yet they could not live life without having children. All who are fans of Tom Welling be kinder in speaking about his wife. After all she has been a part of him for 15 years. Disrespect towards her is disrespect towards him. Those who are not Tom Welling fans–why hang out here? No one here is in a position to judge either Tom Welling or his wife.

  13. 188
    rosy Says:

    The marriage ended because there was more passion and love between Tom and Jamie, Tom fell in love with another woman in 2012 and then Jamie filed for divorce. Story told by her sister Jamie.

  14. 189
    susan Says:

    Now we have to talk about his work! Tom is working and soon we will have good news about his work. When love ends between two people is just a divorce!

  15. 190
    Isabel Says:

    I would like to remind erica durance tv that Saving Hope was canceled in the United States because the ratings were mediocre rather bad (flop) but also in Canada, the ratings are not high. the quality is better than quantity! Tom is making right choices and intelligent! ah maybe erica durance won an oscar?

  16. 191
    selenia Says:

    Erica Durance is only B-movies! is becoming a mask with all that plastic surgery ….. at least Tom Welling is natural!

  17. 192
    karen Says:

    Erica Durance? arrogant and touchy with a memory too short!

  18. 193
    marlena Says:

    Erica Durance forget because it represents the past! Tom will be back soon with a new interesting project. Now Tom is far from Smallville!

  19. 194
    moira Says:

    Erica Durance! Who is it?

  20. 195
    milly Says:

    If you want to play the “dating game” played with Tom and Kristin, both are not seriously involved with anyone. Beautiful couple!

  21. 196
    stephany Says:

    I do not understand the criticism against poor Tom Welling: criticism because he has a new girlfriend, because criticism is having fun with friends, often critical because walking with his best friend, but because can not have a normal life? Be more positive and less bad!

  22. 197
    sally Says:

    Yes Tom and Bella……oscar party!!❤️❤️

  23. 198
    sara Says:

    Tom Welling and Melenie Iglesias NO Bella !

  24. 199
    alesia Says:

    He’s right Sarah is Tom’s new girlfriend melanie Iglesias were together like two lovers at the bowling alley last night!

  25. 200
    Anna Says:


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