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'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Casting Roundup & Poll (VOTE!)

Billy Magnussen

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  • SaadGKhan

    Jamie Dornan … if you guys watch em as Family man and Secret Psycho Killer in The Falls … there is no way to choose someone else to play Sadistic Billionaire Christian Grey.
    ps. is Dakota Johnson fired already or not?!?

  • mary

    OMG!!! i can’t wait either! i hope Jamie Dornan rumors to be true, he’ll be perfect CG.

  • Claudia

    Voglio Charlie :((((((((((

    Charlie come back!!!!!! :(

  • Carolina

    Jamie Dornan has everything, beginin that he’s gorgeous, has the color of hair, the intense gaze, that voice. and as @saadgkhan said he’s currently on The falls, as a killer, and he’s amazing in it, that role that dark help him to be perfect CG.

  • maria

    JAMIE DORNAN!! hopefully he gets the part, he’s perfect!!

  • maria

    @Carolina: dont forget he was a model for CK, and had tons of sexy ads, he knows how to use his body!! Damn he’s HOT!

  • Ada

    Jamie Dornan!!!! Jamie Dornan!! Give him the part already!!

  • Claudia

    Jamie Dornan? O.O he seems that it has sixteen years old

    no, please, no! so is better scott

    ( sorry for my english )

  • Anna

    NO ONE!

  • pika

    the one who was on the CK ad.

  • http://no Julia

    Charlie Hunnam

  • LiiL

    Who are these guys???

  • Ale

    Jamie Dornan is not only a sexy guy, he’s a fantastic actor!
    He was really good in Once Upon a Time, but he’s AMAZING in “The Fall” BBC tv series, where he plays a psychopath!

  • mia

    jamie dornan!!!

  • mia

    please pleaaseee drop the girl!!! eww

  • ona

    Scott E. !!!!!

  • ona

    Jamie Dornan is the new Matt Bommer!

  • sela

    jamie is so hot! i didn’t mind charlie i’ve liked him as well since a movie he was in with katie holmes forever ago. but jamie’s an even better choice i never thought of. i’ve loved him since marie antoinette :D the girl seriously needs to go though.. what are they thinking.. i’m not even much of a fan of this book & even i can tell she’s totally wrong. she’s way too old & not pretty enough. don’t the casting directors know that people want to see a super adorable girl?

  • Melanie

    Look at Chace Crawford!!!!!
    He is perfect for the role…

  • brightviolette

    Jamie Dornan for me :)

  • Elphie

    I really want Skarsgard as Grey but I have doubt that he will have the role, but I do see Jamie Dorman as Grey, also I see some chemistry/matching of Dakota Johnson who going play ANA. Yes he does has that hair color and that look. So my choice is Jamie Dorman. :)

  • ali

    They don’t need someone who is just hot. They need someone truly masculine. These guys are all “lightweight”. None of the men mentioned in the comments, or in the lineup, are real men yet. That is the real factor to consider. Javier Bardem, for example, is a real man. Jeremy Renner. Danny Huston (but he can seem mean, at times). Sean Penn. Daniel Craig. Not a grown up boy. They need a man – a commanding presence.

  • what about???

    Watching “Something Borrowed” on FX and Colin Egglesfield would be perfect in the role! He is really hot and a former model. He looks somewhat like Matt Bomer.

  • KM

    Skarsgard would love to get that role, I bet. But it will kill his career.

  • melissa

    Well, as all the comments above, Jamie Dornan is AMAZING in the bbc series THE FALL, the darkness that is needed for the role of CG, he’s already doing it, at a higher level yes, since he’s a psychopath in the series. But to portray all 50 shades fu**kedponess that christian grey lives, he’s the right guy for it. And last but surely not least, hes incredible hot and has all the masculinity eventhough he’s not very muscular.

  • Kathy

    YES YES YES!! JAMIE DORNAN!! he has to be, he’s perfect!!

  • Toni Grant

    I like the mystery behind Alexander Skarsgard and think he would make a wonderful lead in Fifty Shades

  • anonymous

    Such a ridiculous and stupid book and now a movie that will be equally as bad.

  • patty

    Ryan Phillippe is the one!!!

  • Lee

    Stepen Amell from Arrow, yum.

  • FahhQ

    Come on girls, Alexander Skarsgard is obviously the best choice for this part. Get with the program. And Dorman isn’t that hot. Calm down.

  • julie

    why no Matt Bomer?!? he got the largest vote before right????

  • julie

    why no Matt Bomer?!??? he got the largest vote before right???

  • Yauser

    A red headed hunk with dark side will be appealing as in the books. The book is soft porn, will be great if narrated. Some of my friends did not care for the book, it’s too predictable and comes out a typical romance novel. It was an ok book. As for movies, I love suspense and romantic movies like Mr&Mrs Smith!, Wanted and the other one of Angelina Jolie’s movie with Johnny Depp filmed in Europe, can’t remember the title. 50 Shades will probably be like the movie Tom Cruise and Nicole K did, something Bedroom or the other name that was disastrous. Books like these 50 Shades are best read and not made into acting. Oh well, good luck with the film. Kuni M (Aston K’s girlfriend) will be a great leading actress with Katy Perry and Kim K as the other ladies in his past.

  • Kathy

    @julie: because it has been said that he wasnt been in the running for the role, aka he’s not interested.

  • Kathy

    I mean Jamie Dornan obviously it’s so confident about his body, all those sexy ads for Calvin klein has to pay off!! he’s amazingly hot. and to add to his hotness, his way talented and sadly underated. in his new series the fall, he’s incredible.

    Alexander Skarsgard, is a hottie also, very talented and we all know who watch true blood knows he’s very comfortable w/ his body also, if he got chosen i would accept it w/ gratitude but for me the perfect is jamie.

  • Stephine Wallace

    Who cares if Matt Bomer is gay. Who are PEOPLE? GOD? I thought acting was about bringing out a character and not questioning one’s sexuality.

  • Julie

    Todd Lasance who played Julius Caesar from Spartacus would be be perfect Christian Grey.

  • 55vineyard

    Most.Boring.Book.Ever. Someone gave it to me, I read about 5 pages and left it behind . No idea why there is such fuss 0ver this being made into a movie, frankly I think it will flop.

  • Marissa Campos

    I don’t like any of them they are not right for the part most of them look fruity. I think Ryan Gosling would be great!

  • tika

    i would love it if HENRY CAVILL(MOS) could be the ultimate CG omg he would be perfect .pls pls pls EVERYONE plsss Google him n see how perfect he is for the part.but otherwise jamie dornan wud b better than that hunnam guy…PLS be told…CG fan

  • Diane

    Sorry don’t find anyone who looks like a kid sexy. The Jamie guy is too short and Scrawny to be taken seriously as Christian Grey. Alexander is CG he is man, something this role desperately needs. Oh and he can act, something the others lack.

  • Diane

    @KM: It would not kill his career, and he wants the role, I am sure he knows what it is he wants to do ;) He is perfect for the role, he does not look like a boy.

  • julie

    Sure Jamie likes to show off his junk, but he’s too thin, how could they made him buff in one week?
    And Jamie is too short, we don’t want CG in red room in manheels with so tall Dakota.
    Jamie is horrible stiff actor too, just saw his scene on Once Upon A Time, blah, nothing specil.

  • azy

    Other than his big junk, there’s nothing good of Jamie. He looks like boy without beard, not manly enough.
    Too short and mediocre stiff acting.
    Sad and tragic how they went from Charlie with great acting reps to Z List Jamie with barely there nothing impressive acting resume

  • Diane

    @mary: God I hope not, he looks like a kid, looks like Pacey for Dawson’s Creek, a kid. Oh and the pics of his pimping the undies are from some time ago. No we need a man in the role, no someone just trying to pretend to be one.

  • Diane

    @Ale: So let him keep playing for the Brits. we do not know who he is, nor is he very impressive, looking. Too little and scrawny. CG is supposed to be impressive, jaw dropping not a foooking kid. Go ahead and cast him, just as bad as Charlie, at least Charlie looked like a man.

  • Diane

    @SaadGKhan: This guy is a turd, who just likes to show off his dick. He is too short and fem looking for the role of a man. He looks like a boy. The CK pics are from some time ago, and photo shopped within an inch of being a cartoon. No he is not CG.

  • ayakemimkuy

    I want Charlie Hunnam back!!