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Julia Roberts: Hollywood Film Awards Honoree!

Julia Roberts: Hollywood Film Awards Honoree!

Julia Roberts chats away with a fellow mom as she drops her daughter Hazel, 8, off for her soccer game on Saturday (October 19) in Los Angeles.

The 45-year-old actress and her little gal were surrounded by a group of her daughter’s friends and some parents as they made their way to the soccer field.

On Monday evening (October 21), Julia will be honored at the 2013 Hollywood Film Awards, which kicks off awards season as the first award show!

Sandra Bullock, Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey will also be honored at the Hollywood event.

Chris Martin and his group Coldplay will be awarded the Hollywood Song Award for their hit “Atlas” from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

20+ pictures inside of Julia Roberts and her daughter going to soccer…

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julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 01
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 02
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 03
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 04
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 05
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 06
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 07
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 08
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 09
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 10
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 11
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 12
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 13
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 14
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 15
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 16
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 17
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 18
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 19
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 20
julia roberts hollywood film awards honoree 21

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  • Connie Falconeri

    You’re never supposed to wear your cleats on hard surfaces.

  • R

    Can’t wait to see Meryl & Julia on he big screen!

  • Looselipz

    Julia Robert’s, so over.

  • NY Daily News

    Her kids are turning out better looking than I expected

  • @4

    Why do you think that? Sandra Bullock was in the wilderness with flops in the last 2 years but came back this year with 2 hits. It can happen

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  • 55vineyard

    I still like her, don’t know much about her new movie, will have to check it out. Just cannot afford too many movies these days unless they are playing at the discount theaters or offer Senior days.

  • ali

    What is it with Hollywood and AWARDS?? This is ridiculous. These people have not done anything. How about an award for the best doctor or teacher who helped children heal and read and learn. I am turned by the Hollywood Award scene.

  • Ha

    @ali: Yeah, sadly this is more what people aspire to do ….easier life, you know

  • Mia

    Is her daughter an albino?

  • ali

    Out of this world. I hope Danny is having a good weekend.

  • caroling

    Danny is having a bad 2013. He had a good week and weekend without waste. You lot, are we at the end of the tunnel? Are we?

  • car

    Danny is hiding again. Thanksgiving in 3 weeks. I want many pics of him by himself or with friends . I am not seeing many articles about AMerican H. What’s going on? Is this what happens when Harvey is not behind a movie?

  • Frences

    Nobody wants to see them. He is putting us all off. Media isn’t interested. Nobody cares about him with waste. He has helped her and move on now.

  • capriofan

    His fans are on many threads. Several on caprio’s. Dumbo is on Leo’s thread. She is V. She already took over a name. The original V got many questions. caprio b day coming up. Danny will be there. Will he take Julia or go solo or take waste? Some think caprio broke up with toni. If he didn’t, waste will try to go to Leo’s party.

  • Elisbon

    I went to the Caprio thread. They have him with a soul mate when he wants to settle. Some sort of Julia type. Someone who is not a model who he will end up with.
    Is this Caprio’s playbook he shared with Danny? Does Danny do everything Caprio does??

  • Eleanor


    You’re kidding, right? Dumb made up a story about
    a secret woman to be Man. She doesn’t get it won’t work
    when it is a bunch of lies. Caprio is a modelizer. He has
    had 5 or 6 models. This is #1 for our guy.

  • flower

    He might go to NY this weekend for Caprio’s birthday More pics for us

  • lotte

    Ruf!Ruf! Did you see the terrible pics of Waste? She is absolutely filfthy! IS she going to walk me again? Ugh!

  • ateam

    Don’t let her walk you, lotte! She asked the papz to take pics and did not want close ups of her bad skin wough with bumps everywhere even as a model who get treatments on her face. She really is moving to LA? She follows him every where.

  • lotte.

    Jared, not duplicate comment.Post it.

    Ruf!Ruf!IOne pic she has make up. She went to the bathroom to fix herself. Ughy!

  • Yelslel

    My name is backwards. For once her fans were saying the truth about her seeking employment in AL and in NY. She is seeking mostly in AL.
    @ateam: You are right about her going where ever he is. The new direct flight from the UK helps her. I think HW is going to influence his friends in the US to get jobs. She has no talent but with connections likes his she can get employment in LA. It might be B level employment but waste will get it.

  • ateam

    I do not want her to move to LA into his house. It is too close. Moving to LA with successful jobs can be part of contract.

  • lotte

    Ruf!Ruf! I do not want more PR pics this week and weeknd. I do not want PR pics with her. Ugh! Ugh!

  • Jem

    Yeslele All dreadful.

  • ian

    She knew she would be papped, and THIS is how she presents herself? Don’t tell me it was a long flight. She was obviously filthy when she got on the plane in the first place.

    Another fabulous negative article at tdm slagging her off for her dirty appearance. Does she know a RP team is supposed to prevent unflattering pics and stories like this from being published?

    Does her RP team know that? LOL!

  • ian

    Will Man be posting any time soon?

    I don’t mean about Waste, as a subject she’s beyond tiresome. I mean about Danny. How is the CC project going? He’ll be starting AH promotions soon.

    Any news about that?

  • ian

    Sorry for the multiple posts guys, this was just posted.

    While Waste was stumbling through the airport looking like sh!t, Danny was on the beach with Frieda looking fabulous. P

  • Zen

    Thanks for the p. I am beyond tired of hearing about Waste but she puts herself out there and does everything to be papped and to get attention by sending our cryptic messages on her social media. Waste looked like a rat and went to the ladies to look like a human being. I really really can’t wait for her to be out of our universe.

    I google Danny and I get Waste. Of course the article has Danny’s name to sell it. Is Danny going to Caprio’s birthday this weekend? I’d like pics of Caprio and Danny.

  • Gabby

    She is just plain dirty. Her RP team can’t help her there. She is a dirty girl.
    Danny really does not care about fans.

  • Zen

    Danny looks so good with Frieda! He can just date her. We will all support them. If I can have more pics of them I will be very happy.

    Ugliest dirtiest wannabe model.

  • havetolaugh

    havetolaughhavetolaugh. Finally a pic where Danny looks relaxed and good. He looks in love there.

    If you want to laugh read the other JJ thread with law from Oct. 9th
    #204 from T. Very funny. She has her passport so she is
    getting there from a foreign country. When you land in the US they check your papers on the first port of entry.

  • ian

    Posted this on the other open thread.

    tdm has the story about Danny and Frieda up with a couple of extra pics. At the bottom they tacked on a bit about Waste being in AL to go to a recoding studio.

    Being a model isn’t really working, so now she’s being encouraged to be a singer?

    I hate to think what’s next when being a “singer” doesn’t work out either.

  • Sereh

    I also posted on other thread. Here it is:

    JJ is so pro waste. How much is her RP team paying them? Why did they have to combine Frieda pic of waste?
    @BXXXXXX: I also think Danny will go to NY for Caprio’s’s birthday. He is one of hi s closest friends and Danny liked him before he knew him. Waste will do everything to be there. Caprio likes young girls and she will fit in well with all the other young girls there.

  • havetolaugh

    Blind item is so funny. It is Waste and they knew straight away. She sleeps with anything that will get her to the next level.
    More pics of with Danny!

  • mccar

    Ok, so we are here. I am going to p what someone said on the thread about her poor RP.
    I am so happy to see Danny relaxed. I agree with havetolaugh to have more pics of him with fans or Frieda.

  • gael

    Time and time again we see her PR team is rubbish. They keep proving it. They are not very talented and are just like her. Yes, Man will post again.

  • Jem

    All the tdm comments for Frieda are positive. Very refreshing! Danny has great actors working with him on this romantic comedy. Maybe Danny will go straight from the island to New York. Caprio’s birthday party might also be in AL.

  • Zen

    Another great pic of Danny!
    He looks good and so tanned. He is spending mos tof his
    time on the island. I am guessing he knew his schedule
    was going to be busy and his parent is with the sister. P.
    Keep those pics coming CC. We like them! Danny also looks
    good with Emma. He looks good with everyone that is not her.

  • flower

    Zen and Ian
    Thanks for the pics. Th eDM and other hired tabloids have no pics of them so now they do side by side or put pics of them apart in the same article.

  • Seb

    Bradley’s love interest the Italian American flew into NY and had a benefit there yesterday. I think she spent some time with Bradley this week.

  • law

    Is this the real S? Or a name take over and why are they using the B word??? Person is writing like them.

    Do not use b and write a different name. You can use B on the other story! I just googled and can’t find this. Be careful!!

  • caroling

    Wrote to gael. I don’t think it is the real S. This S does not have names down. Gael never asked us about S. Someone dumb trying to crash our thread. Dummy Dumbo!