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Johnny Depp: Bleached Blonde Hair at BFI Film Fest Awards!

Johnny Depp: Bleached Blonde Hair at BFI Film Fest Awards!

Johnny Depp shows off his new bleached blonde hair while attending the 2013 BFI London Film Festival Awards on Saturday (October 19) at the Banqueting House in London, England.

The 50-year-old actor was in attendance as a surprise guest to present Christopher Lee with the BFI Fellowship honor.

“It’s my great honor to be here,” Johnny said on stage (via THR). He also called Christopher a “great man, a very great man indeed” and said “it was certainly a childhood dream come true” to work with him.

Johnny and Christopher appeared together in the films Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sleepy Hollow, and Dark Shadows.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Johnny Depp’s new hair color?

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  • Kelly

    Not a fan of the blonde, but it’s nice to see him cleaned up

  • lala

    This is not a good look for him.

  • go go

    Omg what was he thinking?!

  • linda

    don’t like the blond hair at all. He is so gorgeous with his brown hair. I love blond’s but not on him. He looks older and not distinguishable. No, no, No. I love Johnny Depp, and this he is the most handsome man on earth, but not with blond hair.

  • Sarah.

    Oh no, I hope it’s just for a role.. but the suit looks good on him!

  • Josephine

    @go go:

    It’s most likely for a movie, so like most actors who drastically change their looks, he didn’t think anythibng he just did what he was told to do.

  • Silvia

    He is starting his work in “Mortdecai” so obviously is for this role. It’s not the first time he’s blonde by the way (Blow, The Astronaut’s Wife, Secret Window) and I think he looks great no matter what
    He looks so young even with the terrible lighting on them in the picture. And that suit, no jewelry…I can’t believe this is the same Johnny that two years ago was coming downhill with the crisis in his life. Now, here he is, looking gorgeous, clean, without drinking alcohol and for what I’ve read from his fans, it’s seems that he’s leaving his smoking habit too…
    Which saint I have to thank for this miracle?

  • sarah

    Do not like the blonde hair but it’s nice to see him look like he showered.

  • Macy

    I would not have recognized him.

  • fare

    I love it!!!He looks like an angel to me!Blonde hair suits him perfect,even though they are just for his next movie.He looks great anyway!

  • http://Coolfamily Movie star

    Johnny is a serious artist and a huge, charismatic movie star. Kudos for presenting Christopher Lee with the BFI Fellowship honor.

  • brenda

    OMG…Johnny!! What the h*ll are you thinking?..I think he is really crazy,because he is so gorgeous but he choose those horrible hairstyles and the color ,that awful!!! PLEASE JOHNNY CHANGE IT QUICKLY!!!

  • MarĂ­lia

    Are Johnny and Amber still together?

  • Nancy Cocks

    I don’t care, love him either way!

  • psi

    @MarĂ­lia: sure!

  • jane

    when johnny lets his hair grow, brad pitt lets his grow. once brad cuts his hair, johnny cuts his hair shortly after. i find it adorable cause its unintentional but they both do the same things except one is blond, the other is brunette but theyre both talented sex gods.

  • pup

    Those cheekbones!

  • Jessie


  • Chloe

    He looks 40. It’s the Cherokee ancestry kicking in. The blonde hair is okay; at least he looks clean here.

  • Ha

    @jane: nicely put. My thoughts exactly :D

  • ??

    he looks terrible with that hair. He looks much better with his dark hair.

  • ChoctawLady

    Johnny is without a doubt the best looking man in the world. Have seen him in several movies with blond hair but this color is too brassy. Hope it’s for an upcoming movie and he’ll change back to his beautiful dark hair. Has for the way he’s dressed, he looks good in anything and probably nothing at all.

  • Wurry

    His heavy drinking is really catching up to him.

  • Karla

    @Wurry: LOL!! he stopped drinking alcohol, that’s why he looks so good now!

  • Kristen

    Ok…everyone is talking for the hair..but seriously i am going to talk for his age….50???? he looks like 10 years younger than that or so!!!! well done mr. Depp!

  • Kat

    @Kristen: Yep or even more. He looks so much as when he was doing “Finding Neverland”. It’s the same look but blonde.

  • brenda

    @16..Mmmm ..I think Brad is coping Johnny ,Brad look up Johnny and Johnny is so insecure with himself because he can be better than Brad in every single way…but he doesn’t realize ! I prefer Johnny anyway!

  • gaby

    I prefer the brown hair.

  • gaby

    I prefer his brown hair.

  • tellitlikeitiz

    He looks tragic!…he’s taken advise from seigfreid and roy’s stylist for sure.

  • shelleykeatsandbyron

    lol! have to agree with you! a desperate attempt from him to say…what??? kate moss by far the more intelligent and interesting blonde.
    He looks so clingy with amber heard and she really doesnt look that into him.
    Lighten up johnny(and i don’t mean your hair)!

  • JDF

    @tellitlikeitiz: tragic? loool, don’t take it far.

  • JDF

    @shelleykeatsandbyron: lol you don’t know anything! she is with since 2 years and you think she is not into him? judging by the pap pictures that were taken in 30 sec?

  • shelleykeatsandbyron

    The ‘downcast’ expression she always wears when she’s around him says it all. Amber loves the girls and all the photoes with her ex show her so happy and at ease with herself………however, a pair o 50 grand diamond earings have gotta put a smile on any girls face!
    blondes have more fun indeed!

  • NOT

    Hate the hair. Hate the whole new young girlfriend, hate it totally. Yes i hate it. Only because I so loved the dark haired, family man, with the beautiful wife and even more beautiful children…that Johnny, the one who claimed to be so anti Hollywood. Now he is the epitome of a Hollywood cliche`. He Dumps the wife when she’s almost 40. I guess a 10 year age difference was not enough for him, now he is on to the 20 something , blond bimbo who can not even act. lets add to this disaster that she doesn’t even love him, and is using him for fame and money. I never thought I would see the day when JOHNNY DEPP had to PAY for a girl.

  • Mighty mouse

    Is this another desperate attempt to hang on to his youth? Depp is acting like an old creep. I hate to even say it but it is true. I love those obvious P.R. comments that are all written by the same person, who are saying how great he looks. LOL. Johnny is really losing his mind and reputation. Hair, aside, it is probably for some horrible movie role. Seriously the guy is acting all kinds of wrong. He has got to rid himself of A.H. I refuse to give her a name check. She is the worst thing that has ever happened to him. He is losing in this situation, can’t he see what we all can? He can not be this stupid!

  • hollywoodsucks222

    Thats so true.I always had a great sense that he had managed to completely bypass the hollywood life and was exploring a beautiful journey with an enigmatic woman in an interesting land where he was able to bring up their kids as easy as possible.
    I was amazed at the way they made it so simple and the whole style was classy…at ease with themselves…and sexy.
    This fall into shallowness came as a dissapointment to everyone.
    I don’t blame anyone, as insecurity is a strange thing and when i saw johnny on the Graham Norton show, it clicked that this guy had lost the sense of himself,,,he had no accent. He sounded british as he mumbled his words and tried to laugh but all that came out was an actors laugh.
    This episode with the new young girl is tastless and he looks a real creep.
    Its baffling how an older guy thinks he can try n control a gay woman??
    I look at Keith Richards,Kate Moss, these wild groovers who are still with their partners and there is nothing more cooler.
    Johnny depp is just not interesting anymore.

  • Anna

    I really like Johnny Depp. Such an incredible actor, brilliant really. How anyone can criticize him for his personal relationships is beyond me. It’s none of our business.

  • JDF

    @Mighty mouse: Jesud what the hell? another desperate attempt to hang on to his youth? He dyed his hair for a movie role you $hithead and what obvious PR comments? Do you think they care or even look at these comments? And what did he do to be losing his mind and reputation? And why all the drama and nonesense? They are together since 2 years and they are happy and in love so what is he losing in this situation you idiotic hater?

  • JDF

    @NOT: God go shut the hell up! No one cares if you hate it or not and He certainly doesn’t care. And what beautiful wife? She didn’t want to get married and she was ugly as sin and please don’t talk as if he left his kids because they are still with him. And when did he claim to be anti hollywood? And breaking up amiability is not exactly dumping her and how the hell do you that she doesn’t love him and is using him for fame? she is with him since 2 years and not months and she never talked about him and never tried to get publicity off of him. GET A LIFE and STOP JUDGING SOMEONE YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.

  • JDF

    @shelleykeatsandbyron: Do you mean when paps are flashing their cameras at their faces and shouting at them? Go see the after part moscow pictures and see how they looked in love and had sparkle inn their eyes

  • Tina

    The stuff of dreams … blond straight, long hair on Johnny Depp …