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Miranda Kerr Shares New Bikini Beach Vacation Photos

Miranda Kerr Shares New Bikini Beach Vacation Photos

Miranda Kerr wears a navy button down shirt and jeans while leaving her apartment building on Monday morning (October 21) in New York City.

The 30-year-old model is back in the Big Apple after what appears to be another weekend trip to the beach. Miranda shared some sexy bikini shots from her quick getaway, where she was joined by her son Flynn.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“There is nothing greater than a mothers love ❀,” Miranda captioned her photos on Instagram. “To love and be loved is one of the greatest gifts in the world β€πŸŒŠβ˜€ @koraorganics.”

FYI: Miranda‘s leopard bikini is by Suboo.

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  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Single mother, Miranda Kerrdashian shows us what she is best at, narcissism. She loves herself more than anything else in the world so she has to take and post near constant pictures of herself half naked. Of course, she tells us that she loves her Melon Head but we all know the truth, Miranda Kerrdashian loves Miranda Kerrdashian the most. Oh, and she called the paparazzi, again, too.

  • freja

    She seems to escape whenever she can and takes the kid with her, I kind of feel for Orlando slogging his guts out 8 shows a week. But urgh enough of the endless pictures of her

  • YAY!

    So gorgeous!
    Her body looks better than ever!

  • Arianna

    She is very beautiful. @Elena why do you come on here if you hate Miranda?

  • Gonzalez


  • jsd

    eat a sammich girl and stop pretending like you are some kind of look like an underage kid. If you are so happy and have so much motherly love, you wouldn’t be trying to prove it for the camera. Were you molested as a kid? Is this why such strange behavior? Mental issues are present that’s for sure.

  • bye

    you need to eat something. Yes the camera adds 10 pounds, but you look like you weigh 75 lbs. You are supposed to be a model, not a stick.

  • Oy!

    Why the heck does she need to take as many vacations as she does?? It’s not like she actually works for a living. She’s a model. When she gets a real job she can see what it’s like to actually need a vacation.

  • Ta

    I see that the hater idiots are on the job.
    Speaking of jobs, it looks like she was there for a photo shoot, not a vacation.
    And it’s interesting that you guys are now claiming that she looks like a child, when just the other day you were calling her old. lol
    She looks gorgeous. That is what really bothers you haters, isn’t it.

  • LOL!

    Lemme finish her sentence for her: “There is nothing greater than a mother’s love…except the attention I get for tweeting about it. Attention is far better than anything else in the whole wide world.”

  • um…

    @Ta: “And it’s interesting that you guys are now claiming that she looks like a child, when just the other day you were calling her old.” Okay, moron, you can seem to wrap your hollow, empty head around the fact that these are DIFFERENT people at DIFFERENT times with DIFFERENT opinions. Just as you like to point out that there is more that one fan posting here, there is more than one person who doesn’t like her posting here. Idiot.

  • @11

    When all of the haters spout the same garbage you can bet they are the same people. They have been saying the same garbage on other sites. One day she looks old. The next she looks like a child. Over and over.
    We know how few true haters there really are. We also know how many fans she has. Are you capable go doing the math? Or is that too much to ask?

  • Joan Camp

    @@11: You silly sod.

  • sara

    She’s so gorgeous!

  • @12

    “We also know how many fans she has.” Yeah, we do. You. That’s all. Posting over and over again with different names going on and on about how perfect she is. You don’t know her, not really. You don’t know what motivates her. Celebrities have been living fake lives for as long as there has been an entertainment industry. She has something to sell, herself. She is the product. And a product has to have a good image and for that to happen you have to create it. She created it. You bought it. And you can’t stand that other see through it when you are too stupid to be able to. You are afraid they might be right and you might be an idiot so you rail against anyone who dares not believe what you do. You spout off the same reams of “facts” but it’s not to convince the “haters”, oh no. It’s to keep yourself convinced. To keep yourself believing. She is not what she seems but if you repeat your mantra over and over it will become real. So keep going…

  • @15

    Huh. Well that one fan must be pretty busy making all of those fake identities to raise her social following to over three million.
    But it seems to me that the only ones who are experts at fake blogs and fake identities are you four delphidiots. Isn’t that right Kerrazy? And you know about that too, don’t you Melissa? Yeah. That’s right.
    You have imaginations so vivid that you find fault in charity work and healthy menus. You twist takes and try to spread bald faced lies. Facts are your enemy. That’s why you formed your pathetic little site. You were irritated that we fans wouldn’t let you spread lies and hate here, so you left. You are afraid of facts, that’s why you hide behind your insane imaginings.
    We know the truth. We have facts on our side. That’s all that matters.

  • @16

    But they never left. They still stalk this site night and day. As evidenced by the number of times Troll-Lena has been one of the first to post.

  • @13

    Wasn’t there a Kate hater named ‘Joan’? One of the looniest of the loons. Is that you, Joan?

  • Joan Camp

    @@13: YOU are Joan Camp. That crazy person who is best buds with Mayfreak over on Twitter with the handle “ThoseSillySods.” You stopped getting your kicks on Twitter and now you harass people here. Don’t try to turn this around. I called you out and you don’t like it.

  • Michael

    Miranda, cool down, and take it in from the back.

  • @15…

    You’ve continued to make the SAME mistake over & over again during the last 7 years assuming that Miranda has only ONE fan….lol

    In fact her fan base keeps growing every year while you haters on the Delphi forum are now down to 4 delusional crazies.

    Do YOU really think her 3.5 million followers on social media are all the same ONE fan???

    Do YOU really think the same ONE fan buys all her skincare products from Kora Organics & her book???

    Just because YOU hate her because she’s happily married to Orlando your pretend boyfriend YOU think everyone else feels the same way.

    You Delphidiots are the ONLY crazies that have stalked & insulted her non-stop for the last 7 years. Yet YOU believe that is normal rational behavior & can’t see that in reality it’s obsessive, irrational & delusional.

    Your comments that Miranda is not what she seems, is all fake & we’re all just simply too stupid to see it speaks volumes about your state of mind.

    That YOU cling to the idea that Orlando, her family, friends, work colleagues, the fashion industry and everybody else that knows her are ALL wrong about her.

    That YOU know better even though you’ve never met her & don’t her personally. But that doesn’t matter as you’ve studied her photos, read her body language & read between the lines & have decided she’s really a horrible person & not worthy of Orlando….right???….lolololol.

  • @19

    I looked up that name and they haven’t posted in a long time. But it sure looks like they got under your skin. And I wouldn’t call what they were doing harrasment, anyway. Could you be the ‘Kerrazy Lies” person that everyone always laughs at? If you didn’t like what she was saying, why would you read her posts? For the same reason that you stalk Miranda, maybe?

  • @19

    Uhmmm, I’m teh one who posted the comment at #12, and I have never been on twitter.
    What are you going to claim next?
    That I am Miranda, or one of her paid employees? That’s usually what follows one of your idiotic posts.

  • Kiki

    Does she actually have any talents, other than being a clothes hanger?
    …and total fame ho?

    She should spend more time looking after her husband and child, rather than being on the non stop ho stroll :(

    She seems to use her son all too often as a prop :(
    And Orlando is never in her pics… :(

  • @24

    Gee, imagine that. A MODEL being paid to wear clothes ??
    And I guess that we have transported back to 1950. Must have, since the idiot hater thinks that she should quit her just to stay home to take care if her man.
    Haters. They just keep giving us more reasons to laugh at them. Gotta love it!