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Rihanna Asked to Leave Abu Dhabi Mosque After Photo Shoot

Rihanna Asked to Leave Abu Dhabi Mosque After Photo Shoot

Rihanna was asked to leave the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi over the weekend after posing for photographs “considered to be at odds with the sanctity of the site,” according to THR.

The 25-year-old singer was in town for a stop on her Diamonds World Tour on Saturday (October 19) and she posted a series of photos on her Instagram posing on white marble in her full black outfit.

“The Centre strives to ensure that visitors enter the mosque in a decent fashion, and refrain from behaving in any way that is inconsistent with the sanctity of this religious place,” a statement from the mosque read. “Here, the Centre refers to a recent incident, involving a singer who came for a private visit to the mosque, at a gate that is not reserved for visitors, without prior coordination with the Centre’s management and without identifying herself.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s photos at the Grand Mosque?

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna‘s fashion photo shoot…

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rihanna asked to leave abu dahbi mosque after photo shoot 01
rihanna asked to leave abu dahbi mosque after photo shoot 02
rihanna asked to leave abu dahbi mosque after photo shoot 03
rihanna asked to leave abu dahbi mosque after photo shoot 04
rihanna asked to leave abu dahbi mosque after photo shoot 05
rihanna asked to leave abu dahbi mosque after photo shoot 06
rihanna asked to leave abu dahbi mosque after photo shoot 07
rihanna asked to leave abu dahbi mosque after photo shoot 08
rihanna asked to leave abu dahbi mosque after photo shoot 09
rihanna asked to leave abu dahbi mosque after photo shoot 10

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  • What

    Thats just stupid from this people. I was in istanbul (turkey) and there were so many tourists making pics next to the mosque and in the mosque, nobody was told to go away. So many tourists went to mosques out of couriosity and nobody felt offended for making pics in it or next to it. Thats is just exaggerating big time.

  • Fia

    Trash, she is nothing but trash.

  • KM

    @What: I think the way she posed was the thing that alerted them.

  • Nina

    Lol, what an ignorant uncultured trash

  • Istvan

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  • What

    @KM: LOL are you kidding me, you think this families with them kids would act accordingly? A bunch of western tourists are curious, that doesnt mean they all would behave proper. When I see this pics I dont see inappropriated behaviour. So I still dont get it.

  • v


  • omg

    I dont understand it either? I was in Rom at the Vatican state and nobody acted like them Centre people. There were school classes almost picnicking. Some school class even were sitting at the floor or at steps because they were tired/bored. This constantly oversensitivity that this people have is just to much. Everybody makes pics at churches/mosques, if you feel offended by it then dont allow visitors, if visitors are only allowed to go to special places then close the rest.

  • Cate

    I agree with the first commentator. They are making a needless fuss. She is dressed appropriately and lots of people take photos in front of the mosque and even inside. She is not inside posing and none of her poses are particularly provocative.

  • KM

    @What: Or maybe she really did go to “a gate that is not reserved for visitors.” Blah, it’s a curse of being famous, I guess. Everything you do will be noticed. It’s probably the first time someone actually went and posed like that and even laid flat on the ground in their mosque’s ground. Normal people probably just stood there and took a photo or two and moved on…

  • Frank

    Oh please this is Dubai, there they sentenced a Norwegian woman who got rapped 16 months for “extramarital sex”. The rapist got 13 months. Thanks god Norway could bring her out of this state back home. This is what they call it when you get rapped there “extramarital sex”. I guess this people are just pissed, because a woman had the nerve to make pics of herself, without asking a man for permission.

  • What

    @KM: Sorry but you and I can both see from the pics, that its an open area. So if there are restricted areas but you cant identify them because there are no borders, then chances are high, you walk there too, just out of curiosity. I say it again OVERSENSITIVE without a valid reason. Like I said it before in Istanbul nobody had a problem, and some people/tourists were less respectful than the pics I see here.

  • visitor

    good on them, she should’ve been recognized right away though and denied entry.

  • What

    @omg:”oversensitivity” I’m totally with you.

  • KM

    @What: The bottom line of this issue is: she’s famous that why this was sensationalized. Somewhere out there, there must be someone else who’s been asked to vacate that area, I bet, but what can we do? They are being oversensitive about it… But it’s their mosque.

  • living in a box

    yeah, could agree more, this is over sensitive,i been to mosque,churches, temples, candi borobudur, and the great pyramid of giza, this what tourist do, taking pictures. and doing some posing.maybe she should do what tom cruise did taking picture top of Burj Khalifa.

  • newbie

    Good. She was being rude and all about herself as usual.

  • visitor

    filthy wh*re

  • anonymous

    You don’t see celebrities doing photo shoots at churches now do you?

  • foto shoots only 4 tourists?

    @Frank: EXACTLY.

  • What

    @living in a box: Thats definitely it. I was in Indonesia at Temples too, some young backpackers made the weirdest foto shoots there, somehow acrobatic (I guess), but nobody felt offended. They try it because she is a big star and a WOMAN.

  • allison

    She wasn’t being a tourist. She was being self centered. Making this place about her. Rather than respecting or taking comfort from the place. What tourist (but maybe a 2 year old) lays down on the floor?
    I would hope if she did this at the Vatican they would also throw her out too.

  • Ale

    Reading the majority of the comments,this is what’s wrong with world right now, not because you do it everytime, and its not illegal in Turkey or in other parts of the world, then its already considered RIGHT…Countries have different beliefs and traditions, especially when it comes to their faith or anything symbolizing it…You are in a foreign country, learn to respect their beliefs and traditions even how absurd it is…You don’t have to adopt it or even understand it, but DEFINITELY you HAVE to RESPECT it no matter how strict or even weird it is….Don’t equate WESTERN practices/beliefs to be superior that everyone has to embrace it…Some cultures take their religion seriously, sometimes to the extreme, you may never be in favor of it but learn to RESPECT it and restraint yourself from criticizing or passing judgement…Same with people’s differences, you may never like a person’s dress, or work, or sexuality, but you don’t have to degrade that person or pass judgement, learn to RESPECT that person for the sake of being a human being…

  • Amy

    @allison: Hahaha you’re joking right? I guess you never saw students visitng places and they are all older than two years old, but sometimes as loud as two year olds. I can clearly see that it doesen matter for you, you are like the people of the Center, any excuse is good enough for you to bash somebody. And since when are tourists not self centered, most of them complain when they dont get the same food they eat usually at home.

  • KM

    @Ale: YES. Everyone should respect the place and their rules because it’s their mosque. It’s not ours. As I said before, a lot of people have probably already been asked to leave that place if they’re doing something out of the set of rules of the mosque, this is just sensationalized because it’s a celebrity that was the one who was asked to leave.

  • Xenu-alien

    She wouldn’t do this in front of a church I bet, but she doesn’t care about doing it in front of a mosque? Disrespectful. Also, they have every right to kick her out – she is a disgrace to humanity. She represents everything that is filthy and shameful. Who would want someone like that near anything sacred to them? The lot of you posters are hypocrites.

  • Frank

    @Ale: I’ll never understand a State where a rape-vicitm gets sentenced for “extramarital sex”. Thats just wrong. If there is an area around the mosque were visitors are’nt welcome, then dont make it directly accessible. From the pics you can see, that its an area where you can just walk around the mosque.

  • salama

    First of all it united Arab Emirates and the rap accident didn’t happen thier it happened in qatar

  • allison

    @Amy: Visiting places? How about visiting this place. Are there pics of students laying around this place. If not than stop whining. Stop giving excuses for the stupid acts of Rihanna and students.
    I’m Catholic and if I saw this bs at a church in the Vatican I would tell someone

  • KM

    Maybe since she was already asked to leave and stop taking pictures… then she shouldn’t have posted the photos too. Since she already knows that there was something controversial about her being kicked out of the place..

  • Amy

    @allison: LOL good luck, then go to the Vatican, I bet you were never there, otherwise you wouldnt write this. There are hundreds of people there, everyday. So good luck again with reporting everybody LOOOOOOOOL.

  • Frank

    @salama: You’re a liar. You know there is internet and you should check your facts first. That woman was reporting the rapping in Dubai at a police station and after that they took her passport and her money. The Emir of Dubai had to get active so she could go out of the state because Norway was upset about this behaviour.

  • living in a box

    @frank: stop spreading islamphobia. violence toward women not only happen in middle east. get out from The KKK group. travel more. have a diversity in friendship.

  • Talo

    @Frank: Id just like to point to the Maryville rape case. No, she didn’t go to jail, but her community exiled her and her family and the prosecutors dropped the case. And this isn’t even the first time something like this happening in the western world.

  • Monae

    It’s obvious this isn’t real because Rihanna had a tour date somewhere else so that’s why she left. This is the first time of me seeing this anywhere. If it’s true it’s very obvious they’re just mad that Rihanna is an independent woman & they don’t like their women like that in this specific region of the world. She even had the proper clothes on so people need to stop with the hating.

  • Sad state of affairs

    This isn’t the first time she was asked to leave a religious place because of inappropriate behavior.

    If Rihanna came to your home and machine gunned everyone down in your family you stans would say, “It’s okay it’s Rihanna….she had her reasons” Just ***** dumb ****!

    It’s sad to read comments that excuse her for every bad thing she does. Shame.

  • Kyle

    @Frank: I totally agree with you these people are just control freaks. Nothing less

  • Frank

    @Talo: I dont know the story about the Maryville case, but if it was like that its almost as disgusting as putting a rape-victim to jail and call it “extramarital sex”. And even give her 3 month more jail time than the actual rapist.

  • Kyle

    If you don’t typically care for Rihanna why did you decide to read a post about her? Just curious. This post was just about Rihanna no one else. So it’s obvious you guys just came to hate. Maybe you guys should find someone you bitter bitches can actually relate to. Probably Miley stans or Chris stans.

  • Erm

    The post was about Rihanna and the Abu Dhabi Mosque. They came in defense and respect for the Mosque just like you came in defense for Rihanna.

  • Andrea

    @Sad state of affairs: Who you call a stan? Fact is fact, you should go and travel more, you would see how tourists can be REALLY disrespectful. Making pics has nothing to do with being disrespectful. She was fully covered. Sitting or laying somewhere is just a pose for a pic and its made in a second, nothing to get mad or angry about. And stop exaggerating she didnt kill anybody.

  • Sarah

    @Sad state of affairs:Omg starting lies, just because people are not sharing your opinion? She was never asked to leave before. You’re a sad case. If lies are the only way for you to handle reality, then I hope the best for you.

  • Sad state of affairs

    People don’t have to share my opinion. Facts are facts. She disrespected a country’s laws. Whether you love her or not. Let her get in the right country and act up. Bye Bye girlie. And you will really have something to cry about.

    I’m so sick of Rihanna apologists. I read the story and what her fans do are too predictable. Save it, my opinion of her won’t change and I’ll comment whenever I please!

  • anonymous

    Slutz don’t respect religious monuments/churches. The world is their toy place. Lucky, she wasn’t arrested or shot for disrespecting this country’s belief, posing like a slvt, in their eyes.

  • anonymous

    Were these pics taken in Istanbul? No.

  • zara81

    the poor girl is a victim of its notorious! I visited the mosque, and I assure you that she is properly dressed and do exactly like everyone else: take a break for a photo!

  • anonymous

    Why don’t you go over and try lying down and posing? Report back….if you get back in one piece…..

  • anonymous

    @What: he Centre refers to a recent incident, involving a singer who came for a private visit to the mosque, at a gate that is not reserved for visitors, without prior coordination with the Centre’s management and without identifying herself.”

  • Erm

    @zara81: Just like everyone else? So when you went there you also did those same poses and life went on for you without being asked to leave? If you did do those same poses and was not asked to leave then Rihanna certainly was singled out.. We should have a male someone go there and start posing like such and see what happens to him to settle the “She’s female” counts of this argument.

  • Benjamin

    @Erm: Please stop this exaggerating, making a pose takes two seconds, she did only one pic where she was laying, but obviously for you this is excuse enough. LOL the nerves that some people have.