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Amy Adams & Jeremy Renner: Hollywood Film Awards 2013!

Amy Adams & Jeremy Renner: Hollywood Film Awards 2013!

Amy Adams is classic white while attending the 2013 Hollywood Film Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Monday (October 21) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 39-year-old actress and her American Hustle co-star Jeremy Renner were seen presenting an award onstage.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amy Adams

Last week, Amy was stunning while attending the 2013 Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts Gala, where she was joined by her fiance Darren Le Gallo.

FYI: Amy is wearing an Antonio Berardi dress with Jamie Wolf earrings and rings by Dana Rebecca Designs and EF Collection.

15+ pictures inside of Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner attending the Hollywood Film Awards…

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Credit: Jason Kempin; Photos: Getty
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  • Yikes

    I heard Renner married that 22 year old glamour model who is the mother of his kid.

  • Rachel

    They book look really good. I can’t wait for American Hustle. It looks an awesome movie from the trailer.

  • WTH?

    Glamour model?? I think you mean stripper because that thing is far from being glamorous!

  • Bev

    They look really good together, if they are pairing them up for American Hustle press that could mean they have other projects coming up. I would be interested.

  • gina

    If Renner was stupid enough to actually marry that trash Pitt Meadows escort / hooker / playboy bunny fail / bossbabe-bikinicanada / unikini stag party girl – well then renner’s proven to be a fraud and just as low class.
    What happened to the – I’m so lonely and married to my career bull crap? Oh right – the “shadiest b*tch” came to hog tie your and destroy your life.
    What an embarrassment your choices are rennet.

  • Ben


    Strange, only a few years ago marrying a girl you got pregnant was called ‘doing the right thing’. It might be old fashioned, but I can’t help but like him for it.

  • gina

    Ben – I would agree but in this case, it’s sonni Pacheco’s history that’s the issue. Classic fame-wh*re and no amount of whitewashing and scrubbing the Internet by jeremy’s pr team will ever fix it. Nice try but “we know” and all of it is still alive and kicking. I’m not paying a cent to see a film with him in it, not because I don’t think Jeremy’s talented but because my hard earned money will go to support her. Don’t care if she becomes Mrs. Renner.

  • sarah

    Nah…if he has a wife now he should bring her to red carpet events. Could have just married for status or to get her a green card. He’s extremely secretive about his private life…if your gonna be seen suddenly wearing a wedding ring then you should give a tiny statement

  • Linda

    Why should he? Being an actor doesn’t mean you have to parade your wife around like a prize cow, it is bad enough being chased down the street without having to be placed under strong lights for scrutiny. If I was married to an actor I wouldn’t go anywhere near a red carpet, although I would slip in around the back if the event looked fun or my man needed support.

  • Linda

    In fact this is the problem. If he doesn’t parade her down a red carpet people decide he is ashamed of her. If he does put her on parade people will take it as proof that she is fame hungry. People already take the baby as proof he is gay and others take it as proof he is not. Saying nothing and just getting on with it seems to be his strategy.

  • gina

    he’s a typical Hollywood cliche fraud who manipulates and lies to public so he ultimately grab their money for his lifestyle. If he did marry this unscrupulous female, their money becomes hers. And she has nothing, contributed in no way back to the public to think the public owes her because she was successful in getting pregnant by a celebrity.

    No renner should not parade her anywhere. Instead, he’ll need to sell a few more houses to keep Pacheco in the fantasy lifestyle that she thinks we owe her. Get to work renner. Start renovating more often.

  • ImSad

    I’m a little sad if he is married but happy for them and Ava.Maybe it’s just a Pyrrha ring.Although he hasn’t worn rings in a long time. He wore a ring off set for American Hustle when photog’d in Boston.His character is married to Amy’s.It might be possible that he wore it just to stir something up since Ingenious was just released to DVD.So, if he’s married then I hope it’s for love or whatever they want their relationship to be but I’m sad because it’s not really cool to lust after a married man. LOL He is great actor so I’ll still see his movies.

  • Liam

    @Linda: Agree Linda, whatever he does , there will Always be a few people that interpret his actions to their advantage just to be able to say they are sooo right.
    @Gina : looking at your hysterical comments it makes me wonder if you are taking this to personal? He is an actor my dear , remember that. He does not owe you anything, certainly not explanations on his privacy..
    Speeking in general: I don’t understand judgemental, prejudice and hatefull peiople… they must be really unhappy , lonely .. ?

  • Lauren35


    Jeez get a life would you and get over it!! Why are you taking this so personal? You don’t OWN him so he can do what he wants. As for Sonni – I think she has proven herself to be far from fame hungry, we have seen about 3 sets of photos of her since the news broke in January! And maybe it’s her that doesn’t actually WANT to go to premieres etc with him, maybe she just wants to stay out of the limelight for now anyway, seeing as she has a young baby. I’m sure he will “debut” her when they feel like THEY want to, honestly some people need to put their energies elsewhere. Preferably where there is no sun shining. Congrats to Jeremy and Sonni if they did get married x

  • ImSad

    I realize this is irrelevant to this conversation but I need to correct myself; Jeremy’s character in American Hustle is not married to Amy’s, he’s married to Elisabeth Rohm’s character, which is probably why he was wearing a wedding ring off set. Regardless, I haven’t seen him wear rings in a long time and I wonder if it’s because his knuckles are larger now than when he was younger. It appears he may have clubbing or maybe even arthritis. I hope the poor man isn’t in pain. I’ve heard either can be painful. It’s now been a few days since the ring thing at the awards show and it doesn’t seem to be getting much attention. Who knows? Does anyone know what his next job is? I’m curious if he’ll be working, doing American Hustle campaign, or even doing the awards show circuit like he did last year, since this year he has the baby.

  • Lauren35


    He has never ever worn a ring on his marriage finger though (unless obviously for a movie role) Why on earth would he suddenly start wearing one ring and choose to wear it on his marriage finger esp to such a public event where he knew people would notice unless he did actually get married and hence it is a wedding ring?!!! He doesn’t seem the type to mess around with the media/his fans so I for one believe he did get married. I just remember actually wasn’t there a photo of Sonni back in Jan/Feb with a ring on her wedding finger? It was just a plain gold band – could possibly be an engagement ring turned around? Or could have been a wedding ring and this all happened ages ago!!

  • Yah Sure

    @Lauren35: googling her name and reviewing her very classy and refined image I can totally see how she wants to keep to her self and stay at home. There’s a certain ‘old-fashionness’ she gives off. Maybe she’s busy writing her PHD dissertation or studying for the medical boards. Oh right, at 22 she would be too young unless she’s a Doogie Howser. This marriage will last foreva!!!!

  • beth

    She is 25, the same age at which I completed my doctorate. I don’t have a problem with people less educated than myself. I do have a problem with people who get their fun by belittling others, whatever qualifications they might have.

  • Sweet Cheeks

    I have a problem with many posters admonishing and berating one poster (@ gina) for having good values and wanting her fave actor to be authentic. I guess her mama was the only one that taught her right. She could have chosen her words more wisely; but we all get her point. “Pounce on a poster” must be a new epic fail strategy. Most of us can thank our lucky stars that we will never, ever have to work in the Sex Industry. Because when you acquire a ‘higher education’; the opportunities are countless and endless; and you won’t have to waste time and money cleaning up an oil spill. Tom Hanks would never give his fans the middle finger.

    “When you know better, you do better”- Maya Angelou

  • ImSad

    @Lauren35: You’re right. Why now would he wear a ring and purposefully put it on his wedding ring finger? Alas, my sadness doth turn to joy for he has found happiness. Well, at least I hope he has. I wish them well and the chunky, little, punkin Ava too. She does look like him with an essence of Sonni too. She’s just too cute.

  • beth

    @Sweet Cheeks:

    How dare you insult my mother. She is the very finest type of Christian, a woman of both values and compassion. A woman who has raised 4 daughters to be independent, professional women, who has always worked and yet has made the time to work for charity and run her own youth group. She doesn’t just give money, she gives her time and effort. She taught me right from wrong, but she also raised me to treat all people with respect. If everything the gossip sites say about this young woman were true my mother would still invite her into her home and give her the opportunity and help to turn her life around. I was taught that that was the right thing to do.

  • Sweet Cheeks

    @beth: We both have different opinions which is always fine. Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman; but I believe you have taken my post way too personal. You missed my point which was that it is never Ok to bully another Renner fan for a differing opinion; whether it’s regarding values, morals or opposing beliefs. I have my own belief system intact; so I don’t need any convincing otherwise. All this back and forth drama is really unnecessary. The best policy for me has always been one of honesty. If you don’t like what I have to say, then so be it.

  • beth

    @Sweet Cheeks:

    I did not miss your point but you said quite clearly “her mama was the only one that taught her right” – how is that not an insult to the rest of us? Are you not saying that the only right thing to do is publicly berate a person if their behavior is not acceptable to you and yet when people respond to extreme comments/behavior, they are bullies? The key point is that they are responding, not seeking out controversy. The idea that the best way to deal with extreme behavior on message boards is to ignore it or go away is flawed, because it then provides a safe and exclusive platform for those with the narrowest views and most aggressive attitudes. I don’t think there is any need to be rude to other posters, but if they are putting it out there in public, I do have the right to respond.

  • Sweet Cheeks

    @beth: Sorry, not buying what you’re selling, because I absolutely believe in the freedom of speech. Everyone has the right to post, respond or not, and to even ignore. IMHO, I don’t care if someone is talking about pink elephants; the blatant mob mentality attack to shut down someone’s OPINION for one common goal is bullying. We can agree to disagree all day long. So let’s be honest here, this is about an actor’s image and trying to preserve that image. A good image sells more tickets, brings more people to the theater, and drives up the box office. A bad image could move an actor to back of a very long line. Let’s hope that Renner can remain in the driver’s seat. Well it’s time for me to exit this drama show. See ya.

  • cliche pig

    Oh come on now..renner is a pig who knocked up an escort and then decided to marry her! I hope his image and career tank now. I know Im no longer a fan of his!

  • Beth

    @Sweet Cheeks:

    At no point have I questioned the right to freedom of speech. If one person takes a side in a debate and finds that the majority take the opposing view, how does that become bullying? For a start it is the basis of a democracy, you cannot overturn an election result because the majority of people did not agree with you. Bullying is a very serious issue, but the word is woefully missused here. You cannot shut down someone’s opinion on a message board like this unless the person expresses views that break the site rules and surely they are put there for only the most extreme and offensive comments. I am sorry if you are upset because Mr Renner has people who will defend him as well as attack him. I am a long term fan, I like what little I know of the guy and if he doesn’t hurt anyone, I think what he does in his private life is up to him. No, by the way, to me it isn’t about preserving an image, it is about stating MY opinion.

  • Lisa

    I love all the ‘former’ Renner fans who have disavowed, disowned or are ‘no longer’ a fan of his are on every website posting this information. He’s getting more hits, comments, etc than he’s ever gotten in the past! For all you people no longer ‘loving’ this guy because of his private choices, you are really helping his image through all this ‘unlove’.

    More importantly, doesn’t Amy look fabulous! Can’t wait to see her in both American Hustle and HER on the same day in December!

  • Yummy Tasty Catfights

    When his manager suggested getting a professional for a beard Renner took the recommendation literally.

    Seriously listening to you hens bend over backwards to legitimize this guy’s raging hetereosexuality is the best comedic farse I read online.

  • whatever

    you know, he goes to bed with everybody, male, female, shemales
    his lifestyle is sleeping around with whoever whenever wherever
    he is working hard on his image, and nobody is to know real facts
    all his appearances with his child are staged only for a mention in the press, his ring might be staged for a mention in the press, in the comments people make, and all over people in majority say no less than that they loathe him for possibly marrying her, he is fishing for a approval from us to marry her, it is all about his image and career
    do not believe in that relationship, it is staged
    a child was born, hopefully not into as much confusion as all his fans are in, some see through it, some are in denial
    jeremy is doing it all for himself, his image, his career, nothing else

  • giannajames

    @sarah: Question, why does he not bring her to his movie premieres? Too many faces may recognize her from her past.