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Irina Shayk: Cristiano Ronaldo Makes Me Happy

Irina Shayk: Cristiano Ronaldo Makes Me Happy

Irina Shayk shows off her fabulous figure on the cover of Vogue España magazine’s November 2013 issue.

Here’s what the 27-year-old model had to share with the mag:

On boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo: “We’ve been together for more than three years and I’m enjoying my relationship! He’s great support. He’s always by my side and knows how to make me happy. He understands me perfectly and also understands my work, which is very important for me. I love my profession and traveling, so I need my partner to understand what I’m doing and give me strength to do it.”

On her future: “Just like any other woman, I want to have children, a family and loads of animals. But you can’t plan these things. The right time has to come and you never know when that will be.”

On her and Cristiano’s dynamic: “I can sometimes be a demanding person and Cristiano is really patient dealing with my personality. So I also try my hardest to offer him all my support when he needs it.”

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Credit: Giampaolo Sgura/Vogue España
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  • living in a box

    what she really means is: C.Ronaldo’s money makes me happy.

  • living in a box

    but i have to admit Tartar Russian girl are really hot, just try google Aliya Mustafina. she is The Queen.

  • Laura

    I still don’t know what she sees in this guy, it cant be money, she has plenty ( not as much as him or even close but she has money ). Ive always thought he was gay. Anyway love Irina she is beautiful. Nice cover

  • pika

    @living in a box: LOL. tbh i didnt even know they were dating..until now! i actually thought he was a homosexual :/

  • persian

    Her voice is so ugly. Thankfully in her job she doesn’t need to speak much.

  • Nikki

    Well you can see it in print. Right on the cover. That is why she got this Vogue cover. She is dating Cristiano. Also she “doesn’t talk about her private life” so I guess it was a deal to speak about him for a cover. Sad.

  • Gill

    @Nikki Lol at Ronaldo’s fan. Just deal with it guys. The girl got this cover because of herself. Ali Kavoussi is her agent, the fashion editor of Vogue Spain is one of Ali’s bff plus she got Carine Roitfeld support lately. End of the story. By the way aint Ronaldo gay ?

  • Hadeel

    irina shayk and ronaldo make an amazing couple together, they’re happy and not afraid to show it, everytime i see them together it makes me smile, good for them :) we all deserve this kind of love in our lives

  • Nikki

    I am not a Ronaldo fan. I don’t like people getting fame off someone else’s name. Took her 3 years of dating that guy to finally get a Vogue cover. Kate Upton has like 4 and she got them all on her own.

  • Bella

    Anyone looks good with photo shop, airbrushing, and tons of makeup. Yea her photos are nice sometimes, but she has the body of a pre pubescent boy. She’s a stick, its like why date a woman with no boobs or butt? you might as well date a boy. And she is not that pretty. If you see pics of her naturally she is unattractive. Look up pics of her on the beach. Sara Carbonero is beautiful, even Ramos’ gf Pilar Rubio is beautiful. But Ronaldo is notorious for having terrible taste in As for her fame its all because of Ronaldo. Every cover she gets it always says” Cristiano Ronaldo’s gf.” And if its not on the cover, its in the article.

    Fun fact: Her Sports Illustrated cover, which she only got bc of him, bc she was practically an unknown; models bust their a**es to get that cover. Her sports Illustrated issue was the lowest selling issue in the history of the magazine. Considering how long its been in publication thats pretty bad. lol But hey if he is happy then that is his business.

  • RO

    She looks like a man and he is very feminine.

  • X JJ

    Irina only girlfriend by Cristiano Ronaldo!!!

  • Landy

    I heard Cristiano Ronaldo’s previous contract prevented either Irina or him from discussing his personal life, especially since both are spokes people for different products. That was one thing that always bugged CR, but supposedly his new contract has pulled back on some of those restrictions. Of course, I only heard this through grapevine gossip. I don’t know, but with how Shakira’s husband was fined when a picture of Shakira & him ended up on her facebook, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true. Nevertheless, I think Irina is beautiful. She deserves the cover on her own merit. I also think IS & CR are a legit couple & wish them the best of luck.

  • Jane

    Poor girl she just tries so hard!! This cover is actually nothing but proof that magazines (even ones that are as “solid” as Vogue) can be bought for the RIGHT price! I feel sorry for someone who makes a deal with magazine and includes information about her bf to get a cover after 3 years of dating him! Now her fans and the press who want to “sell” irina and her issue can praise her “beauty” all they want but not all readers are dumb some of us have brains and judge for ourselves, thank you very much. But then the poor girl has too much pressure on her shoulders to live up to the likes of Adriana Lima and even the very new Kate Upton!
    At this point we all wish we had a Cristiano, don’t we?! ;)

  • mariana

    Really all the credits should be given to her agents? And how come her first Vogue cover came only now and she had it in Spain with the name of her boyfriend written under hers? I guess these are all pure coincidences, aren’t they? Well, it is possible but it’s really weird, don’t you all think? Ok being a fan of some people around the world, but sometimes being honest to ourselves first, and then in front of other people can be a good thing to do ;) If not, let’s keep acting like blind and with no brain in our head, that’s why sneaky people go on, fooling stupid ones. But a thing should be said: I relly feel sorry for Irina. Let’s be in her shoes for a while. Ok, she got her first Vogue cover, ok she can be happy right now, but is it a good thing looking at her first cover with the price to share it with Ronaldo knowing she’s there thanks to him and having in front of her eyes the proof of it (name of him under hers)?! Don’t think so. It’s kinda sad I would say. It’s like she had it but not completely, and this will be always in front of her eyes, it’s a pity. And I’m saying this honestly. And honest people, even if her fans, can’t deny that (if they have eyes and intelligence). And I’m sure they have, it’s just that it’s hard to face the sad reality.

  • BS

    Ronaldo’s fan/Irina’s haters ( same people ) are always crying, complaining, debating. Come on get over it. First it was ” she will never do HF ” then ” she only works in Spain ” ” she will never get a Vogue cover ” blablabla. Too much BS, funny to read some comments over a Vogue cover. Congrats to Irina it was about a damn time, i’m sure more to come for her.

  • Jane

    you’re so right!! but then again it would be considered “sad” when the person in question has standards not an opportunistic no one who does 2-3 catwalk appearances (by replacing absented models) and thinks she’s into high fashion now! People like her USE and ABUSE any and everyone, but then again what do you expect of the less talented?
    I actually always saw this coming. Cristiano can get her pretty far especially with editors who lack morals and personality ;)

  • Landy


    @Jane: I don’t think you could begin to comprehend how immature & jealous you appear to us normal people right now. No fool would give 2 cents for what you have to say. And FYI, little jealous girls can’t pull of the condescending act. Leave that to the grown ups. You just make yourself look like a virtual twerking Miley Cyrus fool. Say whatever to make yourself feel better. Irina is on the cover of Vogue… & you’re not! Irina is CR’s woman… & you’re not! Grow up! Stop belittling others to make yourself feel better.

  • Jane

    Dear Landy,
    Save your “attempt” of an “oh-so-clever” comeback for someone who can’t outwit you. But tell you what… I will refrain from engaging in any verbal battle so you’d have your 5 minutes of fame with that intense outburst.
    Besides, life is beautiful… chill.

  • Landy


    Oh Dear Jane:
    I’m not worried about being “outwitted”. People who speak the truth aren’t. &, I would hardly credit the likes of a gossip site like this as a place to gain “5 mins of fame”. But you did state one thing that made sense, “Besides, life is beautiful… chill.” So, why don’t you practice what you preach & stop coming on sites like these & trying to diminish someone else’s hard earned success? For your jealous motives are as clear as the noonday sun.

  • Jane

    Dear Landy,
    Last time I checked I was interacting with the “social outlet” not you. You’re the one who initiated conversation with me (as an “attempt” to prove that you’re capable of forming comebacks, sorry it didn’t work).
    I have a right to share my opinion, after all this is what these sites are for. I don’t remember addressing you, you’re the one who addressed me. Seems like I got on your nerves. I do have that effect… Sorry :) And I am chilling, your reaction is very entertaining. ;)