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Kim Kardashian: Engaged to Kanye West!

Kim Kardashian: Engaged to Kanye West!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are engaged to get married, according to E! News!

The 36-year-old rapper reportedly rented out the entire AT&T Park in San Francisco on Monday (October 21) to pop the question in front of all of their friends and family. He asked Kim‘s mom Kris Jenner for her permission before proposing with a 15 carat diamond ring made by Lorraine Schwartz. Fireworks, an orchestra, and candles all set the mood for the romantic night. It all came as a surprise for Kim as even Kanye had just flown in from Los Angeles where he attended an awards show.

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Kim and Kanye have a baby daughter together named North who was born on June 15. They revealed that they were expecting a child back in December. They have been together publicly since around April 2012. In case you forgot, today (October 21) is Kim‘s 33rd birthday!

Congratulations to the happy couple on their great news!

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56 Responses to “Kim Kardashian: Engaged to Kanye West!”

  1. 1
    Smiley Says:


    No one cares.

    They’ll be married and divorced in accordance with the show’s ratings peaks and troughs.

    This family has had way too much already. Please do not support their products.

  2. 2
    sdf Says:

    about time their egos got married.

  3. 3
    Alicia Says:

    Good for them. Congrats to them, I wish them happiness, we ALL deserve it, they should have been together years ago, instead of playing around.

  4. 4
    Spot Says:

    Great another kardashian wedding I hope the idiots learned from ripped off at the last wedding not to offer free stuff. They can afford to pay like everyone has too. I give it a year or two nice to see Kanye adhering to the famewhore rules and announcing it just as he kicks of his big tour. This is what Kim’s third and it won’t be her last having seen these two together. That’s if she makes it up the aisle.

  5. 5
    commonsense Says:

    OMG, the ring! Can you imagine the ring? I shudder to think.

  6. 6
    Sheri Says:

    It’s very hard to be happy for them … they are two of the most narcissistic, conceited, attention-obsessed people I have ever seen in my life. Kanye actually has a god-complex. I give it 2 years – tops.

  7. 7
    chris Says:

    one of the last stitch efforts to remain and i don’t think its gonna help

  8. 8
    yucee Says:

    I just hope this one lasts unlike dat of poor Kris Humphries. It better not be another publicity stunt Kim enjoys pulling…I wish dem well dou

  9. 9
    Kay Says:

    We’re never going to hear the end of this, are we?

  10. 10
    Sophie Says:

    Wow! this post has only 9 comments and it is on top? why? let me guess, Jared chooses which posts he will put at the top, it has nothing to do with the number of views neither the number of comments! LOL

  11. 11
    Staynzy Says:

    I hope like heck she has a small wedding this time her last one was ridiculously big and what a freaking waste that was if it is true love at least stick to the simple things this time

  12. 12
    Wow Says:


  13. 13
    Pauline Says:

    Another wedding , another expensive ring ! And another very expensive divorce ! Why are they getting married anyway – marriage can ruin everything . But they seem to know each other WAY before she was even famous , so who knows …

  14. 14
    VanSidWell Says:

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  15. 15
    Cool Says:

    I think its just right, now that they have a baby.

  16. 16
    Congratz Says:


  17. 17
    richfishes25 Says:

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  18. 18
    janekay Says:

    @#15: agreed! I think its cool; always knew that they would get married…and i love them together; they make a great couple!

  19. 19
    Mel Says:

    About time.

  20. 20
    Sil Says:

    Now that they start a family its normal behaviour that they get married. Wish them all the best.

  21. 21
    Oh we'll Says:

    I wonder if it will last more than 72 days

  22. 22
    kate Says:

    who cares?????????????

  23. 23
    lol Says:

    I just can laugh at the people asking who cares, obviously you. Or why did you click on that thread and took the time to write a comment?!

  24. 24
    Julies Says:

    Two huge egos…it won’t last long. They’ll be at each other’s throats soon enough. That poor little baby.

  25. 25
    Casey Says:

    Isn’t she still married? tack tastic. They can’t love each other enough to maintain a marriage, theyre too in love with themselves. theyre relatioship seems so god damn shallow-its all about sex and how they look. which is all they have. when she’s no longer ‘sexy’ (and shes completely the opposite anyway) and she no longer gets him press, she’s gone

  26. 26
    Aranka Paul Says:

    Instead of spending money to buy her the 15 carat diamond, he should have given the money for a cause – to advance research on cancer, parkinson’s or MS. Being a humanitarian and philantrophist is noble and he has balls to sing about Jesus. This whole family should be just catapulted into an active volcano, period.

  27. 27
    Jan Says:

    The 2nd of many weddings I’m sure. Just another photo op for Kim. She has a narcissist personality disorder to say the least – excessive love and admiration for herself, looks for and expects constant attention and admiration without earning it. She’s quite the manipulator. Kanye needs to shake his head and take another look at what he’s getting into. What I don’t get is why the press bothers with her. Nobody cares, never did.

  28. 28
    mbl Says:

    Gipsy Wedding: Part 2

  29. 29
    Ask Alice Says:

    Neither one of them is mature enough to make a life-long commitment, let alone raise a child.

    The only reason they’re bothering to get married is to put on a show by having a big, fancy wedding. I give the marriage less than three years.

  30. 30
    Connie Falconeri Says:

    Another temporary marriage.

  31. 31
    Rocky Says:

    @Aranka Paul:

    Could NOT agree with you more.

  32. 32
    Haha Says:

    Kanye will knock up another chick 3 montgs into this marriage, then leave Kim’s overinflated pillow stuffed @ss.

  33. 33
    Fatty Says:

    Seriously if she died tomorrow the world would cry…happy tears. She is so disgusting.

  34. 34
    dorothy Says:

    Who cares?

  35. 35
    tktht Says:

    Engagements can lead to marriage, but engagements can also be broken. Who knows if these two self-absorbed idiots will ever get married??

  36. 36

    @Aranka Paul: @Rocky: People like you are the worst hypocrites. Acting like you would donate constantly money to organisations. How many times did you donate in your life? When was the last time? On Christmas? Why you dont concentrate on what YOU CAN DO instead talking about what OTHERS should do.

  37. 37
    Yawn Says:

    Really,engaged?Both have bad reputations,are faking a relationship and now are faking an engagement for ratings?Don’t worry,people,or they will never marry,or if they marry,they will last 72 days like her second fake marriage.This family does everything for attention…Kris and Bruce are faking a split,Khloe is faking marriage problems,and their fake reality show is a flop.I’m not surprised they are “engaged”…everything for
    I’m sure that was that futile family next step,after the “birth” of the invisible baby,aka,plastic surgery(fake early birth)…lol

  38. 38
    Jbo Says:

    Aw LORD – here we go again. Another couple of Hollywood Wh*res who are going to ruin marriage. I’d rather see 1 million gay couples married before these megalomaniacs!@

  39. 39
    Tara Says:

    So your a stupid millionaire and your marrying an Armenian *****!! Congrats!!

  40. 40
    Tara Says:

    @Jbo: Seriously!! Poor that baby!! She’s f-ing FAT anyways…nothing is so appealing about her. I don’t know why but I find her annoying as *******

  41. 41
    Tara Says:

    @Smiley: She’s just a FAT WH**E!!

  42. 42
    topi Says:

    Two most self-absorbed boring talentless ugly people in the world. Give them 1 year – tops. Divorce is a good publicity, isn’t it Kim?

  43. 43
    Marta Says:

    what I don’t get is where this talentless pseudo-rapper and that big-a*s narcissist get their money from? they don’t work just walk around in silly clothes with lots of make up and nothing relevant to say.

  44. 44
    Noah Doubt Says:

    They are THE butt of all jokes. Everything was tasteless, from the ring size to the proposal site and posting the pictures for maximum attention. They deserve public scorn.

  45. 45
    love Says:

    Remember when Just Jared used to NEVER report on the Kardashians? At the height of the Kardashian craze, Jared never covered them. Now it’s Kardashian overboard here.

    So, Jared, when did Kris Jenner start paying you to cover them constantly. Around Kim’s pregnancy, yes? That’s when you started with the daily coverage.

  46. 46
    Get out of here. Says:

    Sounds completely healthy and not at all dysfunctional, bizarre, or decadent in ANY WAY.

    These people live in such excess that it makes me sick. This isn’t a real marriage and these people are not “real” by any stretch of the imagination. I hope the kardashian’s gets cancelled. If I walk in on my friends watching one more episode of that show where those ******* are complaining about something or causing drama when they have more wealth and extravagance than 99.9% of the world i’m going to blackout and break ****.

  47. 47
    Isa Says:

    Congrats to them !

  48. 48
    Bohoo Says:

    chris misseda bullet…goodluck to him

  49. 49
    well... Says:

    I have to say “Congratulations?” I think Kim is a sweet person. She handles all the negativity against her and her family with “ease.” They all do, really. That’s amazing. Anyhow, Kanye thrives on attention, so being with Kim and the other Kardashains must be the right place for him. Their union seems meant to be or fate. Kanye should NEVER become bored, that’s for sure! I just hope that Kanye and Kim will be able to put their child first while they are raising her up. So many vain Hollywood types (Ryan and Farrah for example) don’t and it all hits the fan later on.

  50. 50
    bobo Says:

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  51. 51
    Said Before Says:

    Another one bites the dust. Nananananana

  52. 52
    Oh No! Says:

    All the dark haired ones are bleaching their hair for what? Kim used to have beautiful hair and great looks, now she is all washed out simpleton. Maybe she wants to look like byonce with her fake bleached extensions, jlo who looks older than her age with that bleached brittle hair and so on and so on! Most woman want to look beautiful and these women want to ruin their looks. Look at Katy Perry and see her exotic look so breath taking that I buy magazines and or products she uses. Kim looks harsh now.

  53. 53
    DV8 Says:

    Oh joy

  54. 54
    sUZIE Says:


  55. 55
    phentermine Says:

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