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Chris Evans & Minka Kelly Split?

Chris Evans & Minka Kelly Split?

Chris Evans and his girlfriend Minka Kelly have reportedly split for a second time, Us Weekly reports.

“It didn’t make sense for them to be together right now,” a source told the magazine about the 33-year-old actress and 32-year-old actor.

The duo first began a relationship back in 2007, but broke up. Then, the two rekindled their romance back in 2012.

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Minka and Chris reportedly split on good terms, though. The source noted that the duo “still care about each other.”

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Minka Kelly and Chris Evans reportedly split up again?

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  • Lola

    OMG, my man is back on game!

  • sigga

    He doesn’t have good taste in women and never will. I think he’s just as much whore as she but she is more of a famewh+re

  • Angus

    I’m here to comfort you Minka. If only for an hour or two, I’m here.

  • blondie12

    Totally here for you Chris ;) I hate to say that I’m happy if this is true!! lol

  • niagirl

    Good on you Nick. Too bad you couldn’t get Charlie to do the same.

  • Tran 2.0

    Hope Minka should find the perfect Mr. Right in the near future and not to deal with Jeter anymore. :-(

  • Rocky

    @Tran 2.0:

    What do you have against Derek Jeter? Do you know him personally?

  • Velma

    Doesn’t he like to party, Hard? if so, i get it.

  • Laís

    thank god!

  • just me

    Why can’t Rachel Bilson have any split news? Its always the nice people that splits. Never was in the spotlight anyway too much. These two just had s on and off relationship like Rachel and Hayden does. Should Rachel and Hayden be next? He has started working thought she would have their fake relationship called off like these two could have had. They could be next. Rachel would not say nothing if they was broken up. If hayden has start working they should break. Anda she stop following him agenda go places. Her life solís be better like these decided to do.

  • Roman

    “It didn’t make sense to be together right now”


  • Bel

    I like how the fangirls go “oh yeah, he’s back on the game”, as if any of you have a chance with him, lol

  • Sarah.

    Didn’t expect them to last anyway. They looked good together though.

  • Roxanne

    Ahhhhh old dieing actors who don’t make any movies anymore……next

  • Jen

    This just made my day happier. Thank you Lord.

  • Luminous

    Gah – wising hard now Scarlett Johansson breaks up with her fiance and hooks up with chris evans and make CUTE BABIES!!! OTP :D

  • kris

    next mila ashton pls

  • Rose

    You mean their PR contract ended? Sad…not!

  • Kiki

    Maybe now she’ll let that s-x tape see daylight to keep her name on the headlines!

  • Connie

    Well now that she’s been in a movie and is on TV again, I guess she doesn’t need him anymore.

  • sigga

    @Kiki: that was the first thing i thought about when i heard about the split. But i wonder if the tape was a fake set up to keep her in the news….. her PR team is shameless

  • Trip

    Guess, the relationship was a PR stunt.

  • Sweetpea

    So their PR people finally figured out that trying to pull her up was pushing him down.

  • Abby

    @Sweetpea: Yup. I just hope she doesn’t try to drag his name through the dirt.

  • TwoCents

    @sigga: Her sex tape’s been on for ages.

  • TwoCents

    So the trailer for Winter Solider comes out tomorrow…they break up today…we all know his fans hate her with him…he still follows her on Twitter…he tweeted a sweet message Sunday night…

    This is public damage control, period.

  • sigga

    @TwoCents: Wasn’t that Meester tape, someone told me that

  • Elle

    FINALLY!! and, no, this is not surprising. she needs to be with like brody jenner or rob kardshian or something. she’d fit right into that family

  • cliniqueheart

    can’t wait to see the title like this one:
    “Adam and Behati called their engagement OFF!”

    hahaha! I’m a little mean, I know! :)

  • Nikki

    Not surprised at all. LOL it’s Hollywood and they’re both famewh0res.

  • Ashley

    The only thing that is surprising about this, is that she didn’t leave him for someone better….and by better I mean more famous.

  • Cody

    She milked him as much as she could and now will look for someone more willing to pose with her on the red carpet.

  • Bridge

    I’m so sorry about this. I honestly thought they were good together. I don’t accept the separate work schedules as an excuse though. If one of them was in the armed services or something they could have been forced apart for ages but if you love someone then you love them and you wait. You just look forward to your time together and wait.

    I can only guess that they didn’t miss each other enough. Shame.

  • mia

    ha..she is not putting out..good for her…hope she finds the man of her dreams who will make it worth her will…these are little hollywood dweebs..she needs a real man somewhere outside of the hollywierd borders

  • Jerkface

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Meaning, they need to be “broken up” for longer than a day for me to believe it. For now, I’ll just say that if this break up is legit, then it’s hardly shocking. He never publicly acknowledged her as his girlfriend in the first place, and in all of the pictures of them together, he looks like he doesn’t want to be seen with her. But honestly, this whole “break up” reeks of PR. The trailer for Cap 2 is supposed to be released today, and news that Chris breaks up with a girlfriend that his fans DO NOT like hits the news just one day before? Yeah … that’s not obvious timing, or anything. Sorry Chris and Minka, I’m not 100% buying your “break up” story.

  • Karma


    There is always a chance…even if it’s a tiny one

  • MW

    Evans is the man

  • Leslie

    I really thought they may last they were together for more than one year. Which is his longest relationship since his 5 years with jessica biel.


    Good riddance!! There’s an article out this week in the culture/ movie biz press that ranks Hollywood actors and guess what? Evans is one of those who takes a free fall, losing like 30 places or so in the ranking and this despite doing very solid work in the Avengers, The Iceman etc… Never underestimate the damage people like this Minka can do on someone else’s image –cynically using PR (and Evans) to free ride and advance her D-list career. That was a shame and so much good will towards him was lost. Next year I’m pretty sure he’ll be in his rightful place. (And I hope he fires his publicist who also works for miss cankles……)

  • Arwen001

    @Laís: LOL!! :D

  • TwoCents

    @sigga: It’s so out of focus, it’s hard to say. They claim it’s MK.

  • TwoCents

    @Jerkface: +1

  • BebeLush

    Glad for Chris and hope he’s happy. I want to hear more about his acting and directing projects, not his personal life. And Minka ain’t going anywhere any time soon. She gets headlines for changing her hair color, remember?

  • IMSC

    chill out ladies. its real this time. they aren’t getting back together

  • Mmmm

    You sound knowledgeable! I just wonder what went wrong. Totally agree with Bridge that the ‘too much time apart’ is obviously just for the public. Being apart only splits people up if one of them has cheated, wants to cheat or they realise that they don’t really miss each other. They are both at the age when they need to seriously start thinking about having families in the future if they want that. A woman’s fertility doesn’t slowly decline like a guy’s does, it suddenly plummets (all eggs are the same age). Just a thought.

  • Yaya

    OMG They have money, property most normal people couldn’t afford to drive past, amazing good looks, ridiculous good luck, drive expensive cars etc etc and they STILL can’t make relationships work! What is wrong with these Hollywood people?

    Chris Evans posted a thing on his twitter about a devoted couple who stayed together always till death – I bet they had no money. Its an oldie but true – money doesn’t buy you happiness.

  • Mmmm


    Amen to that.

    Chris is not a Hollywood guy though. He’s a Boston boy through and through.

  • lol

    Huh? A ”relationship’ in which your every move is dictated by PR considerations and maximizing $$ is not really a ‘relationship’, it’s just a business partnership with side benefits.I’m not surprised it did not ‘work out’ and I was wondering how long they would continue to sell it.
    Some are able to keep a low profile and have real relationships if they want too.

  • Asterix

    Too much time apart? Doesn’t make sense to be together? Hogwash! They don’t need to make any statements about why they broke up if they want to keep it personal so why bother with something which is so obviously rubbish. Jeez, in Captain America’s day a couple could stay loyal to each other when they had to spend time apart!! Better say nothing than bullshit.

    If it IS true then they’re pathetic.

  • Gonzo

    Oh Lord. Poor Chris.
    When you’re good looking, famous and rich how do you know new girls you meet are really interested in YOU?
    If he dates a ‘famous’ girl then he’s going to have a camera pointed at him 24/7 which is hell for him.
    What non Hollywood normal girl is going to have the self confidence to date him when they know he’s used to dating knock out gorgeous celebrity/super models etc?
    He played hard to get for too long and now all the nice girls of his age are taken.
    He’ll probably concentrate on his career and marry someone half his age when he’s middle aged. Predict that by the time he’s 50 he’ll have been married 3 times.