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Jennifer Lawrence: 'Dior' Magazine Photo Shoot

Jennifer Lawrence: 'Dior' Magazine Photo Shoot

Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning in these brand new photos for Dior magazine.

The 23-year-old Hunger Games star posed for photographer Mikael Jansson and the black-and-white images will appear in the fall-winter issue of the biannual mag.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer is the face of the label’s Miss Dior line.

In case you missed it, check out Jennifer and her co-star Liam Hemsworth in the latest TV spot for their upcoming film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

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jennifer lawrence dior magazine photo shoot 01
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jennifer lawrence dior magazine photo shoot 03
jennifer lawrence dior magazine photo shoot 04
jennifer lawrence dior magazine photo shoot 05

Credit: Mikael Jansson; Photos: Dior
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  • bobbi


  • What’s next

    Jennifer Lawrence and Dior: Total mismatch

  • living in a box

    yes, Jennifer Lawrence is really talented actress, but 2 things i didn’t agree. Jennifer been cast as Katniss, the worst casting ever but she make it watchable. 2nd, won an oscar. because it will put pressure on her to make a good film, what happen to Serena? nevertheless, she is an amazing and talented actress. her performance in Winter’s Bone still blow my mind.

  • michi

    @What’s next: yea i have to agree. she would sell so much better if she endorsed calvin klein or ralph lauren collection because she fits their image better and has looked much better in their dresses on the red carpet as opposed to dior. shes american girl next door, not parisian chic like natalie or marion.

  • Fercat

    Jennifer Lawrence is raw sex appeal. Find a product line that suits that.

  • anima

    I just do not find her attractive. And she is so overrated. I hope she goes away soon.

  • Ha

    She’s so not pretty

  • Anna

    @anima: she’s a good actress but she’s not pretty!

  • Rocky

    Gorgeous shots.

  • LaCroix

    Good actress.. not great. But srsly if she’s going to do photo shoots try to convey more than just one look..

  • hmm

    @LaCroix: she does pose with the same expression when it comes to editorials, for an oscar winning actress youd think shed be a little more versatile than a model when it comes to facial expressions…

  • haha

    I tought it’s a dude then I saw JLaw lol very weel done!

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie

    I think she’s the best actress of the young stars; however, I think for still photos she’s a mess. This KY girl looks out of place in glamour shots.

  • Iza

    If they close this we can go to a story of him if Slat is not there or latest Rachel McADams or Jennifer Lawrence story.

    @Bradlifer: I can’t tell if it is her. Did she get another nose job. The nose looks smaller.The pic with the person pulling the stupid face might be her. If it is her she is going to Leo’s bday.

  • Brian

    @Iza: Sorry for the lack of links, but I have to post fast.

    I saw all the Twitter pics of Bradley’s school visit. Bradifer’s pic of the girl in the white coat is NOT Suki. There is another pic which shows that girl and the guy in the stripped hat walking with their arms around each other. All the other girls in the pics are students at the school.

    Suki is in LA

    Page Six of the New York Post has a sighting of Bradley and Leo in New York at Jamison Ernest’s art show. No pics yet.

    Goodnight. :)

  • Sarah

    Yeah, I agree with Brian. Definitely not her. On your phone you cnat tell but on a normal computer you can. Several people on twitter saw Bradley and Leo by the highline. Here is also the page six.

  • hahahahahahahahhah

    Jamison Ernest thanks people for going to his show last night Jamison Ernest ‏@jamisonernest 11h
    @WattsUpPhoto @JeffreyJah @richieakiva @LeoDiCaprio @bradleycooper @alice_olivia @Lindavojtova @Scottlipps #thankyou #bouncing #art #support

  • Seb

    @Unknown Sister: That was not me #224. Bradley Cooper’s love interest was in Hawaii first, one day in NY for a UN event, West Africa third. She has a project in Hawaii but I am guessing she saw her love.

  • Seb

    @Imogen: She left NY and went to Hawaii for work. Bradley’s Italian American love interest was most definitely not in NY the whole time.

  • Iza

    @Brian @Sarah @hahahahahahaha @Seb: THANK YOU! This is GREAT news.

    @Bradlifer: I left a message for you on the latest story with his daughter. I hope you got it. I hope you are right he broke up and she does not show up in NY today or tomorrow. They are not so close since he has been in PA and NY for 2 days without her.

    @Seb: Thank you. Find out if Italian American will be in NY by Leo’s party on Sunday.

  • Imogen

    @Seb: Is she going to Leo’a birthday party? Is she friends with him?

    @Iza: You are celebrating too early

  • Bradlifer

    @Imogen: what you have information she will be there? Al
    We are saying she is not there yet and we wonder if she will be there. Idk if she be there. They seem very distant right now. I mean she comes to town and he dose not bother her at al, he goes to his hometown and then ny alone while she is in la. I stand by my words that something has happens between them lately.

  • Bradlifer

    Bradley has returned to philly and suki still seems be in la, i think….

  • Huma

    @Imogen: Don’t worry. They will not like the next woman. Stay on Bradley threads and you will see.
    @Bradlifer: She said early this morning she is going to another fun city to a big party. I think Leo’s party.

  • Bradlifer

    @Huma: where sid she say that i looked threw her social media nothing. Stop mailing things up.

  • Hahahaha

    @Huma: More lies. Hahahahahaha

    She’s NOT invited to Leo’s party, why would she be??? He can have ANY hot model at his party. WHY would he want to look at pimple face Sucky? Hahahahaha

    Don’t worry Immy, we already like his REAL woman. AmFr Forever!!!!

  • Allie

    When is Leo’s party?

  • Bradlifer

    Bradley seems to be in philly for his high school reunian.
    The Leo party is tomorrow i think. Suki i have no clue. Until her last post she was in LA after that i dont know.

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    @Huma: If she goes, post pics of her from the party with Leo and Bradley. AMFR might be back from Africa.

    New pics of Bradley from PA at his school looking happy and peaceful without his user ugly daughter! Brian Klugman is in one of the pics.

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    @Bradlifer: Leo’s party is Sunday.

    @Jlawfan: Is @Allie who I think it is?

  • Huma

    @Bradlifer: You are not on her board. She wrote that. I am not making it up.

    @Hahahaha: Did you send out Leo’s invitation? How do you know she wasn’t invited. You are just saying it. You don’t know. Are you on Leo’s board or his personal assistant? No.

  • Hahahaha

    @Huma: You have NO idea what boards I’m on. Hahahahahaha

    Stop putting on airs. You just make yourself look more ridiculous. Leo wants hot attractive models at his party. Sucky is NEITHER. He can have his pick of ANY model and he’s going to invite pimply Sucky Whurehouse????


  • Elise

    Don’t worry @Huma. When photos of Suki as Bradley’s date at his 20yr reunion and Leo’s party surface, they’ll believe us. It’s easier for them to think an Amfr exists than to face the reality Bradley and Suki are a genuine couple!

  • Brian

    @hahahahahahahahahahahahaha: Thanks for posting that pic with Brian Klugman. Haven’t seen him since Rio.

    I wonder if Bradley’s Mom is in Philly. There haven’t been any new pics of her in a long time. I hope she’s okay.

  • Brian

    Again guys, I’m sorry I don’t have time to post the direct link.

    Suki is NOT in Philadelphia and she’s not in New York either. She’s still in LA and attended an event this evening in Beverly Hills.

    Search her name

  • Bradlifer

    @Elise: dont hold your breath suki is in la, she is going to baftala that is Held in Beverly hills tonight. LOL!

  • Sarah

    @Huma: Please do not respond to @Elise or @Allie. I checked with @Abigail and visited old threads. @Elise is a former Daniela name and @Allie is also Daniela. How do I know they both applied to be on @TLR’s pmb. @Elise was discovered to be on the regular mb for awhile until @Abigail stopped sending her emails and @Allie only posted twice on their as well. Daniela Dempster , get lost with your lies!

    @Huma gives us real information that is from Suki boards. They are mostly lies but it is just what Suki, her family and superfans put on there.

  • Sarah

    Thanks for pics showing her in LA. She can show up in NY tomorrow but we all see Bradley did not invite her to his private events like school, Friday night and Sat. night.

    Bradley’s daughter is in LA. I just saw wire image where she tried to look like a lady and she looks super ugly when her hair is pulled back. It is Sat. night and Bradley is probably having the first party with Leo and their friends and gfs in NY. Daughter is in LA. Tomorrow is probably another party. Will she show up? I don’t know.

  • Iza

    Italian AMFR definitely exists even his daughter knows she does. She has been doing everything we heard AMFR was. She started typing things in Italian and French, posting a pic of Angelina Jolie, supporting charities, sending out deep quotes, tweeting about sustainability. Maybe she can go finish high school ? AND @Immy and @Huma and her other fans spend all their time fishing for information on AMFR.

  • Unknown Sister

    @Seb: Okay, you are right. I wanted you to say return too but need share the news.

    AMFR is at the birthday at the Bowery hotel with Bradley, Leo and others and there is an after party also in the downtown NYC. There was a dinner before where she was too. She flew into NY on Friday from West Africa. Her office in by the where they had the Art Exhibition on Friday + we think she was there too. She loves art. Leo is having a party with close friends + their wives/gf + with celebrities tonight. There is a massive party less personal Sunday. Monday there is another thing too. The most important one is tonight and Suki was not invited. They invite other models but not Suki. That is sad. Miles invited her to the birthdays of his close friends.

  • Huma

    How could Bradley be at Leo’s dinner and after party in NY tonight when there is a photo of him at his 20yr reunion in Philly at 9pmEst?

  • Bradlifer

    @Huma: he was in philly on friday during the day in the evening he left for new york and hanged out with Leo. He was back in philly yesterday and probably left back for ny last night. If you are refering to tjhis pic that is a 16 year Olds Twitter. What would a 16 year old do at a reunian? And look at the comments people are saying they didnt see him even if they were in the same room. He probably left. It is only an hour drivning to ny from philly and he could easerly make it to the party.

  • Iza

    @Unknown Sister: Thanks. They are still partying now in New York, right? Great weekend for Bradley to go to 20 year reunion that @Bradlifer told us about and also go to his friend’s party. I can see an all night maybe to breakfast partying in a few hours. Leo parties hard. Bradley might have two breakfasts one with Leo and one with his reunion party! Hahaha! Reunions can be all weekend. Italian AMFR’s office is downtown?

  • Huma – THE REAL ONE

    @Bradlifer @Liza: She took my name. #41 LIAR HUMA is not me. @ Sarah was right about

    LIAR # 33 ELISE also #LIAR ALLIE. They are both crazy grandmother making Suki fans looks bad. I’ll explain next message.

  • Iza

    @Huma # 44: I believe you. So pathetic she takes over everyone’s name. Am sure Slat fans know from Slat or common sense Bradley is going to spend some hours at Leo’s birthday.

    @Bradlifer: Of course, 1 hour drive is nothing for a man who takes 7 hour flights. He will be back and forth all weekend with Italian AMFR.

  • Dana

    @Bradlifer: Thanks for pulling up the pic of the “dinner’. hahaha.

    Stop the BS Ms. Stalker almost 50. He is not even wearing dinner reunion clothes AND all comments said he was not there. Pic is prob from a few hours earlier. Bradley with AMFR in NY with the woman he loves.

  • Dana

    @Brian: Thanks for pic of Whare. If you had not posted, some might believe she is in NY.
    @Huma – The Real One: Do you know if this is almost over or over? Leo loves under 23 and she was not there.

  • Iza

    @Dana: X100 everything you said. Hahaha

  • Huma

    I am # 44, not #41 and I am all @Huma before.

    Last time Suki was in LA area to find jobs for acting and singing. She did not go to Hawaii last time she did not go to Phily this time for his 20th reunion. She is in LA for singing. She said going to a party in another city tonight I still think Leo’s.

    Grandmum racist LIAR Vane nyc of foro vogue espagna of Daniela Demster @Dan lies about this. She takes over @AFT name and make racist comments so Bradley fans think it is us. Suki has many pics with Black and Spanish people and it is not us. We know Vane NYC hates Suki she write it in spanish but pretend to like her on JJ to bother Bradley fans.

    There is a party in the US in NY for Leo since the night where Bradley was or is we know from a model who was invited. There is a woman AMFR but I don’t know her relation to Bradley.

    @Dana: I don’t know why she was not invited tonight. She likes Leo.

  • Bradlifer

    @Huma: even if whurehouse do go tonight last nights party was the important one, the private dinner. Tonight is the Open night where everyone goes. Still bradley didnt bother to bring her on events that matterd the most to him, like reunian. She has been in town for days and he have ignored her….last time he dumped her and went back to work. Lol….they Will be over soon.