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'High School Musical' Cast Reuniting After Five Years!

'High School Musical' Cast Reuniting After Five Years!
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38 Responses to “'High School Musical' Cast Reuniting After Five Years!”

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  1. 1
    lauren Says:

    zac must have a good reason why he cant go.

  2. 2
    MeUnderwears ThatsLife Says:

    @lauren: first reason- his ex and second probably because of his rehab. you know reunios (partying +drinks)

    In before annoying Vanessa fans come and say that she is a saint and Zac a lost case because once a sensitive fan, always a sensitive fan who lives in denal.

  3. 3
    jamieB Says:

    he probably is really busy snorting cocaine or something.

  4. 4
    skin Says:

    Zac is so ridiculous!!!

  5. 5
    anney Says:

    YAY on Vanessa always supporting her ex castmates / friends. I’m glad she is staying true to herself. Vanessa hasn’t changed at all since she started in the business and she doesn’t let fame go to her head. Thanks V! and i cant wait to see her tonight!

  6. 6
    lauren Says:

    um zacs been out of rehab for months now? so these drug jokes are not funny?

  7. 7
    lauren Says:

    its not tonight
    the event is in december.

  8. 8
    anney Says:

    Vanessa is hosting an event with flaunt magazine and LaJolie tonight, that´s why she is back in LA

  9. 9
    Revenge-Is-Sweet Says:

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that he turned it down. The second I’ve seen that his ex has agreed to join it, I knew he’d say NO.
    I understand him very well and to be honest I’d do the same.
    The real life has nothing to do with a movie. But unfortunately a lot of people think that movies are the real life. People who don’t know what’s real and what’s fiction should start to do something about that.

    One big part why he won’t attend it, is pretty sure his ex. To force 2 people who don’t like each other anymore to be in the same room would be nothing but torture and the other people who are there won’t have much fun, that’d be for sure.
    They had enough problems in their relationship and at one point they were too much to sort them out. Their break-up was nothing but a matter of time, it would have happened sooner or later anyway. They are over for good and don’t want have to do anything with each other anymore. Their friends, family and a lot of other people have accept it. It would be finally time if all people would accept it.

    Another part is pretty much his work as well.
    He has much more to do then the rest of them and anyone who denies that is lying to himself. I also think the preparations for “Autobahn” have already started.

    For Zac started a new chapter in his life. The purchase of his new house was the start in a new life. It was time to close the chapters of his old one life that won’t bring him anywhere. I highly doubt that he’ll keep the old house, it wouldn’t make any sense to keep it.

    Let him finally live his life and start to offend him 24/7. He’s nothing but a normal human being like the rest of the 7 billion out there.

  10. 10
    pika Says:

    ahh i remember watching this as a kid. i hated it. then i somehow loved it? its nice they are reuniting but its no surprise zac wont be there. i mean hes so busy with his big hollywood career he cant possibly take time out can he?
    thats an example of what ppl are thinking.
    so if zac had a legit reason as to why he couldnt make it , it wouldnt matter cuz they have made up their mind that he think hes too big for them or hes busy with his filming (although its a while away how is he gonna know hes gonna be busy?).. cuz lets face it what harm can this reunion do to his rep, past drug problems and present “relationship” with lily?

    just spreading out the pssible opinions.

  11. 11
    lauren Says:

    @ revenege is sweet
    or he didn’t want to go or he has other plans like filming ?

  12. 12
    lauren Says:

    @ revenege is sweet
    or he didn’t want to go or he has other plans like filming ?

  13. 13
    amy Says:

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet: but if there were no hard feelings, then why cant they be in the same room? if im over my ex, i wouldnt care if he comes into for example a restaurant im in cuz its like “oh hey buddy” not “i f*cking hate this guy” cuz im over him

  14. 14
    samantha Says:

    I know! Vanessa is a great friend, she has always been there for Ashley, they are really close, she hangs out with Monique in New York (Vanessa is living in NY with Austin and Mo spend so much time there), I remember she spend New Years Eve with Lucas in Miami last year, and they are really close friends (there are some private bbq pictures too, and Lucas is really close to Austin), she was there to support Corbin in Broadway and im pretty sure she is going to DWS on Monday, she always hangs out with Matt too! im really happy for this!

  15. 15
    MeUnderwears ThatsLife Says:

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet: Well said. Zac will soon film another movie according to IMDB, but we will see what happens.

  16. 16
    flyhigh Says:

    Zac had no problem attending Sharpay’s Adventure premiere and that was just a couple of months after the breakup. I don’t think he’s avoiding Vanessa. He probably has busy schedule due to promoting That Awkward Moment in December. It opens wide on January 31.

  17. 17
    happy-go-lucky Says:

    @flyhigh: isnt vanessas movie coming out just before? but shes going too :/ not hating on anyone btw

  18. 18
    jamieB Says:

    So Zac is still hurting because Vanessa? lol i dont know if you knew, but they were together at shelley´s party. Maybe his new girlfriend doesnt want him close to Vanessa? Or maybe he is too scared to be labeled as “troy Bolton” again (but lets face it… he will forever be Troy Bolton and his latest movie are just proving he can only take his clothes off)
    Maybe he just doesnt care about his fans or Monique´s charity work.

  19. 19
    flyhigh Says:

    Her movie is probably getting limited release. Zac’s movie is opening wide and he’ll probably have to do lots of promos.

  20. 20
    Bowie Says:

    @MeUnderwears ThatsLife:
    his latest movie is in hold because his addictions and his image. His PR team is working on that… he was in disneyland with lily AND his assistant. They are working together, Lily needs Zac because TMI was fallling into obscurity, Zac needs Lily because he has a “drug addict” rep in the media. Im sure we are going to see each other attneding to some events or premieres together soon.

  21. 21
    marie Says:

    i’m glad Vanessa is going, even if she has to promote her movie. As she said in july you should never forget where you come from.

  22. 22
    sigh Says:

    *special video*… Thank you Zac for taking time out of your busy schedule to make a special video.. I mean, this is all what they are waiting for right? We feel all seeeew special

  23. 23
    flyhigh Says:

    Maybe Zac’s not going because Vanessa will bring Austin to the reunion? They’ll probably make out all day like they did at Shelley’s party. It’s a good thing Zac won’t be there.

  24. 24
    georgina Says:

    awww! Vashley <3

  25. 25
    flyhigh Says:

    LOL Michael is not his assistant anymore. He’s one of Z’s closest friends. You’d be still calling it a PR stunt even if he decided to attend the reunion. You’d claim he’s using his HSM castmates to clean up his image after rehab!

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